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Chapter 359

The whole class was in an inexplicable excitement.

Obviously, the instructor had also heard about it. Now, not to mention that Laura has earned honors for the class, but that Liang Fei earned honors, and even the instructors will become famous.

And said that the fundraising ceremony held at one o’clock in the afternoon, the whole class will go!

Yes, all the places in schools where you can show your face, except for the large-scale sports games in schools, are such activities.

What’s more, if you know that the students in your class are going to show off in this event, how can you do it if they don’t all go to make a strong voice?

Soon, after lunch.

Students from the whole department walked towards the school hall.

But Sheldon walked in the direction of the class.

“Brother Sheldon, why don’t you go?”

Roberson asked.

“I won’t go!”

Sheldon did not participate in such occasions before, and that was the case. In fact, donations are a pure love activity in themselves. Sheldon has already given love, and he thinks this is enough.

I don’t want to join in the fun.

“No, Brother Sheldon, look, it seems that the two goddesses have gone too!”

Suddenly Roberson pointed towards the entrance of the auditorium.

Sure enough, Sheldon saw Fang Nuan.

“Let’s go, donate or donate, let’s go and check it out. After all, all of our classmates in Class 3 have gone, so if we don’t go there, it’s not so good!”

Roberson said.


Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

Indeed, it is not good to look too different, after all, you still have to spend some time with the classmates here.

So Sheldon and Roberson also went in.

Fang Nunan and the two goddesses were very low-key, sitting in the back row.

But obviously no one dared to approach the two of them in a row.

Because I would rather someone stand than dare to sit beside them.

“No place!”

Roberson scratched his head.

“Isn’t this true!”

Sheldon looked at Fang Nuan’s location, and then walked over.

“Two beauties, no one is next to you, right?”

Sheldon asked with a smile.

As for Fang Nunnan and Fang Yi, neither of them spoke, as if they hadn’t heard Sheldon’s words, their expressions were extremely cold looking forward.

Roberson pulled Sheldon’s arm nervously.

Tell Sheldon not to sit here anymore, if you offend them, it will be enough for you.

And Sheldon smiled indifferently, and pulled Roberson down from the side.

Johan Adam’s face frowned.

And with the admission of personnel.

The conference also started.

At the beginning, it was school leaders, student representatives, etc.

At the end, the list of outstanding donors was announced.

Only those who donate more than one hundred are notified.

Random ranking, not in the order of donations.

With thinking outside.

Occasionally there are a thousand, and there will be some small noise on the scene.

As for those over 3,000, there will be a surprised boo.

And Sheldon below, also heard the names of Murphy and Shen Junwen.

Two people donated 6,000 dollar each.

It really caused quite a stir.

“According to our statistics, there are exactly 12 people in the department who donated more than 6,000 dollar. We have conducted a separate statistics. Next, we will invite students with more than 6,000 dollar to come to the stage and accept our commendation certificate!”

The host read: “Shen Junwen, Murphy, please come on stage first!”

Afterwards, there was a burst of warm applause, and Shen Junwen and Murphy stepped onto the stage.

“Wow, Junwen is so handsome, haha!”

Xu Yangyang in the audience couldn’t help applauding.

Because he was applauding next to Sheldon, and seeing Xu Yangyang’s virtues, Sheldon rolled his eyes.

“Yangyang, how did you meet Junwen handsome? I remember he just transferred over?” A girl asked curiously.

“Haha, my brother Tao is the cousin of Wang Jian, the man in our school before, and Shen Junwen is a good friend of brother Wang Jian, of course I know him!”

“So it is!”

“Well, Murphy next to Junwen is beautiful, she seems to like Brother Junwen very much, and the two of them transferred here together!”

Xu Yangyang said.

But I said in my heart, but although Brother Junwen is showing the limelight, but the most worth looking forward to, should wait until Fei Ge’s limelight.

Now I listen more attentively.

Afterwards, the host read the names of several people one after another on stage.

“Class 3 of the Department of Economics and Management, Laura, donated 30,000 dollar, Laura, please come on stage!”


Not surprisingly, the scene exploded directly.

Even the teachers sitting in the front row whispered and discussed.

The voice at the scene couldn’t be calmed down for a long time.

Excited Xu Yangyang jumped and jumped again, because his Fei brother was coming soon.

As for Laura, he also walked towards the stage openly.

Standing in the middle position.

“Next, class 3 of the Department of Economics and Management, classmate Liang Fei, donate 100,000 dollar!!! Classmate Liang Fei, please come on stage!”

This time, even the host’s voice was obviously excited.

And the audience…

One hundred thousand dollar? ? ?


An absolute super big bang!

The thunderous applause and shouting almost broke the water glass in the auditorium.

People’s eardrums are agitated.

One hundred thousand dollar, one can imagine how much impact it has on everyone.

“Who? So cruel?”

“Who else, Liang Fei from Class 3, of course!”

“That’s no wonder, Liang Fei is so rich, but this one hundred thousand dollar is too cruel!”

Everyone exclaimed.

As for Xu Yangyang, he shook Liang Fei’s arm excitedly, “Brother Fei, call your name! Call your name!”

Liang Fei shook his head with a wry smile.

Isn’t it 100,000 dollar, so many people are surprised to look at themselves, as for?

Ha ha!

At the moment, Liang Fei put his hands in his pockets and walked toward the stage. Everywhere he passed, many girls shouted.

Stepped onto the stage.

Next, the host broke out two more figures.

Two female students in Class 4 donated RMB 150,000 each.

The atmosphere of the venue once again introduced the G tide.

As for the names of the two female classmates, the host did not say, nor invited the two female classmates to come to the stage.

But the people in the whole department looked at the two girls sitting in the last row.

Yes, the donors must be Johan Adam and Fang Yi.

But the two of them donated 150,000 dollar, but the sensation was not as big as Liang Fei.

Because who didn’t know at Shuchuan University, the two of them were very rich, and they made many contributions.

But there was still warm applause.

But then, for the last of the twelve, the host was a little embarrassed.

He said: “The next one is the one who donated the most this time, but he just left the department of the class and didn’t leave his name. I guess he didn’t want to keep his name! But I hope, read this In the class, everyone gave this class the warmest applause!”

“Ah? Which class? How much is this donated?”

Everyone talked about each other.

On the stage, Liang Fei Laura, Murphy and Shen Junwen all looked at each other.

There are some small expectations…

Chapter 360

“This student comes from the third grade of the third year of the Department of Economics and Management, donated 500,000 dollar!”

The host said excitedly.


The audience was even detonated.

Five hundred thousand!

I thought that Liang Fei’s donation of 100,000 was enough, plus the two goddesses, he almost touched the ceiling, right?

However, someone actually donated 500,000?

This time, even the school leaders before the meeting stood up and applauded in shock.

On the stage, Shen Junwen, Murphy and others turned their attention to Liang Fei and Laura in Class 3.

Laura and Liang Fei were also dumbfounded, someone in their class actually donated 500,000?

“Yangyang, did you hear that? It’s our third class. Someone in our third class donated 500,000 dollar!”

The girls in Class 3 shouted to Xu Yangyang at the moment.

“I heard, but who is it?”

Xu Yangyang was also excited.

Five hundred thousand, even for wealthy families, is definitely not a small number!

The sentiment is enthusiastic now!

Even Jimmy and Fang Yi looked at each other.

Don’t look at the two girls, they don’t say a word or communicate with their classmates when they are in the class or in the joint hall.

However, almost all the students in the two classes actually knew and understood very well.

For example, Wang Xiaopang, although they have never had a meeting, Johan Adam and Fang Yi both regarded him as classmates, and even helped him a lot. His father is a black tour guide and a lot of troubles, but why didn’t he later So much trouble?

It’s not all Jimmy helped her classmates.

So she really knows the details of her classmates, how many people in Class 3 can donate 500,000?

“Liang Fei, Laura, you two are also in class 3. It seems that this Shenhao is your classmate?”

At this time, the host looked at Liang Fei and Laura.

“But no one in our class can donate so much, right?”

Laura said to Liang Fei.

“Couldn’t it, my dad donated it? Because when I came to class in the morning, my dad told me that there was a donation activity in school.”

Liang Fei suddenly woke up at this time.


The audience suddenly became quiet, watching Liang Fei motionlessly.

Murphy also looked.

After all, before coming to this school, she also inquired about some influential figures in the Department of Economics and Management.

Wang Jian was the last one, and this one was Liang Fei first, followed by Li Wentao.

The family background is very privileged.

“How about you call your home to confirm?”

Murphy gave an idea.

“Yes, please call to confirm!”

Many school leaders in front of the stage also said.

Liang Fei started calling.

At this time, the instructor also ran to his class with a look of excitement.

“Where do we carry the mineral water, move it over?”

The instructor said anxiously to Xu Yangyang.

“Oh, I’m just busy and happy, forget it!”

Xu Yangyang patted his head and said.

“We have to find six classmates to bring mineral water to the meeting place, huh, where are Wang Xiaopang and Sheldon?”

Xu Yangyang looked around.

Someone pointed to Sheldon sitting at the end.

“They hid there!”

Some girls said.

“Huh, Sheldon and Roberson, I asked you to carry mineral water. You didn’t carry it. It was the other classmates I looked for. Now, I’m looking for four students to cooperate with you. Six of you are bringing mineral water into the head office. Really, what can’t you do, you are the ones who are lazy!”

A contemptuous glance at Sheldon and Roberson, Xu Yangyang called four other classmates to wait for Sheldon and Roberson.

People like Xu Yangyang, Sheldon had also met such classmates before.

It’s as if the boys all over the world are not as good as the boys she likes, so there are only boys she likes in her eyes. As for the others, she doesn’t look good at all.

But it doesn’t matter.

Now this stall, if you don’t move it yourself, you might come for yourself.

Right now Sheldon and Roberson went out.

I secretly rejoiced in my heart, but fortunately I didn’t write the name.

After watching Roberson and Sheldon leave.

There was some expression on Fang Yi’s face.

“囝囡囝囡, just now, I seemed to feel a little bit, how do you feel? It was the kind of heart pounding when Sheldon walked by me, and you know what, I still want him to stay Like being by my side!”

Fang Yi said, “Why, why has we never met this boy before, but does he feel familiar with him?”

Johan Adam nodded, “I just don’t know where he came from, saying he looks like an ordinary person, but he doesn’t look like an ordinary person, but he is really ordinary dressed up!”

The two girls discussed in a low voice.

And Sheldon and the six of them have gone to move water.

They move water and need to distribute it to the front of each leader’s stage.

There are also some staff in front of the stage.

Hold it in.

Now the staff and school leaders have no intention of drinking water.

Because Liang Fei is anxiously calling on the stage.

Xu Yangyang also walked onto the stage like a catworm, like what happened to her.

But the result is not satisfactory.

In the end, it was not the money transferred from Liang Fei’s father at all.

what? Who would it be?

Everyone was even more surprised.

At this time, Liang Fei looked at Laura, “Laura, is it your father? Your father has always been very enthusiastic about these things!”

Laura nodded: “Well, I’ll call my dad another!”

And at this moment of anxiety.

Suddenly the audience yelled.

It is Roberson.

He originally held the water and asked Sheldon to distribute it one by one.

As a result, a girl came over from the auditorium with a report and accidentally touched Roberson.

Roberson couldn’t hold it firmly, and the water fell directly to the ground.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

The little girl said apologetically.

“It’s okay, you are busy with you.”

Sheldon said something.

So he squatted down to help Roberson pick it up.

And the girl who was helping pick it up suddenly raised her head and glanced at Sheldon.

Then his eyes jumped slightly.

“Huh? It’s you!!!”

The girl was surprised, covering her mouth.

“Ah! It’s you!”

Sheldon was also surprised.

This girl is not someone else, but the girl who grabbed Sheldon and asked Sheldon to donate.

In fact, Sheldon just saw that those girls weren’t here, so he was willing to come up to move the water.

I didn’t expect to ran into it directly.

This made Sheldon very embarrassed.

“I finally found you, brother, you didn’t leave a name with me just now!”

The girl shouted excitedly.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Li?”

At this time, some leaders of the charity organization were dissatisfied.

“No, leader, he, he… he is…”


At this time, those girls came in again.

Seeing Sheldon, he screamed in surprise.

It was precisely because of the screams of these girls that the audience was quiet.

Murphy and Liang Fei Laura on the stage also looked towards Sheldon…

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