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Chapter 361

“It’s him?”

Although Murphy knew that Sheldon had also come to this school to study, he hadn’t seen him yet. When he saw him this time, he couldn’t help but show contempt when he saw him holding mineral water or something.

No matter how Sheldon changed, he was like a bear in high school.

When I got here, I actually carried water to others.

As for why Sheldon went to Shuchuan University to study again, Murphy didn’t even know the interest.

As for Sheldon, he was surrounded by several girls in the audience.

“what happened?”

The leader asked.

“Manager Chapman, that’s him, the one who donated half a million dollar is him!”

Several girls admired.


At this moment, the audience fell silent.

Xu Yangyang and Murphy on the stage were all dumbfounded.

Shen Junwen and Liang Fei were also stunned.

Not to mention how embarrassed Laura, who is still calling home for consultation.

Even Fang Nuan and Fang Yi in the last row looked at this side a few more times.

“You…you are making a mistake, how could it be this person!!!”

Seeing Sheldon directly compare Liang Fei, Xu Yangyang was extremely unconvinced.

Besides, she didn’t want to believe that Sheldon really donated so much money.

But, the fact is going in this direction, right?

Now everyone has made it clear that the people who donated 500,000 dollar came from their class.

It was not donated by Liang Fei’s family.

It was not donated by Lin Sheng’s family.

Only Sheldon is left.

“You can’t make a mistake, how can we recognize the wrong person!”

The girl explained.

“Are you sure it’s him? Haha, I know him. I come from the same high school as him. He is a poor Sheldon. Where is so much money? Even if you sell him, it’s not worth so much money!”

Murphy said anxiously.

To be honest, it was actually Sheldon who donated 500,000 dollar, which directly hurt Murphy and the others.

Think about it, they started in high school and are known for their wealthy family background.

And Sheldon has always played the role of the poor in front of her.

For example, shopping.

If Murphy wears Adidas Nike, one thousand dollar, you Sheldon should wear a dozen dollar. Wearing one hundred dollar will make Murphy uncomfortable.

And this time donation, I donated 6,000, you Sheldon, donation of five dollar is considered normal.

But now, he actually donated 500,000 dollar.

This stunned Murphy directly.

In particular, the girl who followed the girl showed the payment bill to everyone, and it was Sheldon!

How is this possible! How did he become so rich?

Murphy has difficulty setting up a channel.

As for Sheldon, although he didn’t want to be exposed, there was no way.

In addition, it was pushed onto the stage flatly by a few staff members.

Originally, Liang Fei was standing right in the center.

At the moment, several girls pushed aside and gave up the position to Sheldon.

Liang Fei’s face was embarrassed.

Xu Yangyang was even more angry.

“You, you…what are you doing just donating so much money?”

Xu Yangyang pointed at Sheldon and cursed.

“It’s Sheldon. I don’t know where your money comes from, but I hope you cherish it. Don’t swell your face and fill you up!”

Murphy also accused.

She seemed to be unbalanced if she didn’t spray Sheldon.

Sheldon looked at these two people, really furious.

Naturally, Murphy doesn’t need to say much. Although she has always been the goddess in her own mind, her outspoken and poisonous tongue really made Sheldon a little unbearable.

“Since my face is swollen, I don’t mind continuing to be fat, so let me donate another million!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.


As soon as this statement came out, the audience received a shock.

If half a million is incredible, what level is one million?

As for the third class where Sheldon was in, they were all dumbfounded when looking at Sheldon.

I just didn’t see it. I usually looked very honest and looked very bully. As a result, he was an out-and-out great god.

“it is good!”

In the third class, I don’t know who started to applaud, followed by thunderous applause from the audience.

And the staff all came up on stage and went through the second process.

Looking at Sheldon’s gaze, it’s not to mention that he admired too much.

This kind of meaningful pretence, Sheldon doesn’t mind coming back several times.

Seeing Murphy and Xu Yangyang’s anxious faces are almost green, there is still some evil pleasure in their hearts.

After that, a group of staff gathered around and shook hands with Sheldon.

As for Liang Fei, after receiving a certificate, he went down in anger.

This one hundred thousand is worthless.

“Hey, I really didn’t see it. He was so rich. I just said that he was the one who donated half a million. I couldn’t believe it, but then he donated another million. It seems that he Really rich!”

Fang Yi looked at Sheldon on the stage, as if quite interested.

“Hmm, yes, I didn’t expect it, it seems as I imagined, his origin is not simple, let’s be more careful in the future!”

Johan Adam said with much heart.

“Huh, let the family members check his history?”

Fang Yi said.

“This is exactly the point that puzzles me. I have looked for someone a long time ago, and it turned out that he was a poor student from Ping’an County. As for what happened later, it was like being deliberately hidden. Can’t find it!”

Johan Adam looked at Sheldon and said quietly.

The whole conference was very interesting.

And Liang Fei, as if he had been stimulated, ran out without saying a word.

Xu Yangyang knew that Liang Fei was injured this time.

Then he hurried out.

“Brother Fei, Brother Fei, wait for me!”

Xu Yangyang shouted while running.

As for Liang Fei, he ran to the park, beside a big willow tree, with a look of resentment.

And why didn’t Xu Yangyang know that Brother Fei was good everywhere, just because of his lack of face.

Just now he was pushed aside by the staff. When those people complimented Sheldon and let Sheldon stand over, Xu Yangyang knew that Fei was injured.


Liang Fei hit the willow tree with a heavy punch, venting his anger.

“Brother Fei, don’t you want to be like this? What if Sheldon donated more than you. You are the runner-up of the provincial Taekwondo youth. I don’t know how much better than him. Don’t do this!”

Xu Yangyang said with red eyes.

“Brother Fei, don’t forget your pursuit. How can you be upset for this kind of thing? We have already asked you to be a referee for the Taekwondo Club competition in our school. It still belongs to you alone!”

Xu Yangyang persuaded.

Liang Fei felt much better in his heart. Yeah, at the critical moment, the honor in the class is still earned by himself, and the admiration and applause of others must be given to him!

Liang Fei, Liang Fei, why are you doing this!

Worried about this kind of thing?

“I see, thank you Yangyang!”

After that, Liang Fei went back a little disappointed. No matter how he persuaded, he was also injured today.

After Sheldon was busy with the ceremony, he came out with Xiaopang.

Then I saw Xiaopang thinking of something, ran to a nearby store and bought a lot of things.

“What are you doing? Still eating?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“No, Brother Sheldon, I want to give it away, just on the way, you accompany me to send it…”

Xiaopang suddenly smiled sweetly.

Chapter 362

“Oh? Who do you want to give to?”

It was the first time Sheldon saw Xiaopang sending CH like this, and couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“Hey, it’s for a girl I have always liked. She belongs to the Taekwondo Club. She will compete in school in a few days. She trains very hard. I plan to buy her something!”

Xiaopang said with a smile.

Sheldon was also very happy to see Xiaopang like this. Xiaopang is a kind of shrewd person, but he is quite real.

Sheldon didn’t regard him as much, he just regarded him as his friend.

So Sheldon stopped by and took a look.

Came to the Taekwondo Club.

I found that many people are training.

Xiaopang looked around holding his food.

Finally, his eyes fell on a pretty girl with a ponytail.

“Hahaha, Qin Nuan, look at who is here? That fat guy is here to give you food again!”

After Roberson and Sheldon entered.

Those who practice Taekwondo pointed to Roberson and laughed.

Sheldon can also see that in fact, there are few people who really take Roberson as friends in the school, and there are not many people who can afford Roberson.

“It’s really dedicated and infatuated. It is delivered every day. It’s so rare, Qin Nuan, if you meet such a good boy, let him be your girlfriend!”

Several girls also came over to make fun of Qin Nuandao.

The name of Qin Nuan is a pretty girl.

At this moment, listening to everyone’s ridicule, he looked at the short and chubby Roberson.

She felt insulted.

At the moment, angrily ran towards Roberson.

“Roberson, didn’t I tell you not to come, why are you still pestering me? Are you annoying, and you will be sick when you see you!”

Qin Nuan ran over and said angrily.

“Nuannuan, I’m afraid your training is too hard, so I bought you something!”

Roberson handed the things to Qin Nuan.


Was knocked out by Qin Nuan with a slap.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it! I said, I don’t want anything from you, you leave me!”

When Qin Nuan watched Roberson staying here, her face flushed hot.

“Oh oh oh!”

And many people at the scene watched over and made a fuss.

“Nuan Nuan, why have you become like this now, you never treated me like this before!”

Roberson looked at the snacks and drinks scattered all over the ground, and said with red eyes.

“You are sick, I will let you go!”

Qin Nuan pushed Roberson abruptly.

Roberson didn’t pay attention, and leaned back on the ground.

“Hahaha, I fell on all sides, like a tortoise!”

“That’s right, this kind of person still wants to chase Qin Nuan, let’s dream about it, no wonder, Qin Nuan would like it…”

A girl said that she didn’t go on.

Obediently shut up.

“Really, day by day, it’s really annoying!”

After speaking, Qin Nuan kicked Roberson’s snacks out again, then turned around and wanted to leave.

“Hey, are you too much?”

Sheldon couldn’t help it anymore and shouted.

“Did you know that when Roberson was out of school, he was thinking about your training. He was afraid that you were too hard, so he came to give you something. Even if you don’t like him, there is no need to do this to him?”

Sheldon angrily said.

“Hehe, what do you care about, I can treat him as I am willing to do, whoever asked him to come to the Taekwondo Gym, I think he is deliberately embarrassing me! You are not leaving!”

After that, Qin Nuan wanted to go over and beat Roberson a few times.

Sheldon stood in front of him and pushed Qin Nuan.

Qin Nuan was also impatient.

He lifted his leg and kicked Sheldon’s chest.

Sheldon also didn’t expect this girl to be so irritable.

He was kicked back one after another, and then fell back on the ground.

As for Qin Nuan, he knew that he was a little impulsive.

I also know that Roberson has a heart for himself.

But, if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. Why do you struggle with yourself?

Plus, girls have a lot of vanity.

Roberson is this image again.

Qin Nuan didn’t feel anything if he was treated like this by a handsome guy.

But for Roberson, Qin Nuan felt so embarrassed.

And it’s ashamed in front of all girls and all boys.

I really want to kick him away.

“Brother Sheldon!”

Roberson saw that Sheldon had been beaten for himself.

Hurried over to pull Sheldon up.

Sheldon also wanted to talk to Qin Nuan.

But when Roberson saw it, a few straight people from their Taekwondo Club had already arrived.

I was also afraid that Sheldon would suffer.

He took Sheldon and left.

“Brother Sheldon, I’m not good. I’m the one who caused you to be beaten. But don’t blame Nuan Nuan. If you want to blame, blame me. I made Nuan Nuan ashamed again and let her be in her Taekwondo Club. I can’t look up in front of my classmates, it’s me!”

Roberson and Sheldon went to the small park outside the campus. Roberson sat on the ground and cried while talking.

Although Sheldon suffered a kick, his chest hurts.

But seeing Roberson doing this, there was nothing to say.

Because when Sheldon saw Roberson, he seemed to see himself before.

Would rather be beaten by yourself than let Marcella suffer any harm.

Ha ha!

Sheldon patted Roberson on the shoulder: “Okay, don’t cry, you told me that you two have a good relationship, but I look at it, it’s not good!”

Sheldon doubted.

“In the past, we were pretty good. We grew up together, but then, after Nuannuan went to university, we slowly changed…”

Then Roberson told Sheldon about his previous affairs with Qin Nuan like pouring beans.

When I was young, Roberson and Qin Nuan were indeed very good, and even in school, someone bullied Qin Nuan, and Roberson made his way for Qin Nuan.

The hardest time was when they were in fourth grade.

Qin Nuan was blocked by several senior students.

At that time, I was young, and I knew a fart. I just saw a beautiful girl, and then wrote a love letter asking to be his girlfriend.

Either they are influential, so they will stop the girl and ask her to be his girlfriend.

In general, that’s how it is.

Then Roberson protected Qin Nuan and fought with those people.

In the end, the knee was pushed down and torn, and still has scars.

It was similar to Sheldon’s battle against Wang Xue in junior high school.

Therefore, Qin Nuan is very good with Roberson.

After graduating from high school, the two became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later, Roberson discovered that Qin Nuan had changed.

Qin Nuan avoided Roberson a little.

In the end, it is even more important not to say that Roberson should not be with her in front of others, nor tell others that they are lovers.

Some time ago, Qin Nuan said to be separated for a while.

Then slowly it became like this.

Roberson didn’t believe that Qin Nuan was changing so quickly, so he was unwilling to struggle with it.

But now… that’s it.

After listening to Sheldon, he shook his head and didn’t know how to persuade him. After all, he was not like this to Marcella at the time.

He patted Roberson on the shoulder.

Roberson wiped his tears, and said that he was all right, and he said it was much better.

Sheldon was relieved.

The two are going back.

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang, and it was Su Qiangwei.

“Sheldon, come back soon!”

“what happened?”

Listening to her tone, Su Qiangwei seemed to be anxious…

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