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Chapter 363

“What’s the matter? Don’t worry, speak slowly!”

Sheldon said.

“It’s Grandpa Qin, he has to pack his things and go, I can’t stop him!”

“Well, why is he leaving suddenly?”

Sheldon said helplessly.

Tyrone, the old man, how should I put it, Sheldon thought he was quite mysterious.

There will be quite a lot.

At the same time, I also felt that Old Man Qin was very pitiful.

At this age, I’m still alone.

The two knew each other, it was fate, and he helped himself a lot.

Seeing that he was willing to pester himself, Sheldon didn’t say anything, and he was entertained with delicious food, drink and accommodation.

He had lived normally before, and Sheldon took him to the villa to live with him.

Because he is Qiangwei’s savior, Qiangwei really treats him in every possible way, and treats him as his grandfather.

It’s not normal.

That’s when I started looking for Fang’s whereabouts.

At that time, I felt that Old Man Qin’s face was wrong.

And in those few days, he obviously talked less with Sheldon, as if something was on his mind.

Asked him the reason, and he began to talk nonsense again.

Sheldon couldn’t help him.

Then he said, “Okay, don’t worry, I will go back and ask him what’s the situation!”

After parting with Roberson, Sheldon returned.

“I really have to go, granddaughter Qiangwei, I will come to see you if I have a chance in the future, you are so good, grandpa will never forget you!”

When Sheldon returned, Tyrone had already carried his suitcase and was about to leave.

Happened to Sheldon.

“Grandson, you just came back, just right, I say hello to you, I have to go!”

Tyrone said.

“Old Qin, you lived here well, why are you in a hurry to leave? Even if you are anxious to go back and have a look, let me send you a car to take you back!”

“No, I don’t really need it, grandson, I know your filial piety, but you won’t be able to leave if you don’t leave!” Tyrone muttered the last few words.

“Ah? What did you say?”

Sheldon did not hear clearly.

“Ahem, I said it doesn’t have to be so troublesome, I really have to go!”

Old Qin patted Sheldon on the chest.


Sheldon kneaded it painfully.

“I’ll go, you hurt when I pat it lightly, are you papery?”

Tyrone stunned.

And Su Qiangwei hurried over and asked, “Sheldon, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, it’s just being kicked by a girl accidentally!”

“Ah? Who? Why did she hit someone?”

Su Qiangwei worried.

Sheldon shook his head and said that he would not mention this matter.

Indeed, that girl Qin Nuan practiced Taekwondo really well, very powerful.

Tyrone shook his head speechlessly.

“Oh, just leave like this, how can I rest assured, grandson, you have a good heart, I am really worried that after I leave, you don’t even know how to die!”

Tyrone thought of the last time at the hotel, Long Shaopai’s subordinates conspired against Sheldon.

If you didn’t do it yourself, I’m afraid Sheldon’s grandson’s shoulder bone could be broken.

“No, I didn’t fight back at the time. If I fight back, I can still fight!”

Sheldon is not a faceless person, after all, he was beaten by a girl, and it is not good to say it.

“I’m the only one! I know you have a bit of strength, but if anything is decent, you can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest! You can’t let others protect everything!”

Tyrone scratched his head.

Sheldon nodded, and he had indeed thought about whether he would learn to fight with the dragon and earth tiger and practice fighting.

But, there has been no time.

“Well, I’ll stay here for a few more days. It’s too difficult for you to learn. I’ll teach you how to catch every two of them in a fight, so that you can practice your family and you can’t get close to you, but it’s nothing to kill. Power! Fortunately, learning is practical and easy to learn!”

Tyrone said.

“What you said is true? It will take three or four days to study?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Boy, how many people want to learn from me, I don’t necessarily teach it. I said that if you let you meet for three days, let you do it for three days! What’s the matter, look at you, with a face of unbelief, really treat me as a fake Handle, come on, give me a punch, you’re welcome!”

Tyrone held the sack in one hand and waved to Sheldon with the other.

“Forget it, when I was beaten by that girl, I just didn’t fight back. If I want to beat you, I’m really afraid of breaking you!”

Sheldon waved his hand.

Yes, Old Qin is skinny and old again.

Sheldon was afraid that his punch would make him fall apart.

“Grandson, you can come with peace of mind, you are welcome!”

Tyrone said.

Sheldon looked at Old Man Qin quite confident.

He listened to him right now and punched him on the shoulder.


Then, just listen to it.

Sheldon’s wrist was pinched by him, and then he moved forward.

Then the whole figure flew out like a kite with a broken wire.

He fell heavily on the floor tiles outside the villa, and Sheldon felt his bones all loose.

Can’t stand up.

“Ah! Sheldon!”

Su Qiangwei saw that Sheldon couldn’t get up anymore, and ran out worriedly.

He helped Sheldon up.

“Grandson, how is it? The old man still has two sons, right?”

Tyrone squatted at the door, giggling at Sheldon.

And Sheldon really didn’t expect that Old Man Qin was so good.

Even if it weren’t for falling to the ground, Sheldon didn’t know how he flew out.

Just hit a punch, and then he volleyed.

The world was spinning before the fall.

“Grandpa Qin, why are you making such a heavy shot!”

Su Qiangwei said worriedly.

“It’s okay, he is a big and small man who has been working and exercising since he was young. His body is not as weak as you can see, and my grandson’s wrist strength is also good. It is quite suitable to learn from me!”

Tyrone walked over and kicked Sheldon: “Don’t get up yet! From today on, I’ll teach you these tricks! As long as you don’t meet a good player, usually fight, or use it to get out, it’s okay. .”

Sheldon stood up with his arm.

This hand is indeed quite fierce.

Nodded immediately.

Three days later.

After teaching Sheldon, Qin still left.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to keep him. After all, he had been together for a while, and he had feelings.

As for Old Man Qin, except for sometimes crazy and nonsense, everything else is pretty good.

At least there is absolutely no problem with herself and Qiangwei.

As for Qiangwei, she sent him away in tears, and she couldn’t bear it!

I just don’t know why Old Qin is quite taboo.

But he did not say, Sheldon did not continue to ask more.

After all, my main energy now is to find out about the Fang family.

On this day, Sheldon and Roberson came to school.

I happened to ran into Shen Junwen, Murphy, and the other girls. Five of them came to school.

Only this time, Sheldon didn’t say hello to Murphy.

Instead, he left like a stranger.

“You…Sheldon, stop!”

Murphy shouted in a fit.

Chapter 364

When Murphy saw Sheldon, he didn’t care about herself at all, and called Sheldon anxiously.

What do you mean, I saw it but didn’t see it.

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon is also a kind of complicated emotion towards Murphy. It’s best to ignore her at all, and understand that she is now rich, and she feels a little unbalanced.

I didn’t discuss this boring.

“Don’t you just have money, hehe, you still pretend not to know me, why should I ask you to do it, just want to know how your money comes from?”

Murphy looked at Sheldon and asked.

“Sorry, this is my privacy!”

Sheldon said coldly.

“You still have privacy. Haha, it’s different if you have money. I used to look at your virtues. Now I will look at your virtues. Tell you Sheldon, you are a nouveau riche at best, understand? And nouveau riche mentality Too thick! Really, you are too lack of maturity and stability like Wang Jian and others!”

Murphy said.

“Whatever you say, Roberson and I have to choose the address of the newly opened company, so we’ll lose company first!”

Sheldon shook his head and smiled.

After all, it is not the first time that I have been sprayed like this, but just spray it, and I don’t bother to explain it.

“Start a company? Are you starting a new company?”

I don’t know why, seeing Sheldon getting better step by step, Murphy really feels uncomfortable.

“Yes, Brother Sheldon invested money, and we partnered to start a travel company!”

Roberson said so excitedly for the first time.

Then went in with Sheldon.

It’s true. Yesterday afternoon, Brother Sheldon called himself to talk about it.

My grandmother’s physical condition has also been very bad recently, and she has also experienced emotional problems. Roberson is actually under a lot of pressure.

The timely rainy financing of Sheldon directly let Roberson through all the crises.

So now, Roberson almost dreams of shouting the name of Brother Sheldon, Brother Sheldon, Brother Sheldon, shouting more kisses than his own brother.

And looking at the back of the two entering.

“I really don’t know what shit luck this guy got!”

Shen Junwen looked upset.

“Who knows, but even people like Sheldon are going to start a company, and he is so generous!”

Murphy stomped his feet anxiously, obviously there was no way at all.

“Hmph, watch him toss, wait for him to toss out the money, see what else he has!”

Shen Junwen said sourly, and then said: “Don’t think about Sheldon, let’s go, today there is a taekwondo competition in school, and all campus activities, I am interested in this competition!”

Murphy said, “Yes, before you were a police academy, you used to win the high school group, the State Taekwondo Championship. If you start this kind of competition, you can comment on the newcomers, right?”

While talking, the two also walked in.

After Sheldon and Roberson reported in the class.

Since there was only one thought class this morning, the two of them simply asked for leave.

Sheldonlped Roberson. First, it was because Roberson had more or less his own shadow. During this period, Sheldon had always treated Roberson as a brother.

He’s not going well, he can help by the way, or just help again, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Secondly, Roberson is very filial, filial to his parents, his grandparents.

This made Sheldon feel that Roberson’s character is very good, and he is willing to support him.

So there was the idea of ​​co-opening a travel company.

The first thing is naturally the location of the company.

The location was set near the University Town in the urban area, an office building in a luxurious commercial building.

This place itself is built by the mountains and rivers, many industries have joined in, and the popularity is also very high.

The travel company is just to get the organization and arrangement rights of many other companies to start group building and annual meetings, so naturally they cannot choose to be in poor rural areas.

The two came to the investment center of the large commercial building.

“It’s not about talking on the phone, what about the person receiving us?”

After Sheldon came in, he asked Roberson.

“I don’t know, Brother Sheldon, I called that person, and that person’s phone is busy!”

“Well, there are so many people in the America Merchants Center, let’s wait a while!”

Sheldon looked at the time.

Could not help but shook his head with a smile.

Suddenly, Sheldon saw Roberson looking at the door in a daze.

Also immediately looked up.

At this moment, several young men and women walked out of the car together and came towards the investment center.

One of the girls was lovingly holding the arm of the young man who got out of the driving position. The two were talking and laughing and walking in with the two girls behind him.

“Nuan Nuan, are you not going to participate in the group match of each class this morning?”

The two girls asked.

“The group stage is too low, haha, Nuan Nuan is a taekwondo master, so you can directly participate in the finals in the afternoon, of course you don’t have to participate! Are you right?”

The boy smiled.

“It’s also Austrian. Alas, Nuan Nuan is really so happy now. Now that I have Li Xiang, I can start my own training class to train students!”

The girls said enviously.

“What’s the matter? It’s just a training organization. I will do something I like to do. Are you right Brother Xiang?”

Qin Nuan smiled happily.

“Yeah, but Nuan Nuan, you have to be mentally prepared, and you have to take a vaccination first. Now the competition among training institutions is too great. There are all kinds of fancy training. I don’t know much about taekwondo, but My sister also trains with you. Listen to her and say that your competition is fierce. Although I have used a lot of family relationships, after the launch, you and my sister will have to work hard!”

Li Xiang said.

“That’s okay, so because of the high competition, I wanted to choose the location near Zhenda Commercial Building. There is too much traffic here!”

“But here… okay, okay, let’s not talk about this question, let’s ask my friend’s brother first, he is the business manager here!”



At this moment, Roberson came to Qin Nuan.

Somewhat surprised he looked at the scene before him.

Qin Nuan released Li Xiang’s hand in embarrassment.

Yes, I told Roberson some time ago that the two should be separated for a period of time. During this period, give Roberson enough space for him to perform well.

At the same time, let yourself concentrate on training.

Therefore, Roberson promised that the two of them will not be together for the time being.

But later, Qin Nuan’s attitude towards Roberson is obvious to all.

Now, I actually got together with another boy.

Roberson finally understood why, what Qin Nuan said was false.

Qin Nuan was also embarrassed to see Roberson now because of his guilty conscience.

“So you have been lying to me!”

Roberson shook his hand, and all the investment application materials in his hand couldn’t help falling to the ground…

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