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Chapter 365:

I’m Looking For Mr. Wang

“Who lied to you? I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Qin Nuan hugged her shoulder and said.

Because at this moment, many people from America Merchants Center looked over here.

It made Qin Nuan feel even more ashamed.

“Then what’s going on with you now?”

Roberson took a deep breath and asked.

As for Qin Nuan, she turned her face to the side and stopped talking.

“Hmph, you are the childhood sweetheart who grew up with Roberson, I know you, and I don’t look at my own virtues, so I won’t get out of here!”

Li Xiang held the key of the Audi A6, pointed at Roberson and cursed.

“Yeah, Xiangzi? Why did you come here? I’ll wait for you for a while!”

At this time, a staff member in a suit and leather shoes trot over and shook hands with Li Xiang intimately.

“Brother Ming, hello, it’s been a long time since I saw you, I’m sorry, I’ve kept you waiting!”

The two exchanged simple greetings for a while.

“Okay, I’ve selected a few good locations for you. Come and pick them out. Don’t worry, there are discounts on the prices!”

Brother Ming said.

“That’s it, let’s pick and choose together!”

Then Li Xiang took Qin Nuan to the side.

Obviously Qin Nuan didn’t want to talk to Roberson any more, so he followed aside.

Roberson sorted out his emotions. In fact, after Sheldon’s persuasion, he calmed down a lot. It was just too sudden and couldn’t hold back.

Sheldon patted Roberson on the shoulder, and the two of them sat aside.

“I went to Ming, did you make a mistake? I read the online investment advertisements. The bidding for an office space is not so expensive. Now it has reached this price?”

Not long after, Li Xiang on the side shouted in surprise.

“Let me go, brother, you thought it was expensive, let me tell you, these sets are really the cheapest, and the location is relatively good!”

“A year, the rent alone is more than one million dollar, which makes people not live!”

Li Xiang was shocked.

This is too cruel.

There is indeed some money in his family, but he also has some assets. The investment of more than one million dollar is only a preliminary rent investment. This is really deadly.

Qin Nuan was obviously shocked.

Because the online investment price starts at 350,000 a year.

Forget it roughly, relying on the popularity of large commercial buildings and the surrounding areas of the school, this price is definitely acceptable.

But thinking about it, there is no such good thing.

Originally, the bidding started at 350,000, but now many areas have reached the million level.

Finally let Qin Nuan know that there is no white lunch in the world! How could it be so simple.

More than one million, it’s really just a dream!

“This can’t work, Brother Ming, I can’t afford it!”

Li Xiang was shocked.

Turning around, he said to Qin Nuan, “Nuan Nuan, otherwise let’s choose another place, it’s too cruel!”

Qin Nuan was full of regrets.

Girl, who doesn’t have any vanity yet.

Zhenda Commercial Building, a well-known traffic consumption center in the country.

Simply put, 13 blocks are too high!

Moreover, it is also next to the campus of the University Town, where an organization is opened, and it is said that it is excellent in terms of face and publicity.

Qin Nuan really likes it here.

But… alas!

“Okay!” Qin Nuan nodded in loss.

Then the eyes of that brother Ming changed a little when they saw them.

After a few brief chats, he left with his information.

“Qin Nuan, let’s go too, it’s still early, go to other places to see, there are some places where the rent is seventy to eighty thousand a year!”

Li Xiang said.

“I know, but I still want to look around here!”

Qin Nuan thought, “I can’t rent it anymore. It’s okay to have eye addiction in the America Merchants Center.

Then several girls looked around.

“Manager Zhao, hello!”

At this time, there was a commotion in the hall.

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes came over. Many customers of the America Merchants Center greeted the middle-aged man.

Because this middle-aged man is not bystander, but the general manager of America Merchants Center.

Naturally, it is valued.

“He is Manager Zhao He, the general manager of the America Merchants Center! A very good person!”

At this time, Li Xiang said to the three girls in Qin Nuan.

Qin Nuan bitterly said in his heart, what’s the use of you just knowing people who don’t know you!

At this time, many people wanted to go and say hello to Manager Zhao.

But Manager Zhao waved to them one by one, looking very anxious, and then trot, looking around.

Finally at this moment, he saw it.

It is a group of several young people.

Immediately ran over excitedly.

Qin Nuan and Li Xiang were also agitated.

Because the direction that Manager Zhao ran over was them.

“Mr. Wang? Didn’t that Mr. Sheldon come with you?”

Manager Zhao came to Li Xiang, and at this moment, he smiled respectfully.

And everyone also calmed down and looked over here.

“Mr. Wang? Manager Chapman, have you admitted the wrong person? My last name is Li and my name is Li Xiang!”

Li Xiang flushed with excitement, and smiled immediately.

And Qin Nuan bit his lip slightly, obviously also very excited.


“Sorry, I confessed to the wrong person!”

Manager Zhao He looked embarrassed at the moment.

Because he knew some information about Mr. Roberson from the phone, he was still a student of Shuchuan University, and was a friend of Mr. Sheldon, who was personally called by the head of the headquarters.

So of course Zhao He respects Mr. Roberson.

“Originally, I thought you were like college students. I thought it was from Shuchuan University. Ha ha, this important client of mine is also from your Shuchuan University. I accidentally admitted wrong!”

Zhao He smiled bitterly.

“Ah? What a coincidence, then Manager Zhao, tell me your name, maybe I can find it for you!”

Li Xiang didn’t expect to have a direct conversation with Manager Zhao of the America Merchants Center, so he said hurriedly.

Qin Nuan also nodded again and again, after all, she also had some connections in school.

“O’ao, thank you, I want to find Mr. Roberson, I wonder if you have seen him?”

Zhao He said.

“You…who did you say you were looking for?”

After listening to these words, Qin Nuan felt that someone had put a bullet in his ear, and his brain went blank with a thud.

Even Qin Nuan thought he had a hallucination.

Mr. Roberson? Manager Zhao is looking for Roberson? No way? how is this possible? What is Manager Zhao? What are you looking for?

“Mr. Roberson, who of you knows him?”

Zhao He also knew it, and it seemed that they didn’t know each other.

I was really dumbfounded because of the excitement, so I just called Roberson.

I was led by this young man just now, thinking he had seen it.

Take out the phone right now.

“Manager Zhao, no need to fight! I’m here!”

At this time, Roberson stood up and said to Manager Zhao.

Chapter 366:

Taekwondo Competition
Roberson stood up.

Walked over and shook hands with Zhao He: “Manager Zhao, we communicated on the phone yesterday, but we couldn’t get through when we called you just now!”

Roberson said.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Wang, I have been calling her to handle some things about my daughter’s schooling just now. I am extremely sorry, extremely sorry!”

Manager Zhao said repeatedly.

“By the way, Mr. Wang, you said you want to buy the office area and the shops in the 4D model exhibition hall of the scenic spot. I am here to prepare them for you!”

After speaking, Manager Zhao took out the information.

“Mr. Wang, let me give you a brief introduction. The shop plus the company’s office area, because you are buying directly, I helped you avoid some other miscellaneous expenses, totaling 35 million dollar!”

“Ok, no problem, let’s sit down and talk!”

Roberson made a gesture of please.

As for Qin Nuan, breathing from the side suddenly hurried.

I even feel that my body is no longer my own.

How did that happen?

Why is Roberson?

When has he been so capable?

“Mr. Zhao, aren’t you fooled by this fat man? Just him? Can you get 35 million out?”

Li Xiang said in disbelief.

“Yes, Mr. Zhao, we actually know him. He can’t get 35 million. It’s not worth it!”

As for Qin Nuan, his whole heart was torn out, and it was already extremely uncomfortable.

Hurriedly added now.

“Hehe, I think you are mistaken. Mr. Wang’s Shudu Feihua Travel Company has more than two hundred travel projects that are ready to be signed, and it is still growing. Financing information we I also watched it, melted nearly 80 million into it!”

Zhao He looked at them and couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

What do you think of yourself? Three year old child.

Can you get this wrong?

Ha ha.

And watched Roberson sign the contract with Zhao He with his own eyes.

And Zhao He bowed slightly to Sheldon on the side very respectfully.

Qin Nuan was even more at a loss.

I just want to rent a place, so I have no money.

But Roberson bought two places in one go.

Moreover, Roberson opened a travel company and signed more than two hundred projects.

What kind of concept is this!

After signing with Roberson, Sheldon was ready to leave.

Li Xiang no longer dared to look up at Roberson.

But Qin Nuan chased it out unwillingly.

“Roberson, you… have you started a company? When did I know what happened?”

Qin Nuan said with a hot face.

“It only opened in two days! It will officially open in a few days, and the project is still in preparation!”

Roberson glanced at Qin Nuan, but knew everything.

“Then you…how did you become so rich?”

Qin Nuan said.

“You don’t have to worry about it!”

Roberson turned around and left.

It seemed that he had never been so proud.


Qin Nuan stomped angrily.

I was angry and anxious.

I held my breath in my chest and couldn’t vomit it out.

How could this be? How could this be?

Qin Nuan asked herself again and again.

Let’s talk about Sheldon, it was already noon when Roberson ran through other procedures.

After lunch, the two returned to school together.

As for Roberson and Sheldon to start the company together.

The whole class already knows.

The fact that many tourism projects have joined one after another has also spread.

In short, the momentum is quite big.

The two went back to the class.


There was a fierce roar.

“Sheldonhua, what did you do?”

Several beautiful girls gathered around.

Talk to Sheldon and Roberson.

It is even more affectionate to Sheldon, winking again and again.

In fact, the classmates all guessed that it was Sheldon who helped Roberson, even though the company’s legal person was Roberson.

But the main source of financing came from Sheldon.

Therefore, the girls all have a different kind of emotion towards Sheldon.

Of course, Roberson’s status is also rising.

Many girls and boys chatted with Roberson in the past.

As for Xu Yangyang, Laura’s expressions were a bit ugly.

After all, they had all targeted Sheldon.

Now, Sheldon has established a high prestige in the class.

Xu Yangyang was also very nervous.

Xu Yangyang looked at Liang Fei’s place.

There were many people who were close to Liang Fei after class.

But now, none of them are gone.

Xu Yangyang walked over and gently patted the back of Liang Fei’s hand to calm him down.

After all, the shame of Liang Fei at the ceremony has not passed.

“Excuse me, is Liang Fei here?”

At this time, a girl came to look for.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Yangyang asked.

“That’s it. In the afternoon game, Director Yang asked me to call Liang Fei over! And let Liang Fei put on a show!”

Said the girl.

“Ah? That’s good! Brother Fei, did you hear that, the school has come to invite you!”

Xu Yangyang shouted happily.

Liang Fei nodded.

Xu Yangyang patted the table and said, “In the afternoon, our class Liang Fei will participate in the taekwondo competition. Let’s all go and watch it. Let’s cheer Brother Fei!”

“O’ao, okay, congratulations Fei brother!”

The students echoed.

After all, Liang Fei is no better than Sheldon in the limelight.

But it is also influential, and everyone is like watching Liang Fei’s taekwondo performance.

Right now, they all agreed, and then went to the school gym together.

“Brother Sheldon, let’s go too, we will go to several classes together!”

“it is good!”

Sheldon also wanted to see it.

After all, since childhood, everyone has a martial arts dream.

Regarding fighting, Sheldon’s thoughts have faded a lot when he grows up, but he still likes it.

I also want to see Liang Fei’s show.

How should I put it, although Liang Fei saw Sheldon not pleasing to his eyes, Sheldon did not have any special emotions towards him.

So I followed.

By the time the gymnasium was reached, many people had gathered here.

It was precisely because of Liang Fei’s reason that Sheldon and his two classes could watch them up close and waved the flag to Liang Fei at close range.

After all, this kind of big scene requires a master to perform a show and activate the atmosphere.

Liang Fei is the provincial runner-up.

And when Sheldon walked in, he saw that not only many Taekwondo contestants, but also Murphy and Shen Junwen were also here.

It is worth mentioning that Shen Junwen is actually wearing a taekwondo uniform at this moment.

Aroused strong attention from others.

As for Li Wentao, standing next to Shen Junwen, also wearing a competition uniform.

But obviously, in the class of Li Wendao and Shen Junwen, some girls all held up Shen Junwen’s sign, and their voices were too loud for Shen Junwen.

Obviously, their own class knows Shen Junwen’s strength.

While Liang Fei was warming up, his eyes jumped slightly after seeing Shen Junwen.

“It’s him?”

Liang Fei was surprised.

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