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Chapter 367

Xu Yangyang’s Wrath
And Shen Junwen also saw Liang Fei.

The eyes are also slightly picked.

At the moment, the two walked over to each other.

“You are Junwen Shen, the champion of Taekwondo in the youth group of State? When I participated in the national competition last year, I saw you play!

There was a strange respect in Liang Fei’s eyes.

“I also know you, Shuchuan Youth Competition, you are the runner-up this year, and the champion narrowly beats you this year!”

Shen Junwen was also surprised.

Both of them were specially invited by the organizer to perform.

The dialogue between the two obviously attracted the attention of many taekwondo players and the audience off the court.

They looked at them one after another.

“Yes, you also got a high ranking in the national competition, but I have always hoped that you can play against you. Today, it seems like a good opportunity!”

Liang Fei looked at Shen Junwendao with a strong sense of war in his eyes.

Murphy looked at Shen Junwen and smiled.

There is a sense of pride.

Yes, Shen Junwen is indeed excellent. Not to mention Shen Junwen’s fighting ability, but also his reputation in the Taekwondo circle.

This is why Murphy worships Shen Junwen.

“Okay, today is indeed a good opportunity!”

Shen Junwen shook his head and smiled bitterly.

And the two people’s proposal was quickly adopted by the organizer.

The duel of the two masters is also the highlight of this event.

The champion of State VS the runner-up of Shuchuan Province is naturally very interesting.

Even many Taekwondo contestants are excited and motivated at the same time. They are all working hard at the moment.

“Brother Sheldon, Brother Sheldon, look, who is over there!?”

When Sheldon watched the game with gusto, the fat man suddenly smashed Sheldon’s arm.

Sheldon looked in the direction of Fatty’s fingers.

I saw that in the stands on the side, I don’t know when there were two more shadows, watching the game.

It was Johan Adam’s and Fang Yi.

“Are they here too?”

Sheldon was surprised.

The two girls will always be like this, they always sit in a corner position wherever they go, and do not communicate with the people around them.

And Sheldon looked at them, as if he was noticed by Fang Nuan, and looked at Sheldon now.

The two looked at each other.

Johan Adam frowned slightly, then moved his gaze aside.

Sheldon did not continue watching either.

“Brother Sheldon, I don’t know if you found it?”


“The two goddesses often peeped at you, especially Fang Yi. When she was in class two days ago, although she was talking secretly to Fang Nuan, I could see that the corner of Fang Yi’s eyes looked at you from time to time!”

“Also, Xu Yangyang has been looking for you for the past two days. When you quarreled with her, Jimmy and Fang Yi looked at you! Even just now, I saw Jimmy and Fang Yi watching you, Brother Sheldon, Do the two goddesses like you?”

The fat man analyzed.

“Fart, how is this possible!”

Sheldon shook his head speechlessly and smiled.

And now, the fat man stopped talking.

Because at the moment, Qin Nuan was already on stage and started the game.

The fat man stared at Qin Nuan.

Although it can be seen, the fat man was very cold towards Qin Nuan this morning.

But let’s be honest, Fatty also feels very much about Qin Nuan.

It’s like I and Marcella, although they hated her at the beginning, when she encountered a crisis, she stood by and watched, and she couldn’t do it.


The battle lasted about seven or eight minutes.

Qin Nuan accidentally lost and was kicked out of the field, just not far from where Sheldon and the fat man were.

Qin Nuan held his chest, bit his lip slightly and glanced at Roberson. Seeing Roberson ignored him, Qin Nuan’s face was disappointed.

It was as if I had lost something.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

The contest has also come to an end.

But the more at this time, the more students I saw, surrounding the playing field. Obviously, the battle between Liang Fei and Shen Junwen started immediately, and many people came to watch them admiringly.

In a short while, the entire scene can not be described as crowded.

And Shen Junwen and Liang Fei have already begun to warm up.

“Shen Junwen and Liang Fei are both very good. Needless to say, Liang Fei, the runner-up in our province, this Shen Junwen is said to be the champion of State.

“I’m going, it’s wonderful, but I still support Liang Fei! I hope Liang Fei can fight for our face in Shuchuan!”

“I am more optimistic about Shen Junwen, after all, Shen Junwen gives people a very sophisticated feeling!”

There was a lot of discussion around.

Even the classmates of Sheldon started a heated discussion.

“Sheldon, who are you more optimistic about?”

Several girls didn’t know when they had gathered around Sheldon’s side and asked curiously.

“Me, both of them are very good. If you are optimistic about who is specific, this is really hard to say!”

“Well, don’t you seem to know Shen Junwen as well?”

The girl shook Sheldon’s arm.

In fact, Sheldon knows Shen Junwen’s identity, and his level of prowess is definitely more than just taekwondo.

I don’t want to think about what he does.

To be honest, Shen Junwen must be great.

But Sheldon would definitely not say that.

“Ask him what is he doing? He knows what a fart! He doesn’t know how to kickboxing, hum, isn’t he just having a few lousy money? See others’ comments, you also comment, what are you!”

Xu Yangyang turned his head to look at Sheldon at this time.

She has been ill in the past two days, and has attacked Sheldon more than once or twice.

Sheldon looked at her as a little girl, and most of them didn’t care about her.

Indeed, Sheldon also knew that during the charity ceremony, he robbed Liang Fei of the limelight, but he kept attacking himself. Isn’t that excessive?

What was even more annoying was when the battle between Shen Junwen and Liang Fei began.

Xu Yangyang deliberately turned sideways, blocking Sheldon’s vision.

Sheldon turned to the left, she turned to the left side, Sheldon turned to the right, she also turned to the right.

To put it bluntly, I don’t want Sheldon to watch the game happily.

Sheldon nestled in the fire.

But with the passage of time, the game has reached a fever pitch.

Liang Fei’s attack was very swift at the beginning, and his action skills were particularly good.

As for Shen Junwen, he did not have several effective attacks.

It has always been dodging.

But in the later stage, Liang Fei’s offense began to become very weak.

Because even though the action was done, it was no longer an effective kill to Shen Junwen.


On the other side of the stand, Johan Adam said lightly at this moment.

“Ah? Who lost? Shen Junwen? I think Liang Fei’s offensive is so good, and his actions are also handsome! But look at Shen Junwen, his moves are so simple, is he a champion? Water?”

Fang Yi said, after all, although he has never spoken to Liang Fei and has no friendship, Liang Fei is a classmate of his own class. In contrast, Fang Yi’s mood is more inclined to Liang Fei’s side.

“Hehe, from the road to Jane, Liang Fei has cool moves, but his offensive thoughts are also exposed extremely fast. After all, he is the provincial champion. He is really smart. So, wait and see!”

Johan Adam said.

Sure enough.

When Liang Fei organized another attack, Shen Junwen suddenly turned around and kicked back in the air. The action was done in one go, and it was also very cool.

He kicked Liang Fei directly out of the field.


And it was this scene that made the audience directly enter the G wave, and there was a deafening shout.

Only Xu Yangyang’s face was full of anxiety.

Originally, Xu Yangyang had been shouting when Liang Fei attacked before, but now, when one move is defeated, Xu Yangyang is of course a little unhappy.

“it is good!”

Sheldon also watched it wonderfully, and couldn’t help but yelled out at this moment.

But when Xu Yangyang heard it, he stood up abruptly and glared at Sheldon:

“What a good thing, can you understand it!”

The sound was so loud that almost many people in the venue heard it.

At this moment, they all cast their eyes on Sheldon’s side…

Chapter 368:

Kick Xu Yangyang With One Foot

“Are you sick?”

Sheldon scolded.

“Huh, isn’t it just that Brother Fei lost? Are you so excited? You don’t look at your virtues. If you have a kind, you can go up and compare!”

Xu Yangyang cursed.

And it seemed that he wanted to vent all his anger and anger on Sheldon’s body.

At this moment, he picked up a bottle of mineral water and poured it directly on Sheldon.

Sheldon avoided, and Sheldon, who was angry at the moment, wanted to lick Xu Yangyang’s mouth.

Fortunately, a group of classmates gathered around and pulled Xu Yangyang away.

Then there was no conflict.

As for Murphy, he glanced at Sheldon, who was stunned, and then set his sights on Shen Junwen, who was infinitely beautiful. Indeed, Shen Junwen would not disappoint every time.

At this time, a referee came on the court.

He came to Shen Junwen’s front.

Said to Shen Junwen: “I have never seen anyone at a young age who can make such a standard and aesthetically pleasing action. You deserve to be the champion of the Carolina Youth Group!”

The referee looks close to forty years old and should be a well-known figure in the industry.

Shen Junwen just shook his head and gave a wry smile.

“Hehe, this is also a standard aesthetic movement. Some people are afraid that they have never seen what is a standard movement?”

At this moment, a dissatisfied female voice rang.

It was with the sound of this sound that the whole scene quieted down.

They looked at the girls one after another.

This girl is not someone else, it is Fang Yi.

Originally, after watching the duel between the two, Fang Yi and Fang Nai were about to leave.

But unexpectedly, Fang Yi just heard the referee’s compliments to Shen Junwen, and everyone’s shouting to Shen Junwen.

Originally, Liang Fei lost, and Fang Yi wouldn’t dislike Shen Junwen for him.

But, Fang Yi was a little unconvinced after hearing this.

Even if it is a compliment, this compliment is obviously too much.

Those who knew the two goddesses in the school didn’t speak anymore.

Watching the scene quietly.

“Okay, stop talking!”

Johan Adam gently pulled Fang Yi’s arm and motioned her to leave.

“That said, have you seen standard moves? Some people, what are they sour?”

It was Murphy who spoke.

Seeing someone say Shen Junwen, she of course was not happy. And she didn’t know the strength of these two girls.

“Of course, what provincial champion, in front of her, is just a pupil!”

Fang Yi pointed to Johan Adam.

Then he said softly: “Nun, compare with him, let him improve his memory!”

Fang Yi also said arrogantly.

Fang Nun will naturally not come to fight with others, after all, this kind of competition or something, if Fang Nun wanted to participate, he would have participated.

However, she has never had a suitable opponent.

He shook his head immediately.

Ready to leave.

“Don’t go, just see if you can!”

Murphy smiled triumphantly.

“Don’t say Huimin, I won’t compare with girls, you know, I never beat women!”

Shen Junwen gave a wry smile.

However, Fang Nuan stopped at once.

Then he turned around and looked at Shen Junwen.

“Okay, I can fight you!”

It’s all because of Shen Junwen’s words, don’t hit women, are some boys like this? They think girls are destined to be weaker than boys, and nothing can compare to boys?

And this is why neither she nor Fang Yi are qualified to participate in family affairs.

And since childhood, Fang Nuannian hated this sentence most. So, she agreed.


Fang Yi shouted excitedly.

“Goddess is going to shoot?”

“Wow, this is the real highlight!”

The atmosphere became lively again.

Shen Junwen helplessly shrugged at the audience, and motioned for everyone to play.

Soon, Jimmy changed into a robes and returned.

The square 囝囡 with a pony tail is another style.

All the boys are obsessed, and even many girls are jealous.

Sheldon also stared at Fang Nain motionlessly.

Unexpectedly, Fang Nuan would also understand this.

As for Shen Junwen, a move at this time caused everyone to boo even more.

Because Shen Junwen found a piece of black cloth and actually blindfolded his eyes.

Too overbearing! Too tough!

At the moment, Shen Junwen beckoned to Jimmy, “Let’s do it!”

And Johan Adam did not say anything in the face of this obvious contempt.

He rushed over quickly and kicked out with a swift whip kick.


With a sound, it directly kicked Shen Junwen in the face.

However, Shen Junwen didn’t have time to resist, he whirled in the air and hit the ground heavily.

The speed is fast and fierce.

And it was this scene that made everyone in the audience take a breath.

Shen Junwen got up from the ground embarrassedly and took off the cloth strips blindfolded.

Looking at Fang Nain in horror.

Even Murphy was dumbfounded, because this girl is really too strong.

And Johan Adam, at this moment, facing Shen Junwen, who was about to stand unstable on his legs, hooked his hook and signaled him to attack.

Shen Junwen was angry and rushed directly.


However, it was faster, Jimmy made a round side kick, and Shen Junwen flew out of the field directly like a kite with a broken line.

Everyone opened their mouths wide and looked at the scene in disbelief.

Even Sheldon was shocked.

too strong.

Shen Junwen is already very powerful, but in front of Fang Nuan, no one can stop it!

And so embarrassed myself!

“Brother Junwen!”

Li Wentao and the others came and helped Shen Junwen, who was already unable to stand up, covering his chest.

Shen Junwen’s painful forehead was sweaty.

Full of admiration.

Even Liang Fei admired it in his heart.

“Good fight, you are really good!”

Xu Yangyang saw that Shen Junwen, who had defeated Liang Fei, was instead humiliated by the girl in the next class.

Although Shen Junwen and his elder brother are good friends, he still got up and applauded.

The audience also caused a sensation.

“Hmph, the most powerful person is not her opponent. It feels like you guys are just like that! It’s boring!”

Fang Yi said proudly.

“Which one of you guys is not convinced, can you challenge her?”

Fang Yi said again.

However, the boys lowered their heads one by one, obviously all persuaded.

Li Wentao also didn’t dare to go up, after all, Shen Junwen was so powerful, he was not an opponent.

“Yeah, doesn’t Sheldon understand well? Why not?”

Xu Yangyang turned his head to look at Sheldon behind him, and said sarcastically.

“Someone is stupid. Did you applaud Shen Junwen just now? You don’t even dare to applaud now?”

Xu Yangyang said.

Moreover, she didn’t know if she did it on purpose, she moved a bit at this moment, just stepping on Sheldon’s feet.

She was wearing the kind of high-heeled shoes, solid bottoms, with painful Sheldon grinning.

“go away!”

Sheldon was anxious and kicked Xu Yangyang’s PG with his leg up, and Xu Yangyang lay directly in front.

“Sheldon, you…you dare to hit me?”

Xu Yangyang didn’t expect Sheldon to shoot, and now he kicked himself down in public, Xu Yangyang was of course crazy.

“Brother Tao! He…he hit me!”

Xu Yangyang shouted at Li Wentao.

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