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Chapter 369

Li Wentao is helping Shen Junwen over there.

Seeing that there was a conflict here, my sister was beaten.

He was furious and rushed directly up.

Originally, Shen Junwen was beaten like this by a girl, and as a recognized good player in the school, Li Wentao didn’t dare to fight just now, it was shameful enough.

Now my sister is being bullied. If she doesn’t stand up again, it will be truly embarrassing to throw her at grandma’s house.

“Dare to beat my sister, I think your kid has enough life!”

Li Wentao flew over and kicked Sheldon’s chest.

“I’m going, did you see it? Li Wentao is anxious!”

“Of course I am in a hurry. Now that the boy has been insulted, he does not dare to fight. Now this kid is miserable. Even Li Wentao’s sister dares to fight!”

“It must be all my anger on this kid!”

Just when everyone held their breath and watched this foot fall.

Suddenly, I saw Li Wentao’s figure, directly speeding up when in contact with Sheldon.

It is more like a kite with a broken line, flying directly upside down!

Smashed heavily to the ground.

Li Wentao felt that his whole body fell apart, and he didn’t even have the strength to get up.

And this scene.

Roberson, who had been worried about Sheldon, opened his mouth and went blank.

Xu Yangyang, who was extremely excited, was also stunned.

Even everyone on the sidelines looked at Sheldon in disbelief.

Because just now, it was too fast, everyone did not see clearly.

Li Wentao fell from Sheldon.

how can that be?

Murphy obviously also saw the scene before him, incredible.

Murphy has also heard of Li Wentao’s skill, and Sheldon will definitely not be his opponent.

But if Sheldon accidentally threw him out, this is obviously far-fetched.

“囝囡! He…”

And Fang Yi stuck out her tongue and ran to Fang Nun’s side.

“I saw!”

Johan Adam frowned slightly, and looked at Sheldon with some curiosity.

As for Sheldon, this was the first time after learning from Tyrone.

The reaction just now was really urgent, and he didn’t consider strength.

However, what Tyrone taught was really useful.

It was precisely this time that everyone looked at Sheldon’s eyes all changed.

“It’s really amazing, such a good player as Li Wentao has been beaten by one move!”

“Yes, it’s almost the same as the goddess hitting Shen Junwen just now. It’s just one move. It seems that the goddess has met her opponent!”

“That’s right, Brother Sheldon, come on the court to make our boys face again!”

At this time, someone was shouting.

After all, the goddess is beautiful and powerful, but the scene where the goddess glanced at a group of boys just now, all boys, including Liang Fei, dared not fight, it really made all the boys present were ashamed.

Can’t beat even a girl, still not a man!

Everyone was ashamed and angry.

“Brother Sheldon, come on! Defeat her!”

“Down with her!”

“Down with her!”


The boy yelled.

The girls were not to be outdone, and cheered Jimmy.

“Brother Sheldon, come on, I didn’t expect you to be so good!”

Roberson rubbed Sheldon’s shoulders excitedly.

And Johan Adam’s, obviously also looked at Sheldon with great interest, and was ready.

But Sheldon was embarrassed.

Johan Adam’s is really powerful, and his shots are particularly cruel.

Asking yourself is not her opponent.

“If you are a man, come up to Bibi, coward!”

Fang Yi shouted at Sheldon.

To tell the truth, she really hopes to see Fang Nunan fighting with Sheldon.

“Yes, come up if it’s a man!”

The girls shouted at Sheldon.

Sheldon shook his head and gave a wry smile.

Now it’s really hard to ride a tiger, so he nodded.

To be honest, the old man Qin gave himself five moves in the three days.

There are five ways to block fists, block legs, block long blades, block short blades, and counterattack by being held hostage from behind.

It is for emergency use when you encounter danger.

But fighting with others makes it impossible.

And just as Sheldon was thinking about how to resist Fang Nun’s effort.

I saw Fang Nuan rushing over quickly.

She is a girl, but her speed is very fast.

Obviously he regarded himself as a master.

“It’s over, the goddess is so cruel to come up!”

“It’s even worse than hitting Shen Junwen just now!”

“This time is wonderful, I don’t know how Brother Sheldon will fight?”

Everyone looked at in dismay.

“Definitely I can’t stand it, I look at Sheldon as if there is no explosive power!”

“I just don’t know how Li Wentao was thrown like that by him. Is it a coincidence?”

It was discussed.

But soon, Johan Adam rushed to the side in front of Sheldon, and turned around swiftly, coming up with a standard gorgeous air maneuver kick.

The force is swift and violent, and the action is done in one go.

As if it had been rehearsed thousands of times.

But Sheldon had a word in his mind, don’t worry about any tricks on the other side, you can use the second method to block her legs when she is out.

Right now, Sheldon quickly pinched an acupuncture point on Fang Nuan’s calf, and then gently swiped his hand. On one side of his body, he saw that Fang Nuan’s whole body’s center of gravity was already unstable, similar to Li Wentao just now.

A face-to-face is like a kite with a broken line, flying directly upside down!

Heavy thrown out of the field.


Everyone was even more confused now.

I’m going, the goddess is so strong, is it also lost by one move?

Both Shen Junwen and Murphy were shocked, and Xu Yangyang and other girls who had originally cheered couldn’t believe it.


Fang Yi was even more excited, and directly called out Johan Adam’s name.

Then ran over and helped Fang Nuan up.

As for Fang Nun’s shoulder, he should have been hit hard just now. He was holding it and looking at Sheldon with a complicated expression.

She has always tried to be the strongest since she was little, and she paid a great price for it.

Among her peers, she knew that she was no longer the same world with them.

But unexpectedly, her most proud skill actually failed. This was her first failure.

And this person only used one trick.

Not to mention Murphy’s shocked expression at the moment.

Immediately afterwards, there was a thunderous roar from the audience.

At night, in a room of Fang Family Manor.

“Hi…be lighter!”

Fang Yi is carefully wiVeilBoyg Nun’s shoulders.

“It’s all so red and swollen, hum, I’m really annoyed, everyone is a classmate, Sheldon actually shot so hard, look at your shoulder falling!”

Fang Yi said angrily, “Hmph, it made me anxious, don’t blame my classmates, find someone to fix him!”

“Don’t mess around, if you lose, you lose!”

Johan Adam said.

“What did you lose? Sheldon was clearly opportunistic!”

Johan Adam put on the clothes, and then looked at Fang Yi helplessly, “Well, I know if I’m opportunistic, I will wipe the medicinal wine by myself. You can help me call the twelve teachers in. I have something to tell them! “

Chapter 370

Fang Yi went out.

But came back soon.

“囝囡, the twelve teachers are not there, and some of the elders in the manor are also absent. It seems that they went to the conference room for a meeting. You forgot, every year our family has a big meeting today! “

Fang Yi said.

Johan Adam nodded sitting on the bed, “I just remembered it too, well, let’s talk about it tomorrow!”

After speaking, she looked at Fang Yi as if he was hesitant to speak.

Johan Adam asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fang Yi mysteriously jumped to Fang Nun’s side, bit her lip slightly and said, “Nun, you said that every year the family holds such a mysterious family meeting, and as long as the men go, what do you mean?”

How can Fang Nun know what to say.

He shook his head and said, “How do I know.” Looking at Fang Yi, “What do you want to do?”

“Ahem, what do I want to do you know, oops, let us avoid it every time, we don’t know why we were locked up, and we don’t know any major events in the family, and ah, 囝囡, you For so many years, so hard, so hard, you are already better than the boys in the family, but you still don’t know anything!”

Fang Yi sighed quietly.

Fang Nun’s expression darkened, and these words happened to hit Fang Nun’s thoughts.

Yes, I worked so hard to prove that I was stronger than those boys and more able to take on the responsibility of the family.

But, so many years passed, Grandpa turned a blind eye.

“Otherwise, let’s go eavesdrop, anyway you want to know something about the family!”

Fang Yi said softly.

If it was before, Fang Nuan would definitely refuse, because she didn’t want grandpa to lose his temper.

But Fang Yi’s few words just now left Fang Nainun saying nothing.

If this continues, will he and Fang Yi be kept like this for a lifetime?

Will he go on like this for a lifetime?

Johan Adam shook his head.

Do not! Absolutely not! I can’t live like this for a lifetime.

It was this voice that aroused Fang Nuan’s rebellious heart that had been buried for many years.

Looking at Fang Yi right now, the two nodded each other.

When secretly came outside the meeting room, the meeting inside had already begun.

“The second and third child, how are your work preparations? Can you deal with this behemoth? The weapons you prepare are very important!”

In the first seat, an old man leaned on a cane, looked at two middle-aged people and asked.

“Dad, we are almost ready for the two of us, but unfortunately, the hardest task was not completed by the two of us together. If my eldest brother is still alive, it should be…”

One of the middle-aged people said that he did not go on.

When Fang Nuan outside the window heard this, she suddenly raised her head and listened more intently.

As for the old man, after hearing this, his eyes became even more dim: “Yes, if your eldest brother is here, our Fang family won’t be so passive, but he was killed by someone, God is jealous of talent. !”

The old man’s two lines of muddy old tears flowed down.

“Yes, after the young master’s death, your eldest brother is very old. No one in the Fang family can break the wrist head-on with that family. It’s a pity, but fortunately, the granddaughter is excellent in every aspect. Compared with the great young master, there is nothing worse than it. It would be a wise move if you can cultivate the children to fight the big beam!”

An old man in the family said.

“Oh, I never thought of letting Naun participate in, but she is Zhenghua’s only daughter after all, and is also Zhenghua’s only bloodline. Since I was a child, I have no father’s love and mother’s love. Once transformed, how can I bear to let her stand up!”

Family leader Fang shook his head and sighed.

“A girl’s family, who will marry sooner or later, what can you do? Besides, even the young master Fang Zhenghua is not an opponent of that family. Both parents were killed because of that, let alone a girl movie!”

On the side, there was also a middle-aged man with a greasy face.


The second young master Fang Zhengye slapped the table and glared: “Delia, what do you mean? Could it be that your Delia Family’s wings have been stiff over the years, so you don’t put Fang family in their eyes?”

“How is it possible? Since I was born, my damn dad told me that the Delia Family will always be one of the Fang family’s vassal families. They must all listen to the Fang family. These years, I am very obedient and help the Fang family stabilize. With the forces in the Southwest, I have no credit and hard work, right?”

The middle-aged fat Delia stared at Fang Zhengye and said.

Today’s conference, in addition to the Fang family, there are several vassal families similar to the Delia Family.

Every big family must have many vassals underneath.

Even if Sheldon created a group, many Chen’s vassals could come, and the truth was similar.

“Yes, Ahong has contributed a lot to the establishment of the Fang family in the past two years, and even our other vassal families have followed us a lot!”

Many people began to whisper.

At this time, the old lady of the Fang family poked the ground fiercely with a cane and the scene was quiet again.

“Ahong, I think you have something to say, if you want to say anything, just say it…”

The old lady Fang took a deep breath.

Delia smiled faintly: “Master, it’s okay, isn’t it that the young master has been in trouble for many years? Before, we talked about his industries. Would you give us a little bit, let us run it, but you say You have to wait until Jimmy has grown up, now she has grown up, hehe, do you have to fulfill the promise that year, after all, Fang Zhenghua has no heirs!”

“Huh, I already knew what Delia was thinking about. Although the young master has been in trouble for many years, his hatred has not yet been reported. You want to divide the industry?”

Fang Zhengye angered.

“Haha, haven’t reported it yet? I don’t think I dare to report it? Besides, his property is given to you brothers, and it is not seen what your brothers are doing, but it makes Fang’s family more and more useless! Give us a chance!”

“Ahong is right!”

Many people said.

And just when the two brothers of Founder Zhengye didn’t know what to do.

With a bang.

The door of the meeting room was pushed open directly.

Johan Adam walked in with red eyes, swept across everyone’s faces coldly, and finally stopped on Delia’s body: “Uncle Situ, you can tell me who the murderer of my parents is and who is the enemy of the Fang family? , This hatred, I will report it!”

And when Grandpa Fang saw Fang Naun’s breaking in, he also guessed that Fang Naun might have heard everything.

Sighed faintly at the moment.

Everyone didn’t continue speaking, even Delia turned his head aside, Quandang did not hear.

And the old lady Fang, after taking a deep breath, stared at Fang Naun: “Temporarily adjourn the meeting, Naun, you come with me!”

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