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Chapter 371

Fang Nun’s Aunt

“Have you heard it?”

As soon as he entered the study, the old lady Fang said.

Johan Adam nodded heavily.

If it is said that banning the younger generation can prevent Fang Naun from being depressed every day, then it can be said that Fang Naun’s pain is eternal for the parents.

Because of being banned, I can at least complain, but since childhood, no one has mentioned anything about my parents. Asking about it means getting beaten.

“Do you hate Grandpa? Grandpa kept it from you for so many years?”

The old lady Fang said.

“Don’t hate, I know that Grandpa is hiding from me, it’s all for my good!”

Johan Adam said.

“Nin, all of your performance over the years, I have seen everything in my eyes. To be honest, grandpa can have a granddaughter like you, grandpa is very proud, and your parents will be proud of you when they are in the spirit of heaven.”

The old lady patted Fang Nuann’s shoulder.

“Then grandpa, who is the enemy of our Fang family for a long time, and, my parents, are they also responsible for it?”

Fang Nun asked.

The old lady took a deep breath, looked at a corner of the study, and then nodded.

“I know that these things can’t be kept from you. Now, you have become very good and extremely capable. Grandpa can tell you something!”

The old lady paused and said:

“Yes, our Fang family has always had a powerful enemy, and that is the Cooper Family!”

“The Cooper Family? Why have I never heard of this family?”

Johan Adam said in a daze.

“Of course, although their family doesn’t need to hide like ours, there are very few in the world that can reach their level! What’s more, I’ve been restrained for more than 20 years before you have seen many worlds. !”

The old lady said.

“But, why, why did the Cooper Family treat us this way?”

A flame of hatred flashed in Fang Nun’s eyes.

“This is a long story. In short, from the grandfather’s generation, including your parents’ generation, the struggle with them has never stopped! And you have to remember, always be careful of the Cooper Family! Understand! ?”

The old man said with pity.

“I know Grandpa!”

“Furthermore, now that you already know some things about the family, I am afraid that I can hide you no longer, and I can’t hide it. Besides, now, you can see the internal form of the Fang family. Grandpa has already prepared. From now on, you are The heir to all your father’s estate! Besides her, she will be the only family woman who inherits the estate!”

Said the old lady.

Johan Adam’s expression was excited, and she also knew who the other woman was.

Speaking of this, the old lady was sad.

“Back then, I was too impulsive. Your aunt still avoids seeing me. Mengyu, this silly boy, has such a stubborn temper. Although my dad has a hardened mouth, it is not you who always care about My aunt!”

The old lady started to cry.

“囝囡, promise grandpa one thing.”

“Grandpa, I understand, I will find my aunt!”

Johan Adam said.

This incident happened when I was very young.

The old housekeeper of the family once told himself.

There was a particularly powerful woman in the Fang family, and she was his aunt Fang Mengyu.

But later he violated the house rules and was expelled by grandpa.

In fact, Grandpa has been looking for these years, but he couldn’t find her whereabouts at all.

It’s a big heart disease of grandpa.

Now Fang Nuan has inherited her father’s property and finds her aunt back.

At the same time, Jimmy also wanted to see this aunt who was so admired by Fang’s family, and everyone was saying that she was very similar to the old lady! Ability and even appearance are somewhat similar.

So what kind of woman is she?

Who else did she fall in love with, who could let grandpa drive her aunt out of the family cruelly?

In the end, Grandpa took out a photo and handed it to Fang Nai. The woman in the photo was indeed beautiful, even suffocating.

She is her aunt Fang Mengyu!

As for the forcibly inherited matter, it is natural for grandpa to come forward and settle it.

Fang Yunan doesn’t have to worry about the Delia Family, after all, although the Delia Family is now powerful, they dare not go too far!

Right now, after leaving Grandpa’s study, Fang Nuannian collected the photos and was about to return to the room.

“囝囡, I have been waiting for you for a while!”

In the darkness, a young man was standing in the manor.

“Chris, what are you waiting for me?”

Fang Nuan said coldly.

“I heard this afternoon that you hurt someone, and I was worried about you, so I came to ask you, don’t worry, I will let him pay the price of blood!”

Chris said.

“You need to control! I tell you, if you dare to move my classmate, I will never let you go!”

Johan Adam became angry at once.

“Well, well, then I will spare that kid, 囝囡, don’t be angry!”

Chris said hurriedly.

“Nothing else? If there is nothing else? I will go back!”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Chris in disgust, and Fang Nuan left directly.

“囝囡, 囝囡!”

Chris shouted.

But Fang Nuan had already gone far.

Chris clenched his fists bitterly.

“Young Master, I told you a long time ago that if you treat her like this, she can’t see it!”

At this time, from behind a tree by the roadside, an old man walked out with his hands in his arms.

It’s just that when you look at it in the dark, the old man’s face is very scary.

Because his face is half white and half black, a bit like a yin and yang person.

The eyes are also gloomy, sunken in the eye sockets, very scary.

And his whole person looked like skinny, as if a light gust of wind passed by, he could fall apart.

“What do you mean?”

Chris said.

The old man smiled: “Opportunities are always created by myself, rather than waiting for opportunities to hit me. The reason she dismissed your love is because your help is too cheap!”

“The real way is to make her feel that she can’t do anything without you, she must rely on you everywhere!”

The voice of the old man was even more like an old raven.

Chris nodded.

“I understand!”

And there was a playful smile at the corner of his mouth.

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

By the second day, Sheldon came to class early.

Because the first two sessions of today are joint classes.

So Sheldon called Roberson and arrived early in the morning.

At this moment, there are not many students in the joint classroom.

However, Jimmy and Fang Yi have already arrived.

When they saw Sheldon, Fang Nuan and Fang Yi also looked up.

Especially Fang Yi, with a touch of hatred.

Sheldon came to Fang Nunan’s side with an apologetic look: “I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday, I didn’t mean it!”

After all, Fang Nuan was a girl no matter what, because he was anxious at the time, he threw her out while Fang Nuan was not paying attention.

Sheldon felt very uncomfortable, because he was really opportunistic. If he wanted to fight, how could he beat Fang Nai.

As for Jimmy, listening to Sheldon’s remarks was very provocative.

Right now, Jimmy said in a rare cold voice: “I can see you this morning, so I can rest assured!”

Sheldon: “Huh?”

Chapter 372

Everyone’s Panic
In fact, Sheldon had intentions to chat with Johan Adam’s more.

But after Jimmy finished speaking, he turned his head aside when he was quite disgusted with him.

Obviously there is no interest in talking.

Sheldon did not continue to say much, and ran behind them and sat.

Fang Yi looked back and glanced at Sheldon from time to time.

Indeed, I thought Sheldon was an honest person, but he didn’t expect that not only was he quite rich, but he was also very skilled.

You have to know how powerful Nun Nun was, and he was easily defeated by him.

If it hadn’t been for Fang Nun’s words to prevent her from looking for Sheldon’s affairs, Fang Yi would definitely let Fang Nun’s and Sheldon compete again.

I was waiting for class normally, but after waiting for a while, I didn’t see many students coming in.

Only a few girls from the next class showed up sporadically.

If it had been this point before, it would have been overcrowded.

“What about classmates? Why didn’t anyone come?”

At this moment, the teacher had already arrived. He saw a few students sitting in the classroom and couldn’t help but curiously ask the female student who had just entered.

Fang Nunan and Sheldon were also very curious, and looked up at the moment.

“It’s such a teacher. The monitor of Class 3 seems to have something wrong. Now many people are stuck in the door of their class. I don’t know why. Many boys in our class are watching there!”

Said the female student.

Sheldon glanced at Roberson.

They came here early this morning and didn’t return to class.

Feelings, there really is something.

It’s Xu Yangyang.

“Classmate, what’s the matter?”

When Roberson heard about Xu Yangyang’s accident, he was a little gloating.

“I don’t know the specifics. It seems that Xu Yangyang fought with someone, or she did not fight it. It should be because she fought with someone. Anyway, that’s it. Isn’t she your squad leader, why don’t you know?”

The female students asked.

“O’ao, we came directly to the Liantang classroom, of course I don’t know!”

Roberson smiled and sat down directly.

I also called specifically to ask the classmates.

After putting down the phone, Roberson patted the table excitedly, “Haha, God has eyes, finally someone can treat Xu Yangyang, let her scream~!”

If anyone in the class treats Roberson and Sheldon badly, it must be Xu Yangyang.

Now that Xu Yangyang is in trouble, Roberson is naturally very happy.

“what happened?”

Sheldon was purely curious, and asked now.

“Brother Sheldon, didn’t Liang Fei lose the game yesterday? It was Liang Fei who was in the limelight, but you took away all the limelight. Xu Yangyang himself was frustrated, plus today she, Li Wentao, and Shen Junwen, And the woman next to Shen Junwen came to class, but a few rich and young men pointed at them! Laughing at them for being ashamed yesterday!”

“Xu Yangyang is also really violent, apart from anything else, he used to face the rich and young man with a big mouth.”

“Hahaha, then they will definitely fight back. Shen Junwen and Li Wentao are all involved, and they beat the rich and young not lightly. In the end, who do you guess? It is Meng Chuan, the son of the Meng family of Shuchuan! Meng Chuan is the dude, No one has always looked arrogant and domineering, since I was young, I have been beaten like this by people, and then they called people and went to our class to block Xu Yangyang! It is said that a dozen cars came!”

Roberson said.

Sheldon nodded.

Sheldon has often encountered such things.

However, I don’t necessarily have to help every time.

Although this happened in his class, Xu Yangyang caused trouble. To be honest, Sheldon still a little bit anxious to let that Meng Chuan teach her severely, and help himself out.

If it were not for fear of bad influence, Sheldon would like to go back to see the excitement.

Ha ha!

“Really planted, Brother Sheldon, the Meng family is said to be a vassal of the Delia Family, a super family in Shuchuan. It is not an exaggeration to describe it with one hand!”

Roberson told Sheldon some things about Shuchuan.

And Fang Yi and Fang Nun obviously heard them in front.

Especially when referring to Situ’s house, Fang Nuannan turned his face slightly.

And waited for a while.

Suddenly there were waves of footsteps outside.

It turned out that all the students came in.

Xu Yangyang was the last to come in.

Laura supported her, and it was obvious that Xu Yangyang had two red palm prints on both sides of his cheek, and he was crying very much.

While crying, he said, “I didn’t notice it was him at the time. I didn’t hit him on purpose!

“Okay, fortunately, our department head and the instructor rushed over to stop us, and asked you to come to class first, or else you will be killed if you talk to them today!”

Laura also looked sad.

Indeed, the Meng family is too powerful. Although Lin Sheng’s family is rich, it is still incomparable with the Meng family.

Even Liang Fei’s Liang family is not qualified.

Therefore, when Xu Yangyang was stunned by Meng Chuan, everyone was watching, and they dared not step forward to stop him.

If it weren’t for the department head mentor to find an excuse to talk to Meng Chuan and let Xu Yangyang come to class first, it is estimated that Xu Yangyang would be really miserable this time.

In fact, Xu Yangyang took this opportunity to start a relationship quickly.

As for the teacher, he also knew that this class would not be completed. After all, Shao Meng was not something ordinary teachers would dare to deal with.

After answering the call, he never came back.

“What should I do? What should I do? I called my house just now, and my mom cried and told me that my dad was picked up directly from the company by the Meng family, and he slapped my dad. , What should I do?”

Xu Yangyang really realized what fear is this time.

Even his father was beaten, because he was called away.

Now he is really calling for the bad news every day, and the ground is not working.

As for Laura and Liang Fei, both were silent at this moment.

Obviously they all received a call from home, warning them not to be nosy.

After all, Xu Yangyang hit people first in this matter.

And whipping in public on campus can be said to be a slap in the face!

Afterwards, Meng Chuan and the others were beaten by Shen Junwen and Li Wentao.

Although Meng Chuan provoked first, from the overall point of view, Xu Yangyang was somewhat unreasonable.

Liang Fei didn’t dare to care, so he just sat aside and lowered his head.

“Scumbag, Nima is disgusting!”

Some girls looked at Liang Fei with disgust.

And now, Xu Yangyang did not have time to care about Liang Fei, after all, she was terrified.

At this time, a few students came to the door of the classroom.

Sheldon looked up and saw that it was Shen Junwen, Murphy and Li Wentao.

At this moment, their faces are all ugly, and obviously something has happened.

They just walked in.

“Brother Tao, Brother Junwen, what should I do? My family is being threatened!”

Xu Yangyang asked hurriedly.

Li Wentao pinched his waist and lowered his head.

As for Murphy and Shen Junwen, there was nothing to do. Shen Junwen was also impulsive at the time, but this matter might cost Shen Junwen many times.

After all, he and Murphy…

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