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Chapter 37

After Sheldon returned, he quietly looked at the test questions of Subject One for the whole night.

In the morning of the next day, Sheldon originally planned to go to the venue of Subject Two.

At this time, I received a text message from my sister:

“Sheldon, it’s less than three days before the end of the month. I checked and found that the 20 million of the Black Gold Card cost only 360,000. If you can’t spend it at the end of the month, the 20 million will expire. Oh……”

Sheldon was shocked, and realized that it was already the end of the month. He had a black gold card of 20 million, except for the 360,000 to buy a bag, and it seemed that he hadn’t moved yet.

If you don’t move, according to the old sister, the twenty million will expire in vain and useless.

No, you have to spend 20 million first.

Twenty million dollar, directly overdue, Sheldon can feel distressed.

As for the things to buy, Sheldon naturally thought about it. It must be his favorite car.

So Sheldon got up early and came to Roston Auto City.

Wandered for a long time.

I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. There are too few luxury cars with more than 10 million! Mainly because many luxury car shops are out of stock.

“How much is the most expensive car in your store? It is best to bring the car up at the end of the month and the procedures are completed!?”

Sheldon’s stop is the BMW store.

But it’s a pity that only one of the most expensive BMW 7 series in this BMW store that can complete the transaction at the end of the month is only two or three million for the most expensive one. It is too cheap. You have to buy at least seven or eight. Just work.

But why do you buy so many cars?

Sheldon scratched his head anxiously.

“Sir, this is the most expensive in our shop, but I suggest you take a look at the domestically produced BMW 3 Series. If this car is equipped with the lowest price, it only costs more than 200,000 dollar…-

The female receptionist of the 4s shop has made no secret of her contempt.

It’s just not expressed in the language.

It depends on what you’re wearing, the most expensive car, you actually ran into such a product early in the morning.

Make the female receptionist very upset, even if you recommend the cheapest one, can you afford it?

“Um, more than 200,000 dollar, cheaper. Forget it, I’ll go and see elsewhere…” Sheldon sighed and left disappointed.

“fu*k you! Insane!!!”

The female receptionist arrived at the door speechlessly, looking at Sheldon’s away back, the professional smile on her face gradually reduced, and then she directly cursed Sheldon unceremoniously.

Sheldon didn’t expect that he had been regarded as neurotic, because he wanted to find a luxury car and then spend the money.

Fortunately, Sheldon finally found a 4S store at the right price, Lamborghini!

Lamborghini can definitely be regarded as the leading brand in sports cars.

The price of a sports car, the cheapest one has to start at millions.

I think I could only see this car in magazines before, but now I can actually buy it.

Sheldon thinks this feeling is so dreamy~!

There is a super luxury sports car in Lamborghini called Reventon, which requires a maximum of 18 million, and most importantly, it is in stock and can be traded directly.

Sheldon ignored the contemptuous gaze of a female receptionist, so he sat in and experienced it.

“My dear, it’s Reventon, what a cool car! Can we sit in and feel it?”

At this time, a young couple walked in hand in hand.

The clothes of the two are extraordinary, and they are worth a lot of money.

“Didn’t I say that I’m coming to see the Gallardo? This Reventon is too expensive. The minimum price is 15 million. Even if I see it, I can’t afford it. !”

The young man raised his watch and smiled helplessly.

“If you don’t buy it, don’t buy it. People want to feel Reventon… This is the most expensive one in Lamborghini!”

The girl coquettishly said.

The female receptionist who was about to drive Sheldon away had already set her sights on the couple at this moment.

Just looking at the clothes, everyone can’t pay 30,000 dollar, absolute rich person.

And people are going to buy Gallardo, which definitely has this strength.

It’s like this poor boy sitting in the car, who wants to gain insights, and his cheeks are thick.

“Handsome beauty, your vision is really good, my name is Wei Li, may I help you?”

Wei Li asked respectfully.

“O’ao, we originally wanted to test drive the Lamborghini Gallardo and we were going to start, but my girlfriend wanted to try Reventon. It doesn’t matter, we can pay a test drive deposit…”

The man smiled.

“Of course you can try it. As for the test drive deposit, you don’t need it. Let me give you a discount…”

This is really like coming to buy a car, she can tell at a glance, the watch on this man’s wrist can’t be paid for 100,000.

Wei Li hurriedly laughed.

“Huh, but I think there are customers in the car…” The man smiled bitterly.

“Ah? O’ao, I’m sorry my honorable gentleman, he is not a customer, I will let him get off now!”

Which is lighter and heavier at a glance!

As long as these two customers are served well, not to mention the Gallardo sold for more than three million, even an ordinary Lamborghini!

But it’s better than wasting time with this poor D wire.

“Sir, if you don’t buy it, please get out of the car immediately!”

Wei Li’s tone was directly cold, opened the door and said to Sheldon who was still studying the interior.

The eviction order has already been issued.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t buy it, sister, I’ll take a look…” Sheldon really likes this car, so he can’t put it down, and is busy now.

Do you care if you buy it?

Looking at Sheldon’s clothes and the stalls all over, Wei Li really couldn’t figure out how much vanity she was, so she dared to come to Lamborghini to watch the car.

Even if you have vanity, you can go to the BMW Big Ben to get around.

But here comes Sheldon. According to the regulations, Wei Li can’t be too mean.

“Yeah! My god, how could there be such a person in Lamborghini? I instantly feel that this luxury car is so low-grade!”

The woman in the man’s arms suddenly covered her mouth and said in surprise.

The two of them had a good tone just now, because the people who were able to come to the Lamborghini store were all fascinating figures in Roston, just like them.

Even if you don’t know each other, you can have a relationship and make friends.

But after Wei Li opened the car door, what he saw was such a thing.

Let the two people suddenly disappointed.

Especially women, the contempt on their faces makes no secret.

“Yeah, Miss Wei Li, how funny your 4S shop is, this kind of person can actually be let in and let him sit in a luxury Reventon car?”

The man was also shocked.

He didn’t bother to take a look at Sheldon. Because it is not a grade at all.

Even, he was a little angry, feeling that this kind of stuff was sitting in the car, making him a little embarrassing in front of his girlfriend.

Think about it, did you bring your girlfriend to a luxury car location?

And hearing this, how could Wei Li not be anxious.

Seeing Sheldon also wanted to touch the smart console.

“You come out!”

Wei Li yelled, and directly reached out and grabbed Sheldon by the collar, trying to pull Sheldon out of it…

Chapter 38

Wei Li might want to make a business for the young couple too much.

The unconscious strength is used a little bit.

Sheldon didn’t expect Wei Li to be so rude. He accidentally bumped his head into the car. It hurt.

“If you don’t go out again, I will call security!”

Wei Li frowned.

Sheldon came out clutching his head, shit.

He didn’t expect that if he was watching well in the car, he would be yanked out by this woman.

“I’m here to buy a car, how can I look at it?”

To be honest, Sheldon is now holding back the fire.

“Buy a car? In our shop, what kind of car can you afford? Just let you get insightful, even if you still don’t know what to do!”

In order to please the young men and women behind him, Wei Li’s tone was quite calm.

Attracted a lot of onlookers at the 4S shop.

But those young men and women are extremely useful.

“Husband, he is sitting in his deceased Rambo, I don’t want to buy Rambo anymore… Well, it’s really disappointing!”

The woman added fuel and jealousy aside.

This Reventon is certainly not affordable for ordinary people.

It’s not bad that they can buy Gallardo.

However, for this famous luxury car, it would be a shame not to experience it in the car.

Everyone has vanity, no matter the rich or the poor, it seems that if you don’t belittle others, you won’t be able to reflect how awesome she is.

Wei Li bowed slightly to the man and woman: “Sorry, I will handle it right away!”

She regretted that her intestines were almost green, and she let this poor Sheldon in.

But when Wei Li turned around, he found that Sheldon had left.

Not walking toward the door.

Instead, he walked directly toward the manager’s room.

“That’s the manager’s room, what are you doing? You come back to me!”

Wei Li stomped angrily.

You think.

First, I was troubled by this poor Sheldon here for a while, at least it caused a series of effects, and the main responsibility was myself.

Secondly, he must now go to the manager’s office to report himself.

Under the double pressure, the manager would definitely blame himself for causing so much trouble.

In addition, if this business cannot be done today, it would be too miserable.

When she chased her, it was too late, and Sheldon had already walked in.

“Miss Wei Li, don’t worry, we have bought the Gallardo today. Even if we report you, I have a way to make your manager not punish you!”

The man chuckled.

“Thank you, sir!”

Wei Li bowed to thank you.

However, Sheldon rubbed his aching head and came to the manager’s office.

In the office, there is a middle-aged person who is carefully watching this year’s sales report.

Seeing Sheldon coming in, he was taken aback first.

Immediately stood up.

This young man does not look outstandingly dressed, but as a store manager, his temperament is absolutely extraordinary.

Especially, he looked at the young man’s eyes, revealing a sharpness.

Don’t dare to be too frivolous.

“Sir, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Oh, I want to buy a car. Not only did the female receptionist at your house not let me see it, she also acted on me. Is this the service attitude of your store?”

Sheldon said directly.

To be honest, today I hit a wall one after another, and now I was almost dragged out by a female receptionist. At the same time as embarrassing, Sheldon was so angry.

Mainly, he has to finish the car today.

“Really? Sir, which car do you like?”

The middle-aged manager is an old man, and one can tell at a glance that this person does not seem to be able to afford Rambo, so it is normal to be despised by some female receptionists.

He came to report it to save face.

Therefore, the first thing the middle-aged manager asks is which car he has fancy.

“Reventon, the 18 million top sports car!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hehe, this sir, that car…”


Before the middle-aged manager finished speaking, Sheldon directly slapped his black gold card on the table.

After picking it up and taking a closer look, the middle-aged manager’s face changed again and again.

Obviously, Heijinka naturally knew him.

Only very few people in the world can have it.

“There is basically 20 million left in the card. Buying a car is more than enough, right?”

Sheldon said lightly.

“That is, naturally more than enough!”

Although he was talking, the middle-aged manager was still a little skeptical.

Because no matter how you look at it, the person in front of him doesn’t look like the holder of the black gold card.

Could it be picked up?

Right now, after an apologetic smile at Sheldon.

He immediately turned on a device and swiped the card.

In an instant, a string of information appeared on his computer.

“May I ask your name?”

The middle-aged manager asked respectfully in awe.


“Mr. Sheldon, I was so presumptuous just now, I’m really sorry!”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged manager walked around from the table to Sheldon, bending over and bowing:

“My name is Wang Qiang and I will serve Sheldon wholeheartedly!”

After the information was confirmed, Wang Qiang was already a little sweaty.

The young man who looked plainly dressed in front of him was actually the holder of the black gold card.

It must come from a big family.

At that time, Mo said that their 18 million car, even if it is a 100 million car, people can afford it.

I rely on! Which receptionist did such a good thing, who didn’t have such a long eye?

“That Reventon, I’m going to mention it today! I’m bothering Manager Wang!”

Sheldon saw that Wang Qiang’s attitude was good, and he said something politely.

Then he turned around and went out.

“Yes, Sheldon!”

Wang Qiang wiped the sweat from his forehead, turned around, took out the black gold card, and immediately began to contact the financial manager.

After Sheldon came out.

Wei Li and the others happened to test the car in Reventon.

Although she knew that this pair of young men and women didn’t buy it, as a heavily-paid customer, Wei Li naturally had to meet all customer requirements.

Explaining to them.

“Wow, husband! This car is so handsome. It is worthy of a luxury car worth 18 million. Husband, when can we buy this one?”

The woman went in and took a seat, already in love with this sports car.

Not only the appearance is cool, the interior is even more impressive. Fully intelligent, fully automatic, top luxury configuration.

A woman can’t stop it!

“Then I can’t wait for me to inherit the family father’s property…” The man gave a wry smile.

“I don’t care, husband, anyway, for the rest of my life, I must ride this sports car! Huh? Look at it, husband, the poor Sheldon is here again, still slapped in the front of the car!”

The woman said coquettishly.

But I saw Sheldon who was gone and returned at a glance.

Sheldon is now looking at the headlights of the car.

At this time, the attention of the man and Wei Li were also in the car, when they saw Sheldon.

Wei Li was first anxious: “Hehe, what are you doing again? Why don’t you leave? Do you think you report me, so I am afraid of you?”

“That’s, people’s vanity is so strong nowadays, don’t look at where this is…”

The man raised his watch and said.

Sheldon looked at Wei Li coldly: “This lady, what you do is not only in the sales industry, but also in the service industry. If one day you find that the person you drive out is your biggest customer, you Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Hehe, are you funny, just rely on you? Well, I am waiting for that day, now, can you go out?”

Wei Li looked at Sheldon as if she was mentally retarded, and the contempt in her eyes was self-evident.

Sheldon nodded helplessly and smiled: “You don’t have to wait until that day, you can do it now!”

“Mr. Sheldon, I have called all the relevant personnel who need to go to the procedure, and I promise to complete your task of picking up the car today!”

At this moment, the middle-aged manager led a group of people, carrying large and small instruments, and ran directly towards Sheldon.

Wei Li’s eyes widened at once.

The young men and women on the side looked incredible at the scene in front of them…

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