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Chapter 373:

The Angry Chris
Just when everyone was at a loss.

“囝囡, what are you calling me out for?”

Fang Yi asked.

At the moment, he suddenly realized: “Oh…I understand, don’t you think?”

Fang Yi shook her head helplessly and said, “To be honest, Xu Yangyang I usually see her a bit unpleasant. Look at how she treats her classmates in their class, and that Shen Junwen is also a second person. They get into trouble. Are you in trouble, why are you doing it?”

“I know what you said, but, let’s have no grudges with them. After all, they are classmates. They have never offended me. During the game yesterday, the girls from several classes tried their best to give Let me go, including this Xu Yangyang!”

“If I just let it go, I can’t bear it, and I’ve heard that this Meng Chuan is Chris’s little brother. If you don’t keep it right, there will be Chris’s shadow!”

Johan Adam said.

“I’ll go, 囝囡, I found that you can write novels with your sensitivity level, isn’t this a simple conflict incident?”

Fang Yi said silently.

Johan Adam shook his head: “I always feel that this is not so simple. Maybe it’s my instinct. Of course, I hope I think more, but classmates, let’s help, or help!”

At the moment, Fang Nuan took out the phone reluctantly.

Called Chris.

“What’s wrong, why did you call me suddenly?”

Chris asked.

“It’s nothing, I might ask you for help with something. Meng Chuan is your little brother. Now he is in conflict with my classmates. I hope you persuade him to stop!”

Johan Adam said.

“Ah? That’s it, then you are at school now. I happen to be at the company near your school. I will talk to you in the past!”

Chris said hurriedly.

Although Jimmy didn’t want him to come, but he wanted to ask him now, so he couldn’t refuse.

After all, the Fang family generally wouldn’t show up for some things.

Moreover, even though Fang Nuan inherited his father’s estate now, it does not mean that Fang’s family will appear on the surface.

At least not now.

At that moment, Fang Nun hummed and hung up the phone.

Soon, Chris arrived at school.

He also held a bouquet of flowers in his hand: “囝囡, if I remember correctly, this is the first time you have actively called me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, have you done it?”

Johan Adam said, hugging her shoulders.

Chris’s face was startled, and then he smiled and said, “I made a call, but this little boy Meng Chuan was beaten severely this time, red eyes, and didn’t listen to me at all. You said I have nothing to do. Ah, can’t I just beat Ogawa who has followed me since childhood?”

“Furthermore, it seems that your classmates did it first, right? I intervened and didn’t care!”

Chris said.


Johan Adam’s face was slightly startled.

“Okay, then I won’t look for you, I will arrange for people from other families to come forward!”

Fang Yunan didn’t expect that Chris wouldn’t even help with this.

At the moment, he called a few other vassal families like angrily.

Let them come forward to suppress the matter.

As a result, they all turned down for various reasons.

Chris snickered aside.

And Fang Nuan also understood at once.

This matter, as expected, is not that simple.

And these vassal families are now obviously the only ones looking forward to the Delia Family.

“Hey, don’t be stubborn all the time. In fact, you told me well, don’t talk about Meng Chuan. Even those vassal families, I don’t care about Chris. I can do anything for you. , Anything, do you understand?”

Chris said.

At the same time, taking advantage of Fang Nun’s not paying attention, Chris pulled Fang Nun’s hand.

“Go away!”

Fang Yunan reacted, and immediately shook Chris’s hand. At the same time, because of some vigor, all the flowers in Chris’s hand fell directly to the ground.

Chris looked at the roses scattered all over the floor, his face froze.

On the campus, many girls passing by stopped to watch the scene before them.

“Wow, did you confess your failure?”

“Hahaha, this man looks so well dressed, is he rejected by the goddess?”

“That’s right, where is the goddess who can be chased by any boy who wants to chase?”

The girl couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughed.

Although girls generally look at boys regardless of their ugly appearance, they look at boys’ clothes, well-dressed and expensive, even if they are a little ugly, they are also very temperamental boys.

Wearing a LOW, no matter how good it looks, it is also a LOW13.

But now, the boy has failed to confess, and even if he wears it well, he is despised by a few girls.

So they all discussed and laughed.

And these laughter all reached Chris’s ears.

Let him be full of shame and anger, if it weren’t for your Johan Adam’s sake, when would I have suffered such humiliation.

“囝囡, what do you mean? Don’t you see my love for you at all? You won’t give me a response?”

Chris’s suppressed breath finally broke out.

At this moment, he shouted at Jimmy.


Fang Yunan glanced at Chris in disgust, then turned around and left, not wanting to listen to Chris.

Because Jimmy knew who Chris was too clear about him and his son, except for disgust.

“I have loved you for so long, you don’t even give me a chance to hear me finish what I have said, you stand still!”

Chris was also red-eyed, feeling that he had received a powerful insult.

Insults hadn’t been like this before, but now, in front of everyone, Fang Nuan doesn’t put herself in the eyes at all.

He ran over and directly took Fang Nai’s hand, “I will let you listen to me!”

“You let go, are you crazy!”


Fang Nuan was also anxious, and directly subconsciously slapped Chris’s face with a slap.

Many girls around saw the scene in front of them, they all watched with open mouths in shock.

But Chris was stunned.

“Fang Yi, let’s go!”

Johan Adam took Fang Yi’s hand and left directly.

“Johan Adamnan, you are so cruel, how many girls like Stu Yang, I never treat girls like this, now for you, I don’t hesitate to let go of everything, even my dignity, but you… don’t take me seriously!!! “

Seeing Jimmy’s back, Chris clenched his fists tightly, his eyes were almost red!

“Nun, you beat him for such a small matter, isn’t it good?”

Fang Yi was also very concerned about Situ’s family, reminded immediately.

“Huh, trifle, do you really think it is trivial? I know Chris has been pestering me, but do you know why I hate him so much? Because he always likes to treat everyone as a fool. Obviously, this The fact is that Chris is playing a ghost. He not only wants me to recite his kindness, but also wants me to see the current strength of their Delia Family. The other vassal families have already regarded them as the leader of the Delia Family!”

“Benefits and virtues, but I hate someone, I just hate someone, I can’t deceive myself!”

Johan Adam said.

“I’ll go, I understand, no wonder, when you call, he stood aside and smiled confidently, what an old yin dog! What about this thing?”

Fang Yi said.

Then she opened her eyes and said, “Look at Lain, isn’t that Meng Chuan? He has brought so many people into the teaching building!”

Chapter 374

In this matter, Fang Naun was really powerless.

Although she wants to manage, but she can’t use Fang’s identity to come out.

Come back to Sheldon’s side.

At this moment, seeing another large group of people pouring into the Liantang classroom, Xu Yangyang was already scared to death.

To be honest, even Shen Junwen is now a little bit nervous.

Obviously, this time the incident was a bit too loud.

“What should I do? The department head probably won’t be able to stop them for long!”

Xu Yangyang cried in fear.

Finally, Shen Junwen looked at Murphy, “Huimin, didn’t Yang Yufei leave you contact information last time? If it doesn’t work, you can look for Yang Yufei. She said that if you have something to do in the future, you can find her!”

Murphy said, “But I’m worried that Sister Yufei was just being polite at first. After all, what is her identity, how could she really care about us?”

Murphy hadn’t thought about Yang Yufei’s affairs.

“Ahem, don’t worry about this now, right now, we only have Yang Yufei this opportunity!”

Shen Junwendao.

And Li Wentao and Xu Yangyang also pin their hopes on Murphy.

“Okay, then I will try!”

Murphy nodded.

He hurriedly dialed the contact information Yang Yufei left her.

What Murphy did not expect was that Yang Yufei quickly answered the call this time.

Murphy didn’t have time to say anything, so he hurriedly said the matter.

“Sister Yufei, thank you very much, it would be best if you can ask me questions!”

Obviously, Yang Yufei agreed, and Murphy said with excitement.

And soon after, Yang Yufei also returned the call.

“Hui Min, this matter is different from the last time. I asked for you. Shao Huang came forward. But what to do this time? You have to see Mr. Zhu in Shuchuan. He must understand all the situation. Only then can I decide not to show up! Alas, I can only help you here!”

Yang Yufei sighed.

Indeed, when he called Ivan just now, Ivan did agree and asked Mr. Zhu.

Ivan is Sheldon’s god-brother, and Mr. Zhu naturally dare not care.

Therefore, this matter has to go to President Zhu personally, at least let him understand all the situation.

After hanging up the phone.

Murphy and the others left in a hurry.

“It’s so lucky, there are still people helping them!”

Roberson was indignant.

Sheldon shook his head wryly.

If you say help, you are helping them.

In fact, sometimes Sheldon really wants to openly disclose his identity. In that case, at least he will have less trouble.

But as my father once warned, once his identity is exposed, another lot of trouble will be caused no less than now.

So some things, no way.

The next Meng Chuan could not find anyone, so naturally he would not embarrass other students.

It’s time to go to class.

After finishing the four classes in the morning, I will be fine in the afternoon.

Sheldon was ready to go back.

It was also at this time that Sheldon received a call from Zhu Ming.

“Sheldon, after all these days and nights of investigation, we finally have some clues about Fang Mengyu!

Zhu Ming said excitedly when he came up.

“Oh? Well, I am going to go to you now!”

Sheldon also said excitedly.

On the phone, Zhu Ming seems to be busy.

Sheldon didn’t say much, so he hung up the phone.

At the moment, he drove directly to the big villa where Zhu Ming was.

When Sheldon arrived, there were already many vehicles parked outside Zhu Ming’s villa.

Zhu Ming’s interpersonal relationship is very complicated, and there are many people who come to him, and Sheldon is not unusual at all.

Had to park the car aside.

After walking over, I saw that Zhu Ming was really busy here, and everyone looking for him had to queue outside.

It’s almost like Chapman.

There were a bunch of people standing at the door, probably seeing them one by one.

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Then walked towards it.

“Sister Huimin, when do we have to wait? With so many people, my dad hasn’t come back yet, so worried about me!”

Aside, Xu Yangyang and the others were still there.

At this moment, I am waiting anxiously.

“Don’t worry, since Sister Yufei has said that, President Zhu will meet us to understand this matter, and he will definitely meet us!”

Murphy said.

“Oh, really, I don’t know what Zhu is up to, I have been waiting for two hours!”

Some people are impatient.

At this time, Murphy’s gaze suddenly condensed, and he glanced at a young man who had just entered from outside.

In fact, when the youth walked in, many people also looked over.

After all, most of the people who come here are talking to Mr. Zhu about the project.

For fear of running into competitors at this time.

At present, the person who seems to be a hairy boy, many people are contemptuous.

Can such a person come to Mr. Zhu for work? Ha ha.

And this young man, who else could be Sheldon?

Sheldon naturally saw Murphy and Xu Yangyang at a glance.

But I didn’t expect that after so long, they were still waiting here.

Sheldon didn’t shy away from anything.

I walked over now: “Still waiting here?”

Sheldon said.

“Huh, what are you doing?”

When Murphy saw Sheldon, he thought of Sheldon’s slaps on her face several times. Right now, he felt uncomfortable.

And Xu Yangyang, let alone, looked at Sheldon with a look of anger.

If it weren’t for him to steal Liang Fei’s limelight and make Liang Fei sad, he followed him for several days in a row. If he didn’t kick himself yesterday, how could he not eat well that night and then the next morning. Out of control and beating people.

To put it bluntly, the culprit was Sheldon.

At least Xu Yangyang thinks so.

“What else can he do? It must be our joke! I didn’t expect Sheldon, you are such a person. It’s really disgusting, and I’m so mad at me!”

Xu Yangyang said fiercely.

Murphy is even more disgusted. Obviously, Murphy also agrees with Xu Yangyang’s statement: “Sheldon, I know you are rich now, but don’t think you have anything. Run here to watch the fun. I tell you, I Murphy will not let people like you watch the excitement!”

Murphy said anxiously.

Ha ha… Sheldon shook his head and gave a wry smile.

Actually, when Sheldon saw them just now, he also felt that he had watched enough of the excitement before, anyway, they found a relationship between Xiao Huang and President Zhu.

Judging from his past classmates’ love, Sheldon doesn’t mind giving Murphy a favor and help.

But now, Murphy didn’t miss her former classmates at all, as if no matter what she did, she was mocking and despising herself.

So Sheldon smiled helplessly:

“You are wrong, I’m not in the mood, and I don’t have the energy to pay attention to you every day, and I won’t be full of food and support, chase here to watch your excitement!”

Sheldon glanced at Murphy.

Then, with one hand in his pocket, he walked straight to the door of the big villa..

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