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Chapter 375

“Who is this man? Why is it so rude, there are no rules at all!”

“That’s right, Mr. Zhu’s door can also be entered if he wants to? Didn’t you see that we were all waiting for the summons!”

For a while, many people were whispering.

And Murphy and Xu Yangyang are also watching his jokes.

Because Zhu Ming is no more powerful than others in Shuchuan, and Zhu Ming pays special attention to tradition. Once someone becomes more polite, just wait and see.

And just after Sheldon knocked on the door.

The door of the living room was also opened by a housekeeper.

“This kid, wait for your death!”

“Can you make a head for anything? Haha!”

“At a young age, I love to make a fool of myself, and I am destined to have little accomplishment!”

Everyone looked at and laughed.

“Chen… Sheldon, it’s you!”

At this moment, the butler said in a daze.

Hastily bowed gently.

“Well, I looked pretty busy, so I waited outside for a while!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Yes, yes, please come in!”

The butler busy invited Sheldon in.

If Sheldon was not a distinguished guest, there would be no distinguished guest in the world.


And this scene shocked everyone outside the door of Jean.

“What kind of young master is this? Young Master Sheldon? I have never heard of it, but I have never seen Steward Mo like this before!”

“Yes, what is his identity?”

Everyone was surprised.

Even Murphy opened his mouth in disbelief.

The heart was pounding.

Even Murphy had an illusion and a sense of powerlessness about what he was afraid of.

Yes, Murphy has always looked down on Sheldon from high school, even now.

Although Sheldon used to study hard in high school, Murphy knew that there was no big future at all.

In life, everyone knows that Murphy is an outspoken person, sometimes speaking straighter and hurting others.

But to put it plainly, Murphy has always had a sense of superiority in her circle.

It’s like how subtle Murphy spoke in front of Shen Junwen and Wang Jian.

Just look down on Sheldon.

But now, she found that the person she had always looked down upon was actually richer, which was different from before, even richer than herself.

For a while, Murphy was really unacceptable.

Convincing himself with various reasons that Sheldon might have won the lottery, and he believed that the money would be spent in a few years.

Moreover, even if Sheldon has money, it is useless because he has no contacts. Haha, in this society, doesn’t it just need contacts.

Therefore, Murphy’s psychology has found a certain balance in these two days.

But now, I have come to ask President Zhu to do the work, and Sheldon can come and go freely in Zhu’s courtyard.

It’s not easy to have a relationship with President Zhu if you want to come to Sheldon.

“I didn’t expect Sheldon to even know President Zhu!”

Xu Yangyang was even more anxious.

But anxious, now there is really no way.

There is no one to help himself, the only vitality lies in Mr. Zhu, and Mr. Zhu is not yet willing to do it.

“Hui Min, otherwise you can call Sheldon. If he speaks nicely, things will be easier for us this time!”

Shen Junwen said this sentence.

“Me?” Murphy was as anxious as being slapped in the face.

“Yeah, Huimin, after all, this kid liked you before. You are all classmates. You speak much better than us! Otherwise, I think even if it is in the afternoon, it will be enough to see Mr. Zhu! This state of affairs It will expand!”

Shen Junwen said urgently.

“Yeah, Huimin, go and ask Sheldon, he will definitely help!”

Xu Yangyang also admitted.

Murphy struggled for a while.

He said at the moment, “I’m actually not good with him. Even if you ask him to help, he won’t be willing, so let me try!”

Murphy said.

It was very difficult to take out the phone and dial Sheldon’s number.

Of course, I was entangled in my heart. Hehe, whoever asks someone who has looked down upon and bluntly hurt him, doesn’t have that face.

However, Sheldon really had to help this matter.

Sheldon didn’t expect Murphy, the haughty peacock, to call himself.

Now she gave a wry smile.

“what’s up?”

Sheldon asked.

“Sheldon, you… do you know Mr. Zhu?” Murphy’s voice was very small.

“Acknowledge, just say something!” Sheldon said lightly.

“If you know you, you also know that we have caused a lot of trouble. I hope you will introduce them on your behalf and help you mention it to Mr. Zhu!”

Murphy said, her face started to get hot.

“It’s okay to mention it. The question is what benefit can I get? Why should I help you?”

Sheldon smiled.


“Well, come in and talk with Xu Yangyang, it’s just you two!”

Cooper Family.


Then Sheldon hung up the phone.

Obviously Xu Yangyang and the others also heard the content of the conversation just now.

“Ah? Sister Huimin, why did you say Sheldon called us two in alone? You know, I had a fight with him, let alone quarreling how many times, I was really worried, after he let me in… “

Xu Yangyang seemed to think of some possibilities, turning his head to the side with a blushing face.

“He dare…I don’t believe what he can do. I understand him. After I get in, I can talk to him, and you will follow me!”

Murphy thought to herself, isn’t you Sheldon now that you have the ability, and you still don’t believe it, what can you do?

Then, with the help of someone special, Murphy and Xu Yangyang walked in.

President Zhu’s villa is really too big.

There were more than a dozen servants alone downstairs.

Someone led them to the second floor.

Inside a large conference hall.

“Sheldon is inside!”

The servant respectfully said.

“Okay thank you!”

Murphy said nervously.

When I pushed the door to enter, I saw that there were more people in the entire conference hall.

Most of them are middle-aged people, and secretaries of this group of middle-aged people, etc.

No. 30 or 40 people.

And these middle-aged people are all well-known in the Shuchuan business community.

Even Murphy read it in the newspaper and knew a few of them.

Not to mention the local Xu Yangyang, these people are all big brothers.

So the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

What made Murphy and Xu Yangyang nervous was that Sheldon was sitting at the top of the conference table.

And Mr. Zhu Ming, sitting beside Sheldon.

“You go out first, I’ll talk to them alone for a while, Mr. Zhu, you can come here when you are finished!”

Sheldon said.

“Yes, Sheldon!!!”

A group of people stood up and said in unison.

And this scene shocked Murphy and Xu Yangyang even more.

After everyone had left, Murphy and Xu Yangyang came back to their senses.

Sheldon smiled and looked at them, “You two sit down! What are you doing standing up!”

“Sheldon, he… why did they call you Sheldon?”

Murphy swallowed and asked in disbelief right now.

Chapter 376

“This is a long story! I can’t explain one sentence or two to you clearly!”

Sheldon smiled.

At this moment, several servants walked in respectfully and served Xu Yangyang and Murphy tea.

“Sheldon, although I don’t know what your relationship is with Mr. Zhu, you also know that we are indeed in great trouble now. If you can help, I hope you can help us!”

Murphy said.

Xu Yangyang also nodded fiercely, “Sheldon, I apologize to you, afterwards, you can do anything to me, just ask you to help us!”

“Okay, I can mention this to President Zhu, but after it’s done, I don’t want to get anything!”

Sheldon looked at them and smiled.

Indeed, if it was the first time, even if Murphy was cold and indifferent to him, if he saw that something happened to them, Sheldon would definitely help.

But now, Sheldon is indeed a bit chilling towards them.

Especially Xu Yangyang.

However, they found Zhu Ming’s head, which is equivalent to finding their own head.

Sheldon will not categorically refuse.

It’s just that if you want Sheldon to help, you have to have conditions!

“Go ahead, what do you want?”

Sheldon snapped his fingers.

After a while, Xu Yangyang went out with Murphy.

After going out, he didn’t say a word to Shen Junwen and Li Wentao, and left after looking at them.

Shen Junwen and Li Wentao were confused, but they still followed and left.

After these are all busy.

Zhu Ming also came to Sheldon.

Xu Yangyang’s matter, if it is said that it is a matter, it is not if it is not.

Even if there is the Delia Family behind the Meng family, but not looking at the face of the monk to see the face of the Buddha, it is necessary to give Zhu Ming face.

And Sheldon came today, obviously there is another more important thing.

“Sheldon, a major discovery. We found the whereabouts of Fang Mengyu’s personal butler! According to our subsequent investigations at a great price, Fang Mengyu had left the Fang family more than 20 years ago. It is said that a great contradiction has occurred!”

“At the beginning, I left with her butler, and also with a baby who was just full moon!”

Zhu Ming said.

Upon hearing this, Sheldon sat up straight.

This is really a major clue.

A baby who has just been full moon? Could it be Su Qiangwei?

At the moment, Sheldon asked Zhu Ming to elaborate.


When Sheldon asked Chapman to investigate the matter in Roston, Chapman had already notified Zhu Ming and asked him to assist in the investigation.

Of course, Zhu Ming attaches great importance to it.

Almost one hundred million worth of assets were moved, and all of them were smashed in to find this man named Mengyu on a large scale.

In the end, only some things about Fang’s family were found.

As for the whereabouts of Fang Mengyu’s personal housekeeper, it was yesterday that an old man took the initiative to contact him.

This old man once opened a hotel.

He remembered clearly.

That night twenty-two years ago, thunder and lightning flashed, and rain was torrential.

Scene of two women coming with a baby.

At that time, they looked worried. The woman holding the baby was soaked all over, but the baby’s clothes were dry, and the woman was very beautiful.

After so many years, the old man now recalls that he has been babbling, saying that he has never seen such a beautiful woman.

And beside her was a woman in her thirties.

Always call her Miss.

They left in a hurry and said they wanted to stay in a shop and open a room. But what surprised the old man was that the woman said that they didn’t have any money yet, but at most until tomorrow afternoon, someone would send money so that the old man would not worry.

But the old man opened a shop, he was only in his forties at that time, and he was considered a good man in society.

Where is it?

Seeing stubbornness, the beautiful woman holding the baby took out a piece of jade pendant and gave it to the old man.

Fortunately, at the time, the old man was also considered a half antique lover. When he looked at this jade, he knew that it was very valuable.

And the words Mengyu are clearly thirsty above.

Suddenly it made him think that the two women might come from different origins.

Don’t dare to offend to death.

So he agreed.

Zhu Ming said that the old man had given it very clearly yesterday, because that night, after taking the jade pendant, he had contacted a few friends to check it out, thinking about occupying it.

But his friend reminded that if the owner of this priceless jade is not guilty or not guilty.

The old man was willing to give up.

In this way, waited until two o’clock in the afternoon the next day.

Sure enough, a young man came.

Sent a lot of money to Fang Mengyu.

At that time, Fang Mengyu took back his jade pendant, and the two women left together.

Until seven days later, the old man did not expect the woman to come back.

Only this time, the beauty holding the baby did not come.

It’s the woman next to her.

Goodbye this time, directly scared the old man.

Seven days ago, the woman’s face was quite ruddy, but now she is looking, skinny and pale, just like a ghost.

She said that she would stay here for one night.

I also asked my boss about a place called Hong County.

Of course the old man knows there. His daughter-in-law’s home is in Hong County.

Nodded now.

The woman gave the old man a lot of money, so early the next morning, the old man personally sent the woman to Hong County.

I also asked her on the road, and she said she came to seek refuge with a relative.

The old man sent her to the relative’s house.

And because of this, the woman gave him one hundred thousand dollar to thank him.

One hundred thousand, at that time, was not a small number.

The old man has always remembered this incident.

Can recall every detail from the beginning.

As for the jade pendant that Zhu Ming made him see, he insisted that it was the jade pendant that the big beauty gave him back then.

He slept with his arms around him all night, never forgetting.

“Sheldon, he has already told us the address of the relatives whom the maid had taken care of. I sent someone to look for it last night, but that family has already moved, and that piece of land has been demolished a long time ago, but you can rest assured. Inside, I’m sure to find the whereabouts of that family!”

Zhu Mingdao.

Sheldon nodded: “Mr. Zhu, this matter really troubles you!”

To be honest, Sheldon still believes in Zhu Ming’s ability to do things.

Sheldon felt that he was getting closer and closer to finding Fang Mengyu, and Qiangwei’s biological mother was about to be found.

At that time, I also have to understand, what is the relationship between Fang Mengyu and his father?

“There is another thing Sheldon, I don’t know what you are looking for Fang Mengyu, I don’t know what she has, but there is a situation, I have to report to you!”

Zhu Ming suddenly looked cautious.

“whats the matter?”

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