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Chapter 387

“Wait a minute!”

Fang Mengyu said suddenly.

“Sheldon, I am so ugly now, you said I went, would you scare Qiangwei? Besides, for so many years, I have never raised her and abandoned her. Will she hate me, hate me for this Ugly mother?”

Fang Mengyu said scared again.

“She will not recognize me, she will not recognize me as a cruel and ugly mother!”

“Moreover, this is too sudden, will Qiangwei accept it?”

Fang Mengyu touched his face.

Sheldon scratched his head: “If you tell Qiangwei directly that you are her mother, she will definitely be very excited. If you don’t understand Qiangwei’s personality, she has a very good heart!”

“Still not, so Sheldon, can you arrange me to be a nanny for Qiangwei first? I know Qiangwei may be disgusted to be a nanny, but I really want to do something for Qiangwei! Even if I serve her as a cow and a horse willing!”

Fang Mengyu said.

“Well, I can arrange this! I will tell Qiang Wei the truth when I have a chance in the future!”

This can only be done now.

Now, Jimmy and Fang Yi have left, and only Roberson and the others are waiting outside in the car.

Sheldon wouldn’t let them in, and they didn’t dare.

It was not convenient to take Fang Mengyu, so Laura took Roberson and the others to leave.

Then Sheldon found another car and brought Fang Mengyu to the villa where he lived.

“Let’s go Aunt Fang, that’s it!”

When he came to the door, seeing Fang Mengyu stopped, Sheldon smiled bitterly.


Push the door open.

“Rose! Rose?”

Sheldon yelled twice.

See no one in the room.

He knew that Su Qiangwei must have gone out shopping.

“She’s not there, Aunt Fang, wait a while!”

Fang Mengyu nodded, “Sheldon, I want to go to Qiangwei’s room for a look. Is it convenient?”

“Of course it’s convenient, I’ll take you there!”

Sheldon opened Su Qiangwei’s door.

But he himself did not enter.

Instead, Fang Mengyu walked in with red eyes.

The room was meticulously cleaned up, and almost every corner was cleaned up.

In the closet, there are neatly arranged clothes that Qiangwei usually wears.

Then walked to Su Qiangwei’s desk.

On the desk, there is a photo frame, and on it is the current photo of Qiangwei.

Seeing this, Fang Mengyu’s tears could no longer be controlled, and they flowed straight down like a flood that broke a bank.

The rose in the photo is almost exactly the same as when she was young.

Daughter, really my own daughter!

She looks the same as herself!

Nothing can make her feel more happy than letting her meet her daughter again at this moment.

She thinks God still loves her.

Put it on my chest and cried for a long time.

Suddenly, Fang Mengyu glanced at it and saw a notebook on the desk.

Turn it over.

It is Su Qiangwei’s neat and beautiful font.

This is her diary.

For so many years, Qiangwei has always had the habit of writing a diary.

Turning to the first page, this was before she met Sheldon.

“Today, I became a kindergarten teacher. Every day I see the children who are happy. I am really satisfied. Since I was little, I didn’t have a mother. Perhaps, I only have to be with these happy children. , I can feel that I am not alone!”

“Today, I heard a teacher secretly talk to others about me, saying that I grew up in an orphanage. I was abandoned by my parents since I was a child. I pretended not to hear, but my heart was really uncomfortable. I really want to find me one day. My parents asked them why they didn’t want me anymore and why they couldn’t give me a wonderful childhood! Why?”


“I worked in a restaurant, and I accidentally did something wrong. I was reprimanded by the leader. A young master helped me. I don’t know why. When I saw him, I felt kind.”

“I saw him again, he helped me, but I was a little nervous in front of him, because he was rich and I was a poor girl, but he told me that he had a similar experience with me, I don’t know why, I still think he is kind, as long as he is by my side, I feel safe!”

“These days, I miss him very much and want to see him. Today, I see him again. I want to be by his side, always take care of him, take care of all his, but I know that he has a girl who loves. That sister is very beautiful and generous. Brother Sheldon won’t like me, but I still want to do anything for him.”

“If I had my own family, I would tell Brother Sheldon that I like him, but I have nothing. I am an orphan and I have no family, let alone love?”


Fang Mengyu turned the diary page by page, unknowingly, every page of the diary was already covered with Fang Mengyu’s tears.

“For more than 20 years, I don’t know how much grievance and sorrow my daughter has suffered. She is still a child, but she has suffered through the world!”

Fang Mengyu held the diary and started to cry.

“Brother Sheldon, you are back! I went out to buy some vegetables, and I will cook!”

At this moment, a beautiful female voice sounded outside.

Fang Mengyu’s whole body was shocked when she heard this female voice.

Stepped out of the room now.

The person in front of him is Su Qiangwei.

“you are?”

Su Qiangwei asked immediately when she saw Fang Mengyu walk out of her room.


Fang Mengyu’s hands were shaking.

“Qiangwei, she is Aunt Fang, and she will be at our house in the future to cook for both of us. From now on, you can go shopping and cooking with Aunt Fang!”

Sheldon said hurriedly.

Fang Mengyu nodded.

Su Qiangwei suddenly felt a sense of sympathy when she saw the scarred Auntie Fang.

And when she saw this Aunt Fang, Su Qiangwei felt a strange feeling in her heart, a kind of kindness that had been long-lost.

He smiled and nodded: “Hello Auntie Fang, my name is Su Qiangwei! From now on, the two of us will be responsible for the diet and daily life of Brother Sheldon!”

In fact, Sheldon certainly wouldn’t let Qiangwei serve him.

But, Qiangwei is a person who can’t stay idle, so after a long time, Sheldon is not persuading her.

Fang Mengyu is his second aunt again, so he must not be able to serve him.

But at the moment, Sheldon didn’t say anything.

Then the two of them went to cook.

Sheldon was happy.

At this time, Roberson suddenly called.

“Brother Sheldon, it’s broken!”

“You just broke the dish, what’s the matter?” Sheldon said silently.

“I’m going, you shouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t let the female driver drive, my god, we all walked in a ghost gate!”

Roberson was so scared that he burst into tears.


Sheldon was helpless. Indeed, among the boys, only Laura had a driver’s license. It was not convenient to tell them about Aunt Fang, so Sheldon asked Laura to drive back.

“Are you all right?”

“It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s just that we rear-ended a car, and now the woman has caught us like crazy, not letting us go, saying that she wants the owner to come!”

Chapter 388

“I tell you, I’m also a Mercedes, and it’s more expensive than your business dash. Today’s matter is not over 300,000!”

“There is also, 300,000 is the cost of repairing the car, and my mental loss. I am going to the event today. I missed this event. Do you know how much I will lose? More than that, hum!”

This woman, she doesn’t look very big, just like Roberson and the others.

But it looks like a rich old lady is rampant all over the world.

Roberson couldn’t say a word.

“We just rear-ended a bit. You don’t have to ask for so much, right? Where are we going to collect so much money for you?”

Laura said anxiously.

Five hundred thousand is definitely not a small number.

Just now, Laura drove a little nervously. While hiding from a big car, he accidentally rear-ended the imported Big Ben.

“Hmph, I didn’t ask you for it either. Didn’t you say that you are driving someone else’s car? You have no money. The owner of this car must have money. I am waiting for him to come. I tell you that none of you are allowed to leave!”

Said the girl.

At this time, the girl’s companion was also a girl who came over, “Forget it, we all came out to play, let them lose some money!”

“Forget it? No! The weather is not so easy for me, it’s not so easy! I finally run into a bully, I will definitely kill him!”

The girl said softly.

Then she called and stood by the side of the road to call.

“Fatty, have you called yet?”

Laura asked Roberson at this moment.

“I hit it, it’s very close to his house, he said to come right away! Alas, you are also true, you will be at the door of the house soon, why are you excited about it!”

Roberson scolded Lin Sheng for being male.

“I said I didn’t mean it, you still scold me!”

Laura said with wet red eyes.


Roberson cursed and stopped talking.

They all squatted on the side of the road and waited.

At this time, a lot of onlookers came over.

“Oh, it was a serious collision. This luxury car, it looks like a new one, tut tut, it’s a pity little girl!”

Several men saw that the female driver who was hit was very beautiful and coquettish.

I knew it was the kind of rich woman who stopped playing.

So they have some small ideas, so they are close to the girl and stand on the girl’s side.

The girl also finished the phone call at this time, “That is, I bought this car newly. The maintenance cost of 300,000 dollar and the mental damage cost of 200,000 dollar are both small amounts. This is a new car! In other words, Has the owner of the car come? Didn’t you say that you live in this area? He should be here soon!”


Roberson said.

“I said Miss Sister, should you not be fooled by them?”

At this time, the passerby said.

“Ah? What do you mean?”

The girl was surprised.

“This area is all living in the affluent district of Shuchuan. How can I say that the people who live here are worth more than one billion dollar. If it were not for the beautiful scenery of the park, we would not have walked here. And the Big Ben that hit you, it looks like only forty or fifty. The nearby boss, how can anyone see this kind of car?”

A passerby said.

“Yeah, wouldn’t you deliberately fool me? Huh, I ask you, your boss lives in a community?”

The girl asked.

“Shu Capital Good Time Villa!”

Roberson said.

“Hahaha! Damn, this kid, he opened his eyes and talked nonsense, Liangchen Villa is the most expensive villa in the capital of Shu, and a villa costs close to 80 million. No one who lives in it is running! “

“I see, it must be these guys who want to scare Miss Sister, you know, the people in the Liangchen Villa are not easy to mess with!”

Several passers-by burst into laughter.

And the girl had obviously heard of the Liangchen Villa, and she was angrily said: “You are sick, right? Tell you, the longer the delay, the more mental damage I will ask for you! Also want to scare me, in the Liangchen Villa, I My boyfriend also knows someone. Who is your boss? I’ll know by calling and inquiring!”

Roberson was full of fire.

And at this moment, Roberson stood up excitedly and pointed to one place: “Come!”

At this moment, the girl and the crowd looked over.

“Who do you lie? Which one is your boss?”

Said the girl.

“It’s the one wearing a hat and riding an electric three-wheeler!”

Roberson said with a black line on his face.

I wondered how Brother Sheldon came after riding three rounds.

“fu*k, that’s your boss? You didn’t lie to me, did you?”

The girl was furious.

The crowds onlookers also laughed.

As for Sheldon, while riding an electric three-wheeler, while looking over there, he saw a group of people holding their stomachs and laughing, which was quite lively.

Oh, no way.

Sheldon himself did not bring out the car, and the trips were all arranged cars.

Something happens now, and it’s not too far from the villa.

It’s not easy to call the driver to make a special trip.

There happened to be an old couple in the villa next door.

Sheldon usually knows them well.

As for the old man, the one who was picked up by his son from his hometown to visit his home is also used to using electric tricycles, so his son gave him a special electric tricycle for the elderly.

Sheldon has something to do, so he borrowed it from him.

Not to mention, the electric tricycle is quite powerful.

Sheldon slammed to a stop at the scene of the accident.

He took off the peaked cap on his head.

As for the girl, she also thought that she finally picked up a soft persimmon, and she didn’t want to pinch it.

But when she saw Sheldon’s face.

It was a sudden surprise: “fu*k, Sheldon? It’s you!”


And the girl who was persuading the girl just now also shouted in surprise.

“Wenwen, Alexandra, is it you?”

Sheldon was also taken aback.

Unexpectedly, Laura hit Alexandra’s car! It’s really a narrow road!

Alexandra was excited.

I thought, I finally caught the opportunity, and Alexandra, who was a three-wheeler of Sheldon, also confirmed her guess yesterday.

“Haha, Sheldon, although we know each other, this luxury car of mine belongs to my boyfriend. It’s quite expensive. If it’s mine, maybe I will give you back some face, but this is my boyfriend’s. I’m sorry, according to what I just said, five hundred thousand, a penny is not less!

“Oh, what are you doing, Alexandra, Sheldon and us are classmates!” Bell hurriedly persuaded.

“I don’t care about this. Anyway, you will lose money if you crash into a car! Hehe, besides, who is Sheldon? Even Mr. Guo has to toast him, and Sheldon’s small hair is a car dealer, so powerful, Chen Can Song care about this money? Are you right, Sheldon?”

Alexandra mocked, “Moreover, they said, Sheldon lives in the Liangchen Villa. What is this concept?”

And just when Sheldon looked at Alexandra, who was like a gun, the phone rang…

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