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Chapter 389

“Hello Sheldon, I am Guo Xilin!”

Guo Xilin is Mr. Guo. The last time I saw him at the celebrity promotion meeting of Genting Villa in Hong County, he also left his phone number.

“Hello, Mr. Guo, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon smiled.

“There are some things. We have a banquet this time. We invited wealthy businessmen from all over the world. We didn’t dare to invite you. Haha, it is not convenient for us small businessmen to let you participate. But this time, many wealthy businessmen in Roston The celebrities have come to show their faces, and several executives said that they are all under yours, so I dare to ask if you have time and do you want to come!”

Guo Xilin said.

In fact, at the level of Guo Xilin and them, making business money is of secondary importance. For them, networking is business.

It’s much better to manage and develop a network than to manage and develop a project.

This is why, wealthy businessmen like to gather together.

Because of an opportunity, you might get to know many new bosses, new contacts, and new contacts represent new opportunities.

Sheldon has also participated in many such occasions.

In the face of Mr. Guo’s enthusiasm, Sheldon could not refuse.

But now, looking at this matter, there must be no time.

He declined at the moment.

After hanging up the phone.

Alexandra kept listening to Sheldon’s speech with her ears upright.

“Haha, who invited you to dinner? Which President Guo? It won’t be the President Guo last time?”

Alexandra asked concerned.

After all, Alexandra didn’t want Sheldon to go too close to Mr. Guo.

“No one!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly, “I just looked at the injury on your car’s butt, Alexandra, it’s a bit cruel to cost half a million, right?”

Although Sheldon is rich, he is not taken advantage of.

“Rough? Fart! The appraisal staff of the 5S shop will come later, you can see, maybe there will be more! I think you can’t find a reason!”

Alexandra said.

Then he held his shoulders and waited coldly.

Yesterday, I was worried about whether Sheldon would become rich after meeting Mr. Guo.

She was quite scared, which is why Alexandra was upset today.

But seeing Sheldon now riding three rounds of electricity, he had to bargain for 500,000 dollar.

Alexandra was relieved.

After a while, the appraisal staff from the 5S shop arrived.

But several people were firm for a while.

Then he exchanged a few words in a low voice.

Then he got his tools and stood up.

“How about, how much does the repair cost? Hundreds of thousands, right?”

Alexandra hugged her shoulders and asked a few apprehensive employees.

“Yes, if all repairs are done, it is conservatively estimated that it will cost about 450,000 dollar!”

The staff said.

“I’m going, four hundred and fifty thousand?”

“This is too cruel!”

Everyone exclaimed.

And Alexandra was so scared that she stuck her tongue out. She asked for 300,000, completely relying on her own experience.

But in fact, she is also a little girl film, relying on her boyfriend Chick to become a phoenix, there is no luxury car experience.

She even felt that 200,000 dollar was repaired and did not run away.

Right now, he said with a smug expression: “Hahaha, Sheldon, did you hear that? The maintenance costs are all four hundred and fifty thousand, and the cost of mental damage you have delayed. Forget it, let me tell you, five hundred thousand is definitely a thing. It can’t be solved!”

I asked you half a million just now. Now, half a million is definitely not enough.

You ungrateful animal. Humph! Cry you!

Sheldon just shrugged helplessly, and couldn’t say anything.

“Okay, you guys have worked hard, open a maintenance order for me, and go back, na! This is your tip~!”

While talking, Alexandra took out several hundred dollar from her wallet to the staff.

But the staff shook their heads.

“Lady, after you listen to us, put the maintenance cost of this car aside. What we want to say is that this is not our car!”

The staff said.

“Nonsense, I’m imported, my boyfriend’s dad bought it with someone, of course it’s not your car!”

“You are misunderstood. I mean, this is not a model circulating in our headquarters at all. It is not on the market or sold in the America* market because it was discontinued after only one batch was produced. However, recently, some illegal vehicles abroad Molecule, this kind of car is copied for circulation. As for how to buy it, I think you should know in your heart! So, this is not our car at all!”

The staff member said.

“fuk, you mean, this was bought? What are you talking about?”

Alexandra was anxious when she heard it.

The staff had no choice but to show Alexandra some internal announcements, and the waterwheel had also been put on record.

“Googling, what the hell, I just want you to take care of it and give me so many things, I don’t need you to see the head office, right?”

Alexandra looked a little scared.

After all, this is my boyfriend’s car, not my own.

Of course Alexandra was guilty of having caused such a big deal.

“Lady, we said that this car has been put on record, and our staff will be towed away later, and we hope you will cooperate with us in the investigation. If you are not the owner of the car, we also hope to ask the owner to come over!”

Some staff members have finished the call.

“I’m going, what are you doing?”

Alexandra was anxious.

Now, I am not in the mood to ask Sheldon for money.

She was so scared that she hurriedly called her boyfriend Li Liang.

As for Sheldon, he didn’t expect this to happen.

Standing aside, he just shook his head and gave a wry smile.

The wicked have their own grievances!

And seeing Sheldon on the side actually smiled.

Alexandra, who was on the phone, took off her high heels and smashed towards Sheldon.

However, Sheldon avoided it.

“Asshole, what are you doing for schadenfreude? I tell you, you should lose my money, you can’t lose one point! It’s all on you, I want seven hundred thousand! You can’t run!”

Alexandra said crazy.


Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

This Nizi is in trouble now, and Sheldon is not in trouble.

“Sir, your car is in our shop. I called for two trailers. Let’s tow them away later!”

The staff said.

“it is good!”

Sheldon nodded and agreed.

Then, the staff went to pester Alexandra.

Sheldon saw nothing else, and planned to let Laura and the others go back first.

Just leave this to yourself.

And Alexandra may have been scolded by her boyfriend at this time, and she cried and hid away to call.

Bell looked at Sheldon, and Sheldon also looked at Bell.

The two smiled awkwardly at each other.

“Wenwen, where are you going? I’m sorry, I’ve delayed your business, or I’ll send you there!”

Sheldon said.

“Okay, we are going to a party, Alexandra called me to accompany her!”

Bell said.

“Hmph, if you have anything, just go find my boyfriend tomorrow, and he will contact you tomorrow!”

“That good lady!”

At this time, Alexandra and the staff there seemed to be negotiating.

Then he walked over and said, “Wenwen, the time is running out soon, let’s go first, damn it, I wanted to show off with this car!”

Alexandra was not angry, and warned Sheldon again.

“Alexandra, let’s go first. You can’t handle this. Sheldon just said that he can send us there!”

Bell said.

“Huh? He gave us a ride on this one to break three rounds? Wenwen, are you having a fever!”

Chapter 390

“Alexandra, don’t say that!”

Bell said.

Although she also felt embarrassed to ride in this car, since Sheldon is not afraid of ugliness, what is she afraid of.

And Alexandra obviously can’t stand it anymore, “If you’re drunk, you can sit down if you want to. I can’t afford to lose this person. I’m waiting for you outside the venue. And Sheldon, today’s crash, don’t even think about it. That’s it!”

After speaking, Alexandra reached out and stopped a car, and hurriedly rushed to the party. After all, she has to go to her boyfriend as soon as possible.

“I see, you don’t go, just so, my sister has done the meal with this effort, will you go back to eat with me? Just treat you!”

Sheldon said.

After all, Sheldon still has a fellowship with Bell.

“No, Sheldon, I’ll stay with her. After all, she has something wrong now. I’m afraid she will suffer by herself!”

Bell is always so kind.

But, Bell was really embarrassed if he really wanted to take this small three-wheeler on the street.

Although Bell is of good character, are there any girls who love beauty?

But now, if I refuse Sheldon.

It may hurt Sheldon’s self-esteem.

So it’s a little embarrassing.

But there was no way, so he said, “Okay Sheldon, you can just send me to the door!”

“Come on! This little three-wheeler is very powerful and will be there soon!”

As Sheldon said, he was already in the minor third round.


He also honked the horn to greet Bell to get into the car.

Bell trimmed her haircut, and many people were watching, making her blush.

But in the end he still sat in Sheldon’s small third round.

“Come on, Alexandra should have arrived!”

Bell said softly, lowering her head very low.

Sheldon looked at Bell, who was blushing, and said nothing.

Sheldon never felt that riding four rounds was more noble than riding two rounds with three.

Refuel now.

Toward the destination.

The venue was chosen in a big hotel in Shudu.

At this moment, the interior of the hotel is covered with long red, full of salutes.

A red carpet was also placed at the entrance of the hotel’s inner hall to the hotel’s outer courtyard.

Many celebrities and wealthy businessmen come and go.

The organizers are all greeted outside, taking pictures or something.

It seems that I want to hold a small ceremony outside the hotel.

So there are many people outside.

“Wenwen, this is it?”

Sheldon said.

The first few rich boys who smoked outside.

I don’t know how to give way.

Sheldon kept honking his horn.

As a result, the eyes of the wealthy elder brothers all looked over here, and when Sheldon was riding three wheels with a woman, the rich and young all laughed and talked to each other.

“Okay, Sheldon, let me go down here!”

Bell was also embarrassed.

She now regrets letting Sheldon send her off.

Especially being watched by people of the same age makes Bell even more uncomfortable.

“Come on!”

Sheldon stopped at the entrance of the hotel with a brake.

Alexandra came out to pick up Bell.

Seeing Bell really coming by Sheldon’s electric car, Alexandra’s eyes almost fell off.

“fu*k! Wenwen, are you crazy, did you really let him send it in three rounds?”

Alexandra’s face turned red.

“Alexandra, don’t say anything, Sheldon, or go back first, and I will invite you to dinner someday!

Bell saw that more and more people were looking over here, Bell said hurriedly.


Sheldon nodded.

“Zong Lin and his team are here!”

At this time, the security guard at the door suddenly shouted to the wealthy merchants in the courtyard.

At the moment, many wealthy businessmen are very excited to come out to meet them.

“fu*k, why is there a three-wheeled car blocked at the door, what are you doing, get out of here!”

The security personnel came directly and pushed Sheldon.


Alexandra covered her eyes, she wanted to die now.

“Say well if you have something to do, push me to do, just leave!”

Sheldon turned the accelerator and left.

After the motorcade stopped, many middle-aged wealthy businessmen, as well as their daughters and daughters, were obviously the most distinguished guests here.

The veterans lined up to welcome each other, and they were all greetings.

“Everyone, everyone is welcome to see my face and be able to participate in this gathering. It’s just a pity that there is a big man today, we didn’t invite it, and I have to say that this is a big regret!”

Everyone stood by the red carpet, listening to the speech of the organizer’s boss.

There is a lot of discussion now: “Who is it?”

“What big man? Mr. Guo!”

Everyone asked.

And Alexandra has taken Bell into the hotel compound.

Looking at Mr. Guo on the stage now.

Not knowing why, she was suddenly surprised.

A little nervously pulled her boyfriend Li Liang’s arm aside: “Brother Liang, who is the big man he wants to invite?”

“How do I know? Didn’t you see that everyone was asking?”

Li Liang’s attitude was not very good, after all, Alexandra caused trouble this time so that her father knew.

Alexandra was aggrieved and stopped speaking.

To be honest, she was very excited to participate in such a big event today, and she can meet many rich people.

However, I feel uneasy in my heart.

Because just now, Sheldon seemed to have received a call and it was Mr. Guo who called him.

I don’t know if it’s the same person.

But after another thought, I thought how it was possible!

What kind of person is Sheldon? At best, he only relied on him to grow up, and get to know Mr. Guo. If he didn’t grow up, he would be a fart!

Thinking of this, Alexandra felt a lot more at ease.

“Hehe, talking about this big man, there are talks. The noble guest Lin Zong who came from Roston today, and Lin Zong’s daughter, are very familiar with this big man!”

Mr. Guo said with a smile.

Lin always smiled arrogantly.

As for President Chapmann’s daughter, her face changed a little at this moment, a little nervous with excitement.

“Oh, Mr. Guo, you don’t want to sell it anymore. Tell me who is this big man?”

Some people are curious about what Mr. Guo said is so mysterious.

“Well, let me remind everyone. Everyone knows who he is. He is the most luxurious villa in Roston, the owner of Genting Villa, the richest man in State, and the boss of the strongest group in Roston!”

Mr. Guo said with excitement.


The audience was in an uproar as soon as this statement was made.

“fu*k! I see, is it Roston Young Master Sheldon?”

“How is it possible that Master Sheldon Roston came to our Sichuan?”

“Although President Guo is great, there is no reason to invite Master Sheldon in Roston?”

Everyone talked a lot.

Obviously more wealthy businessmen thought Mr. Guo was bragging.

I’m afraid Mr. Guo doesn’t even have any contact information, right?

“When Mr. Guo said this, it was nothing more than using the Lin family in Roston to climb up to Young Master Sheldon, trying to support himself with the name of Young Master Sheldon!”

At this time, Li Liang, who was in the audience, said the same analysis.

“But I’ve heard that Mr. Guo has undertaken some Roston Sheldon projects. Is it really related to Sheldon?”

Several rich and young also came to Li Liang to discuss the work.

“Alexandra, Wenwen, aren’t you two from Roston? You should know Roston Master Sheldon well, right?”

In front of outsiders, Li Liang did not continue to show Alexandra.

Both Alexandra and Bell shook their heads and said, “We just heard from our classmates that he is very powerful. Everyone in Roston knows Roston Master Sheldon, but there is no further understanding!”

“Wenwen, or you can ask your former classmates. Just now I was in a hurry and my phone broke!”

Since the rich and young are all interested in talking, as a native of Roston, it would be embarrassing to be unable to talk about Sheldon.

Bell nodded.

I was looking for my phone, and then I was shocked: “Oh, I forgot my bag in Sheldon’s car…”

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