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Chapter 391

You Are Sheldon
Bell just remembered, just now, because she was very awkward in her heart and there were a lot of people present at that time, so she got off the car in a hurry.

Originally the bag was put aside.

I forgot to take it.

“I’m going, why are you so careless? You still have a lot of cash in your bag, right?”

Alexandra said.

“Alexandra, what are you talking about? I didn’t mean that. I was afraid that Sheldon would not pay attention. What if I lose my bag? My mobile phone, ID and bank card are all inside!”

Alexandra said anxiously.

“Hey hey, who, why are you back again, is this where you parked?”

At this moment, there was a noise at the door.

It was a few security personnel who blocked a young man outside.

“My friend forgot to take the bag, I will send it to her!”

And this young man is not someone else, but Sheldon impressively.

“You don’t even look at what this place is, you can get in by yourself? Go away!”

The security personnel pushed Sheldon.

It happened that Alexandra and Bell saw this scene because they were close to the door.

“Oh, Wenwen, look at this stuff, it’s so embarrassing, take the bag and let him go!”

Alexandra said anxiously.

Because the few rich and young people nearby all looked jokingly towards the door.

After all, in front of peers, whose vanity is not strong.

If you let others know that you know this kind of goods, I’m afraid they will laugh out loud.

Bell ran over and said, “Sheldon, I’m here, give it to me!”

Sheldon handed the bag to Bell.

As for Bell, she actually wanted to say some words of thanks to Sheldon.

But how to say.

Just like in high school, I liked Sheldon, but for the sake of face, I never took that step.

It’s the same now, Bell didn’t say anything to Sheldon too much.

With a simple greeting, Bell was ready to go in.


Suddenly, a high-decibel female voice rang from the stage.

It was the great daughter of the Lin family who came from Roston.

Sheldon was also very familiar with this sound. When he turned around, it was not someone else, but Danna, Danna’s father, and several bosses under his own group.

“Sheldon, it’s really you? When I drove over just now, I saw you riding a battery tricycle from the back, but my dad said it was impossible. I didn’t expect that it was really you!”

The girl is not Danna, Danna said excitedly at this moment.

And this time, everyone in the audience was shocked.

No one would have thought that the daughter of the Lin family actually had a friendship with a tricycle rider!

“Who is this kid? You see Miss Lin treats him unusually?”

“Yeah, let me do it! Wouldn’t it be Miss Lin’s classmate?”

Everyone was surprised.

And Alexandra’s breathing suddenly started.

Lin Xiaojin actually knew Sheldon?

Why does Sheldon know so many people?

“Huh? Danna, and President Chapmann, are you all here?”

Sheldon then moved his gaze to the front of the stage, and when he saw it, he was a little surprised.

Especially after seeing Guo Xilin.

Sheldon suddenly realized that Guo Xilin called himself before and said that he would invite himself to a party.

But she was entangled with Alexandra, so she declined.

Unexpectedly, Alexandra and Bell came to this party.

“This kid is too loud, isn’t it? What do you mean by Mr. Chapmann? You are all here. Can you speak?”

“You are called Mr. Chapmann and you are really yellow-haired boys, I don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick!”


“Alexandra Wenwen, isn’t this person your classmate?”

At this moment, Li Liang also shook his head and gave a wry smile.

“No, we don’t know him!”

Alexandra said.

But Bell lowered her head at the moment, without speaking.

“Chen… Sheldon! You are here!”

Guo Xilin’s already excited lips trembled.

Originally thought Sheldon looked down on these ordinary wealthy men and would not come, and it would be useless to flatter himself, but now, Sheldon actually came to the scene.

“I have seen Sheldon!”

And Mr. Chapmann and the others also took a step forward and bowed slightly.


The whole scene suddenly became extremely silent.

Many people opened their mouths in surprise at this moment.

Because so many big guys are all bowing to this three-wheeled rider?

And Mr. Guo, his voice trembled.

As for Alexandra, she was short of breath at the moment.

It was as if someone put a thunder in her ear, and the brain went blank in an instant.

The mouth can be stuffed into eggs.

“What? They call Sheldon Sheldon? How is it possible? How is it possible!”

As for Bell, she was also frightened, and she had no idea what was going on.

“Could he be Roston Young Master Sheldon!?”

After a brief silence, the crowd also noisy.

They looked at each other and were shocked.

“Mr. Guo Lin, you are too polite. I didn’t expect you to organize events here!”

Sheldon was a little embarrassed.

Especially now people on both sides are looking at themselves with complicated eyes.

It made Sheldon a little embarrassed.

However, Sheldon walked toward the hotel generously.

And Alexandra looked at Sheldon walking in front of her with a stunned expression.

“Yes, Sheldon!”

Mr. Guo immediately gave up the middle seat to Sheldon.

At the same time, he looked at the astonished public and said:

“Everyone, this is Mr. Sheldon from Roston, a wealthy man in Roston and the owner of Genting Villa!”


The whole audience immediately stirred up.


Suddenly at this time, a female voice resembling madness rang out of time.

For a while, everyone looked at this girl.

“Alexandra, what are you laughing at?”

Li Liang was also taken aback by Alexandra’s laughter.

“What are you laughing at? Haha, I was laughing at how Sheldon is so powerful, and now I can deceive everyone’s eyes! And everyone really thought he was Sheldon! Isn’t that ridiculous?”

Alexandra smiled and walked out.

The wealthy businessmen on the stage frowned, especially Mr. Guo, who frowned and looked at Alexandra.

“What are you doing? Come here, get her out of me!”

Guo Xilin shouted angrily.

“Mr. Guo, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just hope you don’t be fooled by this guy. To be honest, I am this person’s high school classmate! What did he do before? Clear! And Bell also knows! He is a poor ghost, the kind of poor ghost who can’t even afford to eat!”


As soon as this statement came out, everyone present took a breath.

This Master Sheldon, isn’t it fake?

Alexandra was even more proud to see that everyone seemed to believe her own words.

In this way, I can show off in front of the rich businessman, hum.

Roston Sheldon? Is it Sheldon? It can’t be good at all.

Then he looked at Sheldon with a look of contempt, “Haha, Sheldon didn’t expect it? I’m here today. You can’t play it. Don’t want to deceive President Guo and the others!”

Alexandra will not accept this reality.

Sheldon looked at Alexandra and shook her head with a wry smile.

“Hehe, it seems that this lady, you and Sheldon have a little misunderstanding…”

Guo Xilin gave a wry smile.

“He is Sheldon! The boss of Roston Dreamers Group!”

Chapter 392

Long Shaoyun’s Revenge
Looking at Mr. Guo’s rigorous attitude.

Alexandra can’t laugh anymore?

Is it really true?

Back then, Sheldon looked like 13 and hated it once when he saw it.

Never put him in the eyes.

But now, in a few years, Sheldon has changed so much.

So many rich businessmen are flattering in front of him?

how is this possible?

And Sheldon did not talk to Alexandra, but interacted with Mr. Guo and the others.

Immediately everyone entered the hotel.

It took only half an hour to participate, and Sheldon wanted to go back because he was anxious.

They said farewell to Mr. Guo.

When going out, a large group of people all went out to see them off.

Danna whispered something to her father, and then stuck out his tongue, obviously wanting to go to Sheldon’s.

Of course her dad agreed.

Alexandra was nervous, and came out with Bell.

At this moment, Sheldon embarked on an electric three-wheeler.

And Danna was sitting beside him.

But the strange thing is that Bell now doesn’t feel ashamed of sitting in the third round.

Because Danna is such a beautiful daughter, she is happy to sit on it.

Not to mention myself!

Especially the fact that Sheldon was Sheldon really frightened Bell.

Until now, I feel like I am living in a dream.

Alexandra cried even more.

And looking at Sheldon, the same clothes, the same face, and the same expression.

Just now, it looks like a D wire.

Why is there a daunting feeling when you look at it now? why?

Sheldon carried Danna here and was about to go back to his place for dinner.

Now Sheldon is in a good mood. After all, this trip didn’t come in vain, and the task was completed. He also helped Qiang Wei find her biological mother and her cousin.

Achieve a lot.

But some people are happy and some are worried.


It was the sound of a teacup falling to the ground.

“Trash, it’s really trash. Can the ducks in hand fly?”

Inside the villa, Chris shouted angrily at several foreign subordinates.

Long Shaoyun stood by, his face was also extremely ugly.

After all, this group of people had blown too hard before, and as a result, even a few students could not be caught. It seemed that Chris was yelling at this group of men.

In fact, this refers to Sang cursing at himself.

Long Shaoyun felt angry too.

“Young Master, Long Master, really, we were already under siege at that time, I am afraid it has alarmed the local armed forces!”

For the first person, “please give us another chance, Yang Shao, this time you provide Fang Nuan’s whereabouts, we will definitely bring her back!”

“It’s late and late, you really think that the Fang family members are on the move. If it weren’t for this sensitive period, my dad and I need to understand Fang’s every move, and I wouldn’t risk kidnapVeilBoyg Nunan. Now Okay, I’m so scared, and now I just ask the Fang family not to doubt me and thank you!”

Chris was almost mad.

I am afraid that this kidnapping will fail and cause bad consequences.

And once a major event in the family is affected, it is really not worth the gain.

Long Shaoyun looked down on his subordinates and asked immediately, “By the way, there is no reason for those helicopters to arrive so quickly, let alone disturb the local armed forces. Tell me in detail!”

The subordinates talked about the situation at that time.

“Huh? Is it him?”

Long Shaoyun frowned after listening.

Chris asked, “Who is it?”

Long Shaoyun said, “Didn’t you have any secret photos? Let me see who is among those people!”

The subordinates immediately put it out.

“I see, it really is him! Roston Sheldon, Sheldon!”

Long Shaoyun saw Sheldon in the photo and slapped the table angrily at this moment.

Sheldon repeatedly humiliated his birthday party.

Moreover, the Hui people were immediately banned.

Let the prestige accumulated over the years be defeated.

Long Shaoyun really hated it.

“He is Roston Young Master Sheldon?”

Chris had obviously heard of it.

At the moment, Long Shaoyun talked about his grievances with Sheldon.

“Haha, it’s no wonder that even if Fang Nuan didn’t send out the Fang family’s people, things went smoothly. It turned out that he got the help of Sheldon, and it’s no wonder that, how many times have you missed your opponent? Say hello, she doesn’t look at it anymore!”

Long Shaoyun said.

Chris took a deep breath after hearing this.

“No matter who it is, as long as you dare to fight against my Chris, I will let him live and not get out of Shuchuan! Come!”

Chris was ready to shout angrily.

“Don’t be impulsive, Chad!”

Long Shaoyun clasped Chris’s shoulder.

“I’ve dealt with Sheldon. He is very powerful. He is bigger than you and I imagined. If you rush to make a big deal, you will have big trouble! After all, you have heard that his sister forced our Long family away from Roston. Passed!”

Long Shaoyun hurriedly persuaded.

After all, directly targeting Sheldon would be tantamount to complicating simple things.

Chris didn’t understand this reason, mainly because he felt that Fang Nuan had Sheldon just now, so he ignored him, and even slapped himself, jealous.

Calm down now, it’s much better.

“Then Shaoyun, what good do you have? Is it possible to let him show off in Shuchuan?”

Long Shaoyun smiled coldly: “Of course not, on the contrary, I want him to stay in Shuchuan forever to avenge the original insult. I will do this personally. By the way, Chad, I hope you will borrow me. Some people, I need to investigate who Sheldon brought this time?”

“no problem!”

The two talked until late at night.

Three days later.

“Brother, I went out shopping with Aunt Fang, what do you want to eat, we will buy it for you!”

“Either way! You and Aunt Fang make it, I love it!”

Sheldon looked at Su Qiangwei and smiled with Aunt Fang.

In three days, Qiangwei had become very close to Aunt Fang.

As Sheldon said, Qiangwei did not dislike Aunt Fang’s scarred face.

As for Fang Mengyu, looking at her sensible and well-behaved daughter, being with herself every day, she felt happy and satisfied.

As for Su Qiangwei, she felt that with Aunt Fang, there was a natural sense of security and intimacy, as if Aunt Fang was a relative of her own.

The two came to a shopping mall arm in arm.

As for Aunt Fang, she looked at the side of the mall and found a small stall selling candied haws.

As for Qiangwei, her gaze was looking over there from time to time.

Then he walked forward.

Aunt Fang felt sour. According to Qiangwei’s account, if she hadn’t met Sheldon, she would have lived in poverty.

Since childhood, I am afraid that even eating a bunch of candied haws is an extremely luxurious thing.

“Qiangwei, wait for me, I’ll come right now!”

After speaking, Aunt Fang walked towards one place.

Qiangwei wondered what would Aunt Fang do mysteriously?

Waiting in place right now.

And suddenly at this moment.

Su Qiangwei suddenly heard the sound of a rapid motor.

Turning to see, a van was galloping towards him.


The passers-by suddenly screamed…

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