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Chapter 393

Following, a few people jumped off the car skilfully.

He quickly grabbed Su Qiangwei, trying to pull her into the car.

“Rose! Rose!”

And Aunt Fang over there was already highly alert when the car rushed over.

Right now, he ran over like crazy.

Su Qiangwei has also been struggling.

Anxiously, he bit down one arm fiercely.


The masked man screamed in pain.

Very rudely pushed Su Qiangwei away.

With great strength, Su Qiangwei fell heavily to the ground.

And the back of his head hit a bump on the side of the road.

Su Qiangwei fainted directly.

Fang Mengyu had already rushed over and saw that these people were still carrying Su Qiangwei who was in a coma to leave.

Fang Mengyu naturally desperately.

In the final analysis, Fang Mengyu is just a female generation.

Where can this group of people compete.

And just when Fang Mengyu was desperate.

Suddenly, a figure flashed directly.

Then, I saw the headed robber shook his whole body and froze directly in place.

I saw a young man with a cold face rushing towards him.

A few masked robbers still want to do it.

But where is the opponent of youth.

“Withdraw, withdraw quickly!”

Someone yelled.

And Fang Mengyu was also anxious, tried his best, rushed towards the person in the co-pilot, and desperately tore off his mask.

The man panicked and hurriedly covered his face with his hands.

Roared and drove away.

The youth wanted to chase them, but seeing that Su Qiangwei was seriously injured, they didn’t care about them~!

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

Fang Mengyu hugged Su Qiangwei while thanking the youth.

“Auntie Fang, you don’t need to thank you. I was originally sent by Sheldon to protect Miss Su Qiangwei secretly. It is my responsibility! I didn’t expect that someone would dare to do it in broad daylight!”

The young man blamed himself.

Su Qiangwei’s face was pale, she was already unconscious, she heard the sound of the ambulance, from far to near.

And this young man is not someone else, but the earth tiger.

The two brothers Tianlong and Earthhu are responsible for Sheldon’s safety.

But before coming to Shuchuan, Sheldon felt that one Tianlong was enough, and there was no need for the two brothers to follow him together.

Therefore, he had long asked Earth Tiger to protect Su Qiangwei secretly.

After all, many people around Sheldon had been kidnapped before, so Sheldon had to keep an eye on it.

But, what can Su Qiangwei do.

Therefore, Earth Tiger is usually very idle.

But I didn’t expect to see that Su Qiangwei was being watched through observation equipment today.

Hurry up and hurry up, it’s still a step late.

Sheldon knew the news right away.

Immediately rushed to the hospital.

“Have you found out who did it?”

Su Qiangwei is still in a severe coma, and Sheldon’s whole body is trembling in anger.

And Fang Mengyu had already cried out of tears.

“I contacted Mr. Zhu to investigate, that group of people are not locals, so there is no clue, but Sheldon, one of them, I think you are very interested.”

Tianlong also came over, said immediately.

Afterwards, he showed Sheldon a screenshot of Fang Mengyu’s opening of the co-pilot’s mask.

Sheldon saw this man.

The eyes suddenly jumped slightly.

“Long Shaoyun? Why is it him?”

Sheldon was surprised.

Although the picture is a bit blurry, Sheldon confirmed that Long Shaoyun definitely did not run.

After all, he almost fell into his hands.

“Yes, it is him. After our investigation, he has already arrived in Shuchuan about a few days ago. Sheldon, you had a grudge against him before, but Long Shaoyun tried hard to chase down to Shuchuan for revenge. I don’t understand it next!”

Tianlong frowned.


Sheldon hit the wall with a heavy punch.

“I don’t care who he is or what he wants to do. Qiangwei has done something wrong. Because of me, Qiangwei’s life almost died! Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, Long Shaoyun probably hasn’t left Shuchuan, I let you unite Zhu Ming, be sure to catch him for me! No matter what method you use, you must never let him leave Shuchuan like this!”

Standing outside the door, looking at Su Qiangwei who was still in a coma in the ward, Sheldon said angrily.

“Yes! Sheldon!”

Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger immediately ordered to go.

At this moment, in a relatively secret villa.

“Hurry up, pack things! Let’s leave in two ways!”

“Ah? Young Master Long, are you in such a hurry? Don’t you need to say hello to Chris?”

One Long Shaoyun’s personal driver said.

“Say hello to your sister, I’m afraid it will be too late, we won’t be able to leave even if we want to leave! Hurry up, arrange for the group to leave first!”

Long Shaoyun said anxiously.

He had planned the kidnapping incident with Chris three days ago.

The only person around Sheldon was Su Qiangwei.

And Sheldon and Su Qiangwei have a close relationship.

So this is the case, Long Shaoyun is about to kidnap Su Qiangwei, then lead Sheldon into the pit, and then kill Sheldon.

They are even ready to let this group of subordinates die with Sheldon.

Anyway, Long Shaoyun was always behind the scenes, and he was not afraid of anything.

But it’s different now. I believe that if Sheldon wants to check, he will be able to find it soon.

He will definitely send someone to chase him down.

Originally, I wanted to kill Sheldon with Chris’s knife, but when the wishful thinking started, he underestimated Sheldon’s current defense capabilities.

Sensitive Long Shaoyun hurriedly packed his things.

“Young Master Long, everything has been arranged. According to your instructions, I found a cross-country vehicle, but I calculated the distance. If I want to leave Shuchuan, it will be dark!”

“Okay, then leave quickly! Also, let someone meet us in Khanh City!”

After Long Shaoyun finished speaking, carrying his suitcase and putting on sunglasses, he left with a hurried expression.

And today during the day.

Shu City didn’t know what was wrong.

I saw all kinds of luxury cars on the street, written by crazy Mercedes.

There are more than 500 luxury cars in a fleet.

There is an endless stream, driving in all directions.

“I’m going, what’s the matter?”

“So spectacular?”

“Could it be that what happened?”

“It’s not on the news, but there can be such a luxury car fleet? What does it have to exist?”

Many people were shocked.

And the outskirts of Shu city.

There are also many passers-by.


At this moment, I heard a roar from the sky.

Passersby looked up one after another.

“Damn, so many helicopters?”

“Gosh, what’s the situation?”

Passersby are all taking pictures.

The shocked mouth couldn’t close.

Because, after nearly a hundred helicopters took off, they drove in different directions.

With more than a hundred planes rising at the same time, one can imagine how spectacular the scene is.

In this way, land and air searched for a whole day.

Only then determined the ultimate goal.

And now the goal has reached the main road connecting Qing City and Shu Du.

At this moment, the night is late, like the night wind of Devil May Cry, wailing through Long Shaoyun’s car window…

Chapter 394

“Where is it?”

Long Shaoyun asked the driver. His face was pale now.

“Young Master Long, I don’t know where I am? We dare not drive on the main road now. They are all Sheldon’s people. We have been discovered by them! But looking at the surrounding environment, it seems to be a barren area! “

The driver was so scared that his legs were shaking.

Although they have run in time.

But unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, on the main road between Shuchuan and Qing City, Sheldon motorcade would be chased and intercepted.

Relying on the darkness to approach.

This driver is also an expert.

After finally getting around.

But, I’m almost lost.

“Asshole! What do you do to eat! Asshole!!!”

Long Shaoyun roared frantically. It was far away from the urban area, and the surrounding area was gloomy.

At this time, the sound of swift motors poured into the ears of the two through the cold night breeze.

Then I saw behind, the lights flickered.

I don’t know how many cars caught up.

On the other hand, there was also a car catching up.

“Run, run!”

Long Shaoyun shouted.

At the moment, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called his mother.

“Shaoyun, are you driving? Tomorrow is mother’s birthday, remember to come back!”

“Mom! Come and save me, come and save me! I’m stuck in Qing City!”

“Son, what are you talking about? Is the signal bad? Why can’t I hear you clearly?”

The woman on the phone.

“Mom! Can you hear me? Come and save me! Save me!!!”

“Hey Hey hey!”

Long Shaoyun yelled a few times and saw that there was no voice.

I picked up the phone and found that the signal of the phone has been blocked.

“Young Master Long, or stop, the front is pitch black, and the road conditions are not familiar to us either!”

The driver was really confused.

At the moment, even if you want to run, you can’t get away.

“Stop a fart, if I fall into Sheldon this time, I will be better! Keep going forward, reopen this path, and hurry up to meet our people!”

The driver suddenly stepped on the accelerator.


Suddenly, the body shook suddenly.

It was followed by a violent tremor.

When Long Shaoyun reacted, the body began to descend rapidly.


Both the driver and Long Shaoyun screamed in horror.

But this scream, as the two fell, has become increasingly blurred.

Until there was a bang, there was a loud noise.

There was a burst of fire in the depths.

All the voices fell silent.

At this time, the team has also arrived.

With the light shining on, everyone could finally see clearly that there was a cliff in front of them!


It’s late at night, Yanjinglong’s house.

“Master, I have always been anxious. Shaoyun called me just now. I heard his tone very nervous, as if he was frightened by something. You said he was all right in Shuchuan?”

Said a beautiful woman.

“Huh, what can happen! There is Situ’s house in Shuchuan, so don’t worry!”

A middle-aged man with a cold eyebrow and sword said.

“But Shaoyun’s phone call can no longer be reached. You know, Shaoyun has offended many people in the past two years!”

The beautiful woman worried.

“Well, I’ll call Situ’s family later and ask, even if it offends a lot of people, but I have always only harassed my dragon family and touched others, who would dare to touch my dragon family? But sooner or later I will make their siblings pay the price of blood!”

The middle-aged man gave a cold snort, then picked up the phone and called Situ’s family.

After listening to the phone, I talked for a while.

I saw the face of the middle-aged man getting paler.

“What? Brother Rositu, I’ll send someone over!”

The middle-aged man looked pale, and hurriedly stood up and said, “There is news from Situ’s house. Shaoyun is missing in Shuchuan!”


“What should I do?”

“I will send someone to Shuchuan immediately, let the second child take someone there!”

Middle-aged people are also anxious.

“But the second child…”

“I can’t get away from the boss. There must be a family member in this matter. The second child will go. I will let Uncle Xiong follow him!”

The middle-aged man ordered.

The beautiful woman nodded.


Cliff scene.

Sheldon has also arrived by helicopter.

The cliff is too deep. According to reports from his subordinates, he couldn’t even find a complete body, let alone people.

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

This is really true that you can live if you have done evil, you can’t live if you have done evil, and you can perish!

And at this moment.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

I picked it up and saw that it was from the ground tiger.

On Su Qiangwei’s side, naturally, someone should be reserved for special protection. This person is Earth Tiger.

“what’s up?”

Sheldon asked.

“Sheldon, Miss Su has woken up, it’s just a slight concussion, it’s okay! And…”

When the earth tiger said this, his voice was much weaker.

“What else?”

Sheldon asked.

“Sheldon, I’m really sorry. I have been by Ms. Su’s side, but just now, four doctors with strange movements came to the hospital. I became suspicious and didn’t let them come near! But these people, Suddenly I did not beat the four of them, Miss Su, they were snatched away!”

Earth Tiger said it.

“What? Even you got hurt?”

Sheldon’s sweat on his forehead.

“Wait when I go to the hospital, you can send someone to look for it right away!”

If something happened to Qiangwei, she would really feel ashamed.

At the same time, Sheldon felt more and more that it was not an easy task for his father to find Aunt Fang by himself.

He hurried back to the hospital immediately.

“Auntie Fang happened to go out to fight porridge just now, so I was spared. These people have weird faces. Their weapons are short blades. I feel that I have received very strict fighting training, and all of them are masters!”

In the hospital, Earth Tiger talked about the whole story with shame.

The earth tiger was also wrapped in bandages.

Tianlong’s face was also tight.

“Where is the hospital monitoring?”

Sheldon paced back and forth and asked.

“I have already retrieved it. I checked the driving records of several streets one after another, and finally they disappeared on a hillside!”

Said the earth tiger.

Sheldon patted Dihu on the shoulder, “My sister said that it is very rare to be the opponent of your brothers, and it must be a big family with four masters like this. Dihu, can you tell How many genres are they? It’s also good to investigate which family they are from?”

“You don’t need to check Sheldon, I know who those four are? I also know who took Qiangwei away!”

At this time, Aunt Fang stood up and said with tears in her eyes.

And Sheldon is also an afterthought.

Yes, in Shuchuan, it should be the Fang family.

Because Sheldon didn’t expose himself, and he hadn’t played against the Fang family yet.

The Fang family has been hiding again, so Sheldon didn’t think about it.

But looking at it now, there is only Fang family!

“If my guess is correct, the four of them should be my father’s four bodyguards! My father, I have already found me!”

Fang Mengyu said.

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