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Chapter 395

As the most promising daughter of the Fang family’s grandfather, Fang Mengyu was once the number two figure in the Fang family. For example, Fang Nunan’s father was reused.

One can imagine Fang Mengyu’s original intelligence.

Therefore, she is sensitive, although she doesn’t know how her father found out her whereabouts, but the person who is sure it is her father has done it.

“Sheldon, I know from the Fang family that the internal factions are complicated. If my father takes it away, I believe my father will not embarrass Qiangwei, but I am not sure about the rest of the Fang family!”

“Hehe, I have been angry with my father for so many years. Although he regrets it, his temper has not changed at all. Is this because I want me to come and apologize to him?”

Fang Mengyu smiled bitterly.

“Then Aunt Fang, what should we do next? Qiangwei is on their side, I am still worried!”

Sheldon shook his head.

After all, Su Qiangwei is a member of the Cooper Family, her own cousin.

At the beginning, I also brought Qiangwei with him. Now that Qiangwei has done so many things, how could Sheldon let it go.

“I think Sheldon, let’s break into Fang’s house and rescue Miss Chen Er!”

Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger said in unison.

“No, I know you two brothers are great, but with all due respect, you are not at all my father’s four subordinates, the opponents of the Xiangxi four ghosts, and the Fang family’s background was comparable to the Cooper Family. , Relying on us, how can you say that if you break in, just break in!”

Fang Mengyu said.

Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger lowered his head.

“Could it be that you just let Miss Chen Ern’t care?”

Earth Tiger said with shame.

“Of course not. There is no way. It is not impossible. Three days later, it will be my father’s birthday. According to the usual practice in previous years, there will be a Fang Family Conference. By then, all the wealthy businessmen and friends of the Fang Family will participate. ! And this may be an opportunity for us to rescue Qiangwei!”

Fang Mengyu said.

“Auntie Fang, you mean, we got into the Fang family meeting that day, then created chaos, and rescued Qiangwei, right?”

Sheldon understands.

“Yes, because the annual Fangjia Conference will use a lot of manpower to do miscellaneous tasks. In order to keep secret, most of the chefs and personnel from the north and even foreign countries are used to come in. And this is an opportunity for us!”

Sheldon nodded.

Aunt Fang’s meaning Sheldon already understood.

At that time, he brought in Heaven, Dragon, Earth Tiger, and many masters, and let Zhu Ming send people to respond, although Sheldon’s strength against the Fang family is far from enough.

But there is no problem in creating chaos.

At that time, the rose can be brought out without a trace.

“Then Auntie Fang, how should we get into the team among these outsiders?”

Tianlong asked.

“The procedures for screening these foreigners are very strict. They will be concentrated in Qing City. We have to go to Qing City as soon as possible. At that time, I have my own way to let you in. I also have some confidants in Fang’s family. I will trust them. Inquire about the specific whereabouts of Qiangwei!”

Fang Mengyu arranged.

She was very anxious in her heart, always worrying about Qiangwei’s situation. Once Fang’s bottomless pit fell in, it would be difficult to get out.

It was precisely because he understood this truth that Fang Mengyu was very excited.

But years of experience still made her mind very clear.


At the same time, Fang Family Manor, within a secret hall.

“Master, Miss Qiangwei still refuses to seek medical treatment or eat. We really can’t persuade you!”

Several old American doctors came in, and at the moment they respectfully said to the old man of the Fang family.

Fang Di was almost 70 years old this year. At this moment, his wrinkled face passed a touch of anxiety.

“Hey, this girl Qiangwei is as stubborn as her mother. By the way, Mengyu’s servant Alexandra was retrieved by Nain. Let Alexandra persuade her… Besides, things about Qiangwei, absolutely You can’t tell anyone, including the 囝囡. If you don’t, I will let you die without a place to bury your body and go out!”

Several old American doctors trembled with fright and hurried out.

Fang didn’t stand up slowly with a cane.

Looking at the wall, some things of these years are constantly tumbling in my mind.

Especially at the beginning, three high-fives in front of the hall, and the most beloved baby girl Fang Mengyu sever the father-daughter relationship.

Drive her out of Fang’s house.

Although it was quite strict at the time when the party did not enforce the family law, he regretted it when he drove away that day.

He tried every possible means to find Mengyu.

You don’t have to let Mengyu come back, just let him know that the baby girl is still alive and living well.

The parties are different and satisfied.

However, for so many years, there has been no news, which makes the Fang who has been self-cultivation different. He was 60 or 70 years old, but he should be 50 years old. At this moment, he is older than the average people who work hard every day.

I’m afraid, this is the punishment for me.

I thought that I would never see my daughter until I died.

But, God has eyes. Yesterday Delia suddenly reported that he had found a girl who looked exactly like Mengyu, and Fang’s hand covered the sky.

It’s too simple to ask about people or things.

Naturally, it is not difficult to find where Fang Mengyu and his granddaughter Su Qiangwei are.

“Mengyu, I know you hate me, but three days later, on my father’s birthday, I hope you can come back and see me…”

Fang muttered differently, his eyes dim.

And the other side.

A maid holding a box, opened the door and entered a room.

Inside the room, a girl was sitting on the bed crying and wiping tears.

When the maid saw the girl, her whole body trembled suddenly, and all the boxes in her hand fell to the ground.

“Ah? How could it be so similar!”

The maid was excited.

“It’s almost exactly the same as the old lady!”

Yes, seeing this girl suddenly reminded the maid of when she was with the lady’s side many years ago.

And this girl is Su Qiangwei.

Su Qiangwei looked at this kind-eyed maid and saw that she was crying, so she asked softly, “You are?”

“Miss Qiangwei, I am Alexandra, the personal servant of Miss Fang Mengyu!”

Aunt Xia cried.

“Ah? Fang Mengyu… Then is she my mother?”

Su Qiangwei became excited when she heard these three words.

Aunt Xia cried and nodded: “Miss Qiangwei, you and Missy are exactly the same, she is your mother!”

“It turns out that she is really my mother! Aunt Xia, where is my mother now?”

Su Qiangwei cried.

“Ms. Qiangwei, don’t worry. There are a lot of things here. I won’t be clear about it for a while, but don’t worry, your mother always remembers you. Your grandpa doesn’t know where she is now. When I get a chance, I Will take you away to meet your mother!”

Aunt Xia touched Su Qiangwei’s head affectionately, looking terribly distressed.

“Why don’t you let us in and get out of me!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang outside the door…

Chapter 396

“Miss San, you really can’t enter, this is what the master ordered!”

Outside, a bodyguard said to a girl who was about twenty years old.

“Okay, I didn’t think that Fang’s family also had a place where Fang Qian couldn’t go in. The eldest sister and the second sister didn’t like me, and now even grandpa doesn’t like me? The more you don’t let me in, I have to go in and see! Get out of me!”

Fang Qian pushed the bodyguard aside, unscrewed the door and rushed in.

The decoration of this room is extremely luxurious.

The furnishings inside are mostly antique styles of European aristocrats in the 1960s. They are considered to be the most luxurious aristocratic rooms in the Fang family apart from the grandfather’s room.

When everything is fine, Fang Qian always likes to come in and take a look. Like most of Fang’s family, she is proud to live here.

I heard that this is the room where my aunt used to live.

Fang Qian, who was lonely and lonely in Fang’s house, was in a bad mood, and she heard that someone else lived in this room.

Just want to come and see.

As a result, she was not allowed in.

After rushing in.

Su Qiangwei and Aunt Xia jumped with fright inside.

“You are? Seeing you are familiar, who are you?”

After seeing Su Qiangwei, Fang Qian was startled.

“My name is Su Qiangwei!”

“Su Qiangwei? I’ve never seen you in Fang’s house?”

Fang Qian looked up and down Su Qiangwei.

Aunt Xia did not expect that Fang Qian would break in.

“You are the third lady, right? Ms. Qiangwei is ordered by the master to live here, and she needs to heal…”

“Hmph, I know, although I don’t know why Grandpa let you live here, but there must be his reason… Well, you go out first, I have something to tell Miss Qiangwei!”

Fang Qian said.

Aunt Xia looked at Su Qiangwei, who nodded to Aunt Xia.

Then she went out.

Fang Qian hurriedly closed the door.

He turned his head happily and said, “I have one thing I want to ask you for help. Well, can you lend me this room for one night? Can you move to my room?”

Fang Qian, the purpose of sleeping in this room has been for a long time.

Su Qiangwei didn’t know how to answer her. To be honest, she was looking forward to Sheldon’s rescue and aunt Xia, and then went to her family to reunite.

So there is not much energy for people and things here.

Su Qiangwei did not speak at the moment.

“What do you mean, we can’t live in another room?”

Fang Qian pinched her waist airway.

At this time, the bodyguard opened the door and came in.

“Miss San, the lord has ordered, let me take you to see him now!”

The bodyguard said coldly.


Fang Qian looked at Su Qiangwei angrily, and then at the bodyguard.


With a sound, a slap in the face of the bodyguard.

“Do you dare to give me a small report, wait for me!”

After speaking, after glancing at Su Qiangwei, he left angrily…

“Qian’er, what’s wrong with you?”

At this time, in this area of ​​the house, Johan Adamnan and Fang Yi walked over.

However, Fang Qian didn’t speak, and left angrily.

Seeing that Fang Qian came out of the room of her former aunt, Johan Adam asked the bodyguard lightly:

“Anyone in Aunt’s room?”

“Yes! Miss!”


“Master ordered, you can’t talk to others, don’t ask your subordinates anymore!”

The bodyguard said.

Johan Adam took a deep breath, looked at the room of the former aunt, and frowned slightly.

These days, Grandpa seems to have something to hide from himself.

After investigating the aunt’s matter, only halfway through the investigation, he ordered not to investigate.

But Johan Adam grew up and hated this kind of half-knowledge.

So today, she originally wanted to see Fang Yilai’s aunt’s room for some useful clues.

But who would live in the aunt’s room that never let others get involved?

“囝囡, shall we sneak over and take a look?”

Fang Yi couldn’t help but curiously said.

“Don’t mess around, let’s leave first. It will be Grandpa’s birthday party soon. I don’t want to make Grandpa angry!”

Johan Adam left with curiosity.


Two days later.

Qing City, a hotel directly monopolized.

“Xiao Chen, have you bought all the materials you bought? After a while, let me order them again. We are going to set up the ceremony tonight. We must have all the materials. If we miss tomorrow’s major events, let’s I can’t eat it!”

A woman in her thirties said to a young man named Xiao Chen.

“Okay Director Li, I see!”

Said the young man.

“Also, the group of chefs from Negston will cook a midnight snack. That group of celebrities is really hard to serve. You have to play cards for entertainment at this late hour. You give them the supper one by one. Go over!”

“no problem!”

This young man is naturally Sheldon.

Aunt Fang is Aunt Fang, and the doorway is indeed wide.

Sheldon, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger and a few of them, smoothly joined the team two days ago.

Fang family birthday feast.

In accordance with the annual practice.

It is necessary to invite local famous chefs from all over the place, as well as famous female stars from all over the place, and a courtesy team.

The pomp is naturally unprecedented.

So on this trip, Sheldon and their entire brigade had a lot of people.

Supper was quickly prepared over the kitchen.

After talking to Director Li, Sheldon took a supper and went to give things to the big-name celebrities.

Inside, seven or eight female stars, divided into two tables, are playing mahjong.

“Your supper!”

Sheldon said.

There are no girl stars, but Sheldon has seen them all on TV.

“Yeah! Where’s the little brother from here? He looks good, come here and let my sister touch it!”

“Puff, you won too much joy, be careful to scare this little brother!”

Another female star joked.

“Why? I won’t eat him again! Hahaha!”

When playing mahjong, those who win are naturally happy, and those who lose are naturally impatient.

And when Sheldon put a supper to a female singer.

She didn’t pay attention, and directly touched the midnight snack on the ground, splashing oil on her calf.

“Huh? How the hell did you do?”

He yelled directly at Sheldon.

Paralyzed, I really want to buckle your face!

Seeing the virtue of this female singer, Sheldon felt angry.

But now for the sake of the overall situation, Sheldon did not do that.

Eat a dumb loss.

Afterwards, Sheldon carried the supper again and entered another room.

“Okay, help us put it here! Thank you so much!”

There are only two people in this room, the ceremonial staff of the group of stars next door.

They are all little girls about the same age as themselves.

At this moment, both of them are engrossed in the mirror to remove makeup.

So I pointed aside and let Sheldon put it there.

But Sheldon stood there and stared at one of the girls carefully for a long time before finally recognizing the girl.

Damn it! Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Sheldon was surprised.

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