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Chapter 399

“However, the fact that Swans does not show up does not mean that the marriage contract has ended in this way. In fact, even though Donald has been hostile to the Fang family from then on, he has not come to let people tear the marriage contract. As long as they don’t tear it, then this marriage contract It has always existed! Whether the Cooper Family recognizes it or not!”

Fang said differently.

Looking at Delia, he said, “Ahong, do you understand what I mean?”

“Unexpectedly, the Chen Fang family still has such a history, but the Cooper Family is still fighting, sir, this marriage contract, I think it has ended automatically!”

Delia was unwilling.

“Although Donald had a big conflict with Swans once, I think that if I lend him ten courage, I dare not personally change the rules set by Swans!”

“Okay, sir, I have not mentioned this matter, but the Chen Fang family has been fighting for so many years. The Fang Mengyu incident caused our various families to be killed and injured. , We will never forget!”

Delia warned, and then left directly.

“He is really getting more and more presumptuous!”

Fang Nunan said coldly.

But then he ran over and rubbed his grandfather’s shoulders and said, “But Delia will be scheming again, and he is not as good as Grandpa. He actually came up with something like this to lie to him, haha!”

“Hehe…” Fang Dian patted the back of Fang Nun’s hand, “Nun, grandpa didn’t lie to her, you are indeed married to the young master of the Cooper Family!”


Fang Nun was taken aback for a moment.

“How is this possible? Grandpa, are you serious?”

Johan Adam’s never imagined that such a thing would happen to him.

“of course it’s true!”

“But grandpa, I can’t figure it out. Since the Chen Fang family had a marriage relationship, why did the aunt and Chen Ping’an, the second youngest Sheldon, encounter so many opposition?”

Johan Adam said in doubt.

“You are not the same as your aunt. When you were just born, Swans was in power. When you were one year old, Donald was in power. Donald sent Chen Ping An to our Fang family to steal from our Fang family. A family heirloom, once we lose this thing, our Fang family will fall apart, so Donald uses sinister heart. Grandpa doesn’t want to lose his daughter and his family again!”

“Huh? What is that?”

Johan Adam said in surprise.

“You don’t know yet! When you do what your aunt did back then, I will tell you!”

Fang smiled differently.

“But Grandpa, can I still count on my marriage contract now?”

Johan Adam asked her most worried question.

“Honestly, Grandpa doesn’t even know that he still can’t count. Alas! Sometimes, it’s very helpless!”

“Then grandpa, why hasn’t the young master of the Cooper Family heard from him for so many years?”

Fang Nun asked.

“The young master of the Cooper Family was naturally poorly raised by Donald, and he was scattered among the people. Although Donald has carried out many cover-ups, I have found some clues for so many years. If my guess is good, some time ago The very famous Roston Young Master Sheldon has a great connection with Young Master Sheldon!”

“Roston Sheldon?”

Fang Nun was surprised.

“That’s right, but whenever I send someone to investigate further, Donald will respond immediately and wrap that young Sheldon firmly so that I can’t investigate further!”

Johan Adam heard this.

Already understand a lot of things.

It turned out that I had a marriage contract with Roston Sheldon.

Haha, this gave Fang Nunan a strong sense of unreality in her heart.

I hate the Cooper Family and everyone in the Cooper Family.

Because of them, he killed his parents.

But now, it feels like God made a joke with myself…

“Grandpa, what about Swans?”

Johan Adam asked again.

“He has gone into hiding, he hasn’t appeared in a full 20 years!”

“The Cooper Family’s affairs are quite complicated, not simpler than our Fang family!”

Fang explained differently.

The grandfather and grandson talked for a long time in the study.

In the blink of an eye, many guests arrived at the conference.

Fang’s second child is in charge of entertaining outside.

“Mr. Situ, you came so early!”

Most of the visitors came over to say hello to Delia.

Obviously, in the eyes of everyone, the two brothers of the Fang family are not better than Delia.


As for the second child, looking at the scene before him, he waved his hand in indignation.

Suddenly this time.

Someone shouted: “Yenjing Dragon’s family, give me a white jade statue!”

“Huh? Yanjinglong’s house?”

Everyone was astonished.

This kind of activity, why did the Long family come?

Although the Fang family and the Long family had a little friendship, and the Long family had also clinged to the Fang family, but after so many years, there has been nothing about the Long family.

Now that the grandfather is celebrating her birthday, most of those invited are direct descendants of the Fang family.

The Long Family belonged to foreign ties.

Everyone talked a lot.

The second child and the third child looked at each other.

“Yenjing Long’s family, we don’t seem to have invited it?”

The two were surprised.

“Haha, the two young masters and three young masters, the Long Family came with my Delia Family. When I heard that the old man had a birthday, the Long Family sent a representative, which shows the respect of others!”

Delia was already speaking coldly at this moment.

“Delia, you are so bold, so you are worthy to bring guests to my house? What are you?”

Seeing that Delia’s face came, and the old lady’s face came, naturally they were two different things.

“Second uncles and third uncles, don’t be angry. Since they are here, they are the guests. The Delia Family is also an affiliated family of our Fang family. The people he invited and the people of our Fang family are all in the same family, right Situ uncle?”

At this time, Fang Nuan walked out and smiled faintly.

“Hahaha, my niece is still sensible, I see some people, the more they live, the more they return!”


The second and third were indignant.

While speaking, the representative of the Long Family has arrived.

“Huh? Why is it a woman?”

Everyone was surprised that a group of more than a dozen people came to the Long Family, but it was a girl who was about 22 years old.

“She should be the fiancee of the second young master of the Long Family?”

“I will attend the engagement banquet for the second youngest of the Long Family!”

At this time someone said.

Everyone knew it.

Also, on this occasion, in the situation of the Second Young Master of the Long Family, he would definitely not be able to participate.

“Miss Marcella, welcome!”

Chris and the others walked up, saying with some respect.

“Good Young Master, Good Uncle Situ, a little courteous, not respectable!”

The person here is naturally Marcella.


Suddenly there was the sound of a wine glass falling to the ground.

Sheldon has been busy before and after running here.

Sheldon was already stunned when he heard someone from the Long Family.

Sheldon was even more surprised when he saw the Long family headed walk in.

Marcella, why is she here too?

Chapter 400

I was drunk, first I ran into Shelly, and now I ran into Marcella.

I wanted to take advantage of this Fang family meeting to quietly take Qiangwei away.

But now, there are too many branches.

If Shelly and Marcella are recognized by either of them, it would be too lively.

I’ll wipe it.

Now Sheldon broke his wine glass again, and many people looked towards him, scared Sheldon hurriedly lowered his head to pick it up, and then ran back behind.


But even though Sheldon ran very fast, he still attracted the attention of a girl.

This girl is standing next to Fang Nuan, who else could be Fang Yi.

“Why are you so like Sheldon? It doesn’t make sense. Our Fang family is holding a meeting. What is this stupid kid doing?”

Fang Yi thought in her heart.

Then he chased him curiously.

“It was so risky just now!”

Sheldon came to the backyard and couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.


A female voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

Sheldon turned his head subconsciously.

Can not help but open his eyes.

fu*k, Fang Yi!

“God, I thought I was dazzled just now. I didn’t expect it to be you, you, you… Why did you come to our house? Why did you come in?”

Fang Yi said in surprise.

Grandpa held a birthday banquet before.

Although Fang Yi has always been the kind of character who does not hear things outside the window, she still knows some of the secrets of the Fang family.

Sheldon is just a little rich second generation, how could he be eligible to attend grandpa’s birthday banquet?


“O’ao, I’m here on behalf of our family to attend Father Fang’s birthday party! I’m looking for a toilet!”

Sheldon lied casually, “Just now, I want to text you both!”

“Ah? Why is your family also a vassal of our Fang family?”

Fang Yi was surprised, “But our Fang family doesn’t have any influence in Ping’an County, Roston~!”

Sheldon looked nervous. After thinking about the scene when Marcella and the others arrived, he explained, “I am not a direct vassal of the Fang family. The Delia Family asked us to come!”

“Huh? That’s no wonder!”

Fang Yi suddenly realized.

But then, he raised his slap angrily and drew Sheldon’s head.

“What are you doing?”

“Hmph, then you should know that the Delia Family is at odds with our Fang family. You can’t think that your family is actually a vassal of the Delia Family. This Delia Family really has no rules!”

Fang Yi said indignantly.

“Oh, family matters, I can’t get involved either!”

Sheldon said.

Just when Fang Yi had to teach Sheldon.

“Sister Li, look, the kid who burned you last night is there!”

Several gorgeously dressed women are heading outside the court.

A few of them are the female stars of this event.

“So you are here! I said that I can’t find you no matter how I look for it. Damn you, I can’t wear a skirt anymore. Do you know how many points this will reduce my performance?”

The female celebrity from last night rushed over and pointed at Sheldon’s head.

After all, she is the eldest sister, she is very imposing.

The incident last night really made her feel indignant.

“Hey hey, stop, what identity do you dare to talk to him like this?”

Fang Yi played Sheldonrself, after all, Sheldon was several generations shorter than herself, but this female star actually dared to play like this.

This makes Fang Yi feel that she has no face.

Just teach that female star.

When the actress sees Fang Yi’s extraordinary clothes, she knows she is a member of this big brother’s family.

I didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, and the current models smiled and said, “Don’t get me wrong, young lady, this product is for us!”

“It’s for you? You deserve it too? Sheldon, what is going on?”

Fang Yi was puzzled.

A dignified rich second generation, actually want to look at the faces of these female stars?

“Ahem, I’ll explain this to you later, I’m anxious to go to the bathroom, I’m leaving now!”

Sheldon’s scalp is about to explode, and Aunt Fang’s plan might be destroyed in his own hands.

“Don’t go! Stop!”

“Don’t leave!”

And Fang Yi said in unison with those actresses.

Fang Yi saw that Sheldon was hiding it from herself, and she did not like to feel confused. The more Sheldon wanted to leave, she refused to let Sheldon go.

As for the actresses, Fang Yi is the main family member.

In addition, the eldest lady seemed to be a few with herself just now, because this messenger had some misunderstandings.

At the moment, a heart of fawning naturally appeared in my heart.

What’s more, it’s just for this mess.

Not only did they shout, the five actresses ran over to block Sheldon.

“Sheldon, this is our Fang family. Where do you think you can go? Hurry up, you are a young and old man and a handyman. What’s the situation? If you don’t tell me, I will come over! “

Fang Yi grabbed Sheldon by the collar, reluctantly.

Although Sheldon can hit these girls with one hand.

But, if you really want to fight, it really makes things worse.

Therefore, Sheldon can only delay for a while.

“Yes, this miscellaneous boy is also dishonest. I think he has a problem, and I can’t spare him!”

The actress Li sister said.

Although Fang Yi did not like these actresses, what they said seemed to make sense.

In short, Sheldon was sneaky and wrong.

Fang Yi’s sense of family honor and justice suddenly became one.

Must investigate clearly.

At the moment, I twisted Sheldon’s ears: “Haha, I know you fight fiercely, but this is our Fang family. I tell you, if you dare to do it, I will let Jia Ding beat you to death. Don’t blame me for not reading our friendship. , You are so dishonest, just follow me, and when I finish my work, I will let her ask you! Follow me!”

After speaking, he pulled Sheldon and ran towards the front hall.

At this moment, two young men came to face each other.

His eyes were cold.

There was a silver needle between the fingers.

It’s about to start soon.

These two people are the dragons and earth tigers.

They are now looking for Sheldon everywhere, and finally found it, but Sheldon is in trouble.

In order to rescue Sheldon, Tianlong Earthhu decided to take a direct risk.

But Sheldon immediately shook his head.

Tell them to follow the original plan and leave it to me!

It is also confused.

“Still moving, please be honest!”

Fang Yi grabbed Sheldon’s ear and walked forward.

Four or five female stars followed and grabbed Sheldon’s arm.

There was excitement on their faces.

I’m afraid this time, you will make a contribution to this big family, right?

And Fang Yi really wanted to ask Nun to ask Sheldon.

But when everyone came to the field.

But I saw that many guests stood up right now.

The scene has also become very quiet, and Nai, who is standing in front of the field, seems to be confronting the group of guests who have stood up.

“what happened?”

Fang Yi was shocked.

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