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Chapter 401

Sheldon was also wondering, just now it was fine, but now it is like this, it seems that there is a conflict.

Look at it with surprise now.

I saw that there was a middle-aged woman kneeling in the crowd.

The old man of the Fang family looked embarrassed.

But the vassal families of the Fang family are filled with righteous indignation.

“It’s her. She was the personal servant of Fang Mengyu, the sinner of the Fang family. Come on! Tell Fang Mengyu’s whereabouts, we can spare you!”

“Hmph, because of a big fight between Fang Mengyu and the two families of Chen Fang, we lost almost all of our vassal family members. I pity my newly grown son because of the woman Fang Mengyu, Master Fang, if You are the one who hid Fang Mengyu, please also trouble you to hand her over!”

“Yes, hand it over, give us an account for several families!”

Many people gathered around and said to the old man of the Fang family.

And Delia sneered.

Shicai, a small conflict occurred.

That is because Fang is different because Delia is good at advocating this matter, he directly reprimanded Delia in public.

For so many years, Delia has always regarded himself as the head of several big families.

In addition, in the morning when I was asking for some assets and his son’s marriage with Fangdi, Fangdi made Delia very unable to come to stage.

There is a grudge.

First salute and then soldier, since salute is not enough, then Delia simply took advantage of it today.

So he told the story of the Fang family who had found the servant of Fang Mengyu.

Because of the previous, Delia had already sent people to monitor the Fang family’s every move.

In addition, Fang’s family also had a lot of Delia’s eyeliner. Naturally, Delia couldn’t help it.

What’s more, now he still has a trump card he personally sent to Fang’s hand.

Internal conflicts will erupt today!

But Fang was different, looking at the crowd at the moment, couldn’t help being angry.

Secret fight for so many years.

Although Fang’s family is still a behemoth, it is like a high-rise building without its skeleton. It looks majestic, but in fact it is already in danger.

The ambitions of Delia and his son are different.

But he thought that even though he was old, he should still be able to hold the father and son in his lifetime.

Unexpectedly, the father and son would openly make a move on their birthdays.

The grievances accumulated in those years have always been suppressed, Delia and his son, this is deliberately intensifying the conflict.

Otherwise, his biological daughter, how could Fang different be willing to three-five and sever the father-son relationship with her.

It’s not to stabilize several vassal families!

“Today is my grandfather’s 80th birthday. Are you here to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, or do you come to Xingshi to inquire?”

Fang Nuan said coldly at the moment.

“My niece, my grandfather has a birthday, we are naturally happy, but our family lost so many relatives back then, and my grandfather always said that he would compensate and explain to our big families, but now, it’s been more than 20 years, still see you Not that Fang Mengyu who provoked the trouble, the so-called confession was nothing more than a mosquito-sized property for us. Now the master hid Fang Mengyu’s servant back then in Fang’s house. If it weren’t for Mr. Situ to explain it himself, I am afraid we have been kept in the dark!”

“We have vassalized the Fang family for several generations, but if you do this, how can you convince the public?”

A middle-aged man said indignantly.

“That’s right, I don’t think everyone talks so much. If I arrest this Asya and tortured, I don’t believe that she didn’t tell Fang Mengyu’s whereabouts!”

“Come on, pull her up for me!”

After speaking, several bodyguards of the vassal family immediately tore Asya.

“You are so presumptuous! Don’t think I don’t know. The whereabouts of your aunt is false. It is true that you want to obtain the assets of your aunt?”

Fang Nun yelled coldly.

At this time, the talents of several big families all quieted down.

“My niece, I can’t say that either, but since you’ve said it to this point, it’s no good for our Delia Family not to set an example. Yes, Fang Mengyu’s assets were only distributed to us at the beginning. And the price we paid is far more than this, so we should share it equally!”

Delia said.

At the beginning, Fang Mengyu and the elder brothers and sisters of the Fang family almost controlled most of the forces of the Fang family.

Fang Mengyu’s power was obviously greater than that of Johan Adam’s father.

If they were evenly divided, then these vassal families would not only be on an equal footing with the Fang family.

And I am afraid, this is the true purpose of Delia and his son, right?

“What you think is beautiful…”

Johan Adam said angrily.

“囝囡, step aside, you don’t need to take care of this matter!”

At this time, Fang Different with a gloomy face finally spoke.

Fang Nuan didn’t dare to violate Grandpa’s words, and stood aside now.

Unlike Fang, he personally negotiated with Delia.

“囝囡, 囝囡! Come here!”

At this time, Fang Yi shouted.

Johan Adam frowned and walked over.

At the moment, I saw Sheldon being picked up by Fang Yi.

Fang Nuann was surprised: “Why are you here?”

“Leave him alone, let’s talk about what’s going on? Are these big families going to rebel?”

Fang Yi took Fang Nun’s hand and said.

Fang Nuan nodded: “Grandpa told me a long time ago that I should watch out for the Delia Family when Grandpa finishes his birthday, because the Delia Family has been conspiring something all these years…”

Glancing at Sheldon, Fang Nai continued, “Unexpectedly, he would make trouble on Grandpa’s birthday. No wonder he made some demands with Grandpa so powerfully this morning!”

“Ah? What’s the requirement?”

Fang Yi asked.

“I see, it must be to propose to you, right?”

Johan Adam nodded.

“Hmph, Toad wants to eat swan meat, I know, Grandpa must have rejected him! By the way, how did Grandpa reject him and make him jump the wall?”

Fang Yi asked again.

“I…I actually had a marriage contract with someone since I was a kid!” Fang Nun’s pretty face blushed slightly and said softly.

“Ah? With whom? Why have I never heard of it!”

“Forget it, don’t talk about this!”

Johan Adam shook his head.

At this moment, look into the field.

“Master, I’ve been merciful everywhere. In fact, as long as you return the compensation that should be given to us, we will still follow the Fang family with all our heart. There is no need. I have to let me tell all of this, right?”

Delia said coldly.

Fang didn’t twist his brows.

He finally knew why Delia was uncharacteristically that day and told himself that he had discovered Mengyu’s daughter, thinking he had changed his mind.

Unexpectedly, it was scheming.

Poor Fang is different from a hero, and he is in a mess because of his love for his daughter.

However, in the end, ginger is still old and spicy, and the sensitive side still has an extra layer of protection.

“Hehe, Ahong, I don’t know what you said. Indeed, I found Axia, because I wanted to know the whereabouts of Mengyu from her mouth, but Axia, I don’t know anything, I can’t bear her wandering alone. That’s why we took her in. We have already made it clear just now, what else do you have to say?”

Fang said quietly.

“Hahaha, sir, I really admire you, but this morning, my subordinates occasionally stopped a car coming out of the villa outside the villa, and in the car, he happened to ran into a girl, tut tut, This girl is so beautiful, Patriarch Li, Patriarch Wang, you don’t know how beautiful is she? She looks almost exactly the same as Fang Mengyu! If you don’t believe me, I will let your subordinates bring her up!”

Delia also smiled.

“You… did you take Qiangwei?”

Fang was different, his face finally couldn’t hold back, and his whole body shook slightly.

“Is her name Qiangwei? I asked her but she didn’t tell me a word, I think, let’s ask everyone, come on, bring that girl up!”

Delia shouted.

Chapter 402

With Delia’s voice landing.

I saw a few people and walked up with a girl.

The girl lowered her head and said nothing, but her exquisite face was enough to surprise everyone present.

“It’s so alike, it’s exactly the same!”

“Yeah, I thought it was Fang Mengyu who was back then!”

“We were all deceived. Maybe the Fang family had known where Fang Mengyu was, but for so many years, all of our vassal families didn’t know it!”

Discuss directly on the spot.

And this girl is not someone else, but she is Qiangwei.

Qiangwei’s face is ugly. She has just been injured and her body is very weak.

“It’s really my aunt’s daughter, so grandpa has already found my aunt’s daughter!”

Fang Yunan also suddenly realized.


The other side’s face tightened.

Originally, he sent someone to quietly send Su Qiangwei away this morning, but he didn’t expect that the Fang family now had the support of the Delia Family, and he was taken away by Delia instead.

“Master Fang, now that there are all human and physical evidence, what else can you say, where is Fang Mengyu? Please also Master Fang to hand over Fang Mengyu as soon as possible!”

The people of the whole family all embraced.

At the moment, the angry look is different.

Fang is different. There is nothing to say.

His face was tense.

He wanted to save Su Qiangwei, but faced with the provocation of the Delia Family, he had to give an explanation to the vassal families.

And just when he was in a dilemma.

“Why do you bother the Fang family, I am here!”

A voice sounded behind everyone.

Then I saw that a woman was walking towards this side from outside the door.


“Who is this? How did you come in?”

“I’ll go, look at this woman’s face, it’s really ugly!”

“No way, look at it for a while, the goose bumps on my body are going to rise!”

The crowd suddenly became agitated.

But Marcella’s eyes had been on Su Qiangwei’s body just now. She felt that Su Qiangwei was very familiar, but she just couldn’t remember where she had met her.

Seeing this woman who had just arrived, Marcella glanced at her mouth in disgust.

But Fang was different, his whole body shook violently.

Because he was so familiar with this voice, he waited for this voice for more than 20 years.

But the person in front of him really made Fang different unbelievable. Is this his daughter, Mengyu, who was the allure of the country?

“Mengyu? You…Are you Mengyu?”

Fang asked with trembling hands.

The second and third child looked at Fang Mengyu in astonishment, and then went over to help Fang Differ.

“Father, it’s been twenty years, and Mengyu is back!”

Two lines of tears left Fang Mengyu’s eyes.

“younger sister?”

The second and third were completely dumbfounded, looking at each other.


Rao, Delia and others, couldn’t help but took a breath.

“It turned out to be the old lady of the Fang family, Fang Mengyu, my God, it’s no wonder that the Fang family has been looking for her for so many years and couldn’t find her. Fang Mengyu, who turned out to be beautiful like a flower, has turned countless people down, has become like this. !”

“No, even if you see it on the street, no one will recognize it!”

Everyone sighed.

“Miss, why did you come out!”

The servant Aunt Xia ran towards Fang Mengyu.

“Aunt Xia, in order to save Qiangwei, I can’t show up! Aunt Xia, I have hurt you for so many years!”

Fang Mengyu said apologetically.

Then she looked at her daughter Qiangwei, who was puzzled.

“Qiangwei, I discussed with your brother before, so I lied to you, I am your mother!”

Fang Mengyu took Su Qiangwei’s hand.

And Su Qiangwei finally understood.

Why did I think Aunt Fang was kind when I saw her before?

It turns out that she is the Fang Mengyu she was looking for, her mother?

Su Qiangwei’s mood suddenly became complicated. She didn’t know that she should call the woman’s mother who felt extremely kind before her or Aunt Fang!

“I see! No wonder, we couldn’t find any clues about my aunt some time ago!”

Johan Adam said.

“Hmph, today is not your confession meeting, Fang Mengyu, since you came out, then you must give us an account of what happened back then? You have been hiding for more than 20 years. We are looking for you. Exhausted my mind!”

Delia said coldly.

“Delia, I know what you want to do. You don’t need to hold me to blackmail the Fang family. Even if it’s not the turn of your vassal families to take charge of that property, well, since you want to find me, now I When it appears, I can go with you, at your disposal!”

Fang Mengyu said.

Delia’s face turned green immediately.

Even though I had pursued Fang Mengyu at the beginning, but today, the love between men and women in the past is long gone.

It’s okay if Fang Mengyu can’t come out, but Fang Mengyu has appeared, and all his plans have been ruined.

Even if Fang Mengyu is killed, those properties won’t be obtained. What use is this?

Delia has been looking for Fang Mengyu’s whereabouts for so many years, trying to find her and put her under house arrest.

But no matter how to find it, I can’t find it.

This is like a time bomb.

But unexpectedly, it exploded at this critical time.

Delia and the others suddenly became an unknown teacher.

“Hmph, don’t you want us to let you go, come, take her away for me!”

The heads of several vassal families were also furious.

Yelled directly.

Different parties are also about to stop.

“Master, someone outside brought up a birthday gift!”

At this time, a man with the appearance of a housekeeper ran over panting, his expression a little nervous.


“All birthday gifts are invaluable!”

The butler seemed scared.

“What? Who sent it?”

Today, the parties that should be invited have all been invited.

The strengths of these families are very different from each other, and they still can’t send a priceless gift.

Besides, even if it is ordinary, it is impossible to scare his housekeeper into this situation.

The butler swallowed and said, “He said that they are old friends with you, from the Negston Cooper Family!”

“What? Negston Cooper Family?”

Fang shook his hand, and the crutches fell to the ground.

And everyone in the audience was also shocked.

The Negston Cooper Family, who belonged to the vassal or direct line of the Fang family, knew best.

Now the super family.

It was the Negston Cooper Family that caused the Fang family to dare not look up for decades.

The existence of absolute horror.

As for the grievances of the Chen Fang family, everyone is obviously aware of it.

Fang Nuan also walked to Grandpa’s side at this moment.

It was the Cooper Family who killed his parents.

Now, are you finally going to see this mysterious enemy?

Delia’s face was slightly pale, today’s trouble, the timing is wrong, and now the Cooper Family is here, where there is still the slightest picture of Delia.

I usually say that the Cooper Family is the enemy, that is to say, who dares to actually be the Cooper Family in the face.

Even if the Cooper Family killed many of them in the first place, in the face of great power, Delia, the head of the vassal family, would not even dare to let go.

While Sheldon watched from the sidelines, he was a little confused.

Someone from your own family?

Yes, I did tell my subordinates the location of the family, but I didn’t expect it to be for the purpose of the Negston Cooper Family?

Who is here again?

Sheldon was curious.

And this time the butler spoke again:

“It’s the young master of the Negston Cooper Family, Sheldon!”

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