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Chapter 403:

Sheldon Has Arrived

“What? Young Master Sheldon?”

Everyone looked at each other.

“I have never heard of such a young master in the Cooper Family!”

“Ahem, don’t forget, the young master of the Cooper Family was raised by the Cooper Family, and ordinary people could not get any news from him. Even if the Fang family used a lot of manpower to investigate back then, they didn’t. Found it!”

“Unexpectedly, Sheldon has returned to the family! Now, I have found the Fang family! This is too great, not worse than the Donald back then!”

The people in the affiliated family were all talking about it.

Fang Nun’s breath was even more rapid, and there was an inexplicable emotion in her heart.

“Hello Young Master, what is the background of this Negston Young Master Sheldon?”

Now that the Cooper Family arrives, these vassal families naturally have no picture.

Including Long’s family.

Marcella attended as the second grandmother of the Long Family. At this moment, she was also frightened by Fang’s different shocking attitude, so she hurriedly asked.

The main reason was that when everyone called Sheldon, Marcella couldn’t help but think of someone.

“The Negston Cooper Family, a very powerful hidden family, I heard that their weakest vassal family is about to catch up with the strength of the Shang family, let alone us!”

Chris said with fear on his face.

“Huh? There is such a family in the world?”

After all, Marcella was in the midway. Although she gained a lot of knowledge, she was still shocked after listening to Chris’s introduction.

“Of course there is. The Fang family has been fighting against the Cooper Family for so many years based on their previous heritage, but they can’t fight it at all~! That’s why they chose this method, hiding themselves and avoiding the Cooper Family, trying to take the opportunity to fight back, ha ha, It is precisely because of this that the Fang family is now very divided internally. Now that the Cooper Family has come to the door, of course he must be afraid!”

Chris took a deep breath and said.

“That, that, that… how many assets does the Cooper Family have?”

Marcella was really shocked and asked hurriedly.

“I don’t know, it’s just an outside rumor that half of the earth’s wealth has now been concentrated in the Cooper Family!”

With Chris finished.

Marcella’s eyes widened completely.

Half of the earth, what kind of concept is this.

And what kind of existence does this Negston Young Master Sheldon have?

Everyone started talking in amazement.

“One sail, one sail, come and listen, it seems that a very powerful young man is coming!”

Several girls pulled Shelly over.

“Ah? How powerful?” Shelly asked in surprise.

“Oh my God, didn’t you see that all these powerful men with absolute strength turned pale? They said, this Young Master Sheldon who came here has the wealth of half the earth! Negston Cooper Family, that’s amazing!”

The girls said excitedly.

After all, girls are very excited to see rich handsome guys.

But I didn’t expect to see such a powerful young man.

When Shelly heard this, he directly covered his mouth.

But soon, she became nervous.

“You mean, the Negston Cooper Family, is this young man Sheldon?”

Shelly was also sensitive.

My heart suddenly became unspeakably uncomfortable. The reason is Sheldon.

Because she had already seen something about Sheldon before.

Her sister actually has such a huge financial resources.

Later, I heard that Sheldon’s sister’s home was in Negston.

Negston, the Cooper Family?

Shouldn’t it?

Shelly started breathing quickly.

If it is true, she really wants to die! Going right now!

Rejected Sheldon, if Sheldon is just an ordinary rich second generation.

Then Shelly could barely survive.

But what should I do if it is of this level!

“They are here!”

At this time, someone shouted.

This allowed the scene of the riot to calm down, and everyone watched.

I saw a neat team approaching nearly a hundred people in black suits.

The leader was an old man who looked about sixty years old. As for the old man, there was also a young man in formal clothes. This young man was about 22 years old.

He is obese and has squinted eyes.

“He is Negston Young Master Sheldon?”

“Yes, it must be him!”

The crowd swallowed and dared not speak loudly.

Soon, this group of people came directly to Fang Different.

The momentum is too strong.

“Afu, is it you?”

Fang looked at the old man differently and said with a smile.

“Brother Haroldg, we are afraid that we will have been missing for 50 or 60 years. Don’t come here without problems!”

The old man also smiled slightly.

“Yes, it’s been 50 or 60 years in a blink of an eye. The slug next to Dian Cang back then has now become like this. If it weren’t for your eyes that haven’t changed for so many years, I would almost never recognize you. It’s been so long!”

It seemed that he had thought of the past, and Fang was very moved.

At that time, Fang was different from Swans’s brother, and this old man named Ah Fu was Swans’s younger brother. Hehe, time flies, now it’s not the past.

“Yes, Brother Haroldg, it’s been a long time!”

Ah Fu smiled calmly.

Even though the grievances between Chen Fang and his family are deeply rooted, the so-called big brothers breaking their wrists are all secretly competing. On the bright side, everyone is polite.

The Sheldon next to Ah Fu looked around in a daunting manner.


At this moment, the young Chen saw someone.

“It’s you?”

“Oh it’s you?”

Sheldon said in unison with that person.

What he saw was naturally Marcella.

Very surprised Marcella actually appeared here.

Marcella was even more surprised. She had dealt with this person.

Isn’t it Sheldon’s god brother, Shannon, the son of the richest man in Stilfest?

How is he?

Not knowing why, Marcella suddenly felt inexplicably nervous.

“Aren’t you Ivan? Why are you Sheldon from Negston?”

Marcella’s face turned pale.

And Johan Adam’s was also slightly surprised.

She thought that this was the young master of the Cooper Family, Sheldon, who was married by her fingertips?

But Marcella’s big tongue broke.

It made Shannon look embarrassed.

Shannon said, “Who said I’m Sheldon, should I play with me?”

“So it wasn’t him, what about Young Master Sheldon?”

Everyone was surprised.

“Hehe, Brother Haroldg, I made you laugh. We came today. There are actually two things. The first one is to represent the Cooper Family and send you a birthday gift with Sheldon. After all these years, our Patriarch also I regret it, so I hope to meet and talk with the Fang family, but for many years, I haven’t received any news from the Fang family!”

Ah Fu smiled faintly, “But don’t worry, Brother Haroldg, with my Cooper Family, I don’t think anyone dare to make trouble on birthday!”

Delia and the others swallowed one after another, and stood a step back.

“As for the second thing, our Cooper Family wants to take back Miss Qiangwei and the second wife of Mengyu. The wife is the younger sister of our Patriarch, and Miss Qiangwei is a member of my Cooper Family. I think Brother Haroldg should understand it!”

Fang took a deep breath.

Things have reached this point.

And the Cooper Family must be prepared for this visit.

Fang did not consider the overall situation and would not say anything.

After all, the Fang family is now exposed and facing great danger at any time, but the Fang family holds a hole card that is very important to Donald, presumably Donald will not be too much.

If the two parties can negotiate, it can be said to be the best choice at the moment.

“Of course I understand!”

Fang nodded differently.

“But Afu, our Fang family used to sit on the same level as Chen Jiaping. Now you say that the young master of the Cooper Family came to congratulate me on my birthday, but no one else came. Instead, you want me to send my daughter and granddaughter directly. Isn’t that justified? “

Fang stared differently.

“Hehe, who said that our Young Master is not there, and, for your birthday, Brother Haroldg, our Young Master arrived at Fang’s house one day earlier!”

Afu smiled.

“What? You mean Sheldon has arrived?”

Fang was surprised.

“Sheldon came long ago? Where is it?”

Everyone was also astonished.

Chapter 404

As for Ah Fu, he was looking around at the moment.

According to Zhu Ming, Sheldon’s has indeed arrived.

Everyone also watched each other.

“Oh, I didn’t expect this Young Master Sheldon to come, why didn’t I know?”

Fang Yi was surprised.

Fang Yi also wanted to see who that person was. It hurts myself and Naunen to be unable to go out to play since childhood.

Even the actresses holding Sheldon were all looking for them with excitement.

With someone like Sheldon, it will definitely be difficult to make friends.

But, it’s good to meet some real top rich second generation.

This trip is not in vain.

Sheldon looked at the scene before him and couldn’t help shaking his head with a wry smile.

In this situation, it seems that I want to continue to keep a low profile.

According to the original plan, I just wanted Zhu Ming to plan outside and make some movement.

But how did his father know about it and how he sent someone from the Negston family? Sheldon didn’t know these things.

But the family is also just right.

My task is considered complete.

Right now, Sheldon stood up directly.

Fang Yi opened her mouth: “Sheldon, what are you doing?”

Several actresses are also a little surprised.

“People are looking for Sheldon, what are you doing to stand up?”

“Hahaha, I don’t know, I thought it was him!”

The actresses sneered sarcastically.

Everyone was even more startled by Sheldon’s actions, and they looked towards Sheldon.


Shelly on the side naturally recognized Sheldon at a glance.

Breathing is a little short at the moment.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon really came, and it seemed that he came with their team.

what? Then last night, after he got drunk, he put himself on the bed and changed his clothes. Is it really Sheldon?

I vaguely remembered that I seemed to have seen Sheldon.

And, is Sheldon really…

Unwilling, regretful, embarrassed and angry, all the emotions appeared in Shelly’s heart.

What if it is true?

What kind of existence did he reject at the beginning?

And Marcella.

Staring at it incredibly.

Suddenly there was a feeling of what to be afraid of.

Sheldon was like a ghost, and he came to Shu to participate in activities. It was a showy thing, but I didn’t expect to be here, I still met Sheldon!

Yes, who is most afraid of this result.

That must be Marcella.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon actually appeared here.

Is he really Sheldon from Negston?

Negston Cooper Family, that is not comparable to the Long Family.

Moreover, after seeing Sheldon after a while, Marcella felt that Sheldon was more mature and stable.

This sense of growth also made Marcella very uncomfortable.


Jimmy looked at Sheldon who came by, her pretty face flushed, and she couldn’t help but be surprised.

Could it be that he is Young Master Sheldon who is married by himself?

Not to mention Johan Adam, Fang Mengyu was also very surprised.

I always thought that Sheldon was just a descendant of the Cooper Family, but I didn’t expect that Sheldon’s father was Donald.

“See Sheldon!”

Ah Fu looked at the young master and smiled. You must know that Ah Fu has always been Donald’s personal driver. He had embraced Sheldon when he was a child.

And Sheldon’s poor education process has always been in charge of Ah Fu.

So even though he has never had direct contact with Sheldon, he knows Sheldon’s behavior very well. Sheldon is mature, steady and introverted, and his personality is more like a wife.


The group of people behind him also shouted in unison.

Sheldon nodded: “Fu Bo, I didn’t expect you to come…”

“Master is worried about the situation here, Master, you can’t handle it alone, so you sent me to help!”

“Hey brother, I really miss you too, so I came to see you!”

Shannon also smiled.

Everyone had their mouths open, especially those actresses, who were almost ready to put eggs in them.

“Impossible, it is absolutely impossible!”

Marcella kept shaking her head in shock.

To be honest, although she had been hurt and uncomfortable when she learned that Sheldon was the god of Roston, everything disappeared after she entered Long’s house.

At best, he is on par with Sheldon.

My heart is slightly balanced.

But now, Sheldon is actually Negston Sheldon, a world-class hero, my God.

The Long Family looked like an ant in front of Sheldon.

Marcella was strongly stimulated.

“Grandpa Fang, on behalf of the Negston Cooper Family, I present birthday gifts. Isn’t this always okay?”

Sheldon smiled.

Fang took a breath and nodded slightly.

Fang Yi ran to Fang Nun’s side.

“Huh? Nun, I didn’t expect Sheldon to be…”

Fang Yi was really surprised.

Johan Adam nodded blushing.

Neither of them thought that Sheldon was really the young master of the Cooper Family.

The next thing is simple.

The only difference between the parties is to negotiate with the Cooper Family.

After all, the Fang family has been exposed.

As for Fang Mengyu and Qiangwei, Sheldon would naturally take them away.

After the birthday banquet is over.

Sheldon team left.

Only Marcella, who was unwilling, and Shelly, who was in a complicated mood, remained.


Marcella chased out in shame.

Immediately, a bodyguard stopped Marcella.

“what’s up?”

Looking at Marcella, Sheldon asked bitterly.

“Sheldon, let me ask you, what the hell is going on? You, you… You are actually the young and old of the Negston Cooper Family? How is this possible?”

Marcella came out alone.

She is still calm, after all, some things have to be carried by the Long Family.

However, if Sheldon were to leave like this, Marcella would not be reconciled.

Yes, when I talked about it, Sheldon was a well-known poor Sheldon, but after a while, he actually became so rich? He seems to be the boss of Roston Group.

This in itself surprised Marcella.

Marcella wanted to know the answer, but Sheldon just didn’t tell herself.

Now, I thought it was already comparable to Sheldon, but as a result, he turned out to be the son of a world-class god, a top young man.

At the global level, what kind of concept is this?

And Sheldon didn’t want to give up if she didn’t ask clearly.

He smiled bitterly:

“In fact, at the very beginning, I also felt quite surprised. I went back that night and was very sad. But that time, my sister transferred me 10 million and gave me pocket money. I saw so much money. I was almost frightened, and told me a secret that had been hidden for many years. I was raised poorly…”

Sheldon told Marcella what happened at the time.

The more Marcella listened, the wider her eyes became.

In this way, everything about Sheldon became clear.

“Okay, now you know it, I should go too!”

Sheldon nodded.

“No, wait for Sheldon!”

Marcella suddenly shouted anxiously.

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