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Chapter 405

“Sheldon, why don’t we make up? Even if it is your concubine, I am willing!”

“what did you say?”

Sheldon’s eyes widened and looked at Marcella in disbelief.

“Ah? I… what did I just say?”

Marcella was also in a panic, because she was nervous, she actually said what was in her heart.

The face is embarrassing now.

“I…I’m talking nonsense, but Sheldon, are we still friends?”

Sheldon gave a wry smile, and said nothing.

“Nothing else, I’m leaving!”

After speaking, Sheldon turned around and left cleanly.

So much time has passed, and the love with Marcella has long since broken.

Sheldon didn’t feel anymore about her either.

Naturally, she will not be too entangled with her.

At this time, Sheldon, who got in the car, received a call.

Picking it up, Lilla actually called.

Lilla hasn’t contacted herself for almost half a month, but Sheldon sent her a text message every other time.

“Lilla, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked with a smile.

“You… are you finished?”

Lilla said.

During this time, Sheldon has been sending Lilla his own news, so Lilla knows what Sheldon is doing.

“I’m done, I’m going back to Negston today, I will go to Los Angeles Island to find you first!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Okay, by the way, you try to come and find me before tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, I received an interview with an overseas expedition team. I want to see you! I really want to!”

During this period of time, Lilla did not tell Sheldon his grievances.

Because Sister Alicia’s meaning is clear, that is, Lilla can hardly enter the Cooper Family.

It means that she and Sheldon can’t go together in the end.

However, as long as there is a chance, Lilla is willing to work hard.

Efforts to prove that I am not a vase that admires vanity, but that I can stay by Sheldon and help Sheldon.

It was the hard work during this period of time that gave Lilla the opportunity to lead an interview.

However, the more so, the more she missed Sheldon.

“Okay, see you tomorrow, I will find you tomorrow!”

Sheldon smiled.

After a few conversations, the two hung up.

“Lilla, how is it? Sheldon is coming?”

While Su Mengmeng was packing up the things needed to prepare for this interview, the roommates also asked Lilla with a smile.

After all, when we met last time, Sheldon was a young man from Roston.

But after that, I realized that Sheldon was actually a world-class young man and a very rich kind.

The so-called value is different, people will be reborn.

Su Mengmeng and the others, as if they had never seen Sheldon, eagerly wanted to see Sheldon.

In this exclusive interview, as the main reporter, Lilla has the right to bring two assistants.

These two assistants must be Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen.

Although Wu Wenwen was secretly angry with Lilla before, after the last TV station festival incident, she has a very good relationship with Lilla.

“He said he came!”

Lilla smiled sweetly.

“Wow, that’s great. Brother Sheldon came in person this time. I can imagine the scene at that time! Our boyfriend will also come to see us, Lilla, can you introduce them to me?”

Su Mengmeng smiled.


The three people happily talked and laughed.


There was a knock on the door, and then the door of the dorm opened.

It’s Ma Nan.

“Lilla, when I was downstairs just now, I saw your express delivery, so I brought the three of you up!”

Ma Nan spoke and brought three small packages.

“Huh, thanks!”

Wu Wenwen snorted coldly.

The last time she helped Yang Huali frame Lilla, everyone was very angry.

But Lilla obviously didn’t care about her.

“Thank you Ma Nan, give it to me!”

Lilla took it.

“Lilla, thank you this time for giving me a chance to do a show on TV. Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, we are all good friends! By the way, unpack and see what’s in the package!”

Lilla said with a smile.

There are only three people in the dorm, Lilla, and now Ma Nan is added.

Obviously Ma Nan wanted to get closer to Lilla, so he didn’t leave.

“Oh my God, how come you send packages to the three of us? Could it be our boyfriend, haha, definitely not!”

Su Mengmeng has no brains.

“I think it should be given by this expedition team, after all, the three of us are all entourages of the expedition team!”


With that said, the three people opened the package individually.

“Huh? What is this? Pendant? It doesn’t look like it, it looks really strange!”

Su Mengmeng looked at something like a pendant.

This is like a sign similar to the sun, like a burning fireball.

“The expedition team is too different, why do you give us this pendant?”

Wu Wenwen said in a puzzled way, “Moreover, how come this kind of pendant is so uncomfortable to look at?”

“It’s a little strange!”

Lilla was also surprised.

“Forget it, forget it, tomorrow is a great time for us to show our talents, so let me treat, let’s go out for a good meal tonight!”

Su Mengmeng laughed and said.

“Okay, by the way, Ma Nan, you also go with us! Let’s go together!”

Lilla invited.

Ma Nan nodded.

At the same time, late that night, a plane from Shudu to Los Angeles Island also arrived smoothly.

Then there was a special car to pick up a group of people to a port location.

At the moment, at the port.


“fu*k me, bitch!”

A young man struck a girl hard on the face.

The strength was used a lot, and the girl was directly pulled to the ground.

Here is the entrance of a seaside hotel.

“Damn, now I think of me coming, and found me here, go to hell you!”

As the man said, he kicked the girl’s abdomen fiercely.

The girl was hurt and curled up on the floor.

And this scene was also seen by those who were preparing to board the ship.

“If my new girlfriend misunderstands me, I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish!”

The man said he would fight again.


Suddenly, his hand was firmly grasped.

“You… who are you?”

The man angered.

As for the boy, he held his hand slightly hard.


The hurt man immediately begged for mercy.


The boy kicked him a few meters away.

Looking at the team behind the boys, the man dared not speak much, and hurried into the hotel.

The boy squatted down and helped the girl who had been beaten up.

Suddenly startled.

“It’s really you!”

The boy was surprised.

When he was in the port just now, he felt that the girls were familiar.

I didn’t want to control it, but the man was obviously playing too hard.

So he can’t bear it.

The girls who were beaten couldn’t stand up anymore. Seeing the boys at this moment, they were surprised at the same time, as if they had caught the straw.

“Sheldon, is that you!?”

The girl cried and said.

Chapter 406:

Shelly’s Scheming

“Well, I didn’t expect to meet you again here!”

Sheldon nodded.

This girl is not someone else, but Shelly.

Originally, Sheldon thought that he should never see Shelly again.

Unexpectedly, I was about to go to my sister first, but ran into her here.

Regarding Shelly’s affairs, after Sheldon learned some later, he felt uneasy.

I felt that if she didn’t meet herself and didn’t hit her like that, she should be living well.

Moreover, I was beaten by that man just now.

Sheldon looked at him and felt distressed.

After all, Sheldon did not hate her.

“Are you OK?”

Sheldon asked.

“I’m okay, haha, I am a bereavement dog now, let him hit me, Sheldon, I Shelly is a girl who loves money, for money, I am willing to do everything, I am so cheap, you let me pass Right!”

Shelly crawled inside while crying.

The more Sheldon looked, the more he couldn’t bear it.

“Shelly, why are you doing this?”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

“Sheldon, you don’t care about me, I don’t deserve it, I used to treat you like that!”

Shelly sat on the ground and burst into tears.

Under the current situation, if Sheldon left her and left, he would feel sorry for it.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the room to rest first. It’s so late, so take a good rest first!”

Sheldon turned around and greeted a group of subordinates. They naturally understood and arranged a boat to wait for Sheldon.

Then, Sheldonlped Shelly to a nearby sea view hotel.

Let her rest first.

“You rest, I’m leaving!”

Sheldon said.

“Sheldon, don’t go!”

Unexpectedly, Shelly hugged Sheldon from behind.

“Sheldon, don’t go, please, I have a lot to tell you, but in the end, the person who is best to me is still you. I was not good before! I know I am not worthy of you now , But you should take pity on me and accompany me, okay? Just a while!”

Shelly hugged Sheldon very tightly.


Sheldon sighed, then nodded in agreement.

However, Sheldon still kept a distance from Shelly.

Even though Shelly is a very beautiful goddess, she is very beautiful, but Sheldon is still not enough to take advantage of others.

There is wine in the hotel.

Shelly walked over, opened a bottle, and poured two glasses of red wine.

“Sheldon, can you accompany me for a drink? Don’t worry, I won’t bother you. Haha, I was really concerned about your identity, but later, after I learned of your identity, I realized that I was How ridiculous, of course I won’t pester you! Don’t be afraid!”

Shelly said.

“You are injured, so rest early!”

Sheldon shook his head.

“The injury I received is the injury in my heart. Didn’t people say everything about it? For the injury in my heart, only wine is the cure!”

“Okay, but I don’t drink much. I have to leave after drinking. My men are still waiting for me!”

Sheldon took over the wine glass.

Listening to what Shelly said, Sheldon drank three glasses of red wine one after another.

The main thing is that Shelly is alone in a foreign area. She is already so pitiful. As a former classmate, she is a good friend of Kristine. If she doesn’t enlighten her, she is really sorry.

And watching Shelly’s wine taste gradually came up.

Sheldon hurriedly stopped.

“Okay, just drink these, Shelly, you should rest early and get a good night’s sleep. After the next day, you will be fine. I have something to do, so I can’t accompany you for now!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he stood up.


Suddenly I felt a little soft in my legs and a little dizzy in my head.

“This wine is so powerful?”

Sheldon thought to himself.

Then, Shelly hugged Sheldon again.

Sheldon wanted to break her hand, but was already running out of strength.

Until he felt the sky spinning before his eyes, Sheldon finally passed out on the bed with black eyes.

Shelly clutched his abdomen and wiped his tears.

I took out my phone and sent out a text message.

Someone came and knocked on the door immediately.

Opened the door and saw that it was the man who hit Shelly just now.

“Yeah! Miss, it’s done, I thought you were taken away by this young man?”

The man smiled.

“Give you the money and disappear immediately. Besides, I’ll make you be more truthful. Your shots are too heavy, right?”

Shelly said angrily.

“Don’t you say something like that, otherwise, how can this rich young man believe it? Hey, I think this rich young man is in a coma. You are idle this evening, or else?”

“fu*k me right away!”

Shelly glanced at the man in disgust, and immediately closed the door.

Yes, this is a drama, a bitter drama.

In order to be able to gain the trust of Sheldon and win his sympathy.

Shelly is betting.

After learning Sheldon’s true identity, all Shelly’s illusions were shattered.

She knew that since the capital of Shu, she and Sheldon will never see each other again.

In this way, everything that should have been owned by oneself will be impossible.

At first, he was one step away from the top giants.

She was not reconciled.

So in order to seize the last chance.

Shelly did not hesitate to leave the service team and ran back to Los Angeles Island.

Because of something at the conference, Shelly also heard it.

Sheldon should take people back.

She doesn’t know where Negston Chen’s house is, but she knows where her sister is.

That’s why I came here to show this scene.

She thought that Sheldon would not be here anymore.

But in the end, Sheldon really came.

No one knows Sheldon better than Shelly because she has studied it.

Sheldon is the kind of person with very soft ears, especially for girls. For any girl, his ears are very soft.

And this is Shelly’s breakthrough.

Only now has this step.

“Sheldon, don’t blame me, I really want to own you!”

After speaking, Shelly slowly * took off his clothes…

Early the next morning.

The main port of Negston Harbor Island.

A large passenger ship is ready for departure.

This is the exclusive ship for the expedition team to go to sea.

Many members of the expedition team have already boarded the ship one after another.

“Mengmeng, see you in three days, I will miss you!”


“of course it’s true!”

Su Mengmeng is flirting with his object.

So is Wu Wenwen.

Her boyfriend also came to see her in person.

Only Lilla stood at the port, waiting anxiously, holding his mobile phone to dial out from time to time.

“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off…”

From morning till now, Lilla has called more than 20 times.

“Lilla, why didn’t Sheldon come?”

Su Mengmeng came over holding her boyfriend’s arm.

“Hmph, I really thought that Jingui was so good at fishing. I guess people don’t pay attention to her at all. I don’t know which gentle town I am in now!”

A girl sneered.

“Hmph, Yang Huali, what are you talking about? Also, this time, you just asked the relationship to accompany us. Do you understand? Shut me up!”

Wu Wenwen directly refuted.

The angry Yang Huali was flushed.

“Look at it, there’s a luxury car!”

At this moment, several boys standing on the boat pointed in a direction excitedly and shouted…

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