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Chapter 407

Lilla’s Discovery

“Luxury cars?”

Lilla heard the words and hurriedly looked over there.

I saw a sports car, galloping towards the port.

Lilla’s heart was beating.

Sheldon? Is Sheldonre?

Lilla stepped forward.

At this time, the car has stopped.

A young man walked off the car holding a bunch of flowers.

Such a romantic scene made everyone scream in envy.

“Lili, sorry, I’m late!”

The young man took off his sunglasses and smiled.

“My dear, it’s not too late, you came to see me from such a far away, it’s too late for my joy!”

Yang Huali jumped and walked towards the boy excitedly.

When she walked to Lilla’s side, Yang Huali sneered and said:

“My boyfriend is here, why are you standing so close? Did you think it was your golden turtle who came to you?”

Yang Huali is really satisfied with her vanity now.

Because she felt that today’s highlight should be Lilla, after all, her husband is really amazing.

But as I imagined.

How could a rich second-generation like Sheldon be able to rise above a girl like Lilla?

What happened in the end, Sheldon didn’t pay attention to him at all, and wanted to come and dream.

Now Yang Huali lost to Lilla in career, but surpassed her emotionally, of course he was happy.

“What are you talking about?”

The boy took Yang Huali’s hand and said.

“Haha, there are people who found a particularly rich boyfriend, and said that his boyfriend would come to see him for her, but they didn’t come at all!”

Yang Huali deliberately spoke very loudly.

Lilla wanted to cry anxiously.

Not because of Yang Huali’s words, but because Sheldon didn’t answer his phone and forgot his appointment with him last night.

Does Sheldon really don’t love himself anymore?

At this moment, Lilla thought a lot.

“Hand in all your mobile phones, and all personnel will verify their identities and board the ship!”

At this time, the staff of the expedition team said.

Lilla and the others got on the boat one after another.

When the passenger ship was moving, Lilla was thinking that a miracle would happen.

Sheldon will show up at the last minute. After all, if he promised himself, he will definitely come. He never lied to himself.

But the coastline drifted farther and farther before his eyes, until it became a line, Lilla couldn’t help but shed tears…

Many people also went back to the port.

At this moment, a luxury car galloped towards here.

The value of luxury cars has attracted the attention of many people in the port.

Subsequently, a rich young man and an old man got out of the car.

But at the port, there are still a few passenger ships.


Sheldon smashed the car angrily, he was late.

On the way, Sheldon had also called Lilla, but it reminded Lilla that his cell phone had been turned off. If he could arrive early, he would definitely be able to see Lilla.

Mainly because he agreed to Lilla and broke his promise.

This morning, when Sheldon opened his eyes, he saw Shelly pressing on him.

Sheldon knew that he was calculated last night, so he scolded Shelly.

Then hurried over.

Fu Bo, naturally waited for himself at the port all night.

Now, Sheldon’s heart is full of guilt.

If it wasn’t for his sympathy, he wouldn’t be fooled by Shelly.

In front of Sheldon’s eyes, it seemed that he could see Lilla’s disappointed and hopeful eyes when he boarded the ship. The more he thought about it, the more painful Sheldon’s heart felt.

Finally, he sat down angrily at the port.

I had no choice but to wait for Lilla to come back a few days later, and then explain to her clearly what happened last night.

The day passed quickly, and the night was over, and the passenger ship also sailed to the hinterland of the ocean.

This night, the sea was very calm, only the faint sea breeze could be heard.

“Lilla, don’t think about the daytime things. I am tired for a day today. Let’s eat something!”

Su Mengmeng brought some food to Lilla, and Lilla’s mood is very depressed today.


Lilla nodded.

“Oh, it’s really boring, why did the expedition team take our mobile phones away?”

Su Mengmeng said that losing the phone is like losing the soul.

“Hehe, I need to say that I must be afraid that we will leak the inspection secrets. Alas, the inspection is called a strict one. My watch was taken away by me!”

Wu Wenwen also said.

“By the way, they said they were here to investigate the quality of the ocean, but I feel that they didn’t seem to be here, and there seemed to be a few hostile people who came here, like *people!”

Su Mengmeng discussed that he also wanted to distract Lilla’s attention.

“Huh? How to say?”

Wu Wenwen said in surprise.

“My brother is a *person, so I can see that if it’s just a survey of the quality of the ocean, it doesn’t need to be so grand, and I went to their meeting room to move things today. Guess what I saw?”

Su Mengmeng lowered his voice and said.


Lilla and Wu Wenwen raised their heads and asked.

Yes, they also discovered that the expedition team was a bit mysterious today, and most of the morning, they had been working on a topic urgently.

“I saw a drawing they used for a meeting. It seems to have a building painted on it. Hahaha, isn’t the expedition team coming to the Dragon Palace?”

Su Mengmeng laughed after speaking.

Lilla and Wu Wenwen looked at each other, Su Mengmeng became more and more evil.


“Of course it’s true, I don’t lie to you! And their people warned me very severely and scared me to run away immediately!”

Su Mengmeng stuck out his tongue.

“These things don’t matter to us, let’s do our job well!”

Lilla gave a wry smile.

Wu Wenwen and Su Mengmeng nodded together.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside.

Then Lilla’s door was snapped.

After opening the door, she saw Yang Huali standing outside holding her shoulders.

“What are you doing?”

Su Mengmeng said.

“Professor Shen is going to have a meeting, I will inform you!”

Yang Huali said unconvincedly.

Su Mengmeng smiled triumphantly: “Okay, then you tell Professor Shen, we will come right away!”

Yang Huali rolled his eyes, and then left.

Professor Shen is the captain of this expedition team.

He is already seventy years old. This time he has sponsored and formed an expedition team. It is a very strict old scholar.

Lilla respected him especially because he knew too much.

At the moment, everyone gathered in the conference room for a meeting.

This time, including Lilla and others, there are a total of 32 members.

There was nothing else in this meeting, that is, to emphasize the precautions of this trip. It was originally a simple emphasis meeting.

But the meeting can be halfway through.

Professor Shen Wenhua suddenly coughed violently.

Scratching his neck from time to time.

Since Lilla was sitting next to Professor Shen Wenhua, she inadvertently glanced at the back of Professor Shen’s neck.

From this look, Lilla was taken aback…

Chapter 408

“Shen…Professor Shen?”

Lilla called softly.

“Huh? Lilla, what’s the matter?”

Professor Shen and Yan Huan smiled.

“There seems to be a pattern on your neck?”

If it was in other cases, Lilla would definitely feel that this was the blush left after scratching.

But the strange thing is that this blush made Lilla feel very familiar.

So subconsciously said.

“Pattern? Lilla, what are you talking about?”

Professor Shen smiled bitterly.

Lilla is now more certain, this pattern is not something else, but the pendant of the little sun in that package.

“Really Professor Shen, it is exactly the same as this pendant!”

Lilla suddenly felt a little panicked.

Everyone at the scene also looked at each other.

They took out the same pendants in their pockets.

“Huh? So everyone has it?”

Su Mengmeng said.


As for Professor Shen, his face suddenly changed, and he snatched the pendant from Lilla’s hand, and then looked at the pendant in everyone’s hands.

His face suddenly turned pale.

“Lilla, the neck mark on the back of me is really exactly the same as this mark?”

Professor Shen asked hurriedly as if experiencing something terrifying.

Lilla didn’t know what happened, just nodded.

“I went, I thought it was a sign for important members. I didn’t expect everyone to have it?”

“Professor Shen, what exactly is this thing? I got it yesterday, and someone mailed it to me!”

Everyone looked at Professor Shen’s face and was a little hairy.

After all, it was in the middle of the night, hanging on the sea. Although there were many people, the atmosphere was quite strange.

“It has appeared again. I didn’t expect it to be us this time!”

Professor Shen said with a trembling hand.

“What do you mean Professor Shen?”

Lilla also said.

“I…I’m not good, I hurt everyone, I hurt everyone!”

Professor Shen took off his glasses and suddenly lost control of his emotions.

“This is the symbol of the Sun Alliance, also known as the Death Covenant. It appeared once forty years ago and once 20 years ago. Unexpectedly, it appeared again this time. But anyone who receives this symbol will have it in three days. The strange disappearance inside!”

Professor Shen’s face was extremely ugly.

“I have secretly investigated it for decades, but I have no clue!”

Professor Shen said so.

Everyone is scared.

After all, Professor Shen rarely makes jokes and is well informed.

Although it was a bit mysterious and mysterious, Professor Shen’s expression was serious.

“Quickly, turn around immediately, don’t check, let’s go back!”

Professor Shen stood up.

Someone has ordered to go down long ago.

But not long after, the person who went out ran back hurriedly.

“Shen…Professor Shen, it’s not good! It’s not good!”

“what happened?”

“Quickly come out and have a look, the front… the front of the ship…”

The man was almost out of breath.

Professor Shen immediately ran out with a group of students and went all the way to the deck of the ship.

Lilla and Su Mengmeng snuggled together and followed out.

When I ran out, I saw Professor Shen and his students all startled.

Taking a closer look, Su Mengmeng even screamed in fright.

It was right in front of the ship.

A huge whirlpool of sea water appeared, like a big mouth that can swallow everything, deep and dark!

Although the ship desperately rushed back.

But still can’t escape the attraction of this huge whirlpool.

“Quick! Back to the cabin!”

Professor Shen shouted.

boom! ! ! !

In an instant, violent waves rose into the sky, seeming to cover the sky, and the waves slapped towards the deck.

The rolling sound of the waves is even more like a billowing thunder.

This power, I do not know how many times stronger than the tsunami.

The panic shouts of the crowd were swallowed up.

Boom boom boom! ! !

The screams and the tsunami were mixed together.

The passenger ship was immersed in the whirlpool at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The night sky is deep, and the sea is even deeper.

When everything is calm.

A behemoth swimming quietly under the sea, faintly, as if a strange sign flashed past, and that sign was somewhat similar to the burning sun…

the next day.

“Has Sheldon got up?”

On the island house under Alicia, Fubo hurriedly took a few documents to the door of Sheldon’s room.

“Already got up, Sheldon is in good spirits today. He has arranged people and is ready to go out on a boat!”

The maid said respectfully.

At this time, the door opened.

Sheldon just came out of the room: “Fu Bo, early, today I am going to go to sea for a round to see if I can catch up with Lilla, let’s go back to Negston tomorrow, just right, if you are fine, let’s go together!”

Sheldon did not contact Lilla yesterday.

I think Lilla will not go too far even if it is an interview test.

It just so happened that I caught up with her and explained to her.

“I can’t go to Sheldon!”

Uncle Fu looked ugly at this time.


“Last night, passenger ship No. 2 had an accident in Negston, and it is now blocked for search!”

“Passenger Ship 2?”

Sheldon was startled.

“It’s the ship that Ms. Lilla was riding in. It seemed that there was a tsunami last night and the ship sank!”

Fu Bo finally said weakly.


Sheldon was struck by lightning.

I felt like I was jerked.

“What about them?”

Sheldon said nervously.

“It is still salvaging, so far no trace of the shipwreck has been seen!”

“No, I have to find it myself!”

Sheldon said, after finishing speaking, he immediately ran outside.

Fu Bo shook his head helplessly.

I took out my cell phone and dialed a number: “The family premium marine support is activated immediately. Yes, I told you in the early morning. All are dispatched! All are dispatched!”

After Uncle Fu said, he also followed.

Sheldon can be regarded as Fu Bo grew up watching him.

He knows Sheldon’s character very well.

Sheldon attaches great importance to affection, especially for Marcella before and Lilla now.

Moreover, Lilla had an accident again in this situation, and it was fine if Sheldon did not collapse.

I was also worried that Sheldon would have an impulsive accident, so Fubo immediately dispatched the power of the family when he learned about it.

However, Sheldon had been floating on the boat from morning to night, and was about to turn the entire South Ocean over.

However, no matter how to find, there is no trace.

In the evening, a large number of search ships were still sent out.

Sheldon sat blankly on the port, unable to help but feel hurt.

“It’s all my fault. Why did you let you come to Los Angeles Island? If you don’t come, nothing will happen!”

“If it weren’t for my missed appointment yesterday, I wouldn’t even miss your last sight!”

Sheldon blamed himself deeply.

Qiangwei and Fang Mengyu accompanied Sheldon with a meal.

Seeing Sheldon hasn’t eaten for a day, Qiangwei is also very distressed.

“What stinky girl, get away!”

Just when Qiangwei came to persuade Sheldon to eat.

There was a noise from the side.

Following a black bodyguard ran to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, there is a girl who insists on coming over to see you. She said she is Miss Lilla’s classmate…”

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