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Chapter 409

Ancestral Hall Meeting

“Let her come over!”

Sheldon stood up from the ground.

At this moment, a few bodyguards came over with a girl.

The girl replied shyly, obviously frightened by the battle before her.

Because the entire port is full of luxury cars, nearly a thousand.

There are even thousands of black-clothed bodyguards.

Where do ordinary people dare to approach.

“Are you Lilla’s boyfriend, Sheldon, Sheldon?”

The girl asked.

“I am!”

Sheldon nodded.

“My name is Ma Nan, and I am a good friend of Lilla. I know that you are investigating this matter. I know a little thing, but I don’t know if it will help you?”

Ma Nan said.

“It’s okay, tell me!”

Sheldon hurriedly said.

“The night before yesterday, I helped Lillameng and Wenwen to get a courier. There were three identical pendants in the courier. Originally, we thought this was a souvenir from the expedition team, but the pendant is for People felt weird and panicked. At that time, they were all wondered why the expedition team would send such souvenirs.”

“Yesterday, I participated in the host of a certain project. A guest who happened to be a student of Professor Shen on the expedition team. In our free time, we chatted and I asked, but he said that the expedition team never posted this I’ve never had souvenirs, so I’m very surprised. Originally, the courier didn’t have a shipping address and I was puzzled. I described the appearance of the pendant to this student!”

“In the end, he showed me a group. In the group, several students who participated in the inspection also discussed this matter in the group. It turned out that all those students also received this pendant! I felt that something was wrong, yes. Who mailed it to Lilla and the others?”

Ma Nan said.

“Miss, what does the pendant look like? Do you have a picture, can you show me?”

At this time, Fu Bo came over and asked.

“O’ao, I saved it!”

Ma Nan nodded heavily.

Hurriedly took out his mobile phone to Fu Bo.

Sheldon also looked.

It’s just that Uncle Fu shook his whole body suddenly when he saw it, “It’s this thing again!!!”

Fubo said in horror.

“What is Fu Bo?”

Sheldon questioned in surprise.

Fubo nodded and said, “Sheldon, this thing is weird. It appeared once twenty years ago. I think, Second Madam, you still have an impression, right?”

Uncle Fu looked at Fang Mengyu.

Fang Mengyu came over.

Upon seeing it, he said, “I remember that Ping An had shown this to me at the time, and I felt strange at the time. Ping An felt that it might be that our two elopement plans were seen through, and someone mailed this to Ping An. Something, give a warning, but we didn’t care about it at the time, but the next day, Ping An disappeared!”

Uncle Fu said, “Yes, the second young master’s disappearance caused an uproar in the entire Cooper Family… I thought it was the Fang family that murdered the second young master, so the owner of the family was very angry. Liangzi from the Chen Fang family was formed from that time. However, the owner of the Patriarch has investigated the situation for more than ten years. At that time, he believes that the Fang family can’t harm the second young master at all. It is not the Fang family, who else can it be?”

“After investigating for so many years, in the end, the Patriarch almost denied that the incident was done by the Fang family, but it was closely related to this sign. This is why the Patriarch sent Sheldon to find your whereabouts for the second wife instead of him personally. Come out, after all, the misunderstanding between the Patriarch and the Fang family over the years is too deep! This oolong is really too big!”

As Uncle Fu said, frowned: “Unexpectedly, after twenty years, this kind of logo will appear here again!”

“Who the hell is this behind-the-scenes murderer? It has harmed Ping An, and now it has harmed Lilla. What does it want to do?”

Fang Mengyu’s tears turned at the moment.

“Well, let the Patriarch be the master of this matter! Sheldon, or let’s go back to Negston?”

Fu Bo said.

“You go first. If you have any news, let me know immediately! I have to stay here!”

Sheldon said.

Sheldon would not be reconciled if he left like this.

Next, Fu Bo and Fang Mengyu left.

As for Sheldon, he stayed, still looking for the accident site every day.

In a blink of an eye.

Three days…four days…ten days passed.

Although Sheldon worked hard, desperately.

Used any means he could use.

But there was no trace of the passenger ship.

“Lilla, where are you? I don’t believe you left like this, I don’t believe it!”

Sheldon tore his hair dejectedly.

In my mind, the scene with Lilla drifted past from time to time.

He knew that Lilla really worked hard to be able to be with him!

This morning.

Sheldon was still sitting on the beach, dumbfounded.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang, and it was her sister Alicia.

“younger brother!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled slightly: “Sister, didn’t you go back to Negston? How about it, is it going well over there?”

In the past two days, when I heard that Lilla had an accident, Alicia also returned to Los Angeles Island and accompanied Sheldon every day.

Alicia also told Sheldon some things about Lilla on Los Angeles Island.

It’s just that there was something in the family yesterday, and Alicia left in a hurry.

“Just leave me alone. The family will have an ancestral hall meeting tomorrow. You haven’t returned to the family in 22 years. This time, my father wants you to come over! And there are some things that my father will tell you alone!” Alicia said helplessly.

Sheldon threw a stone into the sea, nodded and said, “Well, tomorrow, I will go back!”

Negston, on a huge island.

Here, it is like a castle.

Very magnificent.

Today is the day of the ancestral hall meeting of the island owner Chen’s family.

By then, people from all walks of life in the clan will return.

The Cooper Family is a multi-pulse family.

Thousands of people came to the rally today.

And this island city can accommodate tens of thousands of people without a problem.

Uncle Fu led Sheldon in.

This is the first time for Sheldon… to go home, indeed a little scared.

The Negston family is much bigger than the island of my sister.

There are a lot of people today.

My father is also the owner of the family, busy with all kinds of contacts.

When Young Master Sheldon returned to the family, Fu Bo meant to inform his father and mother who were chatting with some members of the family as soon as possible.

“Don’t worry, wait for your parents to finish socializing! Uncle Fu, you should be busy with you first! I’ll go find my sister first!”

Sheldon did not let Fu Bo go to report.

Fu Bo nodded repeatedly before leaving.

Sheldon called his sister, and then her sister asked him to wait, and she rushed over immediately.

The bored Sheldon sat aside, on the island, staring at the seaside blankly.

“Hey, Sister Bingbing, didn’t you mean to find a ball picker? Look over there, that little fool has been sitting there for a while, let him come and pick up the ball for us?”

A few of them are eighteen or nineteen years old, and some are older than twenty-six or seventy-seven. A few girls are getting together and playing tennis in pairs.

After all, this kind of conference has more opportunities for the elders of the family.

Juniors, eat, play, play!

“Okay, then take him over!”

The girl named Bingbing put the tennis racket on her shoulder and pointed at the sitting boy domineeringly…

Chapter 410


Sheldon was stunned, and a girl suddenly came to Sheldon.

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon asked. The girl in front of her looked like seventeen or eighteen, ghostly and very beautiful.

“You, is no one playing with you?”

The girl pinched her waist and said.

“No!” Sheldon shook his head.

“Ah, it’s so pitiful, let’s do this, sister Bingbing, let us call you to pick up the ball for us and let us play with you!”

Said the girl.

I heard from my sister that the Cooper Family is very big and has a complicated lineage.

It is normal for some of the younger generation to not recognize this.

“What are you doing so bored? If you have something on your mind, the more uncomfortable you sit here, the more you think about it. Why don’t you pick up the ball for us? If you are tired, you will forget everything!”

Said the girl.

“Haha…” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

For some reason, he suddenly felt that what the girl said was reasonable.

Yes, only by distracting one’s attention can one not keep entangled in one thing.

“Well, I’ll go pick up the ball for you!”

Sheldon agreed.

“La la la, sister Bingbing, he is here, he picked up the ball for us!”

The girl said proudly.

“Hmph, well, sisters, let’s continue playing, someone is picking up the ball for us!”

Chen Bingbing said something, and then started playing with excitement.

At this moment, Chen Bingbing and the others stopped.

Because a woman came over.

This woman, who looks about twenty-six years old, is very temperamental, very dignified, and very beautiful.

Although this group of girls are beautiful, if they are to be compared with this girl, they are still a bit worse.

Even those female stars will be overshadowed by many points.

Many people nodded respectfully to this woman when they saw her.

“Sister Lan, you are here!”

Chen Bingbing and the others shouted.

“Well, when is it all, you are still playing, Bingbing, the conference is about to begin, why don’t you bring Niuniu in?”

The woman named Sister Lan said gently.

“Good Sister Lan!”

Chen Bingbing and the others nodded, hit the last ball aside, and then left.

Sheldon watched the ball roll to the side.

Subconsciously walked over to pick it up.

Who feeds the ball in a thorny grass.

Sheldon walked around, his feet were unstable, and he fell directly in.

Clothes, arms, and face were all scratched.

“Oh, did that kid fall into the grass?”

Niuniu, who called Sheldon just now, said.

“Fall in, hum, let him pick a ball and react half a beat slower than others. It deserves it, let’s go!”

Bingbing finished speaking, then smiled at Sister Lan, and took the sisters away.

Sheldon came out with the ball and sat down with a wry smile.

Really, the more unlucky, the more unlucky.

I touched my scratched face, and it was chilly and painful.

Many people passing by were laughing at Sheldon, laughing at him in embarrassment.

But Sheldon didn’t think it mattered anymore. If being laughed at makes him feel a little better, then laugh at it.

“Your face is scratched, please rub it quickly!”

At this moment, a woman came to Sheldon.

Crouched down and handed him a tissue.

“thank you!”

Sheldon looked up and saw that the woman was the one whom Chen Bingbing and the others called Sister Lan.

She looks pretty, and glances at each other.

Sheldon lowered his head in embarrassment.

“And this! Your arm is bleeding too!”

Sister Lan took out the tissue again and gently wiped Sheldon’s arm.

“Why are you so careless? Which line are you from? Just yourself, your brothers and sisters in line?”

Sister Lan wiped Sheldon’s face gently, and asked gently.

“I… I don’t know which line I belong to!”

Cooper Family.

Sister Lan gave a wry smile: “I will help you call some doctors over and let them wipe the wound for you, or be careful of infection!”

“Thank you, no more!”

I don’t know why, when Sister Lan saw this boy, she felt like she wanted to love him.

This feeling is really strange to say.

“Madam, the conference will begin soon, let’s go there too!”

At this time, the maid behind Sister Lan reminded.

“Okay, let’s go first!”

Sister Lan greeted Sheldon, and then left.

“Madam Young? It turns out that she was married to our Cooper Family!”

Sheldon said while wiping his face.

However, Sheldon thought to himself, whoever displays a wife like her is really a blessing!

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

“Hey brother! I went to look for you just now. Where did you go? Why can’t I find you everywhere?”

“Huh? I just came here to pick up the ball for someone else!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“fu*k! Are you going to pick up the ball for someone else? Drunk! Now the meeting is about to begin. My father asked me if you are here. I said I didn’t find you. It’s in the main hall. Bring you here!”

The sister was speechless.

“Oh, I know, I’ll follow them!”

Sheldon said something.

Father, mother and sister, they are the protagonists today.

Naturally busy.

It is not good for them to cause too much chaos.

Just to see Niuniu and the others were gone for not long, and the people were still there, Sheldon followed them.

“Sister Bingbing, look at that little idiot following us?”

Niuniu looked back and said suddenly.

“This kid, isn’t it the first time to come to the ancestral hall meeting? Will you not get lost?”

Chen Bingbing said.

Stand still now: “Do you know the way?”

She asked Sheldon.

Sheldon nodded.

“Hmph, let me just say it, then you can follow us, get in the car, and take you over! But you can’t follow us in the same car, just take the last car and be with my servant!”

Chen Bingbing said.

Chen Bingbing, the absolute top-notch daughter, I usually see them, they are all the kind of sunny, handsome and wealthy elder brothers who have seen too many people at home and abroad.

Like Sheldon, it feels like being in the city for the first time, and it’s natural to look down on the eyes of being honest.


Sheldon nodded indifferently.

He squeezed into a car with a few servants and went to the main hall of the Cooper Family.

Such gatherings are all organized by themselves. Except for the core members of the family, the rest of the family members will not arrange seats.

Came to a huge outdoor venue.

In the center of the venue is a high platform.

Those on the high platform are naturally the core members of the Cooper Family.

As for Chen Bingbing and the others, they can only sit in the corner.

At the moment, Sheldon found a spot to sit down first, and then called his sister.

At this moment, at the main table of the main table.

With the appearance of a middle-aged couple, thunderous applause rang out.

Behind the middle-aged couple were two women. One of them was Sheldon’s sister, Alicia, and this middle-aged couple was naturally Sheldon’s parents.

“Xiaolan, come and sit next to me!”

The woman took Xiaolan’s hand affectionately and sat next to her.

“Good mom!”

Xiaolan nodded.

“Oh, Xiaolan, in our Cooper Family for so many years, I have really wronged you. I have to learn everything, and I have to manage the finances for our unconvincing boy. Actually, you should have seen each other long ago. But you also know that he couldn’t reveal his identity before, but now it’s better, and he hasn’t come here yet!”

The woman apologized.

“Mom, don’t say that. I grew up with Chen’s parents. I’m already content with these things!”

The woman smiled and nodded, then turned to look at Alicia: “Xiao’er, go get your brother!”

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