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Chapter 411:

The Return of the Young Master

Besides, after Sheldon sat down.

Just sent a text message to my sister.

“Really, when did your Cooper Family’s meeting become so imprecise, how can anyone sit, look at this person in embarrassment!”

It was a woman next to Sheldon.

Rouge and powder.

Sheldon couldn’t help but cast a white look.

“Huh, I thought that when I married to the famous Cooper Family, all I saw were dragons and phoenixes among people. Dagui, an executive, did not expect to be at the same table with such a person!”

The girl complained softly.

Obviously, she was married to the Cooper Family, but she didn’t like Sheldon, and felt that Sheldon was a little embarrassed by sitting next to her.

Deliberately told Sheldon.

“Well, let’s just say a few words, although everyone in the family is rich, but there are some people who are rude, and even some people may have a nouveau mentality, so don’t care about it!”

Her husband explained.

Obviously, the husband of the Cooper Family also felt that Sheldon was a little embarrassed to be at the same table with them.

Several people talked to each other, taunting Sheldon.

Because Chen Bingbing and the others are right next to Sheldon.

Plus the couple said loudly.

He frowned and said, “A lowly actor, who also matched our Cooper Family, did not follow his own virtues!”

“What are you talking about? Who do you mean?”

As for the woman, she knew Chen Bingbing said her when she heard this, and she said coldly right now.

“Who doesn’t count? What kind of garlic!”

Niuniu also sneered.

It seems that there was a bit of resentment.

“Okay, don’t quarrel with them!”

At this moment, the man discouraged his wife in time.

“Huh, you, look at you in the huge Cooper Family. You have no status at all. The two of them are just girls. Last time we went to a foreign country together, the two of them received the highest treatment. We are just super VIPs. The reception is one level worse than them! Now that they say this to me, you dare not refute them both!”

The woman was dissatisfied.

“Hey, there is no way. Who can make their pulse system one level higher than mine? Our Cooper Family has a lot of rules. The pulse system level is very distinct, because the pulse system represents the generation!”

“Just like the young master, even my grandfather has to bend over to salute when he sees him!”

The man explained helplessly.

“What about Young Master Sheldon? Do you know? You need to get to know Young Master Sheldon more. Young Master Sheldon will be the heir of the Cooper Family from now on!”

The woman said hurriedly.

“Oh, the young master will only return to the family today. This time the ancestral hall meeting is held for him to a large extent. How could I get to know him!

The man said dejectedly.

“Huh, it’s useless, useless, useless!”

The woman said proudly.

Obviously, she saw it when Chen Bingbing came with Sheldon just now.

Now Chen Bingbing drove this guy to his table, just deliberately insulting himself.

Of course the woman became more and more angry.

“Hmph, change my seat. I don’t want to be next to him. Seeing what he wears, the total amount of outfits is no more than ten thousand dollars. It is probably from the outside of the Cooper Family. It is really disgusting!”

Glancing at Sheldon, the woman said.

Then stood up.

But at this moment.

The woman suddenly uttered.

It turned out that she had been arguing with Chen Bingbing all the time.

The hem of the long skirt worn under her feet couldn’t help but fall on Sheldon’s side.

As for Sheldon, he really didn’t pay attention, as if he gently stepped on the hem of her skirt with his foot.

This is nothing at all.

But the woman was extremely angry.

“You bastard, I think you did it on purpose!”

The woman suddenly shouted to Sheldon.

“I did not do it on purpose!”

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

“Fart, Chen Bingbing asked you to deliberately disgust me, so taunting you, can’t you even feel it yourself? Still drinking water in our place, get out of here!”

An angry push from the woman directly pushed the tea cup in front of Sheldon onto Sheldon’s body.

The tea was all over Sheldon.

“Ding Xianger, you are too bold, you dare to be so rude to the Cooper Family!”

When Chen Bingbing took a look, he immediately stood up and shouted.

“What’s wrong with rudeness, what can you do?”

Ding Xianger is not to be outdone.

The quarrel between the two may have completely forgotten the surrounding environment.

Because at this moment, the surrounding environment has long been silent.

“younger brother!”

Just because of the arrival of a woman.

With this clear voice, Ding Xiang’er and Chen Bingbing also became quiet.

Because this woman is Alicia, Miss Chen’s family.


Sheldon said helplessly while wiping the tea stains on his body.


And this scene stunned some people around.

He actually called sister Alicia, who is he?

“Who did it? Even the young master of the Cooper Family dared to insult, I think she is living impatiently!”

Alicia let out a cold cry, causing all the Chen clan members around him to shudder.

But Ding Xiang’er, Chen Bingbing, their eyes widened.

He looked incredible.


Young Master Sheldon?

He… is he actually the young master of the Cooper Family?

Ding Xianger’s scalp exploded.

“I… Miss, I’m sorry, I… I don’t know!”

Ding Xianger shook his head abruptly.

“Go away!”

Alicia said coldly.

“Okay, I’m leaving now!”

Ding Xiang’er knew that she was in great trouble and didn’t dare to stay any longer, so she turned around and wanted to leave.

“Stop! I’m talking about getting off, do you want me to repeat it?”

Alicia said again.

As soon as this scrolling came out, Ding Xianger instantly understood what it meant to herself.

Get out of the Cooper Family, and never belong to the Cooper Family anymore.

Although regretful, Ding Xianger’s biggest panic is now.

Finally, in front of everyone, Ding Xiang’er lay on the ground and really rolled out.

“Let’s go, Sheldon, let’s go up!”

Alicia just looked at Sheldon with a smile.

As for Chen Bingbing and the others, without exception, they all covered their mouths and did not dare to gasp.

Just now, I thought he was honest, so Chen Bingbing bullied him and asked him to pick himself up for twenty minutes.

But his true identity is really too scary!

“He is Young Master Sheldon, Young Master Sheldon!”

And as Sheldon walked towards the high platform, the discussion below was also instantaneous.

It was followed by thunderous applause.

Sheldon is Hui!

Donald and his wife also stood up happily. Nothing can make them happier than seeing their son.

“Dad! Mom!”

And Sheldon saw his parents whom he hadn’t seen for nearly a year, tears in his eyes rolled and ran towards them.

“Son, you are back, our family will finally be able to reunite well in the future!”

Donald patted Sheldon on the shoulder heavily.

It’s natural to talk about homework.

“By the way, Sheldon, my parents have been putting you out for poor education these years. There is one person who has never introduced you to you!”

At this time, mother Yang Yuping took Sheldon’s hand and said to a woman with a blushing pretty face.

“Mom, we met just now!”

As for Sister Lan, looking at Sheldon at this moment, she stood up and said softly.


And when she heard this sister Lan call her mother, Sheldon was taken aback…

Chapter 412

“Sheldon, we have never mentioned Xiaolan to you. This is Xiaolan. For so many years, Xiaolan has taken care of your financial rights issues for you. It was also raised by your parents!”

Although the mother did not directly point out, but the metaphorical meaning is very clear.

Because Sheldon had just heard that those people called Sister Lan as his wife.

Sheldon already understands the expressions of his parents now.

“Mom, we met just now!”

Shen Lan looked at Sheldon and smiled.

“Have you met? Haha, that’s fine, that’s fine, Sheldon, Xiaolan is your fiancee!”

Donald was obviously very happy today and said directly.

Mother Yang Yuping reached out and dialed Donald. After all, Sheldon had a little girlfriend outside, and they knew what happened to the little girlfriend.

It seems a bit too early to say this directly.

But Sheldon was still shocked.

I didn’t expect that the gentle and dignified sister Lan was actually his fiancée, no wonder everyone called her young wife.

Moreover, Sister Lan is the child bride-in-law of their Cooper Family as it was previously shown on TV.

His age is about four years older than himself.

Sheldon never thought that such a thing would happen to himself.

And it seems that the family has taken great pains to cultivate sister Lan.

“Little Sheldon, sit down!”

Shen Lan’s face was slightly red, and Sheldon sat down and picked up a tissue to help Sheldon wipe some tea stains on her body.

“No need for Sister Lan, I will do it myself!”

Sheldon felt strange in his heart and hurriedly took the tissue.

Yes, I have never had any relationship foundation with Sister Lan.

And sister Lan is three or four years older than herself.

Even though Sister Lan looks like an overwhelming country, this weird feeling still cannot let Sheldon feel relieved.

Especially after the ancestral hall meeting.

Sheldon has his own room.

Then, in her own room, Sister Lan has lived there for several years.

It was her mother who arranged her to live there.

A few days ago, when my sister told her about something that happened to Lilla on Los Angeles Island, she said that it was very difficult to combine herself with Lilla.

The parents couldn’t pass that level.

At that time Sheldon still couldn’t understand.

But now it’s clear that the parents had already found a wife for themselves.

“Sister Lan, I’ll go to sleep in another room. You are used to it here, so let’s continue to stay here! Today, at the ancestral hall meeting, you have been tired for a day, take a good rest, don’t be busy!”

Facing Shen Lan, Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

But seeing that Sister Lan wanted to make her own bed, Sheldon was shocked and said hurriedly.

“Sheldon, I know what you mean. Our marriage may be difficult for you to accept for a while. Moreover, I have heard people say about your outside affairs. I know you want to find her whereabouts. I will help you. !”

Shen Lan said.

I didn’t expect Sister Lan to say such a thing.

But Sheldon nodded, “Thank you Sister Lan!”

After speaking, Sheldon stood in the room, then walked out.

When Lilla had just had an accident, Sheldon was full of guilt.

I really don’t have the mind to face other girls.

Moreover, if Lilla couldn’t find it for a day, Sheldon’s heart couldn’t let go of it.

Besides, is this fair to Sister Lan?

It is good for the Cooper Family to raise Sister Lan, but Sister Lan also has the right to choose.

Why do you have to face a boy who was so much younger than her without the slightest emotional foundation?

Sheldon casually found a guest room to deal with it this night.

Waited to wake up early the next morning.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a small suit neatly arranged on the head of the bed, in full three tones, and leather shoes.

Today is the first day of family reunion, and after Sheldon returns home, he no longer has to go to a low-key life like before.

He really wanted to wear it generously, with the appearance of some brother-in-law.

But yesterday, I was really exhausted, so I didn’t have time to arrange a servant.

Unexpectedly, someone had already prepared it for himself.

Wearing pajamas, Sheldon went to the bathroom again.

Inside, things like toothbrushes are already ready.

The family is the family, and the servants are really attentive.

It’s just that Sheldon is a little awkward when he is still asleep, preparing these by his side.

Is it possible that the maid will come in when I am asleep?

Sheldon’s hair a little stood up.


At this time there was a knock on the door.


Sheldon asked.

“Master is me, A Hong, I want to ask, what kind of clothes are you wearing today, Master? A Hong, go get ready!”

Sheldon opened the door.

The maid A Hong waited outside.

“No, the clothes in the room are just fine, just what I want, why? You didn’t prepare it?”

Sheldon doubted.

A Hong shook his head: “We can’t enter the room without the master’s permission, ah! I know, it must have been prepared by the young lady. When A Hong got up at five o’clock, he saw the light in the young lady’s room. It’s bright, and only the young lady can enter your room!”

“Sister Lan!?”

Sheldon understood a little, and let A Hong go to work now.


After sighing, Sheldon was wondering whether to find an opportunity to explain to Sister Lan.

The two of them are simply impossible.

Sister Lan is also 26 or 17 years old, she should find her own happiness!

For the sake of the Cooper Family’s upbringing, this is not necessary at all.

After washing, Sheldon changed his clothes.

But embarrassingly, I don’t know how to wear a tie, and I got crooked after a few times.

“Sheldon, I’ll help you!”

I don’t know when, Sister Lan stood at the door, looking at Sheldon and smiling.

Sheldon looked in the mirror, and he was awkwardly hitting him, so he did not refuse.

Sister Lan walked over with a smile, and carefully helped Sheldon adjust his collar first, and then helped him to tie his tie carefully.

“Today my father is going to entertain you and sister Qiangwei. This is our first reunion dinner. Let’s go there soon!”

Cooper Family Residence.

Naturally, it is a large villa scenic area for one person and one household.

“Okay, just right, my dad asked me to talk about something!”

Sheldon said.

Then Shen Lan drove, and the two came to his father together.

After going there, my mother took sister Lan to chat.

Obviously, she liked Sister Lan very much.

As for Sheldon, he followed his father to the study.

“Alicia, I already know about Lilla, don’t be too sad, and this matter is not as simple as you thought…”

Donald went directly to the topic and said to Sheldon.

“Dad, what do you mean?”

Donald took a deep breath and said, “Before Lilla’s accident, I received the sign. I saw it. It is exactly the same as your second uncle received. Moreover, Lilla and your second uncle are very similar to each other. Evaporated, so people can’t find the slightest clues.”

“However, I have spent seven or eight years investigating, and there are some clues, Alicia, Lilla and your uncle, they may not be dead yet!”

Donald suddenly lowered his voice.

“Really dad?”

Sheldon’s eyes lit up.

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