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Chapter 413:

Yanjing Palmer Family

“Today I mainly talked to you about this matter. You are so old. You should know many secrets that the Cooper Family has mastered!”

Donald patted his son on the shoulder.

“This kind of sign is like a spell. Some people call it the Sun Alliance sign. Anyone who gets this sign will definitely have something wrong within three days!”

“Twenty years ago, your second uncle was like this, and it was the same with Lilla 20 years later!”


“Fu Bo said that this kind of curse appears once in 20 years. As soon as it appears, someone must be missing, and as long as it is obtained, none of them are spared!”

Cooper Family.

Donald shook his head: “Afu, he was only half right. Indeed, all those who got this sign should have disappeared. However, Dad later found out that someone had received this sign. But in the end he survived!”

Sheldon’s eyes lit up.

“That person was saved by someone. He provided me with some clues, and it was these clues, I judge, your second uncle and Lilla and others are more like being taken away!”

“Caught it? Who is so capable?”

Sheldon seemed to see hope again.

“This is unclear, but since this kind of thing has happened again, and there is no trace, if you want to investigate, relying on the strength of our Cooper Family, I am afraid it will no longer work!”

Sheldon nodded, “I understand my father, are you looking for the person who survived that year?”

Donald shook his head and smiled bitterly: “No, in fact, after he survived his life, he only lived for fifteen years. Six years ago, he was already dead. If you want to find a capable assistant to help us, you have to ask him The family that Hukou rescued!”

“As long as they are willing to help, it will be even more powerful!”

After speaking, he looked at Sheldon and said:

“Son, you say, which one is the largest family now?”

“The Fang family used to flourish before, but I heard from Fu Bo, now our Cooper Family is the largest family!”

“Yeah, yes, but our Cooper Family is only the No. 1 economic family now, but when it comes to comprehensive strength, there are several things that are stronger than our Cooper Family!”

“For example…Yanjing Mo’s family!”

“Yanjing Mo’s family?”

Yanjing Long Family, Qin Family Sheldon has heard of it, but Palmer Family has never heard of it.

Sheldon was surprised.

But it was also this conversation with his father that let Sheldon know a lot that he could not think of before.

“Yes, that person back then was also rescued by a member of the Palmer Family in Yanjing, and the most powerful thing about the Palmer Family is that they have a lot of people with family blood that surpasses ordinary people’s imagination. People from the Palmer Family have physical fitness. Stronger than normal humans, they are Palmer Family, most of them are active in the military, and the most mysterious dragon group in America! This is unmatched by any economic family!”

“Because if they want to, they can kill people invisible, including our heavily guarded Cooper Family! The Cooper Family has been winning over masters from all quarters over the years, trying to get rid of this kind of family threat, ha ha, but the gap is It’s getting bigger and bigger!”

Sheldon was dumbfounded. If he hadn’t said it from his father, Sheldon would not have imagined that it was true.

But Sheldon is not too surprised.

Like the Heavenly Dragons and Earth Tigers he encountered, as well as Kirk, all belonged to the realm that normal people could not imagine.

“How did the two Dragon, Earth and Tiger brothers compare with the Palmer Family?”

Sheldon asked.

“Dragons and tigers? Haha, a twelve or thirteen-year-old child who is randomly selected from the Palmer Family can abuse them both with one hand!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but swallowed.

Then I don’t know, what will happen to Kirk compared to the Palmer Family?

However, this issue is obviously not what Sheldon wants to entangle. If this powerful Palmer Family can stand up and help, it is indeed a great strength.

“The Palmer Family belongs to the hermit family. As a last resort, Dad doesn’t want to be involved with them, but your second uncle has important secrets related to our Cooper Family’s vitality. If your second uncle is about to have an accident, then our Cooper Family, too Prosperity will not last long, and it may end in your generation! Therefore, Dad has no other way!”

Donald naturally has his own worries.

It is not only the motivation of family affection, but Donald has not given up on searching for so many years. The Cooper Family’s vitality is also one of the reasons.

“The Cooper Family’s energy?”

Sheldon was puzzled again.

“Well, but I won’t talk about it for the time being. I listened to what your grandfather told me at the beginning. Now, the top priority is to find Mo’s help!”

“Dad, do you want me to take a trip?”

Sheldon asked.

“If it were just as simple as a trip, my father would have run away long ago, and it would take so many years to wait. As I said, the Palmer Family is a hermit. In reality, they would never intervene. However, one person might be able to Please get the Palmer Family out of the mountain!”


“That’s your grandma!”

“My grandma?”

Sheldon was taken aback. From childhood to adulthood, Sheldon also knew that his parents seemed to be particularly sensitive to the topics of grandparents and grandpas.

Even asking too much is easy to get beaten.

The last time I was beaten was when I was seven years old. I remember, Sheldon asked everyone else who had grandparents and grandpas, what about my own?

The mother, who has always been very gentle to herself, immediately slapped her, preventing herself from asking any more.

After that, it was like a shadow, and no one, including my sister Alicia, would mention anything about the previous generation.

“Yes, she is now at the helm of the Yanjing Yang family. In the past, your grandma and the Palmer Family had some intersections. If your grandma can come forward this time, she is most likely to convince the Palmer Family!”

Donald said, frowning: “It is not convenient for your mother to see her, but you are different. Our grievances will not come to you, so it’s up to you to persuade her! “

Later, my father called in his mother Yang Yuping.

It can be seen that my mother seems to be extremely sensitive to grandma too, her face is a little sad when she hears it.

However, this time Sheldon insisted on asking, what was going on at the beginning, and also, from Fu Bo said, grandpa seems to be still alive, what about grandpa?

What happened that year?

As for the mother, she didn’t get angry this time, but her eyes were a little wet and red and she said something about that year.

“It’s all because of the damn rules of the Yang family!”

Mother said sadly.

It turned out that when his father was at the end of poor education, it was equivalent to the period before Sheldon, when he was rich but he could not reveal his identity casually.

At that time, my father knew my mother who was the eldest Yang family in Yanjing…

Chapter 414

Cousin and Aunt

Mom felt that my father was strange and mysterious at the time.

Because he looked at him in tatters, but he was always able to do unexpected things.

Moreover, my dad at that time looked very weak, and when others beat him and scolded him, he would not say anything.

At first, my mother felt sympathy for him, but then slowly, just like myself and Lilla, they fell in love and came together.

But the original Yanjing Yang family was the head of the four major Yanjing families.

Grandma, Mrs. Yang, is the kind of person who manages the family very strictly. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to make the Yang family so strong after the death of her grandfather.

And grandma has a shortcoming that makes the mother most angry.

That is, the concept of patriarchy is particularly strong.

In the Yang family, even now, the females in the family have not been reused. Even if you are working hard, you must hand over the most beneficial family property to the males.

This is not uncommon, even if you are a woman, with a strong traditional concept, you are also patriarchal!

According to the development at that time, the mother must marry the son of the alliance partner as the price of the business alliance.

After all, my father was very low-key at the time. He didn’t say that no one knew that he was the richest man in the Cooper Family.

So my mother ran away from marriage and eloped with his father.

Of course, if it was just because of this incident, it would not have caused such a big enmity between the two families.

Because it was the fifth elder brother who helped his mother escape from marriage, who had treated her mother very well since he was a child. Unfortunately, it was precisely because of that.

The fifth elder brother took everything, first he was severely punished by his mother and kicked the fifth elder out of the family.

Then, he also left enmity with the family of alliance partners at the time.

Not long afterward, his father’s poor education ended and he was about to return to the Yang family to vent his anger for his fifth brother.

But in the past few days, the fifth brother was murdered and became a vegetable, and he is still lying in bed.

The murderer was the original alliance partner, and they thought it was the fifth brother who had embarrassed their family.

In this way, grandma blamed her mother and announced in the media that she would cut off the relationship between mother and child.

As for the mother, she also thought grandma was too cruel and drove the fifth brother out regardless.

Anyway, because of this incident, the mother and daughter had a conflict.

Therefore, the father and mother did not visit the Yang family.

Instead, he turned his head back and flattened the family that murdered the fifth brother.

Because of this, the original four major families of Yanjing became the current three major families.

“What happened later?” Sheldon understood now. It turns out that parents experienced more when they were young than their own!

“Later, your father and I kept secretly taking care of your fifth uncle, but ten years ago, your grandma took your fifth uncle back to the Yang family!”

As my mother said, tears came to her eyes.

“So son, this time, for this matter, only you can make a trip. As long as your grandma can persuade the Palmer Family, this can be regarded as a great contribution to the Cooper Family!”

Donald said.

“Well, I get it!”

“And Sheldon, if you go to Yanjing this time, you can first find your cousin, Perl. Perl is the daughter of your fifth uncle. After so many years, I have been secretly sponsoring Perl. She recognizes you. With her help, you should It will go smoothly. Your grandma has a special temper, but for you, I believe she will not be too decisive! And Sheldon, mom warns you, no matter how your grandma treated your mom before, you are never allowed to be disrespectful to your grandma. !”

It could be heard that my mother still missed her grandma, even if the mother and son had a big hatred, they would still belong to the family.

“I know!”

At this time, the door of the room opened, and it was Sister Lan who came in.

“Parents, Alicia, sister Qiangwei and second aunt are here!”

After speaking, she glanced at Sheldon, and Sister Lan went downstairs.

“Sheldon, Alan grew up in my opinion, an absolute good girl, you can treat Alan a little better, wait for a suitable day later…”

Mother said again.

“I see, I don’t think about these moms now!”

Sheldon knew what his mother was going to say and interrupted in time.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, let’s finish the matter at hand. By the way, Sheldon, this time you go back to America Yanjing and do it with confidence. I have already notified Uncle Fu. From now on, You are in charge of all family properties in America, including your sister’s!”

Three days later, at the exit of Yanjing Airport.

Two women, one large and one small, were waiting in front of a black Passat.

The older one is a middle-aged woman who wears a professional suit and has excellent skin care.

In the young cardamom years, he just walked out of the university campus, and his face was still a bit immature, but his appearance was definitely a beauty.

The two standing at the exit of the station also attracted the attention of many people.

“What time is this? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? It’s really annoying that the weather is so hot today. There are already enough things, so what are you waiting for?”

At this time, the middle-aged woman turned her wrists, looked at her watch, and said impatiently.

“Mom, can you be patient, my cousin is coming for the first time. Besides, isn’t it normal for plane delays?”

The girl persuades.

When I received a call from my aunt, saying that my cousin was coming.

The girls are really happy.

She knew that her aunt and uncle had been working abroad all these years, but there was too much funding for herself, including finding the best teachers and the best schools for herself.

However, for some reasons, girls cannot visit their aunts, uncles, and their cousins.

“Huh, what a big-tailed wolf, you have to make a plane or a car? Really, I really owe you the Yang family. Your dad and your dad are like this, and in the end, your dad’s unsuccessful sister is like this. !”

The middle-aged woman said coldly.

“Mom, my aunt has not subsidized and compensated our family all these years. You know, why do you say that?”

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for your unbelievable aunt who eloped with a D-Si, your dad wouldn’t be like this, and the status of our wife in the Yang family would not be like this. You know, you are the Yang family’s eldest Miss, you can’t go out like your cousins ​​and cousins ​​and those coquettish bastards, there must be a caravan. Look at our mothers and drive a Passat!”

“Besides, it’s you. Your grandma is expressly forbidden. If anyone dares to associate with that woman, it’s not just about expelling from the Yang family. At that time, your mother’s job will have to be lost with your crazy girl. ,Very impatient!”

Seeing her impatiently, the girl didn’t say anything, but looked forward to the exit of the station expectantly.

I don’t know what my cousin looks like. My aunt is so beautiful. My cousin will definitely be handsome.


At this time, a young man with a suitcase walked over here.

Looking at the sign with Sheldon written in the girl’s hand, the young man asked with a smile.

As for the girl, she bit her lip and nodded, staring blankly at the handsome boy in front of her.

“Are you Sheldon?” She smiled sweetly.

“Hmm, I am!”

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