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Chapter 423

“You misunderstood Grandma, I didn’t mean to try the Yang family’s property!”

Sheldon frowned slightly and said.

“Hmph, since your mother’s unfilial girl left the Yang family, she has nothing to do with the Yang family. I have also announced to the public that I have severed the relationship with her mother and daughter. You have to understand this!”

The old lady sneered.

Sheldon said nothing.

When Si Jiu saw the tense atmosphere, he coughed:

“Ahem, mom, look, how can Sheldon be your grandson? It’s good for a child to have filial piety. Don’t scare Sheldon when he comes into the house for the first time! Come on, Sheldon, it just happens that the elders of the family are all there today. Come on, come over and give your grandma, uncles and aunts a cup of tea!”

Fourth Uncle smiled.

Sheldon saw that his fourth uncle was fine.

I remember my mother said at the beginning that the fourth uncle and the fifth uncle are the best to her.

Nodded now.

Take the teapot from the hand of the servant.

Started pouring a cup of tea for the old lady.


The old lady seemed to think of the sad past, and she was a little angry when she heard that the eldest daughter-in-law said that Sheldon came to visit her to divide the property.

He simply closed his eyes.

Sheldon poured another cup for Uncle.

Uncle did not drink either.

Then came the second uncle and the third uncle.

When it’s done for the aunt.

Unexpectedly, my eldest aunt smiled coldly, “Cut it, don’t do anything to be courteous, you will steal if you do it!”

After speaking, he poured the tea directly on the ground.

The men and women of the younger generation of Jean looked at Sheldon a few times.

Just forget it if you don’t drink it, just pour it.

Obviously, the auntie stepped on Sheldon on purpose.

As for Yang Ye, he smiled secretly in his heart, thinking that if Myla saw this scene, it would be fine.

In the audience, only Si Jiu drank it alone.

“Hey, I advise some people to stop messing up their minds, but they will find the time. If you don’t come early, you won’t come late, so come at this time!”

Second aunt sneered at the moment.

“That’s right, the dog knows which fanxiang is! What’s the matter, I have had enough poor life, and want to have a few days of rich life?”

The aunt said coldly.

“Hmph, that woman abandoned the whole family at the beginning and pushed the whole family to a dangerous place. She almost angered her mother. Go back and tell that woman. Regret is useless!”

The third aunt did the same.

When this topic comes together, it’s endless.

They accused Sheldon’s mother one after another.

“Enough is enough, don’t talk about it!”

The old lady got up with her blood pressure and shouted at the table.

All the talents fell silent.

“Asheng, help me go back to rest!”

“Yes, Chairman!”

Then, the old lady left directly.

“I blame you, you hapless guy, what are you doing when you come back! Do you have to make your grandma angry?”

The aunt scolded again.

“Can you stop talking about cousin? Cousin just wants to come back to visit you and grandma. Why are you doing this?”

Perl was crying anxiously.

“Hmph, Perl, what the lord is saying about your girl is, it’s fine if you haven’t said you. If it weren’t for your dead ghost dad’s help back then, could his mother succeed in getting married!”

The aunt shouted coldly.

“Sister-in-law, what do you mean, do you talk to a junior like this?”

Mommy Beckham was unhappy.

“What’s the matter? Five younger siblings? I can’t teach the younger ones if they don’t understand the rules? Ha ha, don’t look at what status your family is in the Yang family? Perl, you just joined the group, right? The project department, the old lady said in a meeting just now. The most urgent task now is to get the project. I will hand over the major projects this year to your project department!”

“Don’t you girl have a good mouth? Let me see how you can do it? If you can’t contribute to the family, look at your mothers, you just count on sharing a bit of the Yang family’s fortune!”

Aunt Guo Ru’s mouth was like a cannon.

The fourth and fifth family used to have a cordial relationship with Yang Yuping.

As for Yang Yuping, she had a very poor relationship with Guo Ru.

Speaking of it, when Guo Ru was in the company that year, Yang Yuping discovered false accounts.

Yang Yuping personally reported her to the old lady.

Then Guo Ru was slapped loudly by the old lady at the family meeting in public.

Since then, Guo Ru can’t get along with Yang Yuping.

Hate the house and the Wu, naturally hate the fourth and fifth family.

Now she and Yang Yuting control most of the company’s resources.

Equivalent to the vice chairman, he has the right to speak.

It is also the reason why the Beckhams are not reused.

“Okay, okay, let’s say a few words less, mom just said, now family unity is the most important thing!”

Yang Yuting said.

“Big brother said, Sheldon, don’t stand up, sit down and eat together!”

Fourth Uncle said.

“Huh? Let him sit down? Why?”

Several aunts were unhappy.

And Sheldon saw that he stayed any longer, and it wouldn’t be good if the relationship between them and Si Jiu deteriorated.

He smiled bitterly, “No need, Si Jiu, I’ll go back first! You eat slowly!”

After speaking, Sheldon patted Beckham on the shoulder, signaled Beckham to leave him alone, and then left.

“Hmph, I warn you, he has nothing to do with our Yang family, if you let me know who is still with him, see if I don’t kick her out of the company!”

The aunt said to the juniors.

Especially for Perl.

Everyone agreed.

Sheldon who came out did not expect that the grievances between Chen and Yang’s family were so deep.

But Sheldon was not afraid, as he wanted to ease the relationship between his mother and grandma.

Sheldon believes that as long as he is willing to do it, it is not a problem.

In the current direct showdown, Sheldon is afraid of getting the opposite result.

Just look at grandma’s birthday tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Sheldon dialed Hou Ping’s phone.

Let Hou Ping prepare some gifts.

Then, it was the afternoon.

Beckham came back, looking sullen, obviously he was criticized by Guo Ru.

For his own sake, Perl didn’t know how much wronged he had suffered. Although Aunt Fifth didn’t say anything, she looked at herself a little bit unkind.

“Bei Bei, go, my cousin will buy you clothes!”

Sheldon looked at Beckham.

As for Beckham, she is a good girl, but because of being targeted by Guo Ru, the past two years have not been good either.

Compared with those cousins ​​and cousins, they wear a lot worse.

Except for that car, I haven’t said anything to Beckham yet!

“Huh? No need for cousin!”

Beckham said hurriedly.

“Let’s go, just right, you go shopping with me!”

With that, Perl drove the 7 series and came to a brand-name clothing store.

The car parked in the parking space.


Lock the car.

“Xiaoya, don’t be gloomy, hey, it seems that there are a lot of new styles in each store today, let’s go shopping happily, haha!”

Two girls got off the car.

It’s not someone else, it’s Meng Can, and Myla who has to be pulled by her…

Chapter 424

I Want To Buy Ten Pieces
Meng Can took Myla straight to the third floor.

“The clothes on the third floor are expensive, you are sure to come here!”

Myla said with a smile.

If the clothes in the entire commercial building are brand-name, then the third floor is the brand-name brand.

And here, it happens to be a place where many girls love to come.

If you don’t buy it, you have to be familiar with it.

“Go up and shop first. If there is something suitable, I will buy it once even if I am cruel!”

Meng Can said with a smile.

Then I just wandered around on the third floor.

At this time, walk into a popular super brand store.

“Wow, Xiaoya, look at it, this dress is really beautiful! I want to try it, hehe!”

Meng Can wins a long one-piece dress.

Busy to change it.

As for Myla, there was a men’s clothing store nearby.

Very cool and handsome.

Suddenly I thought of Sheldon’s style of dressing, which are all very plain styles.

So I thought about choosing some clothes for Sheldon that at least girls looked pretty.

Taking advantage of Meng Can’s time trying on clothes, he talked to Meng Can and went out for a stroll by himself.

As for Meng Can, he quickly tried his clothes and walked out. He looked left and right. He looked very beautiful in the mirror.

“Miss, this dress is really suitable for you. Buy it. This is the latest model this year. It was officially launched the day before yesterday. There are new product promotions now!”

The female shopping guide came over and said.

“Hey, yes, I’ve seen this one on the official website a long time ago. By the way, isn’t there a purple one? Can you give me a try, I like that purple one!”

“Sorry beauty, that purple one is being tried on by others because it has been sold out, that is the last one!”


Meng Can said regretfully.

To be honest, if you are so beautiful, if you pair it with that purple dress, your return rate is definitely 200%.

At this time, the door of another fitting room opened, and a girl walked towards another customer waiting area with her changed purple dress.

And Meng Can saw that it was the one he liked, so he immediately followed.

“This one suits you well, I bought it!”

A boy is sitting in the waiting area.

“No, brother, it’s too… too expensive, why should I wear such an expensive one? Look at the price, a dress actually costs more than 80,000 dollar, let’s go to another commercial building to buy it!”

Said the girl.

The boy smiled wryly and shook his head.

“Sheldon? So it was you?”

Suddenly, a voice rang in his ear.

Sheldon looked up and didn’t know when Perl actually followed Meng Can.

Also shocked Sheldon.

“Hahaha, that’s great, just right, I like this purple dress, you can’t afford it, just so I can buy it! Shopping guide, don’t try it, just wrap it up for me, they can’t afford it! “

Meng Can was relieved when he saw that it was Sheldon.

What happened yesterday, although Sheldon was surprising.

But, Meng Can thought, maybe it was Sheldon who deliberately pretended to be for the sake of face, and even that outfit was rented.

Anyway, Meng Cancai didn’t believe that Sheldon could really afford it.

“Good beauty!”

The shopping guide also saw that Meng Can wears all famous brands.

And Perl wears ordinary brands.

As for the boy, he couldn’t even call the sign.

Therefore, the subconscious thinks that Meng Can has purchasing power.

“Wait a minute, who said we can’t afford it?”

Sheldon sneered.

“just you?”

Meng Can looked contemptuous.

After turning over the price of the skirt, I was shocked.

“fu*k, 89999?”

Meng Can was surprised.

This price is indeed unexpectedly expensive.

Only five or sixty thousand dollars in him.

“What? 89999 are you too expensive?”

Sheldon suddenly looked at Meng Can and smiled.

Yesterday, this Meng Can poked and mocked himself.

This little grudge, Sheldon really wants to care about her today.

Now jokingly said.

“Let’s put your words, how could my mother not be able to afford it?”

Meng Can thought, it would make you look down on it.

“Okay, but the shopping guide, we will buy one later, so you can get this one directly for us!”

Sheldon smiled.

The shopping guide was surprised and delighted.

“Bringing, it’s not bad if you can afford one! Hmph, shopping guide, if he buys two, I will buy three. Anyway, I have one more than him!”

Meng Can competed with Sheldon.

“Mom, come here and have a look!”

It was also at this time that five more people walked in.

Are five women.

Two are young and three are middle-aged women.

Obviously, depending on their wearing temperament, they can afford the clothes here, and shopping guides have already greeted them immediately.

“Mrs. Guo, Miss Yang, are you here? Welcome, there are many new styles in our store, I can help you choose a few!”

“No, we can see for ourselves!”

Mrs. Guo said at the moment.

At this moment, the daughter frantically pulled her clothes.

“Mom! Auntie, third aunt, look at it, isn’t that who?”

The girl pointed towards SheldonPerl over there.

“Huh? It’s really Sheldon, Perl actually came here with him? Haha!”

Mrs. Guo sneered at the moment.

Yes, Mrs. Guo is Sheldon’s aunt Guo Ru. The remaining two middle-aged women are Sheldon’s second aunt and third aunt.

The two girls are Sheldon’s two cousins.

Obviously, this shop is the most expensive shop in the commercial building, and people who come here are all decent people.

Sheldon and Perl are here, so Guo Ru naturally feels ashamed.

“Sheldon, don’t play around with others, you can’t afford it if you can’t afford it!”

Meng Can was too angry.

Because Sheldon actually said he wanted to buy ten pieces for Perl.

Even the shopping guide wanted to scold Sheldon.

“Is this shopping guide a newcomer to your store? Why would he be entangled with such customers for so long?”

At this time, a ridiculous voice rang.

Sheldon and Perl turned around.

It was the aunt and them.

“Huh, I guess I can’t afford even one sleeve here, so I have to tell your manager when I look back, don’t let all the stubborn people come in, which will lower the taste of the whole store!”

Guo Ru glanced at Sheldon and Perl, and said unceremoniously.

“Auntie, how do you talk?”

Perl airway.

“How do you talk? You dare to question me, I asked you Perl, how much salary do you earn in a month? Do you dare to come here to look at the clothes? With all that money, can’t you serve your father well? I said you pay I’m not happy. Besides, if you have lunch today, you forgot after I finished talking, right?”

Guo Ru sneered.

“That’s right, Perl, we understand that girls love beauty, but you have to look at your own situation. You can see what your house looks like. You actually come to this kind of shop and try on other people’s clothes, in case it breaks. How can you pay for it?”

“That’s it!”

Several cousins ​​also said one after another.

After that, Perl was said to be crying.

The shopping guide also looked at Perl and Sheldon contemptuously: “Huh, what kind of big money is pretending to be! I was said by the customer!”

“Hello, two of you, can you buy it? If you don’t, other customers will try on it?”

The shopping guide’s tone is not good at the moment.

While crying, Perl wanted to return the clothes to the shopping guide.

“I just said to buy ten pieces, are you deaf?”

And Sheldon, looking at the guide buyer coldly at this moment, said…

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