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Chapter 425

The shopping guide was taken aback by Sheldon’s tone.

Even the aunt and the others were frightened by Sheldon’s tone.

Although his voice was not loud, the harsh expression in Sheldon’s tone gave people a chilling feeling.

“Huh! Just you, you have to buy ten more. The minimum clothes here start at more than 40,000. If ten pieces, it will cost hundreds of thousands. It’s up to you?”

The aunts hated this feeling of being shocked by Sheldon.

And he actually wants to buy ten?

Ha ha!

Now sneered sarcastically.

Perl also stretched Sheldon’s arm and said, “Cousin, forget it, eldest aunt is right, we can’t afford the clothes here, let’s go!”

“It’s okay, I said I would buy it for you! Just so, I think that many of the items you tried just now are suitable for you, so let’s buy them all! Shopping guide, calculate how much money, I will swipe the card!”

Sheldon immediately took out his bank card.

The shopping guide nodded immediately.

“Wait a minute, I am not calling you, I am calling you, go and help me wrap my clothes!”

Sheldon pointed to the other side, and a shopping guide standing there said.

“Good sir!”

The shopping guide immediately wrapped up the clothes, there were ten pieces in total.

The total price is 760,000.

“Hahaha, this fool, 760,000, he is not dead!”

“That’s right, I didn’t pretend to be like that when I pretended to be 13. It was the first time in the ages to buy clothes for 760,000 dollar!”

Meng Can on the side is happy to bloom.

And Sheldon’s cousins ​​couldn’t help but contempt.

“Hmph, let me see how this Sheldon ends!?”

And the aunt and the others glanced at each other and looked at Sheldon with a sneer holding their shoulders.

The BOSS machine was quickly brought over.

Sheldon pressed the code when he was familiar with the road.

But when Sheldon pressed the last number, the shopping guide suddenly exclaimed.

“Wait for a moment, Mr. I made a mistake!”

Shopping guide, I was really nervous just now. After all, with a sales of 760,000 and a bonus of 30,000 or 40,000 in one day, can you be unhappy?

And he didn’t even move his mouth, so he got this big order.

In addition, there are so many people around, so I feel a little excited.

Accidentally pressed an extra zero.

However, when she finished shouting, Sheldon had already entered the password, and the BOSS machine showed that it was reading…

“Sir, sorry, I lost 760,000 to 7.6 million. I’m really sorry!”

The shopping guide bowed again and again.

“It’s okay, no need to apologize, even if you lose one zero, 70,000, he can’t afford it!”

Third aunt smiled.


Suddenly the BOSS machine rang softly.

The above shows that the transaction was successful.

The bill was then typed out!


The aunt, cousin, and Meng Can were all shocked.

The transaction was successful?

In Sheldon’s bank card? Actually… there are 7.6 million?

Damn it! Am I not dreaming?

Meng Can’s mouth was wide open and his face was incredible.

And the aunts looked at each other even more, and their faces were very ugly right now.

This Sheldon grew up in poverty, but now, how could he have 7.6 million in his bank card?

The shopping guide was even more frightened: “Sorry sir, I will return the extra money to you immediately! I’m really sorry!”

“Forget it, you don’t have to return it. Don’t you have a membership card? Give my sister a membership card and use the rest of the money in it!”

Sheldon took the bank card back and couldn’t help but let out a wry smile.

If the aunt’s aunt was just taunting herself, she wouldn’t say anything, Sheldon still has this resistance.

However, it would not work if Beckham said it like this.

Because just the fifth uncle’s kindness to his mother back then cannot be simply measured by money.

Therefore, Sheldon wanted to speak out for Beckham.

But unexpectedly, 7.6 million was directly brushed.

But it doesn’t matter, 7.6 million and 760,000, for Sheldon now, apart from the difference in the numbers between the two, there is no other redundant meaning.

“Cousin, this…this is too expensive! You must return the money soon!”

Beckham jumped anxiously.

“What are you going to retreat? Since he charged you with the card, then go ahead, hahaha, this fool, so much money is charged, what do I think you will do in the future?”

As for the aunt, she was surprised and shocked.

But more of it is a bit of revenge.

Because the money goes to the membership card, I can’t do anything except buy clothes.

Let you Sheldon Lianse!

But my heart was still very irritated, and I was even more surprised. When did Sheldon become so rich?

At the moment, even the mood of shopping for clothes is gone.

The same is true for Meng Can. To buy a piece of clothes of more than 80,000, he has to think about tangling for a long time, but Sheldon, who he looks down on, directly charged 7.6 million! ! !

Meng Can went out very depressed.

At this time, Myla also happened to walk out of the next store.

Seeing Meng Can’s depressed mood and Liushen Wuzhu’s appearance, he couldn’t help laughing:

“Yeah, what’s the matter with our Chancan family? Is it a bad mood to go shopping?”

Meng Can took a deep breath and said:

“Xiaoya, do you believe in fate?”

“Ah? What fate?”

“It’s a very poor and poor person who suddenly became rich, especially the rich kind!”

Meng Can said anxiously.

“What’s the matter?”

“I just… saw Sheldon!”

“Have you seen Sheldon?”

Myla suddenly felt nervous.

“Yes, Sheldon! Xiaoya, you don’t know, Sheldon, he…now seems to be different from before. Before, he was the poorest in our class. At that time everyone bullied him, and I bullied him. But now, he seems to be rich? Do you know this? He is not 13 when he was poor in high school!”

Myla looked around, but did not see Sheldon.

Then he nodded and replied subconsciously: “Sheldon’s money is not what you can imagine!”

“Ah? Xiaoya what did you say?”

Meng Can did not hear clearly.

“Ah? I… I didn’t say anything!”

Myla recovered and shook her head.

“Don’t think too much, just treat Sheldon better in the future. After all, you are also classmates!”

Myla said.

“Yeah, Xiaoya, indeed, Sheldon just now let me see the other side of him clearly, especially when he swiped his card, he was so manly. It seems that in the future, I will really treat him better!”

But when Myla saw a smile on Meng Can’s mouth, she felt a little uncomfortable…

“It’s really mad at me, mad at me!”

On the way back, Guo Ru slammed the steering wheel vigorously.

“Why is that woman’s son so rich, 7.8 million, where did he come from? Did he win the lottery?”

Guo Ru muttered this sentence all the way.

Like most people, no one wants their opponents to become strong.

“Yes, 7.8 million, even for us, is a lot of money, Sister-in-law, but you see that the kid doesn’t have it, and he won’t even blink at spending money!”

The second aunt also said.

“Auntie, Mom, and Auntie, originally we thought that when we first saw Sheldon, he pretended to be pretending to be pompous, so he rented some things, but now it seems that what happened at the bar last night It may really be true!”

At this time, a cousin spoke up.

“What do you mean? What happened at the bar last night?”

Chapter 426

Old Lady’s Birthday Banquet

“You mean the clothes that Sheldon wears are also very expensive?”

Guo Ru finds it difficult to channel.

“Impossible, it is absolutely impossible! We know his father Donald’s virtues back then. How could their family be rich? So the biggest possibility is that Sheldon won the lottery. Just now because of impulse, he gave the money. Spend it out!”

Guo Ru said.

It seems that the impact of 7.8 million on them is still a little too big.

“Cousin, now the eldest mother and others are gone, let’s go back and refund this card, it’s too expensive, so much money, what a waste!”

“No need, Beckham…”

“7.8 million, how can you not use it, and cousin, you…Where did you get so much money?”

Beckham was really scared.

Sheldon looked at Perl who was driving and said with a smile, “My cousin told you something, don’t tell anyone, including the fifth aunt!”


Beckham asked.

“In fact, my cousin is a rich second-generation, the kind who can’t spend money!”

Sheldon said with a smile.


Unexpectedly, Perl laughed out: “Well, the second representative brother, if you really want to spend it, just give your cousin flowers!”

Obviously, Beckham thought his cousin was kidding himself again.

“Ahem, you don’t believe me, you’re down!”

Sheldon coughed.

“By the way, cousin, what are you going to give for grandma’s birthday tomorrow?”

Beckham asked.

“I don’t know what to give, I’ll see it tomorrow!”

The Yang family on the second day was already extremely lively.

Today is Mrs. Yang’s 80th birthday.

Compared with previous years, the 80th birthday is more grand and lively.

Not only all the members of the Yang family were present, but even some of the distinguished guests they invited came to celebrate their birthday.

Inside the clan, outside the clan, the excitement is extraordinary.

“Every gift list of the distinguished guests must be recorded clearly, and it must be checked again. You should not be careless! There should be a lot of distinguished guests this year, and the ranking arrangement should also be taken seriously!”

In the early morning, the old lady wore a festive red robe and did not forget to ask the housekeeper.

When the old lady sits down.

Under the sign of the family’s parents, the younger generation of the family has begun to come up to offer gifts.

“Grandma, this is the jade bracelet I bought for you. Do you like it?”

A girl came up and said with a smile.

“If you like it, it’s Hetian Ziyu. It’s rare that you have such filial piety!”

Mrs. Yang couldn’t help but laugh from ear to ear.

He took the girl’s hand and talked a few more words.

“Yeah, Beckham, why are you here!”

At this time, Beckham came with Sheldon.

I happened to run into Yang Ye and a few of them.

“Perl, what kind of gift did you buy for grandma this year? Don’t give grandma an embroidery that you made yourself! Hahaha!”

Yang Ye and others smiled.

Especially Yang Ye, at this moment, looked at Sheldon with a cold expression.

“Grandma’s birthday, I didn’t expect you to come too! Huh, came here empty-handed?”

Yang Ye suddenly smiled.

Then he lowered his voice: “I warn you, you still want to avoid hitting our Yang family’s property! Don’t be bothered by grandma!”

As for Sheldon, listening to Yang Ye’s provocative words.

I didn’t look at him either, but smiled to Beckham and said, “Let’s go, let’s go in!”

Just left.

The angry Yang Ye couldn’t help but clenched his fists.

“Redneck, I won’t spare you lightly!”

Yang Ye said indignantly.

In addition to the grievances of the previous generation, Yang Ye himself did not like Sheldon. In the bar the night before, this hillbilly seemed to be honest, but he kept stealing the limelight over and over again.

In the end, I didn’t know what I said to Zhou Bao, so I was broken by Zhou Bao in front of my cousins.

These things, in the final analysis, Yang Ye relies on Sheldon.

The most important thing is that he finally had Xinyi’s goddess, and Sheldon had to stand up and intervene.

“Look, grandma, this is my birthday gift to you!”

At the main table of the birthday banquet, the gifts of the younger generation in the family continue.

The happy old lady Yang is really from ear to ear.

“Ah, isn’t this Beckham? How come you? Did you forget that today is your grandma’s birthday?”

At this time, I saw Perl and Sheldon.

Guo Ru on the side smiled coldly.

“Why would I forget my grandma’s birthday? Auntie, you are serious!”

Perl retorted.

“Hahaha, let’s see what gift Perl gave to grandma this time?”

Several girls said at the same time.

At the same time, Perl’s mother got angry when she heard what they said, and then she looked at the gift in Perl’s hand with a smile.

I’m afraid Mom will be very happy to give this gift.

“Bei Bei, show your grandma the present!”

Pedro said.

“Okay! Grandma, this is the birthday gift that Beckham prepared for you this year. It is a dragon cloud jade bracelet!”

Beckham opened it carefully.

“Longyun jade bracelet?”

Mrs. Yang was slightly taken aback.

I raised my eyes and saw, isn’t it, it is really a Longyun jade bracelet?

To tell the truth, Sheldon bought Myla before, and the price was about one hundred thousand dollar.

Although, Mrs. Yang is not short of this one hundred thousand.

But Perl’s family is not too lavish these years, she knows that they couldn’t give decent gifts in previous years.

So this one hundred thousand dragon cloud jade bracelets are sent out, which naturally shows Perl’s filial piety.

“Okay, very good!”

Mrs. Yang smiled.

And it was this Longyun jade bracelet that completely compared the jade bracelet Hetian Ziyu sent by Sheldon’s second aunt’s daughter.

The faces of the second aunt and the cousin were a little ugly.

“Perl, I heard that you have been doing an internship in the group’s project department for several months this year. Alas, you are so old in an instant, and your academic performance is excellent. In the future, grandma will find a bigger stage for you to learn and exercise!”

Mrs. Yang said.

“Thank you grandma!”

While Perl was happy when he heard that, Pedro was also happy.

“Grandma, is this a real Longyun jade bracelet? After all, there are too many fakes on the market!”

At this time, Yang Ye walked over and sneered.

Perl’s face changed slightly.

And Pedro also said with a dazed expression: “Yang Ye, what are you talking about? I tell you, this was given to me by my mother and I gave it to Beckham. How could it be fake?”

Pedro was telling the truth, and she was really scared this time.

“Grandma, when I was studying abroad, I learned some basic identification techniques. Let me show them?”

Yang Ye said.

As for Mrs. Yang, when Yang Ye said this, she also doubted the authenticity of Long Yunyu.

After all, she knows the daughter-in-law of Pedro. If it is really expensive, would she give herself a birthday present?

Mrs. Yang handed it to Yang Ye.

“False, absolutely false!”

And Yang Ye shook his head after taking a few glances.

“Yang Ye, what nonsense do you know? “

Pedro was in a hurry.

“Haha, my fifth aunt, what are you anxious for, well, well, I won’t say anything, you really are it!”

Then he handed the jade bracelet to Pedro.

However, Yang Ye’s hand suddenly released in advance.


With a crisp sound, the jade bracelet fell directly to the ground and broke to pieces…

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