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Chapter 427:

Expensive Birthday Gift

“My jade bracelet?!”

The jade bracelet broke.

Pedro’s eyes widened.

And Perl was also taken aback.

This jade bracelet is the most precious thing in the family.

My grandma gave it to my mother, and then my mother gave it to herself.

The reason why Pedro gave it out to Beckham’s grandmother is very simple.

My own man is now lying on the bed with a vegetative man, and he has no hope.

I hope my daughter will be able to compete and be reused by the family.

As long as the old lady is pleased, how can Perl go further.

Otherwise, if Guo Ru is completely in power in the future, then everything is really over.

But now, the jade bracelet was actually broken!

Obviously, it was this Yang Ye deliberately.

“You pay for my jade bracelet, pay for my jade bracelet!!!”

However, Pedro’s eyes flushed suddenly, and she went up and grabbed Yang Ye by the collar.

And it was this scene that made everyone in the venue look over here.

“Stop it, are there any rules!”

Mrs. Yang pays the most attention to her own face, and she is also angry now.

“Mom, Yang Ye did it on purpose. He deliberately broke the Longyun jade bracelet!”

Pedro said anxiously.

“Yeah! I said Wumei, isn’t it just a broken bracelet, let alone it may be fake, what if it is true?”

“You are so old, you have the same knowledge as juniors, there are no rules at all!”

The second aunt also added.

“Today is Mom’s birthday. You actually fought on Mom’s birthday. It’s really unruly!”

Yang Yuting also said coldly.

“Well, isn’t it just a jade bracelet? If it is broken, it will be broken. Anyway, I can’t wear it at my age! Guo Ru is not bad at all. Is it guilty of being as knowledgeable as Yang Ye?”

Mrs. Yang said lightly.

There are tears in Pedro’s aggrieved eyes.

And Sheldon could see it. Grandma was not generally partial to Yang Ye. He bought Long Yun jade herself, and this jade bracelet is naturally true.

To put it bluntly, Yang Ye was afraid that Beckham would be spoiled.

After that, everyone turned their eyes to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, I think you are empty-handed, are you here?”

Guo Ru said coldly.

Yes, in the family, Guo Ru hates the fifth family the most, followed by the fourth family.

And now, the hatred of Sheldon is naturally included.

Especially after what happened yesterday.

“Huh, Sister-in-law, maybe you are right. I can’t afford gifts anymore, hum!”

The second aunt also said.

The old lady looked at Sheldonguo and proceeded in a vacuum.

My heart is indeed upset.

“Forget it, I don’t hesitate to ask for his gift!”

The old lady said lightly.

Sheldon was silent and did not speak.

“I said, damn, you have to talk more about Perl, you don’t think about working all the time, I guess, just waiting to divide your industry, it won’t work!”

Guo Ru said again.

Pedro said anxiously, “Guo Ru, what do you mean, when did Beckham stop working hard?”

“Don’t bother you, I dare not tell anyone who is true or false, but the Yang family will never give any resources to people who get nothing for nothing, Beckham, I will investigate afterwards. If you really have no achievements, don’t blame grandma for being cruel. !”

Mrs. Yang said.

“Hehe, grandma, you don’t need to worry about Perl, what the elder mother says is what you say! Grandma, I am not feeling well, so I won’t eat any more, let’s go!”

Beckham said with wet red eyes.

After speaking, he stood up and left.

“Bei Bei!”

Pedro chased it out.

Sheldon frowned, Guo Ru mother and son, it seems that it is not a day or two to bully Wu Jiu’s family.

Worried about Beckham’s emotions, Sheldon also followed out.

“Mom, did you see this? This Perl is like this in front of you, and he has been raised in front of the company and me!”

Guo Ru said.

“Hmph, let’s go, let’s not see it or be upset!”

Mrs. Yang said coldly.

Turned to look at the birthday banquet scene.

“What’s the matter? Even last year, at this point in time, there were many VIPs. Why are there so many people here this year?”

Mrs. Yang only found out.

Yang Yuting said, “Yes, it is indeed wrong. Why are there so few VIPs? I personally invited them all.”

Mrs. Yang’s face is even more ugly.

Called the housekeeper Asheng at the moment.

Ask him what’s the situation, the VIPs haven’t come all yet?

Asheng said:

“Mrs. Yang, I don’t know what’s going on today. Many invited guests and partners called to say that something happened and suddenly couldn’t come. Congratulations! As of now, more than 30 CEOs have called me. said!”


The old lady was angrily: “Hmph, I understand, they are all discussed. It seems that our Yang family is indeed in decline. Decades ago, when the Yang family had activities, the crowds were pretty crowded, but now, everyone invites them. Not coming!”

Yang Yuting and others were not talking.

“Yuting, did you catch the item I asked you to catch? Or is there no item to do now?”

The old lady asked.

“Funds turnover is also a problem now. Mom, I am already working as fast as possible. I will solve the problem of the resource chain today and tomorrow, and then I will fight for the project!”

Yang Yuting said.

“Oh, a business is not a business, and now a home is no longer like a home. Is it possible to lose to the Long and Qin families like this?”

The old lady said depressed.

And at this moment.

I saw the butler rushing in from the manor at the door.

“Chairman! Chairman~!”

“Asheng, what’s the matter?”

The old lady asked.

“You… come out and have a look, there is a team of motorcades outside, and they come to give gifts!”

Ah Sheng looked very nervous.


The old lady was surprised.

If ordinary VIPs send birthday gifts, it will naturally not make Ah Sheng react like this.

Who will be here?

The old lady was surprised at the same time.

Standing up, walked out with Ah Sheng.

The tribesmen like Yang Yuting and Guo Ru also got together curiously.

I saw outside, a dozen or so extended Phantoms, each of which cost 20 million away.

Teams of black bodyguards stood.

Holding a box in each hand.

“The Cooper Family, Sheldon, send a gift to the old lady!”

Said a black bodyguard headed.

The old lady and them were already shocked.

This team is absolutely luxurious and top class.

At the moment, the first bodyguard opened the box.

“One thousand-year ginseng!”

“What? Thousand-year ginseng?”

Everyone was surprised.

“A white jade tripod!”


The old lady was moved.

Yang Yuting and Guo Ru swallowed even more nervously.

“An authentic pair of Tang Bohu!”

The third box opened.

“The real Tang Bohu?”

Everyone gathered around.

“The Cooper Family, Master Sheldon? Who is it? Why is it such a big hand?”

Chapter 428

Perl’s Grievance

The gifts are more than that.

It made the Yang family, including the old lady, dazzled.

It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a rare treasure.

Every gift has a big background, it is invaluable!

Old lady Yang looked excited.

She has lived her whole life, and she has never seen such a scene.

“Mrs. Yang, this is the gift list, please have a look!”

The leader of the youth handed over a gift list respectfully.

“Don’t read it, don’t read it, thank you for the gift Sheldon gave, but this gift is really precious! By the way, the old man has never met Sheldon or met the Cooper Family. I wonder if your master is?”

Mrs. Yang said with a smile.

The haze left by the cold scene just now was swept away.

“Old lady, if there is nothing else, we will leave first!”

Obviously, these people are reluctant to say more.

“Stay for a drink?”

Mrs. Yang said.

“Thanks, no need!”

After the youth had finished speaking, the crowd returned to the car and left directly.

“So lavish!”

“Even the bodyguards and entourage are so calm, what kind of family is this Cooper Family?”

The Yang family were taken aback.

“Mom? The Cooper Family, Young Master Sheldon? We have never met before. Why give us such an expensive gift? I roughly calculated it. The total value of these gifts is close to one billion!”

Yang Yuting’s excited hands were shaking.

“Yeah, it’s more than one billion. The Cooper Family, Sheldon really is a big deal, but our Yang family has never been with the Cooper Family. I have lived for so long, and I have never heard of the Cooper Family. Could it be that you juniors met Friends of yours, are they not your classmates?”

Mrs. Yang said in disbelief.

The younger generations looked at each other.

Even the best classmates will not give birthday gifts worth more than one billion dollar. Obviously, this reason is too far-fetched.

“Mom, no matter who delivered it, since they are willing to give it, then these are ours. Just take out one and sell it, and it can solve our family’s current economic crisis!”

Guo Ru rolled his eyes and said suddenly.

“Shut up, it’s a nonsense. This is a birthday gift from the Cooper Family. It is so precious, how dare you sell it? At least, no one is allowed to touch these things before I figure out the identity of the Cooper Family. Who dares to make these birthday gifts, I will drive her out of the family!”

Mrs. Yang said.

At the same time, he watched the leaving convoy slightly.

“Mom, what are you looking at?”

Seeing that he couldn’t make these birthday gifts, Yang Yuting came forward and said.

“I’m looking at the people who got off the bus just now, Yuting. Didn’t you see that those subordinates are all well-trained, and ordinary large families cannot ask for subordinates like this. It can be said that behind them, Probably a top big family!”

“So, we have to figure out the identity of this Sheldon as soon as possible, get in touch, and strive for him to help us through this difficulty!”

Mrs. Yang thought foresight.

“Yes, Mom!”

“Hi, there is another possibility!”

Second aunt said suddenly at this time.

“Huh? What’s possible?”

“Which girl from our Yang family did this Young Master Sheldon favor? This is a gift given in advance to propose marriage in the future?”

Second aunt said with a smile.

Among the crowd, Yang Yan, the second aunt’s daughter, was the most beautiful and the most outstanding.

When she said this, she just wanted to tell everyone, would this Sheldon take a fancy to her daughter?

“Hehe, second child, you really think about it!”

But Guo Ru was unhappy when he heard this.

After all, in the three generations of the Yang family, his son Yang Ye is the future core of the family.

Now what the second child is saying is not just putting eye drops on the old lady.

Although there are usually groups of people, but when it comes to the issue of vital interests, it is inevitable that there are some differences.

“Huh? But what the second family said is not unreasonable. The real big family will never be cumbersome to do things, and will never say clearly, it is really possible that this Young Master Sheldon has fallen in love with our Yang family’s girl! “

“Yang Yan, in recent years you have studied abroad again and returned to the company. You have met many people and participated in many occasions. Do you remember such a great young man?”

Asked Mrs. Yang. She also knew that Yang Yan was the most beautiful, and Perl was also outstanding, but Perl had never seen any big scenes, and the old lady would naturally not think of her.

Yang Yan thought for a while and said, “There seems to be some grandma!”

“Well, if that’s the case, then it’s the blessing of our Yang family, Yang Yan, what you need or want in the future, just talk to grandma!”

Mrs. Yang said.

“Thank you grandma!”

Yang Yan said excitedly.

These words foreshadow that he has the possibility of being on top.

Grandma took Yang Yan’s hand and walked inside.

At this moment, Yang Yuting suddenly received a call.

“What did you say? Tell me again?”

Yang Yuting’s face suddenly changed.

Then, he hung up the phone.

The whole person’s face suddenly turned pale.


Yang Yuting came to Mrs. Yang with some six gods.

“what happened?”

“Something happened to the company!”

“what’s up?”

The old lady’s face changed.

Yang Yuting swallowed his saliva: “In the past few days, the company’s capital chain is tight. I didn’t follow my usual habit of walking across the bridge to make loans, but I didn’t expect that my subordinates called just now. There was a problem with the loan, and the bank will not lend for the time being. Up!”


The old lady did not expect this to happen.

“Then what have you pledged?”

The old lady said.

“I mortgaged the existing land for the project in the Yang family. I used to do it this way, and it was always a good deal, but now, the bank says they can’t let it go, and negotiations are useless!”

“It’s the Long Family, it must be the Long Family!”

Yang Yuting said pale.

It turned out that the third party that Yang Yuting walked was the Long Family.

It was still a senior in the Long Family, who personally came to talk with himself.

Unexpectedly, this is the Long Family deliberately digging a hole for himself.

They want the land too.

Yang Yuting only reacted with hindsight.

The old lady Yang was so angry that she slapped Yang Yuting viciously.

The Long Yang family itself is a competitive relationship. Yang Yuting wants to spend money to be crazy, but he dares to cooperate with the Long family.

The Long Family is so powerful that it’s nothing to balance a bank.

“You, you, you really want to piss me off!”

Mrs. Yang said with a cane.

“Mom, what should we do? Our projects are halfway through. Does this dragon family want to pick up ready-made ones?”

Yang Yuting said with a sad face.


“Useless things, don’t ask me!”

Old Mrs. Yang is a mouthful again. At the moment, she can’t even be angry with her birthday, so she just left the scene!

“Bei, are you okay?”

Perl ran back crying.

Sheldon also followed her back.

Unexpectedly, Perl ran directly to Wu Jiu’s room, took Wu Jiu’s hand, a girl, aggrieved and cried…

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