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Chapter 429

“Dad, I’m useless. I can’t speak when I see my mother being bullied by them. I’m not up for it!”

Beckham cried.

“My mother’s most beloved bracelet was originally asked for me to take it out. I hope grandma will be happy and make me go further, but it was thrown by Yang Ye! He fell deliberately and everyone present saw it!”

“But Dad, grandma said that Mom was too excited, isn’t it just a piece of jade pendant? In grandma’s eyes, isn’t anything worth as much as Yang Ye?”

Perl was really aggrieved today.

Before, they satirized themselves and their mothers.

I also endured it.

But this time, I didn’t even have the least fairness.

Perl couldn’t bear it and ran back aggrieved.

“You know, that Guo Ru hates you, even my mother and I! She wants me and my mother to get out of the Yang family, well, Yang family, I will never go again!”

Perl said, after speaking, she lay on the bed and cried.

Sheldon stood behind Beckham and patted her on the shoulder.

Yes, although Perl is usually honest and kind, she also has self-esteem. No one will endure other people’s heart-to-heart ridicule over and over again, without the slightest fairness.

This kind of feeling, except for Beckham, I am afraid that no one knows better than himself.

Speaking of it, the Beckhams, if they weren’t helping their mother back then, why bother.

Since the mother gave this matter to herself.

I will also give Perl and Wu Jiu a new explanation!

“Cousin, I’m sorry to make you worry about it. You didn’t finish grandma’s birthday party!”

As for Perl, he cried for a while, wiped his tears, looked at Sheldon and said.

“It’s okay! Perl, don’t be too pessimistic, you will get better in the future, definitely!”

Sheldon took Beckham’s hand.


Beckham nodded.

At this time, Beckham’s cell phone rang suddenly.

At first glance, it was the housekeeper Asheng calling.

“The family holds an emergency meeting, everyone must be there!”

Then, Ah Sheng hung up the phone.

“Go wash your face, go quickly!”

Sheldon said.

“I’m not going anymore. I never want to enter that house anymore. I finally know that my aunt was so good back then that she still didn’t want to stay in this impersonal home. Really, cousin, he sometimes drives people crazy!”

Beckham took a pity.

“What if you don’t go, you have to think about it for your aunt, lest your aunt makes irresponsible remarks, at least you have to go now!”

Sheldon smiled.

Beckham thought for a while and nodded this time.

Then I went to listen to Sheldon.

The meeting did not end until two o’clock in the afternoon.

Sheldon did not go with Perl this time, so he stayed at home to give Wu Jiu a wrist exercise.

Beckham came back with Aunt Wu.

But as soon as I came back, I heard my fifth aunt scolding.

“Guo Ru, I’m never finished with you, is there such a bully! I’m never finished with you!”

Pedro cursed.

“Aunt Fifth, what’s wrong?”

Sheldon came out and asked.

Pedro didn’t answer either, and went straight into the house with wet red eyes.

Beckham is obviously in a very bad mood.

But still said:

“Cousin, something has happened to the Yang family now, and it has become a mess!”

“problem occurs?”

At the moment, Beckham talked about the matter.

It was nothing more than this time that the Yang family was in dire straits. He did not expect that the Long family dared to blatantly tear open his face and stabbed the Yang family again.

The Yang family’s current main business, which is also the largest remaining development project, was calculated by the Long family.

Although the Yang family’s financial resources are now very strong.

However, each family has a particularly large industry stall, and the demand for funds is even greater.

Especially this kind of business that is similar to the family leader is naturally the lifeblood of the Yang family.

Such a large project was lost.

Of course it hurts.

As for Guo Ru, while being scolded by his grandmother, he did not forget to throw the pot.

Press Perl to talk about new projects.

Grandma was also angry, so she said something to make the inaction person go away.

Directly pointed at Beckham and Wu Ji Ma.

This made the mother and daughter angry to death.

“Hehe, this is it? That’s easy!”

After Sheldon listened, he couldn’t help but said with a wry smile.

“Cousin, it’s this time. The family is messing up, so don’t make fun of Beckham! Alas, my mom and I are also angry. It’s obviously the uncle who made the mess, so why blame us~!”

Beckham said a little bit of complaint.

“How could my cousin kidding you? Actually, grandma is not in a hurry for this project. After all, the Yang family is not short of the money, but the eager Yang family has no new projects. The Yang family’s main business is engineering development. If there are projects, it’s like A steady stream of advertising and promotion, a virtuous circle, without a project, it will get worse and worse, a vicious circle, here is what grandma is worried about!”

Sheldon said.

“You are right cousin, but even though I am in the project department, I can’t do the project alone. Guo Ru is responsible for this. I understand that she just wants to take the opportunity to get rid of the dissident family! I drove out with my mother!”

“Then you can talk about a few big projects and show her, cousin will help you!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Cousin, you are kidding me again!”

“No kidding, really!”

Sheldon shook his head, then took out the phone.

After saying a few words.

He said to Perl, “Okay, you go to the headquarters of Xinfeng Group in the afternoon, where will someone take over the project with you?”

“Cousin, do you know people from Xinfeng Group?”

In fact, Perl always thinks that his cousin is very mysterious.

“O’ao, get acquainted, one of my classmates is there!”

Sheldon made a sloppy look.

After all, it hasn’t been fully exposed yet, although there are no secrets to Beckham, there are some things that are troublesome to explain, right?

“Don’t worry, when did my cousin cheat you? After going there, just find someone named Zhao Osborne, who is in charge of the project!”

Sheldon said seriously.

Perl also saw that his cousin didn’t seem to lie to him, so he nodded.

In fact, Sheldon, who now controls all of America’s family businesses, would be hard to get him.

At the moment, Beckham did not neglect.

After cleaning up, she really went to Xinfeng Group, because she believed that her cousin would not make such a big joke with her.

Xinfeng Group is Yanjing’s super group, not a family business, but it is regarded as the god of wealth for many business families.

The strength can be imagined.

“Miss, there are a lot of customers today, please wait in the VIP area!”

When Perl was there, a customer service staff respectfully guided Perl to the VIP waiting area.

And just went in.

When Perl looked up, he saw several acquaintances there.

At the same time, all these acquaintances also saw Perl.

“Yeah, yes, isn’t this Beckham? Come here?”

Chapter 430

“Is it you?”

When Perl saw them, she frowned.

Not by others, it was the uncle’s family of three and the second uncle’s family of three.

What happened today has caused Perl to hate Guo Ru and the others.

“Okay, you Perl, you didn’t even say hello when you met. You are really capable, do you have any basic politeness?”

Guo Ru said coldly.

Yang Yuting also gave Perl angrily.

Then he said: “What are you doing here?”

“I want to talk about the project!”

Perl was holding his bag, and in the VIP area, he was either the boss, the rich person, or the second-in-command boss of the enterprise like the uncle.

Only dressed as a small clerk.

At the moment, there is no confidence.

“Puff! What did you say? You want to come here to talk about the project?”

Guo Ru smiled directly.

Look at Perl like a fool.

“Do you know that this is Xinfeng! Look again, who are waiting here? Just you, want to come here to talk about the project?”

Second aunt smiled bitterly.

“Mom, second aunt, maybe your afternoon made Perl scared. She knew that she was a person who did nothing in the family and was about to be kicked out of the family by our grandma, so she broke the jar and came here to touch luck!”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“That is, I have never heard that as a small employee, I dare to come to Xinfeng to talk about cooperation, Perl, you had better not say that you are from the Yang family. It’s shameful!”

Yang Yan smiled even more contemptuously.

And Perl, angrily ignored them, and sat in the corner of the VIP area.

“Okay, don’t worry about her silly girl, Xiaoye, didn’t you say that your classmate from country M works here? Your classmate’s father knows Manager Hu here, why hasn’t he come over yet?”

Yang Yuting said at this time.

They naturally came to ask for help.

If Yang Ye can really take the project back this time.

Then Yang Ye was the future heir and definitely did not run away.

So the family came.

The second child’s family is a ghost, followed with a faceless expression.

But Yang Yuting was not worried that they would steal Xiaoye’s limelight.

“I have already called. Manager Hu is in a meeting. My classmate’s father has already greeted him. He learned that it was our Yang family who came in person. I believe Manager Hu will not neglect!”

Yang Ye said with the aura of a superior at this time.

“That’s good!”

At this time, a beautiful front desk lady came over.

“Are you Mr. Yuting Yang?”


“Hello, Mr. Yang, Manager Hu has finished the meeting. Wait a moment here, have a cup of tea, and I will take you to Manager Hu’s office to talk later!”

“Ok, thank you so much!”

Yang Yuting and Guo Ru were extremely happy when he saw that the appointment was successful.

But I also sighed in my heart, people under the eaves had to bow their heads.

This manager Hu, actually said that Assistant Hu is almost the same, just a manager of the secretary department.

But there is no way to ask others.

Yang Yuting does need a lot of projects to stabilize his absolute position in the Yang family.

After all, with the two big families of Long and Qin together, the Xinfeng Group has too many options.

“Are you Miss Yang? I checked it just now. You didn’t make an appointment?”

At this time, the lady at the front desk walked towards Perl who was sitting in the corner.

“Ah? Do you still need to make an appointment? My cousin said that I should just come and find someone!”

Perl said nervously.

“Your cousin? Who is your cousin? Who do you want you to find?”

The lady at the front desk is obviously very temperamental and has received special training, so naturally she will not look at people with colored glasses.

“My cousin’s name is Sheldon, tell me to find someone named Zhao Osborne!”

Perl had to tell the truth.

The receptionist smiled bitterly and shook her head: “Sorry, we are not named Zhao Osborne, nor have we heard of Sheldon. Are you sure, is it a mistake?”


Perl became even more nervous, especially now that everyone looked at him, their faces blushed.

“I’m going, what I’m talking about, it’s really embarrassing! She is really so stupid that she came!”

Yang Yan covered her face speechlessly.

“She said who asked her for a relationship? Sheldon? I’m afraid this girl is not crazy, right? Sheldon finds a relationship for her? Haha, no one has ever heard of this person!”

Guo Ru even sneered.

Perl squeezed the powder fist nervously, not knowing what to do.

“Aye, Uncle Yang, it’s alright, Manager Hu will come over in a while, you guys drink water first!”

At this time, a young man came over and said with a smile.

Obviously he is Yang Ye’s classmate.

“Sister Liu, what’s the matter?”

Student Yang Ye looked at the situation at the receptionist’s side and couldn’t help but smile.

The lady at the front desk said, “Ms. Yang said she asked her cousin to find someone named Zhao Osborne, Li Tai. It seems that there is no one named Zhao Osborne in our group?”

“I haven’t heard of it either!”

Li Tai shook his head and smiled.

At the moment, holding a posture of the main family member and saying: “Beauty, do you want to check with your cousin, are you sure you have entrusted the company?”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone present laughed.

“Ashamed, it’s so ashamed!”

Yang Yuting airway.

“You stupid girl, that Sheldon lied to you. It’s not enough to be ashamed. Later, Manager Hu will come and let people laugh at the Yang family. I will definitely go back and tell the old lady about this!”

Guo Ru ran over directly angrily and poked Perl on the head fiercely.

“You don’t look at the virtue of that kid, you believe in whatever he says?”

“Cousin, he won’t lie to me! He’s not like that!”

Perl retorted.

“Hmph, you just use him as a cousin, he is a fool, and you are a fool too!”

Yang Yan was speechless.

“Hey! Manager Hu is here!”

At this time, I don’t know who shouted.

I saw a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes walking from the elevator to the lobby with a group of courtesy ladies.

And the etiquette ladies stood in two rows one after another.

There are forty people.

This is a welcome gesture.

Moreover, the leaders of some departments are still there.

Manager Hu is arranging their positions before and after the run.

“I’m going! Sister Liu, are you going to come today? Is it because the company’s executives are coming again?”

Li Tai was immediately surprised, “Even this kind of ritual was done!”

“I don’t know, the company’s senior management, but we can’t reach it, it is Manager Hu who are qualified to contact!”

The lady at the front desk also said.

Yes, the Xinfeng Group is too big, divided into three levels, namely junior high school and high school.

The front desk can only reach the junior high school level, and the advanced ones don’t understand at all.

And often this kind of formation is no less than the high-level ones coming…

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