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Chapter 43-How Do You Know This Tyrant

Coming in from the box were a man and two women, plus the lobby manager from that time.

And the man and two women looked like students from the department next door.

The man is handsome and tall.

The two girls are pretty in short skirts.

Apparently, this is the drama of Senior Pao School Girl.

Every time I see this, Sheldon feels uncomfortable, why don’t you think we can’t get the likes of beautiful girls! Ugh……

The tall man greeted them one by one.

Then I saw Sheldon sitting aside.

“Hello brother, my name is Du Lei, I’m from the management department…make friends?”

The man greeted Sheldon with a smile, and he looked so sophisticated.

The two pleasant girls beside him also looked at Sheldon curiously.

However, when they saw Sheldon wearing all of them, they were already a little contemptuous.

“Ahem, Du Lei, you don’t need to know him anymore. His name is Sheldon. He is a poor Sheldon in our department. He came here today!”

As a minister, Li Nian also recognized Du Lei.

Immediately smiled directly.

“Oh…I thought so, haha!”

With a faint laugh, Du Lei hurriedly retracted the outstretched hand.

Then they had a laugh with Storen.

Lilla was so angry that she really wanted to take Sheldon away, she regretted bringing Sheldonre.

But Sheldon kept looking at everything with a smile, showing no signs of hurting his self-esteem, so Lilla couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

“Chen Chen!”

The female manager of the lobby who came in was completely stunned when she saw Sheldon.

She just listened to what the waiter said, the last time the rich person came again.

Of course, if you only think that Sheldon is an ordinary rich person, the female manager of the lobby will not be like that.

Because the waiter didn’t know, she met Sheldon through the general manager of Home Kitchen.

This is the overlord of Roston Business District, Sheldon, Sheldon!

The reason why she didn’t dare to speak just now was because she was completely confused by Storenli’s reading of their words.

Isn’t today Sheldon’s protagonist?

The female manager who didn’t understand the whole story only yelled the word “Chen” and did not dare to continue yelling.

“Why are you here?”

She asked softly, very excited.

“Ou, did you not hear me, sister, I’m here today!”

Sheldon smiled slightly, and was actually recognized. Fortunately, the province will go down to order a meal later.

“Yes, yes, I heard it!”

The female manager nodded quickly, her voice was very small.

“Yeah, Sister Jin, you watched us order a dish, why did you come in person?”

At this time, Storen saw the lobby manager, and smiled immediately. He felt that his face was so beautiful!

And this sister Jin did not dare to answer.

Storen didn’t see anything, and ordered a table of dishes heartily.

“Chad, I only ordered two characteristics, can’t I order two more characteristics?”

Zheng Qianqian said hopefully at this time.

Home kitchen, isn’t it all about taste and characteristics?

Although Nimra also wants Storen to order two more special dishes, the special dishes are too expensive, and she does not want Storen to spend more for them.

I hurriedly said, “These two are pretty good, but there are more than a thousand special dishes!”


Zheng Qianqian was stunned.

Even the two little people that Du Lei brought with him were taken aback.

The name of the home kitchen is truly extraordinary.

“Mr. Sheldon… what do you eat?”

The lobby manager asked carefully.

“Huh, we’ll eat the leftovers later, just give him some, and let him order?”

Li Nian snorted coldly.

“That’s it, what kind of status? Any extra points?”

Zheng Qianqian also gave a blank look.

Storen smiled and said nothing. To be honest, he felt that it was worthless to give Sheldon a plate of potato shreds.

I also have to call Li Nianlai tonight.

Otherwise, Storen really doesn’t know how to smash him in front of Lilla!

At the moment, he is happily watching the show.

“Forget it, Storen ordered yours. I will order any more by myself!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

He originally wanted to kill Storen severely today, but it is estimated that this group of people would laugh at themselves first.

Second, just look at the two people Li Nian and Nimra, and they couldn’t make it by themselves.

In addition, Sheldon’s face is really not thickened.

Just order some yourself.

“It’s pretty much the same, but what can you order?”

Zheng Qianqian said coldly.

“Uh, fry me a plate of hot and sour potato shreds, add more spicy, and then a bowl of sliced ​​noodles?”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Puff! Damn, is this funny?”

“Who is it, why is it so D-Si, what is this place, actually ordering potato shredded noodles?”

As soon as the words came out, the entire box was stunned, followed by constant contempt.

“I will do it now!”

The female manager in the lobby did not dare to neglect.

When Sheldon ate these, he didn’t want to hear their mouths chattering in his ears, because he could just order the dishes as they did last time.

But now, just eat something.

At this time, Lilla looked at Sheldon with great interest.

Sheldon smiled: “If you can’t eat enough over there, you can come and taste the sliced ​​noodles!”


Seeing that Sheldon was fine, Lilla smiled happily.

“This buddy is so talented!”

Du Lei smiled helplessly and shook his head.

“Haha, Leizi, don’t talk about him, talk about you, what, what method did you use to make two beauties?”

Storen looked at Du Lei with a smile at this time.

In other words, the two lovely people beside Du Lei are really beautiful.

Especially those long, white legs.

“Haha, no, I just promised two school girls to turn around and let me take my brothers for a drive in that luxury car!”

Du Lei said with a treacherous look.

“Brother? Luxury car? What luxury car can attract such two beauties?”

Li Nian asked curiously.

Du Lei lit a cigarette: “O’ao, don’t you know the Lamborghini Reventon parked at our school?” “


Everyone was shocked. Looking at the entire university, no one has ever driven this car.

“Damn, Reventon, the one close to 20 million?”

Li Nian exclaimed directly.

Even Nimra’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, that’s the one. It’s parked in the parking space in the park not far from our school. It’s my brother’s, it’s the iron!”

Du Lei took a breath and smiled faintly.

On the side, Sheldon was stunned.

When did you become an iron buddy with this guy?

But after thinking about it, Sheldon will understand, shouldn’t it be this kind of goods, it is through his own Rambo to come out to make girls?

Seeing Du Lei’s appearance of a treacherous villain, Sheldon knew something.

“I see, I saw the photo in the post bar, it turned out to be real!”

Zheng Qianqian shouted excitedly.

Then take out the photo of the post bar from the phone.

“Let me see! I see!”

Nimra also took a breath.

Many girls all gathered around to look at the photos.

“Wow! What a handsome Lamborghini!”

All the girls suddenly screamed.

Even Storen was attracted. The handsome and cool body could not stand anyone. The main reason is that this car is a small 20 million.

“Du Lei, true or false? You and such an awesome 13-year-old man? How did you meet?”

Storen was jealous directly.

And Sheldon also looked at Du Lei.

Yeah, how did you meet?

Chapter 44 Sheldon is so rich

“We are on a fateful relationship, but it is not convenient for me to say his identity. My brother told me to keep it secret! Haha!”

Du Lei strangled his cigarette to death.

Smile faintly.

At this time, the eyes of everyone looking at him had changed.

Especially Nimra, all looked at it with admiration.

Zheng Qianqian’s eyes are full of spring water. If it is true, would he have the opportunity to ride in that Rambo that made countless people crazy?

The boys are jealous of Du Lei.

“Du Lei, you are really fake, don’t use the same trick that you used to be a star, are you bragging?”

Storen couldn’t believe it. After all, he knows Du Lei, at home, and under ordinary economic conditions, he can be regarded as a very small rich second generation.

How can you know such a big man?

And Du Lei has a habit of bragging 13.

“How is it possible, besides, can I brag with these two thousand Marriott cars? You really are!”

Du Lei gave a wry smile.

“Du Lei, I believe you!”

Nimra smiled at Du Lei.

She glanced at the luxury car in the photo from time to time. She was almost drunk. If she was allowed to ride it once, it would do.

And this opportunity, through Du Lei, may recognize the godly man!

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

The key is still in his pocket now.

As a result, he became someone else’s brother.

What makes Sheldon feel uncomfortable the most is.

These two little people were still soaked by this bull.

Is it better to pick up girls by driving in the car by yourself?

Can even Nimra soak?

Sheldon thought, can’t he be too low-key? Oh so bad!


At this time, Sheldon felt that his face was smashed.

Looking up, it was Nimra who threw herself with a small paper ball.

“Huh, what are you listening to, why, do you still want to sit in a Lamborghini? Please, go transgender…”

Nimra sneered.

“Who wants this kind of poor Sheldon from transgender people!”

Li Nian laughed.

He blinked and watched the spear rushed towards him.

Fortunately, the waiter has already started serving dishes.

Even the sliced ​​noodles and potato shreds from Sheldon’s side are coming up.

“Wow, the food is so rich, it looks high-end!”

“Of course, good dishes go with good wine? I will give you a taste of this bottle of red wine today, more than two thousand!”

Storen said with a smile.

Immediately let everyone admire it.

Sheldon in the corner was ignored by them.

Sheldon was drinking noodles and eating potato shreds. He was really hungry.

At this time, the door of the box was pushed open again.

I saw a row of waiters standing outside.

We are walking in with a series of high-end and high-end specialties.

These special dishes have been changed to small versions, because Sheldon can’t put so many on this table.

“This…our dishes are already available, isn’t it our specialty?”

When Storen saw it, he was a little startled.

“Hello this gentleman, this is not for you, but for this Mr. Sheldon!”

Sheldon looked at the waiter’s explanation, I rely on it, I don’t seem to order it either.

“Wait a minute, I’ll say yes first, I just leave our table, these dishes are ordered by Sheldon, it has nothing to do with us!”

Storen was taken aback.

If he was asked to pay the bill, today’s money would be enough.

These are all special dishes, and he only ordered two.

“Hehe, don’t get me wrong, this is because Mr. Sheldon ordered the dishes, the dishes we gave away! Happiness!”

After speaking, the waitress patted her palms.

One after another special dishes, even some girls have never seen dishes before.

Twelve ways.

Set Sheldon’s table slowly.

These dishes, less than 20,000 to 30,000 dollar.

“This, this… he ordered potato shreds. You are giving so many special dishes?”

Nimra stood up in surprise.

She was almost stunned.

She wanted to taste the characteristics of the home kitchen at once, but how could it be possible that if you order two dishes each time, you will have to eat one or two times.

Besides, who has the capital to invite her to eat ten or twenty times?

How expensive are special dishes!

But now, Sheldon ordered a bowl of noodles and fried potato shreds, and they delivered twelve dishes directly.

And the dishes are top notch?

Not only Nimra, but Zheng Qianqian and the others were also stunned, looking at Sheldon incredible.

Sheldon did not expect that this lobby manager would have trouble like this?

He couldn’t eat the special dishes at this table.

Looking at Lilla at the moment: “Stu Lilla, come here and eat together?”

Lilla didn’t feel embarrassed.

Moreover, she now really feels that Sheldon is full of mystery.

Why do people give him face like this?

At the moment, smiled and came over.

Sitting across from Sheldon.

Don’t mention the expression on Storen’s face.

“Huh! I see, should I order shredded potatoes and give special dishes? Does the restaurant engage in events?”

Zheng Qianqian couldn’t believe his eyes.

She wanted to eat, but she was really embarrassed.

“Yes, yes, maybe restaurants are engaged in activities!”

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