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Chapter 45 Sheldon, I’ll Be Your Girlfriend

“Mr. Sheldon, we will immediately arrange for a car to take you back!”

The female manager of the lobby said respectfully.

Not long after, there was already a million-dollar BMW 7 Series parked outside.

As for Storen, they were dumbfounded.

I thought that Sheldon’s 200,000 had already been spent, but who knows, Sheldon didn’t win 200,000 at all.

But more!

At the same time everyone can see that Sheldon doesn’t care much anymore with half a million?

In other words, the amount of prizes won by Sheldon has reached a level that ordinary people cannot imagine.

“Lilla, or go back together?”

Sheldon got in the car, dropped the window and smiled at Lilla.

To be honest, Sheldon has always felt very good about Lilla, who is extremely beautiful and kind in heart.

It may be a bit inaccurate to say that my heart is kind.

However, Lilla would at least not be like MarcellaNimra, because he loves the poor and loves the rich, and has reached a serious point.


Lilla carried her hands behind her back and got into the car with a smile.

Nimra’s anxious face turned pale.

The BMW 7 Series is an imported product. She also wants to sit in a million-dollar luxury car, but Sheldon, the bastard, didn’t even look at her and let the driver go.

Especially Storen, with a green face and hatred in his heart.

On the way.

“Sheldon, how much money did you get? Can you tell me?”

Lilla and Sheldon were sitting behind, she couldn’t help but asked curiously.

“There is some misunderstanding in this. Actually, I didn’t get the money. Buying a lottery ticket is the reason I made up!”

Although Sheldon didn’t want to tell all his details, he didn’t want to lie to Lilla either.

“That is how the matter?”

Lilla felt that Sheldon was becoming more and more mysterious.

“Wait later, I will tell you later! Besides, won’t we two be friends for two or three days?”

“of course not!”

Lilla also saw that Sheldon might not want to tell his secrets.

This is also good, if you tell the whole story, there is no sense of mystery, but it will be much lighter.

Sheldon asked the car to take Lilla to the door of the girls’ dorm.

Then he got out of the car and asked the driver to go back, and he walked back by himself.


At this moment, a girl jumped out in front of her eyes, and Sheldon was shocked.

At first glance, it was Zheng Qianqian.

“Why are you back so soon?”

Sheldon was surprised.

Compared with Nimra, Zheng Qianqian is simply too much in disgusting poverty and loving rich.

Not only these things in front of us, but also what Sheldon had heard about Zheng Qianqian.

She is indeed very beautiful, with big breasts, long legs and a red face.

Very s*xy kind.

It’s just that she always only loves to play with the kind of people who mix well.

Be the girlfriend of many people.

The vision is very high.

It is said that he had engaged with Storen before.

Therefore, Sheldon was even more speechless to her.

“Hmph, you are really good. I was in the car just now and I didn’t even invite me!”

Zheng Qianqian did not answer Sheldon’s words, but instead poked Sheldon’s chest with a grudge on his face.

The change in attitude before and after is too fast.

Sheldon almost couldn’t accept it.

“Zheng Qianqian, it’s late, go back to the dorm!”

Sheldon hurriedly said.

“Hmph, I can’t sleep when I go back to the dorm. Why, do you hate me so much? I know, you must be annoying how I treated you before. Do you know why?”

Zheng Qianqian pinched his waist.


“I know you are pretty good, but, although you wear clean clothes, but your taste is too bad, look at your clothes, they are almost white after washing! I hate taste the most. Humble people!”

“I don’t know how you talked with that Marcella before, so I think, hey, you may be one less girlfriend who knows how to dress up!”

Zheng Qianqian’s meaning is quite straightforward.

That’s what she thought. Sheldon is rich now, and really rich!

If she becomes Sheldon’s girlfriend, Zheng Qianqian can guarantee that most of the money will be spent on her.

Besides, Sheldon is actually very pretty, except for his clothes.

Now I am rich again, and I am totally worthy of being a boyfriend.

As for what he did to Sheldon before, and now he is doing this to Sheldon, how shameless?

Zheng Qianqian: Hehe, is it useful to have a face?

“Uh… girlfriend, I haven’t considered it yet!”

Sheldon wants a girlfriend and dare not want you.

How many green hats to wear.

“I can’t help but think about it, huh, Sheldon, or I will be a little wronged and be your girlfriend, and I really don’t want to go back to the dorm tonight!”

After talking, blinking his eyes, he leaned towards Sheldon.

To be honest, Zheng Qianqian looks pretty saucy except for his bad morals.

Sheldon was really moved. I wouldn’t dare to let her be my girlfriend, but a one-night stand would be my revenge.

But at this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

At first glance, it was Vern, the head of the house, calling.

“Chairman, what are you doing?”

Sheldon calmed down instantly and hurriedly answered.

“Sheldon, hurry back to the dorm, hurry back! The boss has something to do!!!”

It was not Vern who spoke, but Liyan, a good buddy.

The tone was anxious.

Sheldon also received his mind and ran directly towards the dorm.

I hate Zheng Qianqian and can’t help stomping his feet: “Huh! Sheldon, you can’t escape, sooner or later I will let you fall under my Zheng Qianqian’s skirt!”

It was said that Sheldon ran fast because he was worried about Vern. At this moment, he slammed open the door of the dorm.

Unexpectedly, a bottle of beer rushed over.

Sheldon sprayed his face.

Immediately afterwards, the roommates laughed cheaply.

“Damn, what’s the situation?” Sheldon wiped the drink from his face.

At first glance, Vern and Liyan were all there.

Moreover, the table in the dorm was full of beer and other side dishes. It didn’t move yet, obviously waiting for Sheldon.

“Sheldon, today is a good day, our boss is out of order!”

Liyan laughed.

And Sheldon let out a long sigh, scared him to death, thinking that something was wrong with Vern.

However, Sheldon was very happy when Vern left the order.

“Who is my sister-in-law?”

Sheldon took a bottle of beer thrown by Liyan and took a few sips. It was so cool!

“Elma! Tonight, we had dinner in the cafeteria. She has agreed to stay with me!”

Vern scratched his head, smiling like a fool.

Sheldon had already guessed that it was Elma. During this time of contact, Sheldon knew that although Elma and Zyra and Shelly had a good relationship, they did not feel like they were the same.

It’s pretty good.

Thinking about Vern also really loves Elma, the two are finally together, Sheldon is really happy while envying her.

“Come on, let’s take a drink for the boss!”


The six brothers were full of laughter.

At this time, I saw a video call request from Vern’s mobile phone Instagram, and it was Elma who called.

“Vern, what are you doing?”

Elma’s gentle voice came.

“Drinking brothers who are drinking…”

“Hoho, sister-in-law Vern, when do you invite us to drink?”

When watching the video, Zyra and the others have already gathered.

“Okay, then we have to wait for the brothers in our dorm to take off all orders, you have to figure out a way!” Vern smiled and pointed the camera at Sheldon, Liyan and the others.

Sheldon saw Shelly next to Elma who had just washed her hair and was about to remove her makeup.

And obviously, Shelly saw Sheldon at a glance…

Chapter 46: Sheldon’s Decision

Female dorm.

Shelly looked at Sheldon in the video.

Suddenly, her heart twitched fiercely.

Even the originally handsome face became a little nervous at this moment.

A lot of things have happened to her and Sheldon during the recent period.

In particular, Shelly has never considered Sheldon.

It wasn’t until the scenes that happened on the opening day of Charlton’s Taste Point.

She suspected that Sheldon was the powerful Sheldon.

Even now, Shelly can’t forget it.

The person she has been bored with is actually a rich second generation with an absolutely prominent identity?

This face was hit too hard.

However, Sheldon’s various performances seem to be saying that he has absolutely nothing to do with that magnate Sheldon!

In short, Shelly is very entangled with Sheldon now.

Even tangled until closing his eyes is the figure of Sheldon.

The person who helped me was Sheldon. At first, I mistakenly thought it was Charlton and became Charlton’s girlfriend. Now that the truth is clear, should I be Sheldon’s girlfriend?

“Hey, Sheldon, don’t you say hello to us!”

Elma seemed to have noticed something wrong with her sister Shelly’s face, and hurriedly smiled to resolve her embarrassment.

Vern and Elma cooperated really tacitly.

The two pointed their video angles at Shelly and Sheldon, as if they were the protagonists.

“Hello, congratulations Elma, you and the lover of the elder Shepherd are finally married!”

Sheldon waved his hand generously.

Although in my heart, even friends with Shelly didn’t bother to do it.

But in the face of Vern and Elma, Sheldon is not good at stiffening the atmosphere.

For Sheldon, Shelly’s various actions are two words: disappointment!

“Thank you Sheldon, but I’m still discussing with Vern tonight, are you looking for a girlfriend too? If you are fancy, I can match it up for you!”

After speaking, Elma blinked at Sheldon, implying that Sheldon was chasing Shelly.

“Yes, Sheldon, I have to find a girlfriend, and I have to train you well!” It was Zyra who was talking, leaning directly in front of the camera.

Although Sheldon is very mysterious to them now.

But Zyra knew that Sheldon was definitely not easy!

It is enough to let Bren and Bai Shao invite him to sit together!

Zyra is also preparing to launch an offensive against Sheldon these days.

“Yeah, let’s talk about it later, you talk to Brother Vern first!”

Sheldon smiled.

He drank with Liyan and the others instead.

Since everyone is very happy today, Sheldon also drank a lot.

It’s late at night.

Sheldon was lying on the bed, thinking about what happened in the past few days in his mind.

Indeed, during this period of time, Sheldon encountered several girls who made his heart move.

Naturally, Marcella doesn’t need to say.

Then there is Shelly.

Although Shelly looked down on himself very much at first, to be honest, the beautiful Shelly made Sheldon’s heart moved for a while.

Later, Lilla appeared.

Let Sheldon feel the dream.

In contrast, Lilla looks more beautiful and has more temperament.

Sheldon actually still has some D silk attributes, and of course he likes seeing beautiful girls.

What’s more, Lilla is a beauty who is not too poor and loves the rich.

“Did I really find a girlfriend?”

Sheldon was moved in his heart.

The next day, after finishing the first class in the morning, the morning class is over.

“Sheldon, is there anything?”

Vern patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“It’s alright!”

“Sure, then you accompany me to the gift shop. I want to buy a gift for Elma and let you check it out for me!”

Vern said with a smile.

To be honest, Sheldon was the only one who fell in love after entering university in the dorm, and he still talked with a girl like Marcella who was not easily satisfied.

Sheldon had bought many gifts with Marcella before, and he has plenty of experience in this area.

So just go with Sheldon.

Sheldon is of course no problem.

And once Vern said the gift shop.

He was also interested.

Last night, Sheldon made up his mind, no matter whether it succeeded or not, he wanted to try after Lilla.

Of course you have to buy gifts to chase girls.

Sheldon and Vern went to a mid-range gift shop in front of the school.

Although it is not a luxury, there are also 20,000 to 30,000 high-end products.

And it involves clothing, shoes, bags, etc.!

Can be regarded as middle-level consumption.

Vern’s ordinary family willing to buy gifts here also shows his sincerity for Elma.

The two big men picked for a long while.

Finally came to a high-end women’s clothing here.

Sheldon looked around to see if Lilla was suitable.


When Sheldon passed by a fitting room, the door of the fitting room was violently pushed open.

It hit Sheldon directly.

Then came a charming voice:

“If I say no, it won’t work. Even if it works, I can’t stay here. You bought me this dress first!”

It was a female voice, very coquettish.

“Ah, I bought two of them today, and I bought them again. The clothes here are very expensive!”

A small fitting room was actually stuffed with a man and a woman, and after listening to the conversation between the two, you could probably guess what the boy wanted to do just now.

Many people looked sideways.

“No, no, I want this one. The two clothes add up to 30,000 dollar. Didn’t you buy it for me? Humph, didn’t you say you have money?”

The girl exclaimed dissatisfied.

Then came out directly.

Seeing a silly man blocking the way, she pushed angrily: “Give me…!”

But before she finished speaking, she was stunned.

The boy in front of him is naturally Sheldon.

Sheldon is indeed a little confused now, and he feels his head is buzzing, because the girl in front of him is not someone else, it is Marcella!

“Damn, it’s really bad luck for people, Sheldon, I didn’t expect to meet you!”

Marcella coldly hugged her shoulders.

Also smoothed out some dazzling hair.

And Chad also came out one after another from the fitting room.

Looked at Sheldon jokingly.

“Why do you have 13D silk? Why is your face blushing? Did you feel uncomfortable seeing me almost being fu*ked by others? And, are you particularly jealous? Why is my new boyfriend Chad so rich? , You are incomparable to the stupid 13 who is overwhelmed by winning the lottery, right?”

Marcella looked at Sheldon triumphantly.

I remember the last time I had an ambiguity with Chad, in the small woods. At that time, I just broke up with Sheldon and was hit by Sheldon.

At that time, because Marcella cheated Sheldon and broke up, she said she wanted to be quiet and quiet by herself.

That’s why I am particularly embarrassed.

But today, Marcella has a different sense of pride and even excitement in her heart.

She now likes to see Sheldon’s uncomfortable look, she can’t eat it, so she can only watch it. This feeling is really cool!

And Sheldon kept talking about being disappointed with Marcella.

But when he saw Marcella like this, he really couldn’t accept it.

Hearing what Marcella said just now, it was obvious that Chad hadn’t succeeded yet.

But pressing Marcella in the fitting room and stroking it also made Sheldon angry.

“Marcella, although we broke up, I hope you can respect yourself and take good care of yourself!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hehe, I use you to control it, Sheldon, do you dare to say that you don’t want me? Are you not jealous now? Haha…”

Marcella smiled triumphantly: “But let me tell you, girls are all realistic. Whoever gives her good things deserves her! Not only did Lu Shao buy me a cell phone, now, I hold this in my hand. One or two thousand pieces of clothes, what about you Sheldon, what did you buy for me? I finally got a shopping card and actually spent so much money on that bitch Kristine! Deserve it!”

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