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Chapter 41 The Toad Wants to Eat Swan Meat

Many boys gathered around.

Even Li Nian looked over there.

Sheldon also took a curious look, and followed Sheldon’s eyelids slightly.

That girl has come out, of course she is pretty.

And Sheldon still knows, just met.

Not who Lilla is.

“It’s so beautiful. If only I could be my girlfriend!”

The boy standing with Li Nian said with emotion.

Looks like a pig brother.

“fu*k your mother, be your girlfriend, and tell you, this is the girl our Chad is fond of. You have seen eye addiction, and still be your girlfriend?”

Li Nian directly despised.

“Ah! Chad, oh, no wonder, Chad is so handsome, and the girl he likes is absolutely extraordinary!”

When the man heard about Chad, he naturally languished a bit.

Chad is Storen. He is the vice chairman of the Student Union of the Department of English Language and Literature. He is powerful at home and drives an Audi A6. No one knows him at school.

How can he afford to offend.

“Who dares to ask for Instagram with this beauty? If I want to come to Instagram, I am willing to pay a hundred dollars!”

“It’s useless, some people ask for it, and they won’t give it to beautiful women!”

“Furthermore, didn’t you hear that kid said just now? This beauty is the girl Storen pursues…”

“Storen is the one who drove the Audi A6 in our school. He didn’t see his younger brother here specializing in supervising it. Converge!”

Some girls also said with dissatisfaction, indeed, Lilla’s appearance has eclipsed these beautiful women.

Everyone is watching.

Sheldon naturally stared at Lilla up and down without exception.


At this time, a small stone hit his face.

Paralyzed, who?

Sheldon turned his head to look, Zheng Qianqian looked at himself angrily:

“Sheldon, you are poor. When others look at beautiful women, you also look at beautiful women, and don’t look at your virtues?”

Zheng Qianqian first lost the bet with Li Nian because Sheldon, the poor Sheldonth, wanted to eat with this guy.

Then, she was jealous of Lilla. Could it be that she couldn’t even attract the eyes of a poor Sheldon?

“Zheng Qianqian, you are crazy, what are you doing!”

Sheldon cursed.

He really wanted to make Li Nian and Zheng Qianqian have the same mouth.


At this moment, Lilla who got off the car saw Sheldon and greeted him unexpectedly.

Lilla was in a hurry just now and came to learn to drive.

But I didn’t expect that after I came, I was closely watched by a group of boys.

Although most girls like this feeling of being watched by boys.

However, staring from the beginning to the end, still discussing while practicing the car, made Lilla very embarrassed.

Fortunately, when he was about to stop, Lilla saw Sheldon at a glance.

Throughout the training ground, anyone who could be said to know each other seemed to be Sheldon alone.

Sheldon also smiled and nodded to Lilla.

“I’m going, what’s the situation, the sister-in-law actually knows this poor Sheldon?”

Li Nian was a little confused.

Even the other boys looked at Sheldon curiously.

“How did this man get to know the goddess when he dressed so badly?”

“And you see, he seems to have a good relationship with the goddess, talking and laughing!”

All jealous and suspicious gazes were projected toward Sheldon, and he meant to say, depending on your decay, how does the goddess think you do not look at us?

But Sheldon is really surprised now.

“Unexpectedly, you are also learning to drive here…”

Sheldon smiled.

“Hmm…I came yesterday! But we are really fate, by the way, thank you again for the milk tea money that you paid for me at noon…”

Sheldon’s communication with her was very simple.

Except for Marcella and Kristine’s two female friends.

Sheldon has hardly spoken to girls, and he doesn’t know what to talk about.

Just ask one sentence when he thinks of it, or when someone asks one sentence, Sheldon answers one sentence.

While the speaker is unintentional, the listener intends.

When I heard that Sheldon paid Lilla for milk tea.

Li Nian frowned.

He could see that the two knew each other, and Sheldon bought Lilla milk tea again? There will be nothing in it, right?

Thinking of this, he immediately sent a text message to Storen.

Then he looked at Sheldon, who was about to chat with Lilla, and said, “Sheldon, you came to practice the car or you came to chat. It was hard to get enough tuition, so it was in vain? Why don’t you take a look and study? “

The girls on the side looked at Sheldon with a little disdain, thinking that this person was quite honest, but they didn’t know anything when they saw the beauty.

Why can’t Lilla hear Li Nian’s side-by-side attack, and said, “Li Nian, what are you doing to others? You have been suspended for Subject Two twice, and they said that others were in vain. You have that skill. You should study hard… “


Li Nian instantly had a black line on his face.


At this time, a motor roar suddenly sounded near the playground.

Everyone looked sideways.

Just a few girls pointed to the outside and shouted:

“That Audi is so beautiful!”

“Let me go, he is the foreigner they said just now? The vice chairman of the Student Union of the English Language Department!”

“So handsome!”

A few girls couldn’t help but look eagerly.

The car finally stopped in front of Lilla’s eyes.

The tall Storen got off the car.

And behind him was Nimra.

When Storen got out of the car, his eyes naturally fell on Lilla and Sheldon.

He didn’t believe it when he received the short message just now. Now, Lilla really stood beside Sheldon.

“Lilla, how did you meet Sheldon?”

Storen was a little curious.

He was mainly afraid that Sheldon would trick Lilla by something.

“We met today, what’s wrong?” Lilla was very unhappy with Storen’s questioning tone.

“It’s okay, Sheldon didn’t tell you anything, did he? Didn’t he say that he knows some friends who drive Ferrari? I tell you, they are all fake, we have found out!”

Storen has already found out about the incident. It is very likely that Sheldon spent 50,000 dollar to experience Ferrari and take the opportunity to make a girl.

But unexpectedly, his attention was hit on Lilla.

Lilla frowned unclearly.

On the side, Sheldon looked at Nimra who was aside interestingly.

Needless to say, she took what she had said to coax her last time.

And I really went to inquire.

What picture of this woman?

Her own business has nothing to do with her.

“Huh, Sheldon, I tell you, you’d better stay away from Lilla. Lilla is a girl you will never be able to reach in your life. Besides, you are a hypocritical fellow. I really despise you!”

Nimra remembered that Sheldon got off the Ferrari that day, and said that it was his friend’s nervousness while driving.

I’m so angry, what kind of pretense this guy!

It’s good now. Listening to Storen, Sheldon actually bought milk tea for Lilla.

Does this toad want to eat swan meat?

Nimra’s mouth shot also made Li Nian and the others look at Sheldon with a sneer.

“Nimra, why do you say Sheldon like that…”

From the last time Lilla saw that Nimra’s mouth was too poisonous to Sheldon.

“Lilla, I’m afraid you will be deceived by this guy Sheldon, he is definitely not as honest as you think!” Nimra gave Sheldon a blank look, “By the way, are you free tonight? Dayang As a host, I want to take you to the home kitchen for dinner, but I have taken your light!”

Nimra said sourly.

“I have to practice in the afternoon, so I may run out of time in the evening…” Lilla didn’t want to go.

“Oh, when will the car not be able to train? Do you have to do this for a long time, Lilla, don’t you tell me, you want to train with this poor Sheldon? Isn’t it a waste of time to be with him?”

Nimra’s words made Lilla embarrassed.

She did not go, nor did she go.

Because, if you go, it’s like saying that you don’t want to be with Sheldon, making Sheldon quite embarrassed.

Others are pretty good, at least Lilla thinks so.

But if you don’t go, it’s Nimra who is a young girl.

Finally, Lilla said: “I’ll go, but can I bring someone, he helped me today, so I’m going to be a host today. Can we go out for dinner together tonight?”

After speaking, Lilla looked at Sheldon, who was standing quietly…

Chapter 42-I’m Not Leaving Today

“What? Lilla, you want to take Sheldon?”

Nimra said in surprise.

Sheldon was also slightly surprised.

Through today’s short-term contact, Sheldon knew that Lilla belongs to the kind of girl who has a good heart, and does not dislike the poor and loves the rich. As long as you are a good person, Lilla will treat you as a good friend.

In contrast, she formed a sharp contrast with Nimra.

And Lilla is quite considerate.

However, as for attending StorenNimra’s party, Sheldon really has no interest.

Not all the way!

Lilla nodded: “Nimra, Sheldonlped me today, so I invite everyone to dinner tonight. Of course Sheldon has to go!”

“Otherwise, let’s go play!” Sheldon smiled, and Lilla was able to invite him. He already understood Lilla’s intentions.

“No, you have to go!”

Lilla actually had another purpose. How could she not know what Storen thought.

The only way is to separate her from Storen.

Lilla doesn’t like Storen, especially.

Storen on the side looked ugly.

Don’t let Sheldon go right now. Lilla said that she had a treat by herself.

If you let Sheldon go.

Storen couldn’t really let Lilla treat him.

Do you have any demeanor?

Right now, he said bitterly, “Xing Lilla, let me treat you tonight. You didn’t go to the home kitchen last time. You have to go this time. As for Sheldon, let him follow… …”

Lilla nodded.

Nimra looked at Sheldon angrily: “Hmph, it’s really cheap for you, and let Storen invite you to dinner. That is because you have helped Lilla, otherwise, don’t even think about it!”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked at Lilla: “Na Lilla, see you tonight!”

Then he left in tandem with Storen.


Sheldon sighed in his heart.

This is already the case, and there is nothing he can do without going.

At the moment, Sheldon did not think of anything else, and focused on training.

Practice until the evening.

Nimra came to Lilla.

Driven by Storen.

And there were quite a few people who went there this time, basically all of them were girls from their student union, and there were also a few boys who were nice to Storen.

Among them are Zheng Qianqian and Li Nian.

After arriving at the place, Storen was even more generous and directly booked a luxurious and exquisite box.

Sheldon followed them in one after another.

It’s just that even Sheldon didn’t pay attention. In the corridor, a waiter who passed by him had already glanced at him in surprise, and then hurried downstairs, not knowing what he was doing!

“Hmph, someone must have never been to this place, I’m afraid I won’t be qualified to come in this life!”

Everyone was excited at the same time.

That Zheng Qianqian glanced at Sheldon and said.

“Qianqian, you are wrong. Sheldon has been here and held a classmate dinner here. I heard that a lot of money was spent that night!”

Nimra is also a strange way of yin and yang.

Zheng Qianqian and Li Nian were both surprised.

Nimra immediately told about the incident that Sheldon won the lottery and asked his classmates to splurge.

When everyone looked at Sheldon, they felt like they were looking at an idiot.

Sheldon did not speak either.

Just sit quietly.

“Have you won the lottery before?”

Lilla asked in surprise.

“Well, I got a little bit!” Sheldon smiled.

“Why are you spending all that money, why don’t you keep some?” Lilla asked.

“Keep some? With such a strong vanity, how can Sheldon stay? Haha…”

At this time, Storen walked in from outside, just to hear everyone discussing Sheldon’s winning the lottery.

How can we not take the opportunity to suppress it.

“Okay, okay, let’s take your seats soon, by the way, when I was downstairs just now, I ran into the chairman of the student union of the next door department. I called out a few of them, and I might come over to eat with us later!” said laughingly.

“That’s great, but Storen, although our box is upscale, but it’s exquisite, I’m afraid it can’t fit so many people?”

When Nimra heard that the chairman of the student union next door was there, she was also a little interested.

They meet very extensively, and Nimra is a girl who loves relationships very much.

“Yeah, they are three people. If it’s two people, we can squeeze, but in this way, there is obviously one more person!”

Storen scratched his forehead, looking anxious.

Why couldn’t Sheldonar these words deliberately to him.

But to be honest, come today to give Lilla a face.

Sometimes it’s just like that when friends get together. Ask this friend to come. It’s easy for this friend to bring another friend.

Although it made the master family uncomfortable, they couldn’t say anything.

Sheldon is not like this now, it was brought by Lilla.

Hehe, what’s the matter with love, Sheldon thought.

Seeing a drink on the table, I was about to pick it up and pour a drink.

I don’t know who turned the turntable, so I just turned it away.

There was another pot of tea next to him, and Sheldon could only drink tea.

I haven’t encountered it yet, but I was transferred away again.

by! Who?

Sheldon was startled, and when he looked up, he saw Nimra pressing the turntable with one hand, staring at herself angrily.

“Sheldon, didn’t you hear what Storen said? He said there would be one more person on this table no matter how crowded!”

One more person cares about yourself.

This woman, don’t let yourself run into opportunities, otherwise you must clean up.

Stripped and spanked!

Sheldon really had enough for Nimra.

“It’s shameless! I’m eating, and I want to occupy someone’s seat!”

Zheng Qianqian also contemptuously said.

Naturally, she said these words for Storen and the others, and she looked down on Sheldonrself, of course she had no good words.

“Lilla, I think otherwise, you can let Sheldon go back first, even if we invite it again next time! Look at it now, it’s all more than him!”

Nimra began to persuade Lilla.

Lilla frowned. Knowing that, she and Sheldon simply stopped coming.

Lilla was thinking about whether to leave.

Zheng Qianqian pointed to a small table next to him: “Sheldon doesn’t need to leave. Let him go to the small table over there to eat. Let’s give him all the dishes. Is it different?”

“Okay, I think this is a good idea. Sheldon, the province, is used to eating, and his stomach can’t change!”

Li Nian said with a smile.

This group of people, their mouths are too cheap!

To be honest, Sheldon really wanted to pat the table and leave.

But as soon as he stood up, Sheldon’s mind changed.


Have you been fooled by them for a long time after leaving like this?

Damn, I don’t want to leave today. Have you been bullied on my site?

Sheldon thought so.

He nodded and said, “That’s fine, I’ll eat at the small table next to me!”

After speaking, Sheldon took a stool and sat down directly in front of the small table.

At this time, the door of the box opened…

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