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Chapter 437

“It’s so lively!”

Suddenly at this time, an extremely out-of-group voice sounded outside the door.

Then I saw a group of people, under the leadership of a young man, walked in swaggeringly.

“You can’t come in without asking you!”

A family member kept stopping them.

“Go away!”

He was pushed aside directly.

The whole scene fell silent instantly.

“Long Shaolei?”

And Mrs. Yang frowned at the moment and stood up.

The entire Yang family’s clansmen all stood up and looked at Long Shaolei coldly.

Long Shaolei, the youngest of the Long Family.

This person is young, but the city is extremely deep, and he gave him the nickname Mianlizhen.

He is now the second person in the Long Family, except for the old man of the Long Family.

It is also the number one pioneer of the Yanjing Long Family against other families.

Since Long Shaolei returned to America four years ago, in four years, he has helped the Long Family to annex nearly 100 large and small enterprise groups.

And the Long Family, with his help, once again reached the peak without shaking.

“Hehe, Mrs. Yang, is that wrong with you? Such a lively celebration party, didn’t invite our Long Family?”

Long Shaolei smiled faintly.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

“The Long Family is now the leader of Yanjing. How can we invite you big Buddhas in the small temple of the Yang Family!?”

The old lady Yang turned back to each other.

“Let’s talk about it, Young Master Long, what are you doing today? The loan incident with you a few days ago has been dealt with, right?”

The old lady asked.

“Of course, even if Big Chad pays a few days late, it will be fine. After all, the Long Yang family has paid off for generations! Our Long family shouldn’t take this small loan to heart!”

“But this time, I also came for other loans. This time, it’s not a small amount!”

Long Shaolei smiled.


The old lady frowned.

As soon as this statement came out, the old lady’s sons and daughters, as well as the family members, couldn’t help but look nervous.

“Long, what do you mean? We do have loans, but mostly through Mr. Zhang, Mr. Miao, Mr. Chapman and others…”

Yang Yuting said angrily.

“Hehe, it was before, but these bosses have already completed some agreements with us a few days ago. The loan cooperation between you and them has been transferred to our Long Family!”

“I have the final say. In the past few years, your Yang family, the person in charge of each group company, have lost a lot of money from more than 30 bosses. Tsk tsk tsk, tens of billions, not including banks. of!”

Long Shaolei smiled.

“You…you are talking nonsense, my Yang family has a big business, how could there be so many loans?”

When Mrs. Yang heard it, her face instantly paled.

The implications of Long Shaolei’s remarks are already very clear.

If he put pressure on the loan in a short time, the Yang family would not have time to collect so much.

Only a large area of ​​mortgage.

When the time comes, if the whole body is pulled, the bank will definitely put pressure on it.

By then, the Yang family was not as simple as bankruptcy.

“Hehe, you have to ask your children!”

Long Shaolei sneered.


The old lady knocked on the cane severely.

Yang Yuting and Guo Ru were so scared that they swallowed their saliva and dared not speak.

“Hehe, no one said? Then let me tell you!”

Long Shaolei smiled bitterly and shook his head:

“The characteristics of the Yang family are different. The children are in power separately. In the end, only the line that can bring the most profit to the family can inherit the Yang family, right? Hehe, count them. Starting from your eldest son, no one wants To do things with your own money, you all borrowed loans in the name of your Yang family!”

“Am I right?”

Long Shaolei said.

Old lady Yang was extremely angry.

It was only then that I realized why at the time of his birthday banquet, his eldest son Yang Yuting said that he would immediately contact the loan to solve the problem of the capital chain.

It turns out that this has always been their norm over the years!

“President Miao, President Chapman, you have transferred your rights to the Long Family, why don’t you tell us?”

Yang Yuting’s face pale in anxiousness.

Because many cooperating bosses are on the scene at the moment.

He asked hurriedly.

“Do you know? Are you hurting our Yang family?”

“Enough Yuting, today, haven’t you noticed it? Miao Miao, Li and others, have discussed with the Long family a long time ago?”

The old lady waited for Yang Yuting to take a look.

And the bosses all looked at each other and couldn’t help shrugging and sneering.

“A lean camel is bigger than a horse. It’s a big deal. If we give up some industries, we will never owe you a point to the dragon family. Don’t worry about that!”

The old lady’s hands were shaking.

Having said that, the Yang family will definitely be hurt this time.

And this move of the Long Family obviously caused the Yang Family members to not react.

After all, since the old lady got older and decentralized.

Each family is considering the interests of each family.

Like investing in a project?

If you invest with your own money, it will be your own if you lose.

I invested with a loan in the name of the Yang family, and it would have no effect on me if I lost it.

I don’t know who will inherit the family anyway.

You can’t save money for the Yang family.

“Well, with Mrs. Yang’s words, Shao Lei is relieved!”

Long Shaolei said with a big smile.

The old lady sat down angrily.

I feel a little dizzy.

“My family is unfortunate, my family is unfortunate!”

The old lady cried regretfully.

And it is exactly this time.

Just listen to the sound of fireworks in the backyard.

Obviously, someone put fireworks there.

Originally, this incident had already caused the old lady to fail.

Now in the family, someone actually puts fireworks to celebrate?

“Yeah? The Yang family is indeed strong. It lost more than tens of billions at once, and there are still celebrations?”

Long Shaolei smiled.

“Asheng! Asheng!”

The anxious old lady’s eyes were red.

“Grandma, Ah Sheng is not here!”

Yang Ye said.


When the old lady raised her hand, a mouth was drawn on Yang Ye’s face.

“Then you can find him for me, go to the backyard and see who it is!”

Immediately, Jiading ran toward the backyard.

It turns out that there are a few children playing with little fireworks in the backyard.

“Oh, Lord butler, Miss Perl, so you are really here, the chairman is looking for you everywhere!”

“what happened?”

Perl looked at Jia Ding’s face and asked hurriedly.

Jia Ding said: “Something has happened, the people of the Long Family, come to collect the debt!”


Both Beckham and the butler were in a hurry.

Then he looked at Sheldon.

Sheldon nodded and said, “Then let’s go ahead and have a look, it’s this dragon again!”

And the front hall.

A family member had already come to report.

“How is it? Did you find Beckham and Asheng?”

The old lady asked sullenly.

“I found the chairman, the housekeeper, and Master Sheldon, and there seem to be a few people dressed up as the boss, who are all behind to celebrate Miss Perl’s birthday!”

Home Dingdao.


The old lady smashed the tea cup directly on the ground.

“Reversed! All reversed!!!”

Chapter 438

The Third Gift

“Birthday birthday! She Perl knows birthdays. What birthdays can be more important than the Yang family’s banquet!”

The old lady was going to faint.


At this time, when Perl saw that the scene was very quiet, the people of the Long family were confronting grandma.

I also understand something.

Ran over in a hurry.

And all the bosses who celebrated Beckham’s birthday came.

“I ask you, you guys…huh?”

The old lady was about to get angry.

Suddenly his eyes narrowed. Because just seeing the people standing behind Perl made the old lady feel like a world away.


As for the entire banquet, there were two hundred people.

There was also a commotion.

“Isn’t this Mr. Zhang, the richest man in Tianjin?”

“I’m going, it’s really Mr. Zhang!”

Some guests stood up and said directly.

“That person, isn’t it Yang from our Yanjing* District? Even Yang** is here?”

“There is also Mr. Guo, the richest man in the north!”

Everyone was shocked.

And these people, without exception, Mrs. Yang naturally knows them.

These people are all flattering and can’t agree!

how come? Birthday for Beckham?

The butler is also very excited.

“Chairman, it’s true, Mr. Zhang and the others came here early in the morning to celebrate Miss Perl’s birthday! I was worried that ordinary householders would not take good care of them, so I have been waiting there!”

Ah Sheng said excitedly.


The old lady Yang looked moved.

And Guo Ru and Yang Ye also stared in disbelief.

“A few bosses, please sit down, please sit down!”

The shock of this scene surprised the old lady.

The meaning of depression just now, where is there still half a point!

“Hehe, the old lady is polite. I didn’t want to disturb your banquet today. Since Miss Perl has brought us here, we shall be guests. I hope everyone here will give us some face. !”

Yang ** smiled faintly.

“That is that is!!!”

Mr. Miao and the others immediately stood up and nodded.

Long Shaolei’s eyes narrowed.

Indeed, these few people can only talk to them with Grandpa, and they are not enough in front of them.

“Long Shaolei, today is our Yang family’s big day, what else can you do if you stay here?”

Perl asked coldly.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not Uncle Zhang and Uncle Yang…”

Long Shaolei smiled, and was about to come forward to want a toast.

“It’s okay to leave?”

Zhang Bonian said coldly.

“Huh? Okay, go!”

Long Shaolei looked embarrassed.

At this moment, he is also a cold sweat on his forehead.

Thousands of calculations, I didn’t expect that the problem would arise in Perl, who was unknown to the Yang family.

He didn’t dare to stay any longer, and left with his subordinates embarrassed.

“Perl, you were really amazing just now, he’s the young master Long!”

Meimei and the others took Beckham’s arm and said.

“My cousin doesn’t like them, and I hate them, and my cousin is there!”

Perl smiled happily.

“Ah? Just him? Tell me, what did you both say secretly just now?”

Meimei and the others also feel that Sheldon is a bit mysterious at this moment.

Right now, without waiting for Perl to speak.

Pedro said anxiously: “Mom, today so many bosses came to congratulate our family Perl, all because of the face of my nephew Sheldon. Sheldon also said that he prepared three gifts for our family Perl. Song, you said your aunt is right?”

Pedro kindly took Sheldon’s arm and said.

This nephew, the more I look at it today, the more I like it!

And it was these words that made the old lady look up at Sheldon in surprise.

Although she doubted Sheldon’s extraordinary.

But the first time I saw it today, the old lady suddenly felt that Sheldon was a little strange.

As for Yang Ye Guo Ru, his cheeks hurt even more as he watched.

“Yes, there are two more!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

at this time.

“Huh? Why is Long Shaolei back again?”

Someone exclaimed.

They saw Long Shaolei and his party, all the way back towards the front hall.

And then.

I saw a woman walking in with a team of extraordinary men and horses.

This team of people is very impressive.

Everyone can seem daunting.

This…who is this?

The corner of Mrs. Yang’s mouth twitched a bit.

And Perl was also surprised to look at this young and beautiful woman.

Especially, everyone saw that Long Shaolei was scared back.

“Unfortunately, Xiao Lei, we met again!”

The woman chewed the gum, looked at Long Shaolei and said.

“Sister, yes, long time no see, long time no see!”

Long Shaolei’s face was sweaty.

“Mr Chen!”

As soon as Mr. Zhang saw the woman.

They just got up one after another, bent over ninety degrees, and shouted respectfully.

“Chen… President Chen?”

The old lady Yang saw that so many big men bowed to the young woman.

He also stooped slightly.

Because just by looking at the aura, you know that this woman is extraordinary.


And Sheldon stopped her in time.

“Cousin, who is she?”

Beckham was also nervous and blushed.

“Sister, this is our cousin, Beckham!”

Sheldon patted Beckham’s head again and said to the woman.


“Ah? Is she the cousin Alicia?”

Beckham reacted at once, covering his mouth with excitement.

Since she was young, she knew that her cousin Sheldon and cousin Alicia had never met before.

“Well, Beckham, he looks so beautiful!”

And Alicia walked towards Beckham.

Holds Beckham’s hand.


The old lady’s eyes widened.

This is Alicia, his granddaughter?

“Bei, the first time I met, my sister didn’t have anything to give you. Today is your birthday, my sister will give you this one!”

After speaking, one of his men came over with a small box.

When I opened it, the light was radiant, and a good breath came out.

“This is… Ye Mingzhu? Heaven!!!”

Someone recognized it at a glance and couldn’t help exclaiming.

And Meimei and the girls are even more envious!

It turns out that Sheldon family is so amazing!

There is some regret in my heart right now.

Up to now, there is not even a Instagram account.

“Oh, Perl, your sister gave it to you, just hold it!”

Pedro was so excited.

Guo Ru, Yang Ye, Yang Yan and the others were all dumbfounded.


In the end, Alicia looked at the old lady and screamed faintly.

“Hey! Hey!”

The old lady nodded in excitement.

However, the old lady also discovered that Alicia and Sheldon’s two siblings are obviously different in personalities.

I don’t know what’s wrong, I am a little nervous when I see Alicia, a person who has lived all his life?

Then, Alicia looked around, no one dared to meet Alicia’s eyes, all of them bowed their heads.

Finally fell on Beckham.

Alicia smiled slightly:

“Perl, cousin and your cousin, prepared three great gifts for you, and now there is the last one!”

Alicia said.

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