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Chapter 439

“There is a big gift?”

Even the guests present were all looking forward to it.

Because these Chen brothers and sisters are simply not too strong!

“The third one, I’m afraid your cousin will give it to you!”

Afterwards, Alicia looked back.

I saw that at the door, followed by a group of servants.

A generous woman walked in.

The woman’s outstanding beauty and gentle temperament seemed to solidify the entire air atmosphere.

What a beautiful woman!

Everyone present exclaimed.

“My cousin?”

Beckham was also surprised.

Look at his cousin Sheldon.

The person who came was naturally Marie and Sister Lan.

Sheldon lowered his head and did not speak. This matter will not be explained clearly for a while!

“Hello, grandma!”

After Marie walked over, she stood beside Sheldon and bowed and smiled at the old lady.

The old lady laughed from ear to ear.

Nodding one after another.

“Such an outstanding woman is my grandson-in-law, so good, so good!”

The old lady nodded repeatedly.

Having lived for most of her life, this is the first time the old lady feels the supreme glory and pride brought to her by her family.

“Sister Perl, this is a gift from me and your cousin!”

Sister Lan looked at Beckham and smiled.

I saw the entourage, just brought a contract.

Beckham blinked and watched.

“Perl, starting today, you will be the chairman of Yanjing Xinfeng Group, and at the same time, you will be the head of the northern Cooper Family’s industry!”

Sister Lan smiled slightly.


Beckham was stunned.

The old lady was also dumbfounded.

“The Xinfeng Group actually belongs to the Cooper Family? And Perl will be the chairman of the Xinfeng Group in the future?”

You know, let’s not talk about the entire Cooper Family North’s industry, just a Xinfeng Group can slap the three big families!

And Perl, will be the chairman of Xinfeng Group?

Everyone in the audience opened their mouths wide, looking at the scene in disbelief.

Guo Ru felt more like knocking over a five-flavored bottle, not a taste.

“Yeah! Beckham!”

Meimei and the others shook Beckham’s arms madly.

This is no wonder why Mr. Zhang and the others spontaneously came to celebrate Perl’s birthday and wanted to let Perl take care of his business.

It was here.

Chen Dashao had already made a good idea and wanted to give the group industry to Perl!

The old lady was also very excited.

First, the brothers and sisters of Sheldon and Alicia helped them overcome the siege of the Long Family today.

Now, giving so many gifts, the old lady is grateful and excited.

At the same time, there is also a different kind of emotion in my heart.

At this time, the gift giving is complete.

Aliciacai looked at Long Shaolei, who was standing aside and dared not move.

“I am in a good mood today, so I won’t torture you anymore, Xiao Lei, I wonder if you have forgotten the virtues of you and your dad in Roston?”

Alicia said coldly.

“Sister Xiao, I haven’t forgotten!”

Long Shaolei nodded one after another.

Back then, the parties who were kicked out of Roston by Alicia like dogs were Long Shaolei and his father, and they were the direct parties.

“It’s okay if you don’t forget, remember, see the Yang family in the future, and stay away, otherwise, don’t blame me for not reminding you beforehand! Get out!”


“Yes, Sister Xiao!”

Long Shaolei is about to leave.

“Come back! I’m talking about getting off!”

Alicia said again.

Long Shaolei’s cheek twitched.

This is to want to repeat the things of the year.

However, Long Shaolei now, at least not daring to breathe.

Damn, Perl from the Yang family has such a backstage.

No way, Long Shaolei had to lie on the ground and really got out!

After the celebration banquet is over.

Guo Ru and the second aunt could not react for a long time.

They wanted to please Alicia just now.

What they just got was Alicia’s indifferent look, which made them not even say anything to please.

But Perl has become a dragon and phoenix among the people!

At night.

The Yang family, the old lady’s inner palace room.

“It turns out that Donald actually has such a huge power!”

After listening to some brief introductions by Sheldon.

The old lady wore a touch of wounds on her face.

“Grandma, the grievances of the past have passed, so let them pass. The main reason is that now we have a chance for family reunion!”

Sheldon said.

“In the past? Haha, I was so kind to Vicky back then, and the father of Beckham became like that. Vicky had the deepest relationship with her fifth brother. Vicky must hate me and hate me for being a mother!”

The old lady said in tears.

“Why, my mother has been missing you all these years. You may not know it. My mother has come to visit you many times, every year!”

Alicia said.

When the old lady heard this, she raised her head.

My heart was really moved.

I also regret the old-fashioned tradition when I was young.

If it weren’t, the family was harmonious, then it would be great, and there would be no such thing as the Long Family’s visit today.

“And grandma, my aunt has always been thinking of my dad, and I have found many doctors for my dad, and also sponsored Perl to study!”

Beckham also said.

“Sponsor Beckham to study?”

When the old lady heard it, tears came out again.

Yes, my own granddaughter, the dignified Miss Yang family, is so difficult that I can’t even finish reading books, but my grandmother has no idea!

Tiger poison does not eat seeds!

Looking back on her whole life, the old lady chased fame and fortune by herself, but completely forgot the warmth and warmth of family love!

“Mom, I’m sorry Vicky and your dad, I’m also sorry Perl, and I’m even more sorry to the two sisters Sheldon and Alicia, alas!”

This night, the family talked very late.

At the same time, some people are happy and some are worried!


“Wine, give me wine!”

In the bar, a wine bottle shattered.

A drunk young man shouted loudly.

“Master Yang, you have drunk too much, you can’t drink anymore! Go home!”

Persuaded a female manager of the bar.


Yang Ye raised his hand with a mouth: “Damn, even you look down on me? Okay, now anyone can look down on me, give me wine!”

He roared.

The female manager covered her face and glanced at Yang Ye with a bitter look.

Then I went out to get wine.

When I came back with wine.

Several people stopped her.

“You…you are Young Master Long?”

The female manager said unexpectedly.

“Give it to me, no one can come in without my instructions!”

Young Master Long picked up the wine bottle.

Naturally, some subordinates took out a wad of money and threw it to the female manager.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

The female manager nodded hurriedly.

“Master Yang, your wine!”

Long Shaoyun walked in with the wine.

Yang Ye was about to pick it up.

Squinted at the moment, “Why are you?”

“Hehe, now in this situation, I can come to see you! Look at you now, the majestic Young Master is actually in such a downturn!”

Long Shaolei sneered.

“Huh, hello? Are you here in our Yang family? Didn’t you crawl out like a dog? Hahahaha!”

Yang Ye laughed.

Long Shaolei’s eyes condensed, “Chad, it seems that you need to wake up!”


The door was kicked open.

More than a dozen men rushed in directly…

Chapter 440

Yang Ye was caught by his hair, and several big mouths greeted him directly

Immediately I saw another man directly pulled out a knife.

Yang Ye was a little sober.

“Don’t mess around, don’t mess around! If you have something to say, Young Master Long!”

Yang Ye said in fear.

Long Shaolei sneered coldly: “Mr. Chad, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, and it’s unnecessary. Actually, I came to see you today for your own good. Haha, no one thought that Perl actually had the Cooper Family’s brother and sister. Backstage, now, Perl has become the leader of Yanjing. Not only is my Long family’s interests damaged, I am afraid that the biggest loss is your Young Master, right? Tsk tusk, it is the future heir of the Yang family, now, there is nothing. Up!”

Yang Ye clenched his fists viciously.

“Young Master Long, what are you trying to say?”

“I heard that Mrs. Yang has already spoken, and Perl will be the heir of the Yang family in the future. Poor Mr. Chad, you won’t get anything in the end. Perl shouldn’t let your family go, right? ?”

Long Shaolei watched Yang Ye’s face become darker, and then said:

“Now, Young Master, you have no choice but to cooperate with our Long Family. We have to make the final struggle! At that time, my Long Family will not be greatly damaged, and you, Young Master, will also control the Yang Family and even become the owner of the family in advance. Maybe!”

“You… do you have a way?”

But after Yang Ye thought about it, he was finally a little moved.

“Come on, let’s discuss it!”

Long Shaolei nodded with a sneer.

Three days later.

A mysterious motorcade drove away from Yang’s house in the early morning.

“Sheldon, your family is prominent. It is not surprising to know the Palmer Family of Yanjing, but grandma did have something to do with the Palmer Family in the early years. The Palmer Family also promised grandma that they could help grandma do something. thing!”

“But after so many years, Grandma is not sure they are still ignoring our family members!”

In the car, the old lady said with Sheldon’s hand.

Through these days of getting along, the old lady loves this gentle grandson very much.

After learning about the disappearance of Donald’s second brother, Sheldon’s girlfriend.

The old lady happily agreed to come forward for Sheldon and ask about the Palmer Family.

The old lady was also boring, so she briefly talked to Sheldon on the road about the experience of getting to know the Palmer Family.

It’s a coincidence.

Back then, a child of the Palmer Family was hunted down assassinated while performing a mission.

At that time he fled into the back garden of the Yang family.

The old lady was in her forties.

It hasn’t reached the point of being stiff behind.

Seeing this badly injured child, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, he felt compassionate and took him in and rescued him.

Originally, I thought it was nothing.

Until one day later.

When the old lady took power in the Yang family, she took her daughters and sons out to a party.

Was only assassinated by the business enemy.

As a result, at a critical moment, someone came forward to rescue the grandmother’s family.

Only then did I learn that it was the child who was saved that year and returned to repay the favor.

He also told the old lady that he would be willing to help if there was anything in the future, and he left an address for the old lady.

Having said that, afterwards, there was no contact.

In a flash, almost twenty years have passed, and the old lady is not sure, whether the child remembered that year!

This is the origin of the matter.

The car drove all the way.

Finally came to a mountainous area in Yanjing.

The whole mountain seems to be filled with miasma, and the mountain forest is even more extensive.

“Such a big mountain with no human traces. Could it be so?”

When Sheldon got out of the car, he was a bit blindfolded.

Helped grandma and asked.

“This kid won’t lie to me, he said, if something happens, you can come here to find him, the location is definitely correct!”

The old lady said firmly.

Sheldon looked around.

It was discovered that there was a wooden house on the mountain at an altitude of 100 meters.

It looks like someone lives.

“Grandma, wait a while, I’ll go up and see if anyone is there, and it will be clear by asking!”

Sheldon was a little disappointed.

Is there a big family hidden in this place?

At the moment, Sheldon walked up.

I happened to see an old man in his sixties coming out inside the wooden house.

The old man dressed as a villager, but very clean.

Seeing Sheldon, he was also taken aback, then smiled and said:

“Brother, is there something?”

“Hello old man, I want to ask, is there anyone else living on this mountain?”

Sheldon asked.

“Other people? Oh, brother, look at it, this area is a hundred li, is covered with mountains and forests, I am a forest watcher, besides me, where are other people living!”

The old man smiled.

“However, a friend said that he could come here to find him. How come there are no other people here?”

The old lady walked up with her support and asked.

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The old lady looked up and down with Sheldon, and then said, “Friend? What kind of friend? I wonder if you have given you any tokens?”

The old man asked seemingly casually.

The old lady heard it.

Just say: “Yes, some, it’s a small token!”

At the moment, the old lady took it out.

When the old man saw it, his eyebrows immediately raised:

“What do you have to do with the Yanjing Yang family?”

The old lady said, “I am the head of the Yang family. Back then, I had some connections with the token owner!”

“Okay, I see. In that case, you can come with me, but only the two of you can go, and the rest, just wait in place!”

Said the old man.

Sheldon didn’t expect that this person who looked at Linzi was actually pretending to be. It seems that Palmer Family is really here!

At the moment, under the guidance of the old man.

Sheldonlped his grandma into an ox cart of the old man.

Drive inward along the mountain road…

at the same time.

Yang family.

“Miss Perl, these are all foreign loans of our Yang family over the years. I have compiled a summary here! Please have a look!”

“Thank you, uncle!”

Perl smiled.

When the old lady set off with Young Master Sheldon three days ago, she had already given a special account. After she left, all the affairs of the Yang family were handled by Perl, and the meaning of it was unnecessary to describe.

And it is exactly this time.

Yang Ye hurried in.

“Uncle Sheng, Uncle Sheng, it’s bad, bad, something happened!”

Yang Ye said.

“Master, what’s the matter?”

Ah Sheng asked hurriedly.

“It’s my parents. For the previous piece of land, my parents were not reconciled to Long Shaolei’s calculations, so when handing it over to them, my mom clashed with them, and Long Shaolei asked my parents to detain them. Living!”

Yang Ye said.

“There is such a thing? Long Shaolei really eats the guts of the bear heart and the leopard. Ms. Alicia warned him again and again before leaving. Unexpectedly, when Ms. Alicia left, he would be excited!”

Ah Sheng said bitterly.

“But Master, now the Yang family has the full power of Miss Perl, what should you do? You still ask Miss Perl?”

Ah Sheng said again.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched slightly, and then said apologetically, “Sister, although my mother was impulsive, but it won’t work if I just give my parents to the Long family. They are also your uncle and aunt, Perl. , You help brother, help your uncle!”

Perl took a deep breath.

Did not speak.

“Sister, if you don’t go, my parents will really have an accident. That Long Shaolei wants to send all his anger to my parents!”

“Well, Uncle Sheng, you arrange some manpower, I will go over and see what’s going on!”

Perl is really hard on this heart.

He left with Yang Ye…

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