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Chapter 435

Of course Beckham was unhappy when he heard this.

Yang Ye did this on purpose.

After all, my classmates were introduced to my cousin by shouting, and they were not Yang Ye’s friends.

“No, you don’t have to go shopping with them, I’ll just show you to play!”

Beckham’s airway.

Seeing Beckham’s anger, several female classmates pouted and had no choice but to give up.

Following Beckham in, everyone came to the backyard.

Sheldon, I also understand what Beckham thinks.

I want to introduce myself a girlfriend.

Haha, Sheldon understood Beckham’s painstaking effort.

However, Sheldon now really has no intention of making any more female friends.

After all, because of this, too many things have been caused before.

The Shelly incident is the best example.

Therefore, Sheldon mostly used the attitude of a big brother to get along with these little beauties.

But obviously, these little beauties look down on themselves, and have no intention of chatting with them.

Therefore, the atmosphere is somewhat dull.

“Hi, beauties, did you meet again?”

Several of Yang Ye’s friends, friends and friends, also strolled here.

Say hello to the beauties.

“Yes, what a coincidence!”

The beauties laughed.

“This shows that it is all our fate, how about it, add a Instagram, there will be fun places in the future, I will introduce to you!”

Several boys said with a smile.

Then he looked at Sheldon contemptuously:

“I mean this cousin, right? You see you holding this little cake, so that the beauties can’t divide it, you can’t buy a bigger one!?”

Several boys attacked Cooper Family again.

On their side, they also finished adding Instagram with the beauties.

Seeing Perl looking at them hostilely, they didn’t stay too much, blinked at the beauties and left.

“Sorry, I knew you were coming, so I’ll change to a bigger one! Haha!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

As for the beauties, they rolled their eyes silently, and didn’t respond to Sheldon’s words.

“Hey, Meimei, did you see that just now, one of the boys seems to be the handsome Wang Kun from the Wang Group?”

“Yeah, I look like him, and there is another handsome man with glasses, like Zhang Lin from Feiyue Information Technology Company. Their company is about to go public!”

“I’ll go, but if they can be together, they must not be the general ones. They must all have backgrounds at home!”

“What’s the matter? Which handsome guy do you have feelings for?”

Meimei and they discussed it.

Especially when discussing their worth, they are even more enthusiastic.

Beckham took a deep breath and looked at his cousin:

“Cousin, thank you for the cake you bought me. This is the cake I grew up with. Apart from my mother, there is another person who seriously celebrated my birthday. Let’s go. Let’s find a place to share it!”

Belle took his cousin’s hand and said with some emotion.

“Good too!”

Butler Ah Sheng is already very busy at the moment.

Indeed, when a family has a signal of its rise, people who know or not know will swarm up.

Now it is.

Think about the 80th birthday banquet cold event the day before yesterday, which is really embarrassing.

Look at the time, it’s almost half past ten.

Most of the VIPs arrived, and Yang Ye returned to the front hall to receive.

Asheng stood at the door instead.

No one came, Ah Sheng was also ready to go in.


At this moment, he suddenly saw a convoy coming not far away.

“There are VIPs?”

Ah Sheng stood up straight.

When looking closely at the team.

Ah Sheng was surprised.

All luxury cars.

It’s so cool!

I’m afraid the VIPs here today, all the luxury cars add up to a hundred, but it’s not worth the price of ten cars in this fleet.

Dear guest! ! !

Ah Sheng was shocked.

At this time, a family of four came down from the convoy.

It is a middle-aged couple, still holding their children.

“Hello, thank you for coming to the Yang family banquet, you… are you Mr. Zhang?”

As soon as Ah Sheng saw this person clearly, his heart was shocked!

“Hello, in the next year of Chamberlain!”

“Yes! Yeah, Mr. Zhang’s name is like Lei Guaner, you are the first of the four richest people in Tianjin!”

Ah Sheng’s excited hands were shaking.

The richest man in Tianjin is here!

You know, the Yang family and them, but they can’t agree with them.

Of course I was surprised and delighted.

Then, another team came.

But this time, a middle-aged man in his fifties came with his family.

Ah Sheng’s eyes are almost coming out.

“Yang**? Is it you?”

My goodness, the head of Yanjing* District! He will actually arrive? Oh my God! ! !

Immediately afterwards, someone with a lot of background came.

The rich people in Eastern Thailand and the famous rich people in the northwestern provinces are all here!

There are a full dozen or so, and they all bring their families.

If it weren’t for Ah Sheng to pinch his thigh fiercely, the bursts of pain told him that these were all real, not dreams.

He already felt that he was unconscious.

“Hurry up!”

Ah Sheng’s waist never straightened up from beginning to end.

“Don’t be busy this housekeeper, we are not here to attend the Yang family banquet!”

At this time, Zhang Bonian said while coaxing his little daughter.

“Huh? Those bosses?”

Asheng was surprised.

“Where is Miss Perl? We are here to celebrate her birthday!”

“Huh? Birthday for Miss Perl?”

Ah Sheng was completely stunned.

When did Miss Perl get acquainted with so many superstars! ! !

But Ah Sheng didn’t dare to ask more, let alone neglect it.

“Miss Perl is in the backyard, I will take you there!”

Ah Sheng bowed his waist and led them all the way to the backyard.

When Perl saw so many big guys, just like a few of his classmates, they were all dumbfounded.

“Hello Miss Perl, happy birthday to you, we are here to celebrate your birthday!”

Everyone laughed.


Beckham was shocked.

Meimei and the girls were all shocked.

“I’m going, what’s the matter with Perl, isn’t that Mr. Zhang from Jinmen? Isn’t that the Yang family of our Yanjing* district? I’m going, what’s the matter?”

A few girls stopped discussing boys, so they were so scared that they could no longer speak.

“Haha, Miss Perl, we come all the way to celebrate your birthday, won’t you be welcome? Don’t even arrange a seat for us?”

Zhang Bonian laughed heartily.

“Ah! Arrangement, Mr. Zhang, Yang** and… I will arrange it now!”

Beckham was at a loss, was eating cake, and didn’t know where to arrange it.

His face was scared with sweat.

“A few bosses, you are the biggest distinguished guest today. How can you arrange for you in the backyard, please let me go to the front hall?”

Ah Sheng said excitedly.

“No, isn’t this good in the backyard? Set a few tables for us, order wine and food, and we can drink some like, hahaha!”

After speaking, Zhang Bonian brought out a jade bracelet, “Miss Perl, this is a birthday present for you. I hope that I will help you in business in the future!”

Jade bracelets are naturally more valuable.

Although Ah Sheng was excited, he still remained calm.

Seeing that the boss was unwilling to go to the front hall, he immediately arranged a housekeeper, moved the tables and chairs, and followed the instructions of several bigwigs, and arranged a banquet nearby.

Ah Sheng was even more nervous when seeing Miss Perl. He still had a bit of determination, so he carefully helped Miss Perl to serve…

Any one of them is a big existence that the Yang family can’t afford!

Chapter 436:

The First Gift

“Thank you for the gift Uncle Shen!”

Perl took another gift from another boss.

Meimei and the others were all stupid, and they gathered around to watch.

Envy and jealousy to death!

“Miss Perl, these are all your friends? They are really beautiful, but this time I didn’t bring in many gifts. I will send someone to send some gifts over, right as a meeting gift for your beauties. !”

Mrs. Zhang’s wife Mrs. Zhang smiled at the moment.

“Huh? I…we have it too?”

Meimei and the others were surprised and broke.

“Of course, haha!”

“Yeah! Thank you Mr. Zhang, thank you Mrs. Zhang, and…thank you…”

In short, when the ladies expressed their opinions and gave them gifts, Meimei and the others were so excited that they couldn’t thank the whole family.

After all, the big shots are extraordinary.

“Perl, pour some water for some bosses!”

Meimei and the others excitedly said.


“No need, let’s do it ourselves!”

Mr. Zhang said.

“Come on, shout uncle, give you cake!”

Sheldon smiled slightly, teasing a few-year-old girl next to her.

“Good Susu!”

The little girl said obediently, blinking her big eyes.

“So good!”

Sheldon fed it into the little girl’s mouth.

“Susu, we want too!”

In addition, several children shouted.

“Well, good, all share!”

Sheldon smiled.

“I’m going! He’s too cocky, right?”

“That’s right, everyone’s daughters are all spoiled and spoiled. He actually fed them this?”

“Mom, isn’t this a shame?”

Meimei and the others anxiously.

Right now, they all glanced at Sheldon fiercely.

Just put little Bella aside.

“Perl, get rid of your cousin! Please, so many big guys are here, just a few of us will accompany you!”

Meimei stomped her feet anxiously.

“Why? Why did you get my cousin away?”

Beckham is not happy anymore.

“Don’t you think he is too low here?”

“That’s right, so many bosses, don’t let others see our jokes!”

Other beautiful women are also anxious.

“No, my cousin can’t go, and I still have something to ask my cousin!”

Beckham said.

Then, came to Sheldon’s side.

She whispered: “Cousin, cousin, how come these big bosses come to celebrate my birthday?”

In fact, the most likely one is his cousin. After all, he knows too many people.

Moreover, the cousin has always been very mysterious!

“Hmm! This is the first gift my cousin gave you, do you like it?”

Sheldon laughed softly.

Beckham’s eyes widened.

Really cousin!

“Cousin, how come? How can you let so many big guys come to celebrate my birthday?”

Beckham was really excited.

Indeed, the surprise of this gift is a bit big.

“Hehe, I didn’t let them come. They came spontaneously. Didn’t you hear what they said? I need to cooperate with you more in business in the future!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Business? But I…”

“Sick Nizi, why did you come here? I’m looking for you everywhere, and you won’t answer even when I call you. Your grandma is in a hurry in front, but you are…”

At this time, Pedro ran over angrily.

When I saw my daughter, there was a table in the backyard.

Immediately angrily said:

“Bei Bei, can you fight for your anger? Didn’t my mother say, your birthday will be given to you in the evening, you must have it now, or in the backyard, didn’t you deliberately find a handle for Guo Ru’s family!”

Pedro was anxious.

About to come over and take her daughter away.

But when she saw the people on the table.


Suddenly, Pedro directly covered her mouth in shock.

Obviously, she knows all the big guys here.

“This is Miss Perl’s mother, right? Hello! We are here to celebrate Miss Perl’s birthday!”

Several big brothers laughed.

And seeing Ah Sheng busy pouring tea, Pedro immediately realized what was going on.

“Give our daughter a birthday? This, this… this, this…”

Pedro rubbed her hands back and forth excitedly, wondering what she said.

At the moment, his face suddenly condensed.

He grabbed Sheldon’s ears: “Get up and see me coming, don’t give up my seat!”

Sheldon was pulled aside at once.

“Oh my God!”



And this scene made everyone present in this room shocked.

Especially Mr. Zhang and the others, the tea cup in his hand fell directly to the ground without holding it firmly.

They all stood up too.

There was some horror on his face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m scared, don’t stand up, sit down, sit down!”

Pedro blushed nervously.

While Sheldon rubbed his ears, he nodded to Mr. Zhang and the others, only then did Mr. Zhang dare to sit down.

As for Perl, he hurriedly pulled her mother’s sleeves and whispered something in her ear.

“what did you say?”

Pedro was shocked again.

Looking back at Sheldon, his expression changed again.

“Then what, Xiao… Sheldon, sit down!”

When Pedro was shocked, she gave Sheldon a seat.

Sheldon just sat down.

At the same time, the front room.

The old lady, someone has come to offer tea in turn.

As for Yang Ye, he was with the old lady.

The old lady was really happy to see so many people giving face today.

The Yang Family hasn’t had such a situation for many years!

Waiting for the round of tea toasts, the old lady’s face sank.

“What’s the matter? The banquet is about to start? I haven’t seen the shadow of Beckham’s girl. Didn’t her mother call her to go? Why didn’t she come back? Asheng! Asheng?”

The old lady called subconsciously.

“Grandma, the butler is not here!”

Yang Ye said.

“Huh, no rules, one by one, it’s too unruly!”

The old lady put the tea cup heavily on the table.

“Mom, I told you a long time ago, Perl, this girl, is very lucky, but, it’s not very useful, I said you don’t believe it, let’s talk too much, and think I am jealous of her achievements or something. But what do you see now?”

“Yeah, I brought some of her classmates at the door just now, maybe where I went to play, where I took the important things of the family to my heart, grandma, you see, there are so many distinguished guests today. The accounting is better, but if we really want to spread it out, our Yang family has to be named as a slow guest. Then we are not busy today?”

Yang Ye also said.

“However, Perl has pulled so many projects this time. It is the core of our Yang family’s core. There is nothing to be willful. Maybe we will rely on Perl in the future!”

Yang Yan also added fuel and jealousy.

“Huh! Who said she is the core of the core? Who said that I will rely on Beckham in the future? I am not dead yet!!! This girl, there is really no rule at all, her mother is also the same virtue, huh, wait until the banquet is over , I don’t make her a project manager, just work in the company!”

The old lady said angrily.

As for Guo Ru, looking at Yang Ye, the mother and son smiled at each other…

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