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Chapter 441

“Where is there someone on this construction site? You didn’t mean that Auntie was like this!”

When Perl came, he saw that the entire construction site was empty.

Yes, because some time ago, the uncle’s loan had a serious problem, and the development of this site was stopped.

But today’s handover ceremony is here.

Unexpectedly, no one was seen.

“Auntie? Huh, your auntie is waiting for you inside!”

But Yang Ye, who was still crying just now, changed his expression.

Looking at Perl coldly.

“Yang Ye, what do you mean?”

Perl also felt that something was wrong.

“It’s not interesting, since you are here, just follow me in!”

Yang Ye suddenly locked the car doors.

Perl frowned and said faintly, “Well, since it’s okay, I’ll call the uncle Sheng and tell him it’s okay!”

But as soon as he took out his phone, Yang Ye snatched it away.

At this time, a group of people ran out from the abandoned building area and surrounded the entire car.

“Get off, my good sister!”

Yang Ye sneered.

“Yang Ye, you lied to me, and uncle and the others lied to me? Yang Ye, do you know what you are doing?”

Perl said.

“As of this time, I can’t control so much. The family property will never fall into the hands of your bitch, absolutely not!”

Yang Ye roared.

“You know, since I was little, I have been trying my best to please my grandma. In order to please her, I racked my brains. I finally had everything I am today. According to the original trick, I will become the heir of the family. , The family property will also be taken care of by me and my dad!”

“You know, what I am waiting for is this day, I want to be the youngest heir to the family! But you Perl, all my efforts and illusions have been shattered!”

“do you know!!!”

Yang Ye was a little hysterical.

After all, he knew in his heart how crazy he was now.

However, for his own future, he has no choice.

There is nothing he can do with his mother.

There is no hope for the Yang family to inherit.

And also offended the powerful Cooper Family and Perl.

You can imagine what the life of my family will be like in the future.

“Perl, I won’t give you any chance to retaliate against us, don’t even think about it!”

Yang Ye roared again.

Perl was also anxious and her eyes were full of tears.

She is not scared anymore.

But I didn’t expect that the family fighting that I was most worried about still happened, and this kind of madness.

“When did I say I would retaliate against you?”

Perl said.

“Don’t be hypocritical Perl anymore, you have everything now, our family has nothing! Isn’t this revenge?”

“But it’s different now. After we clean up you, we will take charge of the Yang family again. Only by pulling out your nail can we be at ease. I can’t help it!”

Right now, Yang Ye opened the door and pulled Perl out.

“Change a place and take good care of me!”

Yang Ye ordered.

“Yang Ye, don’t be too happy too early. Do you think you will inherit the family if you catch me? Grandma and cousin haven’t come back yet. When they come back, you will regret it, and the uncle is rushing. On the way here, you better think clearly!”

Perl said.

“I think too clearly, Uncle Sheng? Huh, do you think he will come again? No, this old guy, I naturally have a way to shut him up!”

“Unsurprisingly, my mother is already talking to Uncle Sheng, hum, after all, the granddaughter whom Uncle Sheng loves is studying in the kindergarten in our Yang family building!”

“So, Perl, just give up!”

Yang Ye said grimly.

Just then, one of his mobile phones rang.

“Master Yang, our Young Master Long’s call!”


“You actually took refuge in the Long Family? Yang Ye, you are absolutely crazy! Uncle and aunt are also crazy!”

Perl has difficulty setting up a channel.

“Take her away!”

Yang Ye waved impatiently.

Then the phone was connected.

“Young Master Long, I have arranged everything here, don’t forget, your promise to me!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master, I will!”

The next Yang family seemed to have returned to normal.

People in the Yang family didn’t know what Miss Perl was up to. They hadn’t seen her all day.

Especially the second aunt’s family who wanted to invite Beckham and Pedro to have a meal, but they couldn’t find anyone.

Her mother Pedro didn’t know either.

Uncle Sheng didn’t even know where Beckham went.

“Hey, I knew I had treated Beckham better before, but it’s better now. The relationship is so tense, there is no way to ease it!”

The second aunt walked out of the office with a helpless look.

Shaking his head and sighing.

Soon, one day passed.

The next day, the second aunt’s family came to wait early, but after waiting for most of the morning, Perl did not come.

“Mom, I don’t think we should wait like this. Perl is not what he used to be. He is the leader in the northern region, so how can he value us!”

Yang Yan said dissatisfied.

Perl suddenly got up, and Yang Yan felt quite uncomfortable, even with envy, jealousy and hatred that could not be described.

You know, you are a girl, it would be nice to find a big man to marry.

What’s more, as the leader of a region.

This is an absolute sister!

But these things can’t be jealous. Yang Yan is now thinking that if she is fond of Beckham, maybe she can still be a second sister, then she will be happy.

“Be patient, Beckham is different from before!”

Said the second aunt.

At this time, I saw Pedro rushing in.

“Yeah, Sister Wu, morning, why didn’t you see Perl coming with you?”

Asked the second aunt.

Pedro said impatiently, “I still want to ask you? Perl didn’t come to work?”

“We have been waiting for almost three hours, and we haven’t even seen a personal image!”

Yang Yan said.

“That’s weird. Since yesterday, I have called Beckham and I can’t get in touch. Ah Sheng hasn’t seen her either. Where do you say she can go? Besides, no matter where you go, you can’t keep shutting down. Right?”

Pedro said.

Second aunt and Yang Yan looked at each other.

Then he said: “Couldn’t something be wrong with Beckham? Is it all turned off now?”

Pedro had no idea, and nodded anxiously, “Yes, I have been shutting down!”

“Oh, what can I do?”

The second aunt has nothing to do.

But I still offered comfort: “Fifth Sister, don’t worry, because Beckham is so capable, nothing will happen, let’s wait! It really doesn’t work, think of a solution!”

Pedro nodded with a look of concern.

And the next day passed quickly.

The third day, the fourth day… until the seventh day!

“*What did Fang say?”

Uncle Yang Yuting hurriedly asked at the Yang family meeting.

“Up to now, no clues have been investigated, what happened to Perl?”

Chapter 442

Sheldon’s Endurance
Seven days passed.

The disappearance of Perl also caused quite a stir in Yanjing.

Many tycoons of Yanjing and Jinmen were alarmed.

One after another sent his men to find.

Especially in the absence of Sheldon.

Although there are skeptical forces, after the investigation, no trace of horses can be found at all!

The whole person is as if the world has evaporated.

Pedro also thought about contacting the Cooper Family in Negston.

However, the contact information is in the hands of Beckham, and the others have no way out.

It’s been seven days.

The life or death of Beckham was uncertain, and Pedro was too haggard for a moment.

Today, the Yang family gathered again to discuss the matter of looking for Beckham.

It was a serious gathering.

Except Pedro is crying.

The rest of them all bowed their heads without speaking.

As for Yang Ye, he secretly smiled with Guo Ru.

This plan was arranged seamlessly, and with the help of the Long Family, what would happen to them even if someone doubted it?

Can you check it? There is nothing to find out!

At this moment, Jiading hurried over.

“Madam Fifth! The chairman and Young Master Sheldon are back!”

Jia Ding said excitedly.

“What? Sheldon is back?”

Pedro stood up at once and rushed out.

And the others all went out to greet them.

“Mom, Sheldon is back!”

Yang Ye swallowed his saliva, and his whole body began to tremble.

“Don’t be afraid, what are you afraid of, what can you do when you come back?”

Guo Ru reminded softly.

This gave Yang Ye a firmer conviction.

Outside, Sheldonlped his grandma out of the car.

Grandma was getting older, and she was really exhausted after spending another eight days with her.

I saw a group of people coming out to greet me.

Sheldongang was about to say hello.

“Sheldon, you are back, great, Perl will be saved!”

Pedro stumbled out and grabbed Sheldon’s arm.

“Aunt Fifth? Is Beckham saved? What’s wrong?”

Sheldon asked.

“Yes, fifth, you say slowly, what’s the matter?”

The old lady asked too.

“Beibei… she has been missing for seven days! We can’t find it everywhere we look!”


Sheldon was taken aback.

Unexpectedly, during the eight days when I went out with my grandmother, Perl immediately followed suit!

“what happened?”

Sheldon said nervously.

The feelings for the Beckhams are different from others.

Sheldon was very worried.

So, Pedro told the story!

“You said, is there someone who wants to harm Perl? Perl is such a well-behaved child and has never offended anyone. Who would harm our family, Perl!”

Pedro said.

“Aunt Fifth, don’t be pessimistic. I will send someone to investigate immediately. Don’t worry, no matter who it is, as long as you dare to touch a piece of Beckham’s hair, I will make his whole family regret coming to this world!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he helped his grandma into the Yang family.

“Mom! What should I do?”

Yang Ye saw that Sheldon was anxious, and he was anxious and red-eyed, completely different from what they thought, and was a little scared.

Yes, originally, Guo Ru and Yang Ye thought, Sheldon, although he is rich, he is still the kind of woman-like person. When something happened to Beckham, he was at most frustrated and anxious, and then sent someone to look for it.

But Guo Ru and Yang Ye never thought that Sheldon would have such a tough side.

At the moment, Guo Ru is also a little scared.

If Sheldon finds out, what he meant is to destroy his own family?

But Guo Ru’s determination is still good.

“Don’t worry, act by chance, and although the Long Family is not as powerful as Sheldon, it is also a family with hundreds of years of heritage. If you want to investigate, I am afraid it is not so simple!”

As for Sheldon, the first thing was to block the Yang family.

Unless he nods, otherwise, no one can go out casually.

“Sheldon, I don’t know something, so I should say it inappropriately!”

In the room, Hou Ping said to Sheldon.

“Say it!”

Sheldon nodded lightly.

“I have a suspicion. I feel that Yang Ye and the others are very suspicious! Because Yang Ye and the others were motivated to do this!”

Hou Ping said.

Sheldon nodded, “I doubted them too, and I asked them to investigate, because the family was so quiet at the meeting today, so quiet that it makes people feel abnormal!”

“However, I wish it wasn’t them!”

Cooper Family.

And this time.

The butler Asheng opened the door and came in.

“Master, you didn’t rest when you came back today. You are too tired. I asked the servant to make you a bowl of ginseng soup!”

“Trouble your uncle! How is my grandma?”

Sheldon asked.

“Very sad, I kept crying just now, now I am resting!”

Uncle Sheng said.

Bring the ginseng soup to Sheldon.

Sheldon picked up the ginseng soup and put it to his mouth.

Uncle Sheng opened his mouth, but still did not speak.

“By the way, Uncle Sheng, before I left, Perl told me that she would help the Yang family solve this foreign loan. How did the Long family deal with the loan? Did something happen before Perl had time to deal with it?”

Sheldon put down the ginseng soup and asked suddenly.


“No… Without Master Sheldon, something happened before it was too late!”

Uncle Sheng said.

“Okay, I see, go back and rest!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Good Master Sheldon, ginseng soup, drink it while it is hot!”


Sheldon watched the uncle out with a smile.

Hou Ping said coldly, “I will check this old thing now!”

Sheldon glanced at the ginseng soup, then shook his head and said, “Uncle Sheng has been loyal, honest, diligent, and least likely to lie. I think he must be unspeakable if he does this!”

Sheldon poured the ginseng soup into the trash can.

After so many things, Sheldon is not the old Sheldon who knew nothing.

He has seen no matter how ugly the human heart is.

Even more dangerous things have been experienced.

However, he didn’t want to believe that anyone from the Yang family was involved.

Although there is not much affection with Guo Ru’s family.

However, after all, they are their relatives and elders.

Unless iron evidence is found, Sheldon is unwilling to take that step.

Even now, Sheldon’s thunder is heavy and the rain is lighter, just to let some people know their mistakes and correct them.

But now, it is obvious that some people have been so mad that they even hurt themselves.

Then this is forcing oneself to use strong means to solve this matter.

“No need to check, force them to tell the truth!”

Because Sheldon now understands that they even hurt themselves, they are afraid that Perl will be more ill-fortuned.

After all, Sheldon thought before that they might just want to get some benefits, and would not do anything to Beckham.

In other words, it’s still a family, so you won’t die, right?

But obviously Sheldon was wrong.

It’s really dead and dead!


Hou Ping’s eyes narrowed.

Then he looked at the dark part of the room.

Several cold-faced men.

“Come with me!”

A group of people went straight out.

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