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Chapter 443

“Mom, is it too cruel, that Sheldon is not easy to provoke, especially Alicia, if it happens, then we…”

In the room.

Yang Ye was talking to Guo Ru worriedly.

Guo Ru coldly snorted: “If you don’t do it, you can’t stop. Since it has been decided to seize the Yang family’s inheritance rights and not be suppressed by Perl and others, there is no way. As long as Sheldon dies, then we will have no opponents. Up.”

“Even, maybe even the big northern assets that the Cooper Family gave to Perl will slowly fall into our hands!”

Guo Ru said.

“Now I hope Ah Sheng will not let us down. Sheldon still trusts Ah Sheng!”

“What if I find out?”

“Don’t worry, this poison is colorless and tasteless. Even if it is found out, it will be found on Ah Sheng’s head at most, but at that time, could Ah Sheng still speak?”

Guo Ru squinted slightly, and said viciously.

“I understand!”

Suddenly this time.

With a bang.

The door was kicked open directly.

A group of people in black poured in directly.

“What are you doing?”

Guo Ru and Yang Ye panicked at the same time.

They were not allowed to speak, they were put on the black headgear and taken away.

Some people like Hou Ping were tortured.

Yang Ye and Guo Ru lasted for less than half an hour, and they were terrified.

Frankly explained the whole story.

“Sheldon, no matter what our business is, it’s Long Shaolei who is hurting you. These ideas are all from him. Moreover, Beckham is now in his hands. There is no way. If we don’t do what he says, he will Will kill us!”

Guo Ru said hurriedly with fright.

Indeed, she really underestimated Sheldon’s harsh methods.

Originally thought that Sheldon did not have enough evidence, and his character would not be messed up.

However, Sheldon had long suspected his wife.

“Auntie, don’t think that if you put all the blame on Long Shaolei, you will be fine. Tomorrow, I will notify grandma, grandma knows how to punish you!”

“As for the Long Family, I will not let them go!”

Sheldon said coldly.

“Where did Long Shaolei hide Beckham?”

Sheldon finally asked…

“Bitch girl, are you signing or not?”

And in a hidden deserted factory.

The lights are dim.

Long Shaolei was now tying Perl tightly to a stool.

He is being looked after by someone nearby.

“Long name, you will die of this heart, right?”

Perl said angrily.


Long Shaolei slapped Perl’s face.

“Perl, human patience is limited. When I find that you are useless to me, your death date is coming!”

Long Shaolei warned viciously.

“I’m not a fool, can you forgive me after I sign?”

Perl sneered.

Long Shaolei’s eyes were cold.

This paper contract is a contract specifically used to obtain some assets in Perl’s hands.

Of course, as Perl said, once signed, Long Shaolei will never let her live.

“It seems that it’s time to show you a little bit of color. Call your second child to come up and do it! Haha, before they do it, you can let them enjoy it. After all, Perl is really a stunning beauty!”

Long Shaolei said coldly.

“Okay Shao Lei!”

The men laughed.

Then he took out the intercom: “Come on!”

As a result, I haven’t seen an echo for a long time.

The man called the others who were guarding downstairs.

There is no echo.

“What’s the situation? Go down and take a look!”

Long Shaolei ordered.

A few people went down.

After going down, there was still no sound.

Long Shaolei realized that something was wrong.

“You are here to guard, you follow me down and have a look!”

Long Shaolei arranged a subordinate.

Then he took someone down.

Just walked down the stairs.

There was a darkness in front of me, and something was covered on his head, and then there was another sap, I didn’t know anything!

It’s late at night.

Sheldon watched the tired Beckham rest.

She covered her with a quilt and walked out of Beckham’s room.

Outside the room, a team of bodyguards in black stood.

“Haha, Sheldon, I’m afraid the Long Family can’t calm down tonight, their right and left arm dropped one, they really have gone crazy!”

Hou Ping said with a smile.

“Yes, Master Sheldon, why don’t we let them find for seven days, and then send them their precious grandson?”

Another subordinate said.

“I don’t have the time to entangle with this Long Family for seven days. By the way, there seems to be some activities in the Long Family tomorrow? Just so, Long Shaolei prepared a gift for his Long Family activities and forced Beckham for seven days. Then we will pass tomorrow, Quan It’s time to give the Long Family a big gift!”

Sheldon said with cold eyes.

“Go get ready!”


the next day.

Yanjinglong’s house.

“How is it? Xiao Lei hasn’t found it yet?”

The old man of the Long family is wearing a dress. Although there are activities in the Long family today and many clansmen and distinguished guests have come, all the members of the Long family are full of sadness.

“No! Old lady!”

“But it should be the Yang family. Perl was rescued last night, but we went to the Yang family to investigate secretly, and we didn’t get any clues!”

Said a man who looked like a housekeeper.

“Hmph, the Yang family doesn’t have such great abilities. They still don’t dare to be an enemy of my Long family. Most likely, it should be Alicia’s younger brother, Sheldon!”

The old lady’s eyes narrowed slightly.


The butler was startled.

“This is not the first time that my subordinates have heard of this name, and in Roston, they had a festival with Young Master Long San!”

“Even, the disappearance of Young Master Long San in the southwest, Sheldon seems to be there!”

The butler said.

The old lady squeezed the cane tightly.

“Sister Cooper Family, this is deliberately having trouble with our Long family. Poor Shaoyun. Until now, my grandfather has not found any clues for him, but it is nothing more than Cooper Family brothers and sisters, Sheldon! Alicia!”

The old lady looked cold.

“It seems that it is time. I will meet with these siblings for a while! If they are the killers who made Shaoyun Shaolei go missing, I don’t care who the siblings are behind, and I will let them die. Land!”

“Master, people from the Qin family are here!”

Just as the old lady felt hatred in her heart, a servant walked up and said.

The old lady nodded: “Hurry up!”

The old lady looked happy.

Now, if the Long Family wants to fight between Sheldon and Chen’s sisters and brothers, it is still very weak to rely solely on the Long Family’s power. What they can do now is to try their best to unite the forces of all parties!

“Xiaoya Xiaoya, why don’t we stop going in?”

At the door of Long’s house.

Several girls said nervously.

“I don’t want to come for what I’m afraid of, but their Long Family invited the Qin Family again. I have to come on behalf of my father. I’m still having a festival with them. I’m not afraid. What are you afraid of!”

Myla looked at Meng Can, and some of Meng Can’s friends said.

“No, the Long Family is the leader of our Yanjing. I am really nervous to enter such a family! And Xiaoya, look at it, all the guests who come to the Long Family are big people!”

Meng Can has no self-passage.

“Well, isn’t it me? I used to accompany you a lot. Today, you have to accompany me!”

Myla said.

“Okay, okay, then we will accompany you in!”

Meng Can stuck his tongue out.

“Huh? Meng Can Xiaoya, look at it, what a luxurious caravan!”

At this time, another girl suddenly pointed to the luxury caravan driving towards Long’s house and said in surprise…

Chapter 444

“It’s really a luxury team, wow!”

Several girls were shocked.

After that, Meng Can and the others didn’t go in, but stood at the door, trying to see what kind of boss would get out of the car.

A few girls even hurriedly added up makeup.

What if you are a big or young person? Hehe!

Then, I saw a group of black bodyguards.

A young man, finally got out of the car.

“fu*k? Sheldon?”

But Meng Can was stunned when he saw it.

They are almost scared.

“Xiaoya, is Sheldon?”

Meng Can jumped excitedly and said.

Myla nodded: “Yes!”

“Ah! Sheldon… he actually has a team? What’s the matter?”

Before, Meng Can was just amazed at Sheldon’s wealth.

But unexpectedly, Sheldon still has such a side.

And Sheldon obviously didn’t notice Myla and the others.

Direct Haohao Tangtang led people into the Long Family Manor.

“Long Home will invite Sheldon?”

Meng Can said excitedly.

“The Long Family probably won’t invite Sheldon. I feel something is going on. Let’s go in and take a look!”

Myla said.

After that, Meng Can, who was full of doubts, also entered.

After they entered, they saw that the two sides were already facing each other in the manor.

“You are Sheldon? If I remember correctly, our Long Family didn’t invite you, right?”

The people of the Long Family said hostilely.

“Hmph, I dare to come here by myself, just say, where is our Young Master Lei? And Young Master Yun, have you kidnapped him?”

Some dragon family can’t help but drink coldly.

“Don’t be rude, there is no evidence, how can we talk nonsense, what if this matter was not done by Sheldon?”

The old lady raised his hand and motioned to the family members to shut up.

And then looked at Sheldon with a joke: “You are right, Sheldon?”

“No! I did the things Long Shaoyun and Long Shaolei did!”

Sheldon shook his head and smiled bitterly.


And the old lady’s eyelids jumped fiercely.

Long Shaolei’s father’s eyes turned red.

“Bastard, it really was your Chen brother and sister who did it. Come on, what are you doing to Shaoyun Shaolei?”

His father said coldly.

“Hehe, there are indeed some things that need to be explained today. Your Long Family has done a lot of evil over the years! However, before I can deal with it, I need to collect a debt first!”

Sheldon sneered.

“Debt collection?”

Many people at the scene were all talking about it.

As for Meng Can, he was watching.

Sheldon in front of her made her feel so strange.

It turned out that Sheldon was here to deal with the Long Family.

Let me go, who is Sheldon anyway? Can even the Long Family handle it?

“Yes, debt collection!”

Sheldon finished.

Some subordinates have already brought an agreement.

“This is an agreement signed by the Long Family and the Young Master Long Shaolei. He offended our Cooper Family and decided to compensate the Cooper Family. He has already promised me that the Long Family industry he is in charge of is all owned by the Cooper Family!”

The old lady took a look, and the corners of her mouth twitched fiercely.

You know, Shao Lei is in charge of one-third of the assets of the Long Family!

“Haha, made it clear that you want to blackmail my Long Family?”

The old lady said.

“I haven’t finished it yet, but these are not enough!”

Cooper Family.

“not enough?”

“Yes, because Long Shaolei has to compensate 100 billion!”

“Converted, you still owe me 50 billion!”

The old lady’s eyelids twitched slightly.

The people of Long Family looked at each other even more.

Angrily looked at Sheldon.

“Bring him here!”

Sheldon said again at this time.

Later, I saw a bodyguard carrying a sack and throwing it on the ground.

When the sack was opened, it was a young man who had been beaten and fell into a severe coma.

And when I saw this young man.

“Shao Lei!~”

The old lady shouted anxiously.

“Don’t worry, there is more!”

Hou Ping stood up and said at this moment.

Then someone took a bag and threw it in front of the old lady.

“this is?”

The Long family members were taken aback again.

“I recognize it, this seems to be the clothes of Master Shaoyun before!”

Some people shouted.

“Long Shaoyun drove down the cliff. There are only these clothes. You Long Family should be crazy, right?”

Hou Ping said.


The old man was horrified again.

Infinite grief swept through the body immediately.

“Sheldon, your sisters and brothers of the Cooper Family are too arrogant, do you really deceive my Long Family?”

The old lady’s eyes were even more red.

And Sheldon smiled faintly.

Generally speaking, Sheldon is not anxious.

After all, Sheldon is not too willing to cause trouble.

But before, Long Shaoyun murdered himself several times and almost killed his cousin Qiangwei.

Now, Long Shaolei almost hurt his cousin Perl.

These are my most precious people.

Moreover, the grudge between the Long Family and her sister has been entangled for more than ten years.

My sister has no time to take care of the mere dragon’s house.

However, Sheldon has time.

It’s not as good as this time, just make a break.

Just when the old lady was about to fight Sheldon.

Suddenly, the butler hurried over with a wireless landline.

“Master, call!”

“Go away, I don’t have the mind to answer the phone now!”

The old lady roared.

“No, sir, it’s a call from over there!”

The butler said nervously.


The old lady was startled.

His complexion also changed at once.

Respectfully picked it up immediately and connected.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

The old lady said three yes in succession.

When talking about the last one, there was no energy at all.

After hanging up the phone, the old lady’s hand loosened and the phone fell directly to the ground.


The housekeeper immediately supported him.

But the old lady looked at Sheldon, her face instantly changed.

This call came from the longest pillar of the Long Family.

And now, he has been notified that all his pillars have fallen.

In other words, Sheldon in front of him is not something his Long Family can shake!

“How about? If there is no problem, the old lady will sign the agreement. By the way, the supplementary agreement requires all the assets of your Long Family!”

Sheldon said.

“Just rely on you, Dad, ignore him, fight with them!”

“Yes, the Long Family has a big business, and are you afraid that you will not succeed?”

“It’s idiotic to talk about dreams, and you want all the assets of my Long Family! First think about whether you can get out of the Long Family alive!”

The Long family stood up and said.

And the old lady raised her hand at this moment to make everyone shut up.

Looking at Sheldon with a pale face, he slowly said, “Okay, Sheldon, I will sign!”

I sign!

This words opened up.

The members of the Long Family were all shocked.

Although Chen’s sisters and brothers are powerful, the Long Family can compete with them!

Looking at everyone’s puzzlement.

I am afraid that only the old lady understands most.

After signing the agreement, there will be no Long Family anymore, and the people and blood of the Long Family may be preserved.

Otherwise, there is really no dragon family in the world!

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