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Chapter 445

Long Family’s Last Strike

“Well, in seven days, we will receive it!”

Hou Ping said.

Subsequently, Sheldon led people away.

And the rest of the guests, seeing such a big incident in the Long’s family, did not dare to stay too much.

Then all ran away in a hurry.

“Dad, why do you want to sign? Why? Big deal, the Long Family fights with them, we are not afraid of death!”

The middle-aged man cried and cried.


The old lady slapped the middle-aged man’s face heavily.

“Bastard! Do you really want our Long family to wean off children?”

The corners of the old lady’s mouth twitched, her eyes cold.

“This time, we lost to the Chen brother and sister! Although we have been dealing with them secretly for so many years, the background of the Chen brother and sister is too strong!”

The old lady clenched his fists.

“Dad, we have nothing!”

The old lady nodded: “Yes, it’s all gone!”

“However, our dragon family has inherited it for hundreds of years, and it will not easily disappear in America, because we have one last card!”

“The last card?”

The old lady nodded.

“You…who have heard of Yanjing Mo’s family?”

“Palmer Family?”

All the tribesmen shook their heads.

“Yes, Palmer Family, this is our most secret family in America, and the only family that can fight against the Cooper Family!”

The old lady squinted slightly and said:

“Decades ago, the Long Family still had some contacts with the Palmer Family, but because of an incident, the Long Family severed contact with them!”

“Dad? What’s the matter?”

Someone asked.

“Hehe, back then, the son of the second elder of the Palmer Family used to be a guest at my Long family. Originally, as a hermit, the Palmer Family would not participate in real things casually, but Palmer, the son of the second elder of the Palmer Family, was a Exception, on the contrary, he is more greedy for the colorful world in reality!”

“Furthermore, this person has broad ambitions. He once threatened our Long Family to compromise with him and use him as a backer. In this way, our Long Family will become the pawn of this person, and everything will be up to him! Of course, his condition is , Can secretly help us become a world-class tycoon!”

The old lady said.

“The wishful thinking really works well. In that way, even if our Long family becomes a world-class rich family with his help, it will only work for him, and we will all become his puppets!”

Long patriarch coldly snorted.

“Yes, in that case, the surname of the Long family is Mo, and the surname will not be Long. Even if we become a top family, it is equivalent to abandoning our ancestor’s industry! Of course I refused!”

“What happened later? Since this Palmer has such big ambitions, he wouldn’t let us reject him easily, right?”

Asked the Long family.

“Hehe, of course not. Twenty-five years ago, our Long family was retaliated by Palmer. Ashan, do you remember the time when Shaoshuang was attacked and finally became a idiot shortly after he was born? ?”

“Of course I remember that I once wanted to investigate, but you didn’t let me investigate! This matter is still a mystery!”

“Hehe, it is exactly what Palmer did. When the investigation continues, our Long Family will be destroyed faster. He just wants to wake us up!”

The old lady is fair.

The Second Young Master of the Long Family would never appear on occasions.

It’s just because the Second Young Master of the Long Family is a fool.

“Said Shaoshuang, where did he go?”

The old lady asked.

“The second youngest grandma took him out to play!”

“Oh, well, let Shaoshuang live happily.”

“Dad, if that’s the case, our Long Family has never been in contact with Palmer since then, but our Long Family has been thriving in recent decades!”

Long Zongshan said.

“Yes, hehe, it was indeed all day, but that was because Palmer didn’t have the time and energy. Soon after he attacked Shaoshuang, his father died in an incident, so Palmer needed to fight for the position of the second elder of the Palmer Family. Naturally No time to care for us!”

“But if I guess it is correct, with this person’s scheming, he should have already taken the position of the second elder of the Palmer Family!”

“I see, Dad, do you want to ask Palmer’s power to help us deal with the Cooper Family?”

Long Zongshan suddenly realized.

“You’re only half right, you can’t count as a help, because Ashan, do you understand that once you find him, our Long Family will be dead in name! Humph, but the powerful Cooper Family should not think about it!”

The old lady said harshly.

“But anyway, it’s better than just being swallowed up by Chen’s sister and brother. This will lead to Palmer. Then, I am afraid that there will be a chaos! The more chaos, the better for us!”

The old lady took a deep breath.

“Ashan, you follow me, let me ask Palmer Family to go out of the mountain!”

Three days later.

Negston Cooper Family.

A mysterious banquet is being held.

Even many tribesmen cannot participate.

During the banquet, there were also two beautiful women who took advantage of the gap and came to the outside manor and walked around.

“Sheldon, since my sister woke up, I haven’t thanked you for the blood donation a few days ago!”

One of the women said with a smile to Sheldon who was with them.

“Miss Qin is polite. Compared to the Palmer Family’s help to my Cooper Family, it’s nothing more than an effort!”

Sheldon smiled.

This incident is also a coincidence.

On the same day, Sheldon and his grandmother went to visit Mo’s family. Mo Qingwu, the eldest lady who happened to ran into Mo’s family, was seriously injured and unconscious.

Mo Jiazheng made secret visits to the most suitable blood type, hoping to save Mo Qingwu’s life.

But although there is a suitable blood type, the Palmer Family has strict requirements on blood.

It just so happened that Sheldon’s blood type was more suitable.

Thus, Sheldon saved Mo Qingwu’s life with blood.

That’s why, Sheldon and grandma would stay in the Palmer Family for seven days, because after Sheldon donated blood, his body was extremely weak.

“Two ladies, Qingwu and Qingying, the banquet is still going on, I’ll go in first to entertain!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he turned and left.

But another beautiful woman who had never seen Sheldon with her straight eyes, glanced at Sheldon faintly at this moment.

And she is exactly Mo Qingwu.

“Sister, what are you doing? No matter how mundane Sheldon is, he saved your life anyway!”

And Mo Qingying reminded.

“Who will save his blood, if not, I don’t know how pure my blood is!”

Mo Qingwu said coldly.

“Why do you say that, Sheldon is very nice!”

Mo Qingying said.

And Mo Qingwu frowned at this moment and looked at Mo Qingying: “I want to ask you, when I wake up, why do you always pretend this is Sheldon before me? Is it possible that you have caused him Feeling?”

Mo Qingying’s face blushed slightly: “I… Where am I? I just think he saved you. I am grateful to him. Now, we are sent to help the Cooper Family again, and want you to have a good relationship with him. That’s it!”

“My sister can be regarded as a half-timer. I can see some things. It is true that you have never been in contact with such people since childhood. It is inevitable that you are curious about them, but I tell you it is impossible. You can get rid of everything early. Thoughts! And, my sister tells you, no man in the world is a good thing, they are cheap! Very cheap~!”

Chapter 446

“Sister Aiya, I know that Big Brother Nangong used to hurt you before, but you see, Big Brother Nangong’s wife is also a secular person!”

Mo Qingying said.

And Mo Qingwu’s eyes suddenly furious, “Shut up to me, how many times have I said, don’t mention him! Don’t mention that woman to me!”

“I…I know my sister, I know you hate people who look down on the world, I won’t mention it!”

Mo Qingying said with wet red eyes.

And Mo Qingwu also felt that his words were a bit serious.

Touched Qingying’s head and said:

“My sister is all for your own good, Sheldon, it’s just that some of those worldly people value the most valuable money. He is full of copper stinks. He is not worthy of the favor of anyone in our Palmer Family, and we are here to help them. It is also in order to fulfill a promise made by the son of the three elders. We, the Palmer Family, unlike those secular people, we value the promise the most!”

“So, even if you are interested in Sheldon, it is impossible for you, and it is absolutely impossible for me to agree!”

Mo Qingwu couldn’t help but flash in contempt in her eyes.

“Oh…I see!”

Mo Qingying lowered her head.

“However, if you want Sheldon to stay with you, isn’t it impossible?”

Mo Qingwu said.

“Huh? What can I do?”

Mo Qingying said.

Yes, ten days ago, when Sheldon first came, Mo Qingying saw this handsome young man.

I feel good about it.

Coupled with the later contact, I heard Sheldon talked about many things outside.

So I am very curious and interested in Sheldon.

Sometimes, the love of girls is so inexplicable.

I don’t know why I like it, and I don’t know why I hate it.

In short, it happened in a moment.

Do you think he is good? Excellent? Not good, not good, but just like it!

Mo Qingying was in this mood.

Moreover, since she was a child in the Palmer Family of the hermit, she didn’t have the thoughts of those girls in reality.

“Hehe, it’s very simple. Let him be your maid and follow you!”

Mo Qingwu said lightly.

“After all, after becoming a servant of the Palmer Family, the Palmer Family has the ability to extend his life. This is something you can’t buy with money!”

“Oh, I don’t want him to be a slave, but sister, do you look down on him like that? Anyway, he also…”

“Okay, don’t talk about it, there is no other way, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

After speaking, Mo Qingwu left.

And the banquet scene.

Donald was talking with the third elders of the Palmer Family and the helpers from the Palmer Family this time.

“This time, I have trouble everyone!”

Donald said with a smile.

“Clan Master Sheldon is polite. We will definitely do our best, and we hope that our first cooperation between Chen and Mo two will be both happy!”

Mo Weiping, the third elder of the Palmer Family, said with a smile.

“I’m afraid, it’s not so pleasant, right?”

At this moment, a 60-year-old man walked in with a group of people.

“Who are you? How did you get in?”

When Donald saw this old man, he couldn’t help but startled.

“You want to block me with those wine and rice bags?”

The old man sneered.

“Palmer, what are you doing? Now we have a cooperative relationship with the Cooper Family, how dare you be so rude?”

Mo Weiping frowned and stood up directly.

“Hehe, cooperation? Can’t cooperate!”

Palmer said coldly.

He was over 60 years old, but he looked like he was about 50 years old, with triangular eyes, and his eyes gave people a sense of coldness.

“Why can’t we cooperate?”

Mo Weiping said.

“I know, San Uncle, your son was saved by someone from the Yang family back then, so you owed the Yang family a favor, so you broke the rules and stood up to help the Cooper Family at the invitation of the Yang family!”

“However, Sheldon, the eldest son of the Cooper Family, offended my good friend Long Family. Now, I want to represent the Long Family and let the Cooper Family give me an explanation!”

“You said, can you help me with this favor?”

Palmer said coldly.

Even if Palmer called the ninety-year-old Mo Weiping, he called San Bo.

However, in terms of family status, San Bo is just the third elder.

And he is the second elder.

His status is one level higher than him.

“Long Family?”

And Sheldon was on the side, how could that Long family have a relationship with the Palmer Family?

Besides, the elder sister still has herself, and has been entangled with the Long Family for a long time, what does Palmer want to say?

“Hello Elder Palmer, I don’t know what you want to say?”

Donald said with a smile.

“Hehe, it’s simple, I want you to take out half of the assets from the Cooper Family and hand it over to the Long family. Let this matter go, I won’t ask again!”

Palmer sneered coldly.

“So arrogant!”

The Cooper Family looked at each other.

Was terrified by Palmer’s words.

Cooper Family’s assets? Don’t say half of it, even if it is one thousandth, it is worth a dragon family.

This Palmer is not here to ask for an explanation, is he here to rob?

Sheldon frowned.

“Clan Master Sheldon, you think carefully. If you can’t satisfy my friends, I will let your Cooper Family pay the price when the time comes. You won’t doubt my ability?”

Palmer smiled.

The reason why he didn’t sign up, he entered directly.

It is to deter the Cooper Family.

Let the Cooper Family know that if he wants revenge, the Cooper Family can’t resist it anyway!

“Second elder, asking for half of the assets is too much, right? What is that Long Family? Dare to ask for half of the assets?”

At this moment, Mo Qingying stood up and said.

In fact, the entire Palmer Family is divided into several factions.

And this Palmer is the leader of one of the factions.

No one in the Palmer Family knows, Palmer is greedy for the outside world, just a woman, do not know how many.

Therefore, Mo Qingwu, Mo Qingying and the others all hated Palmer.

And now, including Mo Weiping, people from the Palmer Family can see it.

Where did Palmer avenge the Long Family, but he came to the Cooper Family himself.

It’s just an excuse.

Similar to this kind of thing, Palmer didn’t know how many families had been annexed privately with this routine.

It is said that this is how the big family Palmer Family, which Palmer founded secretly outside, came here!

It’s just that he never admits it.

“Qing Ying, does this have your voice? There is also San Uncle, should you not intervene in my matter? If you have to intervene, you have to think about the consequences. Is it worth it for such a Cooper Family? “

Palmer hinted at Mo Weiping.

And Mo Weiping, even if he was angry, but at this moment, he didn’t say much.

In terms of power, this Palmer is really too big.

“Patriarch Chen, I will give you half an hour to consider. After half an hour, I want an answer!”

After speaking, Palmer turned around with his subordinates…

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