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Chapter 447

“Dad, I was wrong, I caused this thing!”

Donald’s family came to the study.

This incident really caught Donald off guard.

At the moment, Sheldon said apologetically.

“No, Sheldon, this is not the crux of the problem, Palmer of the Palmer Family, I heard your grandfather mention this a few years ago, this is a hugely greedy person, and your grandfather has dealt with him, which is why we The reason why the Cooper Family moved to Negston from America is to avoid this Palmer’s edge!”


“So, even if he wasn’t for the Long Family today, tomorrow, he might come to us for the Li Family and the Zhao Family to seek revenge!”

Donald frowned slightly.

“Dad, is it because of your previous concerns about the Palmer Family?”

Sheldon seemed to have heard his father say that if he had to be forced to do so, he would not seek help from the Palmer Family, nor would he have any ties to them.

Donald nodded worriedly.

“Sheldon, you only know that there used to be a Fang family that matched our Cooper Family. Your dad hasn’t told you about it. In fact, forty years ago, there were three top-notch families, Chen Fang, and another named Murong’s family. It’s just that this Murong’s family is now changed to Mo, do you understand if I say that?”

Mom said at this time.

Sheldon nodded.

“Oh, but without the help of the Palmer Family, we are destined to be unable to deal with the mysterious Sun League, and we will not be able to find your second uncle. Then, there is no way to know the big secret of your second uncle!”

Donald smashed the table heavily.

“Dad, I never understand, what exactly is the Cooper Family curse you mentioned before? Our Cooper Family is so powerful, how can we say that we perish?”

“Furthermore, even if Palmer retaliates, he doesn’t necessarily get revenge. Will our Cooper Family change the surname Mo like the Murong family before?”

Alicia said at this time, “I just don’t believe it!”

Donald waved his hand: “Yes, even if he wants revenge, I am afraid that with his own power, he wants to reproduce the scene from the Murong family in our Cooper Family. It is impossible, but he will inflict heavy damage on the Cooper Family! “

“Even if it is a serious injury, Dad is not worried. As long as we can find your second uncle, even if our Cooper Family is destroyed, it will be a hundred times stronger than before, and the Cooper Family will become the overlord forever. If I say that, you can understand. Huh? Otherwise, I’m really worried that within ten years, no, not even ten years! The Cooper Family will die!”

Donald shook his head, “So, you have to find your second uncle, and you have to let the Palmer Family act!”

Sheldonard it, no matter how he asked, Dad would not tell what the curse was about.

“Dad, don’t you give him half of his assets? Hehe, can he afford it!”

Alicia was not convinced: “Then I will fight him, I don’t believe it. With my huge power in North Africa, I can’t deal with Palmer?”

“Sister, what Dad is talking about right now is not about fighting with Palmer, but we have to cooperate with the Palmer Family now. There is no other way than that!”

Sheldon said.

“But, what can I do? The Palmer Family shouldn’t continue to cooperate with us now, right?”

Alicia said anxiously.

“How can there be no way!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Then he looked at his parents and sister.

Smiled and said, “I have a way!”

“Little Sheldon? You… what do you mean?”

And Donald seemed to have heard some of Sheldon’s meaning, and hurriedly asked.

“Dad, leave it alone, I’ll take care of this!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he went out.

“Palmer, the Cooper Family, and the Yang family are all friends of my Mo Weiping. Don’t go too far!”

Outside, Mo Weiping was confronting Palmer.

“Furthermore, the Cooper Family, which has great financial resources, can you retaliate if you want to retaliate? I can ignore this matter, but you must not think about it clearly. The Cooper Family’s current status in the world today, once the Cooper Family is damaged, What are the effects and consequences? The Cooper Family is not the Murong family of 40 years ago! Once the turmoil is caused, the family owner will be alarmed at that time, and you will break the balance. Huh?”

After Mo Weiping finished speaking, he waved his hand and sat down.

And Palmer’s triangular eyes were slightly wrinkled.

At this level, Palmer did not think about it.

To be honest, Palmer wanted to eat this big cake of the Cooper Family at first.

However, after fighting for a while, I realized that it was difficult to swallow the entire Cooper Family.

Later, the Cooper Family moved to Negston.

Only then did Palmer set his sights on several big families in America.

Mo Weiping’s words reminded him again.

Once a major disturbance occurs, the Patriarch of the Palmer Family will definitely not spare himself.

But now, the duck, which was obviously about to get it, flew like this, which also made Palmer unwilling.

It can’t be half, this time I will definitely eat a third!

In short, you can’t stop!

Palmer was indifferent.

At this time, Sheldon walked out.

“Sheldon, don’t worry, we are good friends, I will definitely help you, and San Bo will definitely help you too!”

Mo Qingying came over and said, taking Sheldon’s arm.

“I know, thank you Qingying!”

Then he looked at Mo Weiping and said, “Sanbo Mo, if this grievance between me and the Long family is resolved, you can stay and continue to help the Cooper Family?”

Mo Sanbo didn’t know what Sheldon meant.

But he nodded heavily and said, “Don’t worry, your grandma saved my son’s life back then. Now that I am invited by her, I will try my best to help! Palmer Family, never give up any promise!”

“That’s good!”

Sheldon nodded with a smile.

Then Sheldon looked at Palmer again: “Elder Mo, you keep saying that you want revenge for the Long Family, and you want to avenge the Cooper Family, but in fact, you also admit that this matter is my grievance with the Long Family, and it’s not about the Cooper Family at all. The matter! So you have to ask for an explanation for them, just call me, you don’t need to call the Cooper Family!”

Palmer sneered, “Hehe? Why, you are the eldest son of the Cooper Family, and now you have offended my friend, it is the Cooper Family that has offended my friend!”

“Elder Mo, you are wrong. From now on, I am no longer the eldest son of the Cooper Family, so you can’t tell the Cooper Family!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“what did you say?”

Palmer’s slightly narrowed eyes opened.

“Sheldon, what are you talking about!”

When Donald came out, he immediately shouted angrily when he heard this.

Sheldon smiled and said, “I said, from then on, I will leave Chen’s house and I will no longer be Young Master Sheldon! So Elder Mo, if you have anything to do, please come to me!”

“Sanbo Mo, you just agreed that you will stay to help the Cooper Family. If I leave the family, then the grievances of the Long family have nothing to do with the Cooper Family, right?”

Mo Weiping was slightly startled, but he didn’t expect Sheldon to give up such a good glory.

Nodded immediately and said, “That’s natural. You have nothing to do with the Cooper Family. Who would dare to look for the bad luck of the Cooper Family!”

Before he finished his words, he looked at Palmer.

Obviously, Mo Weiping was warning Palmer not to overplay it!

And Palmer’s eyes reddened and said, “Hehe, leave the Cooper Family? Young man, don’t blame me for not reminding you. After leaving the Cooper Family, do you think you can survive? Even if I don’t do it, your enemies of the Cooper Family will do it. , If the Cooper Family helped you at that time, you would have died too unjustly, and I would still not let the Cooper Family go!”

“Don’t worry, no one will help me. Of course, you can come to me if I leave the Cooper Family!”

Sheldon said.

“Little brother!”

Alicia was also anxious.

Looking at Donald, “Dad, you have to say something!”

Donald frowned slightly, his eyes were wet and red.

Then the corners of his mouth twitched: “Okay, since my son is willing to take the responsibility this time and leave the Cooper Family automatically, then my father also promises you that whoever dares to touch you in Negston, I Donald, I will not hesitate to use the power of the whole family. Fight to death and death!”


With a heavy slap, Donald directly smashed a wine glass.

And Palmer, his eyelids twitched fiercely.

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Near East, you are crazy, this is our son!”

But Alicia and Yang Yuping are both anxious!

Chapter 448

Donald was not uncomfortable.

If Sheldon stayed, he was bound to give Palmer an excuse to deal with the Cooper Family.

Even though the Cooper Family can indeed fight with Palmer to the end, the Cooper Family must be hit hard.

With the foundation faltering, he lost the ability to continue searching for the Sun Alliance.

How long can the Cooper Family survive when looking for peace and hopelessness?

As soon as Alicia left, he could indeed buy the Cooper Family the most time.

Donald also understands his son’s thoughts.

However, after the son left the blessing of the family, the road in the future will be difficult. This Palmer, and the Long family, will definitely not let Sheldon go.

Donald clenched his fists tightly.

It is conceivable that Donald was struggling with this sentence.

“Okay! Very good, I didn’t expect you, Donald, to treat his own son like this!”

Palmer frowned tightly.

Then he sneered again: “The days to come will be long, so let’s just take a look, San Bo, today’s matter, the right to give you face, the Cooper Family’s account, I have the right to write it down!”

After Palmer finished speaking coldly, he waved his hand and left directly.

Donald was able to push out his son for the sake of their Cooper Family’s assets.

And if he keeps pressing on, Donald will definitely go crazy.

If he really confronted himself, and with all of the Cooper Family’s strength, he would have enough to drink a pot.

Therefore, if you continue to stay, there is basically no benefit.

However, even though Sheldon left, leaving himself no excuses, Palmer knew in his heart that he was still the biggest bargaining chip for the Cooper Family afterwards.

Therefore, Palmer is not in a hurry.

Follow the steps to leave…

“Second elders, just let the Cooper Family go? Their assets are very huge, on top of the Palmer Family you founded in Nesbania State dozens of times!”

Leaving the island.

One of the men said.

“Haha, I don’t know this, but at this stall, we don’t have to fight the Cooper Family. There are many factions in the family that are hostile to me. Even if we win the Cooper Family in the end, I’m afraid that I will not be strong. Go and defend the attacks on me from other factions of the Palmer Family!”

“So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you have to be this Sheldon!”

“The Palmer Family in Nesbania and the consortium we have cultivated in America over the years have asked them to keep an eye on this Sheldon. If anyone catches him and sends it up, I will give them the reward they most want!”

The second elder narrowed his eyes and said.

“In this way, even if Sheldon hides in the end of the world, he will never want to run away. It is still in our hands!”

The subordinate nodded with a smile.

That night.

Los Angeles Island Port.

Sheldon carried his suitcase and walked off the boat.

Thinking about the past six months or so, Sheldon was full of emotion.

Just like dreaming.

From a poor student, poor D silk, suddenly became the top rich second generation.

And now, hehe, poorer than before.

However, for the long-term interests of the family, Sheldon understood that he had to make such a sacrifice.

Sheldon is not afraid of poor days.

What Sheldon was worried about was that he didn’t know if he could see the sun tomorrow.

The harbor, even though it is night, is crowded at the moment.

As Sheldon walked out, the corner of his eye looked back.

There are more than a dozen people to talk about, and they have already followed themselves.

Could it be that I will die here tonight?

Sheldon clenched his fists.

I was not afraid at the time, but when the moment of death was about to come, what Sheldon thought was still to live.

At the moment, Sheldon quickened his pace.

And the dozen or so people behind them all seem to be not general.

Immediately they followed Sheldon.


Bright car lights, bursts of rapid brakes sounded.

On a big street next to a bay on Los Angeles Island.

Sheldon, who was running all the way, blocked the center.

Then the door opened.

A group of black bodyguards walked down.

And the one in the lead is not someone else, but it is Longzongshan.

The father of the three young men of the Long Family.

“Hehe, isn’t this Young Master Sheldon? Where are you hurriedly preparing to go?”

A vicious look flashed across Long Zongshan’s face.

“I heard that Sheldon announced today that he has left the Cooper Family. We still don’t believe it. Looking at Sheldon’s virtue, it seems that the rumors are not false!”

Long Zongshan said.

“Long Zongshan, you have been waiting for me for a long time, don’t talk nonsense, if you want to catch me, just catch it!”

Sheldon frowned.

“Sheldon, if it weren’t for me to get a strict order, you know, Sheldon, you will be cut off by me now. I will cut off your flesh piece by piece to pay tribute to Shaoyun!”

Long Zongshan roared with a sullen face and red eyes.

“Come on, take him away from me!”

Long Zongshan waved his hand.

Immediately, his subordinates walked towards Sheldon.


Suddenly at this moment, a violent motor sound rang.

A modified off-road vehicle suddenly rushed from the side of the road.

And went straight to the besieged Sheldon.

Bang bang bang!

The off-road vehicle crushed the car all the way and rushed to Sheldon, pulling Sheldon in with both hands.

“Chase me, don’t let them run away!”

Long Zongshan roared.

This scene came too suddenly, almost between lightning and flint.

While the car lights stunned everyone, Sheldon was rescued.

“Sheldon, are you okay? We are late!”

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger brothers said.

“I’m fine, but fortunately you came in time!”

Sheldon nodded.

“By the way, why are you here? My sister asked you to come, right?”

Sheldon asked.

“Well, Mr. Sheldon has long known that as soon as you leave Negston, someone will begin to besiege you, so he sent us over to respond!”

“Sheldon, what are your plans in the future?”

Tianlong Earthhu said.

There is no way. If they can, the brothers are willing to help Sheldon all the time and stay by Sheldon’s side to protect him.

However, the Cooper Family is now staring at countless eyes.

Can’t leave any handle to Palmer.

So it’s okay to help once, but it won’t help the whole life.

“I won’t be Sheldon anymore. You should call me Sheldon. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I want to go to the southwest. I’m going to find someone!”

Sheldon thought for a while.

Wan Lai was all silent now, but Sheldon suddenly thought of a person.

“Okay, Sheldon, we will escort you to the southwest!”

Tianlong Earthhu said.


There was another sound of motors.

Afterwards, they also saw the enhanced version of the off-road rushing out and approaching the Tianlongdihu vehicles.

And looking at their driving skills, this group is also extraordinary.


Tianlong hurriedly slammed the steering wheel.

At this moment, several cars ran into the Tianlong crazy car at the same time…

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