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Chapter 449


The violent explosion sounded into the sky.

The smoke filled with gunpowder and the rubble was everywhere.

The fire light illuminates the entire night sky.

Several cars exploded and a fire started.

“Sheldon, are you okay?”

Tianlong protected Sheldon and rolled down the low slope.

When the car crashed just now, the Dragon and Earth Tiger jumped off with Sheldon in his arms.

Obviously, the person opposite is very crazy.

“I’m fine!”

Sheldon shook his head, and he felt the world spin.

“They are chasing here again!”

Earth Tiger shouted at this time.

Many bodyguards in black, holding weapons, began to rush down the low slope from the road.

“There are sixteen people left, brother, let’s deal with eight each, Young Master Sheldon, you run to the north, down the hill to the north, where there is President Chapman to meet you, let us here!”

Chapman is here too!

Sheldon was deeply moved.

At the same time, he also knew that if he stayed, he would cause trouble to Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger.

He didn’t say much at the moment, nodded and ran towards the north.

Since being taught some simple breathing methods and those five strokes by Kirk.

Sheldon’s physique has actually improved much more than before.

At the moment, Sheldon exhausted all his strength and ran towards Beipo.


Sheldon gritted his teeth and reminded himself.

However, the more I run, the darker I am, and I almost see nothing.

Suddenly at this time, Sheldon was in trouble!

A dog ate shit and leaned forward!

Throwing heavily on the ground, he fell to pieces.

Suddenly, there were bursts of dazzling car lights around.

Several bodyguards in black came over and grabbed Sheldon directly.

Sheldon also saw the license plates of these cars.

It’s all Yanjinglong’s cars!

“It’s over, heaven will kill me!”

Sheldon closed his eyes, knowing that he could not run away this time.

“Let him go!”

Just when Sheldon was desperate, a familiar girl rang.

Sheldon opened his eyes and took a look.


Sheldon was surprised.

At this moment, Marcella walked towards Sheldon with her hands on her shoulders.

“Huh, Sheldon, I didn’t expect that you would fall into my hands!”

Marcella said coldly.

“I did not expect it!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled bitterly.

“Sheldon, you are amazing. You are the youngest of the Cooper Family, the Cooper Family. That is a great clan that many people can’t envy. If you just say, the Long family will be destroyed, Sheldon, you are too powerful! “

Marcella said.

“Since it’s in your hands, you can take me back to ask for credit. There is no need to say so much. It just so happens that you can take revenge!”

Sheldon said with a wry smile.


Marcella raised her hand and slapped Sheldon’s face with a slap.

“There is no need to say so much, I just want to say, Sheldon, do you know how long I have been waiting for this moment? I just want to catch you one day, you stand in front of me with your head down, and I wait At this moment, too long!”


Marcella slapped another backhand.

“Hehe, I was in the southwest that day, I gave up everything and showed you good, but you, high above, ignored me at all, and hurt me many times, you know, when we were in college, you were still the same At that time, who is by your side? Who is walking hand in hand with you on campus regardless of the eyes of others? Who did not despise you?”


Marcella said with wet red eyes: “It’s me! But what about you? After you are beautiful, just treat me like that, let me once live like a dog, a dog begging everywhere, even if it’s like Elsa. A bitch woman who looks down on you, you help her too, but you don’t help me!”

“You are sorry for me!”

Marcella said.

“It’s fine now. You have left the Cooper Family. I’m not afraid to tell you, if you want to escape, can you escape? Even if you escape from the Long family, there are also the Palmer Family and the Liu family. Many families are staring at you. You are now a bereaved dog!”

“I have said so much, speak up! You answer me!”

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Marcella angrily slapped Sheldon three more times.

Sheldon has always been a shadow in Marcella’s heart.

Even this special shadow, buried in Marcella’s heart for a long time, became distorted.

When he was released, Marcella was a little hysterical!

“What can I say, you can humiliate me now, or even kill me to vent my anger!”

Sheldon shook his head.

“Hehe, you still don’t understand what kind of girl I am!”

Marcella pushed Sheldon.

Afterwards, Marcella took a breath.

“Sheldon, tell you the truth, I caught you this time, and I didn’t want to catch you back to claim credit!”

“I can give you a way out, as long as you bow to me and say I am wrong! I can spare you and let you run away!”

Marcella clenched his fist and said.

And these people are all direct powers that Marcella, a very shrewd girl, has cultivated in the Long family during this period.

Naturally, it all depends on her.

“You…you let me go?”

Sheldon was surprised when he heard this sentence.

Indeed, I hated Marcella for some things and hurt her many times.

This time it fell into her hands, Sheldon originally thought it would be no better than falling into Long Zongshan’s hands.

However, Marcella said to let herself go.

As for Marcella, although she hated Sheldon, she wished that Sheldon was down and out and lived like a dog.

However, Marcella absolutely didn’t want Sheldon to lose his life.

This kind of psychology is a little bit complicated. To put it bluntly, I just don’t want you to be good, but I cannot bear to hurt you.

“Yes, as long as you apologize to me, when it comes to my heart, I will let you go!”

Marcella said.

Sheldon thought for a while, and Marcella could actually say such things at this juncture. Contrast yourself with the cruelty to her that day.

Sheldon did have a hint of guilt.

“Okay Marcella, if you can really let me go today, then I, Sheldon, blamed you before. I will not forget your kindness!”

“Hmph, who wants you to remember this kindness! Get out!”

Marcella hugged her shoulder and turned her head, and glanced aside disdainfully.

And her subordinates have even opened a way for Sheldon.

After Sheldon nodded to Marcella, he ran away.

“Wait a minute!”

Marcella suddenly stopped Sheldon.

“what happened?”

Sheldon asked.

“Sheldon, this part, it doesn’t matter if we can see you again in the future, let me remind you that the Palmer Family is particularly powerful, and they want to annex your Cooper Family for not a day or two, and they won’t let it go. After you, in the future, be careful. The current Long Family is at best a dog in front of their Palmer Family. In the future, the Palmer Family will still find you and catch you! If you can escape this time, you will be anonymous. If anything happens to the Cooper Family from now on, don’t show up!”

Marcella said.

“I see, thank you Marcella!”

“Also, do you know why I let you go?”

Marcella asked again.


“Because after experiencing some things and some people, I found out that you really loved me at the beginning, but I didn’t cherish it till the end!”

Marcella said with wet eyes.

“Well, in the future, you also take care, I’m leaving!”

After speaking, Sheldon turned and left…

Chapter 450

Seven days later.

It is located on a construction site in an ordinary small county in the southwest.

“The pay is paid, you, one hundred and five, take it!”

“You, ninety!”

A fat, fat, fat and fat foreman is paying a few men and women who are only in their 50s.

Among them, a young man stood in the crowd, looking particularly dazzling.

Others usually earn one hundred and fifty-one a day’s wages.

At the end of the youth, there were only ninety.

The foreman spit on his finger and lit the banknote.

“Wait for the foreman, didn’t you say that when you came, I don’t want one hundred and five, but give me one hundred dollar a day!” the young man asked.

“Damn, I still care about your meal at noon, and the ten dollar will be used as food!”

“But the lunch at noon was only two biscuits, you deduct ten dollars for me!”

“I’ll go and see if you are honest, I will work for you. It’s 90, love or not, what can you do if I don’t give you anything?”

And this is the time.

“Huh? Why does this worker look familiar?”

I saw a man and a woman holding hands, followed by several entourages, walking past here.

“Familiar? Xiao Nuan, are you right? You still know this kind of little worker?”

The man wore gold and silver, and said contemptuously.

“No, no, he is really familiar. He seems to be the buddy of my ex-boyfriend who went bankrupt a few days ago. He used to be awesome. I will never admit his mistake!”

“true and false?”

Said the boy.

At the moment, the girl came over.

“Sheldon, it’s really you!”

The girl recognized the young man at once.

At the moment, his face is full of jokes.

Yes, this young man is Sheldon.

On the night before seven days ago, Marcella let him go. With Chapman’s response, he took risks all the way, but finally came to the southwest.

The first thing Sheldon went to the countryside to find Uncle Qin.

After all, Sheldon knew where Kirk’s home was.

But the people in the same village as Kirk said that Kirk had gone out these few days.

Sheldon had no other place to go, so he had to wait.

Shy in his pocket, he came here for a part-time job.

Sheldon also thought about finding a secure job.

But when I arrived in Qing City, I was surrounded by people and lost all my ID cards.

Moreover, Palmer sent various business giants to find his whereabouts.

Sheldon can’t go to places that are too formal, it can only be so.

It also really made Sheldon feel the feeling of a bereaved dog.

“Qin Nuan?”

And when she saw this girl, Sheldon also recognized it.

It is Xiaopang’s girlfriend who practices taekwondo.

In the past few days, I learned from the Internet that with his downfall, Xiaopang’s travel company has also finished playing.

It really affects the whole body.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to meet you here. Why, I heard that you and that fat man’s company closed down. He is now going to be a tour guide. Haha, you, worse than him, actually came to my husband’s house. Come on the construction site to do odd jobs!”

Qin Nuan smiled covering his mouth.

“Yeah, Bowen, Miss Myla, did you know this kid?”

The foreman bowed respectfully and nodded.

“It’s nothing to do with you, just go!”

Qin Nuan said coldly.

The contractor immediately walked away.

Afterwards, Qin Nuan held his shoulders and sneered and looked up and down Sheldon:

“Oh, I really can’t see it. It was such a beautiful scenery at the beginning, but now it is such a virtue. By the way, Sheldon, you will not pretend to be this time, come and experience life?”

Qin Nuan said with some worry.

After all, Sheldon had slapped her in the face once.

“Nothing else, I’m leaving!”

When Sheldon saw, many men and women in the project department of the building area looked over here.

I am also worried about being discovered.

Just want to go.

“Why are you going, don’t go, we know how to say it!”

Qin Nuan suddenly grabbed Sheldon by the collar.

It seems that Sheldon has really become a poor one.

Hahaha, don’t mention how comfortable Qin Nuan feels.

“Come on, you guys all come over and have a look, I’ll introduce you to Mr. Sheldon!~”

Qin Nuan waved to several men and women in the project department.

Those girls are wearing professional suits.

Obviously it was not long since I came out of the university campus.

They covered their mouths and looked at Sheldon with a smile.

“I’ll go, live like this, just die!”

“Yes, but people are also very self-reliant, come out to work!”

However, as managers, they obviously despise Sheldon.

“You guys, don’t underestimate him, do you know who he is? He used to be Young Master Sheldon, a very rich kind, driving a luxury car, you can’t afford it for the rest of your life!”

Qin Nuan smiled.

“Ah? Really, you’re still a young man?”

“Tsk tusk, it’s amazing!”

“But I really can’t see it!”

The girls laughed.

“Xing Sheldon, I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that when you look like you, my girlfriend is gone. I will introduce you to a few girls in our company to get to know you. Maybe I’m interested in you again and I’m willing to be yours. Where’s your girlfriend, right?”

“What about you guys, what do you think of Sheldon? Who wants to be his girlfriend, sign up!”

“Puff, you go!”

The girls all laughed, pushing a girl out.

And the girl was anxious:

“Why don’t you go! I hate it!”

“Thank you, but no need, I’m leaving now!”

Sheldon lowered his head and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute, your wages are still not settled. I heard it all just now. You are arguing with Fatty Shen to give you ninety or one hundred. Isn’t it ten dollar? Our such a big company can still be worse. Are you ten dollar? Are you right, Bowen?”

Qin Nuan said spoiledly.

“That’s natural!”

“So, I will tie it for you! You guys, collect some money for me!”

Qin Nuan winked at the little girls in the project department.

They knew it for the first time.

Afterwards, I didn’t know where to get a large pack of five-cents of coins.

“This is one hundred dollar, only a lot more, it’s your wages!”


When Qin Nuan handed the money to Sheldon, he accidentally dropped his hand to the ground.

Piles of coins fell directly on the ground.

“Sorry Sheldon, I was not careful and didn’t hold it!”

Qin Nuan apologized.

“Well, you can pick it up from the ground and count by the way!”

Then, Qin Nuan took a deep breath, drank the mineral water in his hand, threw it on Sheldon’s body, and left with a twist of his body.

Sheldon knelt down and carefully picked up the money one by one.

Put it into the bag, and then slowly leave with the lonely figure.

The night is getting deeper.

Sheldon bought something to eat.

Walked back to the country village on foot.

He didn’t stop until the door of Kirk’s old house.

After work every day, Sheldon will come to see if Kirk is back.

Only this time, Sheldon had a touch of surprise on his face.

Because Kirk’s door is open, the lights in the house are also on…

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