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Chapter 451

You Are Here To Stay By My Side
At the beginning, Sheldon visited Kirk’s house once.

Ashamed, Sheldon felt a bit burdensome to carry Kirk by his side at that time.

I wanted to settle Kirk at home.

But Qiangwei felt that Uncle Qin was alone, and Uncle Qin was willing to follow him at the time.

So he took Kirk to the villa to live with him.

Unexpectedly, the last one he counted on was Kirk.

Ran into the house.

Sheldon saw a table of banquet delicacies in the room.

“Uncle Qin? Are you there?” Sheldon asked.


At this time, a middle-aged woman wearing an apron came out from the room beside her, carrying a dish.

Sheldon was taken aback.

“I…I’m looking for Uncle Qin! Tyrone!”

The woman looked at Sheldon who was all dirty, and she couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted:

“Brother Harold went up the mountain! He hasn’t come back yet! Why are you looking for him?”

“There is something, I’ll wait for him to come back. Since you have guests here, I will go out and wait for him first!”

Sheldon thought to himself that Uncle Qin had eaten tender grass and found a wife. Indeed, when Uncle Qin left, he gave him a large amount of pension.

However, he was not ashamed to ask, Sheldon wanted to go out and wait.

“Hey, wait, what’s your name?”

The woman asked as if thinking of something.


Sheldon said.

“Oh, Sheldon, it turned out that it was you. Brother Harold asked me to wait for you for a long time! He said you came to him and asked me to take you to my house and settle down. But I come to Brother Harold’s house every day. People who never see you!”

“Uncle Qin knew I was coming?”

“Yeah, I told me seven days ago, and then he went up the mountain! He told me that you are a young and old, but just now I saw you…hehe!”

Sheldon looked at his clothes and couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

At the same time, I really felt that Kirk was wicked, and he knew exactly what happened to me?

But now is not the time to care about this.

“That’s just right, today Brother Harold came back, I made a table of food for him, and you are here too! Sit down and have some tea first!”

The woman said enthusiastically.

After talking, Sheldon understood.

The woman was from the same village, so Sheldon called her Aunt Mei, but it was not what Sheldon thought. Aunt Mei was not Kirk’s wife.

But Kirk’s god sister.

Aunt Mei loves to chat.

Said a lot.

Really speaking, something really happened with Kirk.

That was when Uncle Qin came back a while ago.

And Aunt Mei, a widow, caught up with a serious illness, and it was Kirk who rescued her from the illness.

And I don’t know why Kirk, who was crazy before, has money.

The hero saves the United States and Kirk has good conditions, so Aunt Mei wants to have a twilight love.

Tyrone didn’t want to.

Finally, he recognized Tyrone as his brother.

That’s what it is now.

“Amei, come and help me put these herbs in the house for storage!”

At this moment, a strong voice rang outside the door.

As soon as Sheldonard it, he knew it.

Stand up hastily.

“Uncle Qin?”

“Grandson? It’s really here! A few days ago!”

Kirk is still Kirk.

It’s just a little neater than before.

It is estimated that Aunt Mei dressed up.

Compared with the time when Qiangwei was serving, her complexion was much rosier.

He is carrying a bag of herbs.

“I just came!”

Sheldon said.

“Why grandson? Something happened, right?”

Uncle Qin chuckled.

“Yeah!” Sheldon said, “I have nowhere else to go, I can only come to you!”

“Hey, I asked Amei to wait for you for a few days! Looks like you, I haven’t suffered less these days, let’s go, and make a table of wine and food, all prepared for you, go in and have a drink with your grandpa! “

Kirk patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“It turns out that it was the Palmer Family that forced you to desperate, and so did your Cooper Family. With such huge financial resources, don’t you have the courage to fight the Palmer Family?”

When they were full of wine and food, the two of them started talking.

Uncle Qin was smoking a cigarette and said lightly at this moment.

“Uncle Qin, have you known the Palmer Family a long time ago?”

Sheldon discovered that Kirk is definitely an extremely mysterious figure.

He must know many things.

Kirk was refreshed this time and nodded.

“Know a little bit, but in the words of your young people, I have never understood this kind of second-hand family in detail!”

“The second family?”

Sheldon was startled.

“It’s just a group of second-hands. What kind of a hidden clan is known as the hidden clan. I yeah, their physique is worthy of the mysterious clan?”

Kirk shook his head speechlessly.

“I have seen their abilities. Our Cooper Family has a tight defense and many masters, but Palmer has taken a few people, and he is still in the realm of no one!”

“Is it all right? The masters you mentioned are similar to the brothers of Tianlong and Earthhu? Ha ha, Tianlong and Earthhu are masters? Are you ashamed?”

Uncle Qin waved his hand helplessly.

Sheldon did not speak.

After thinking for a while, he raised his head and asked:

“Uncle Qin, do you know the Sun Alliance?”

“The Sun League? Why are you asking this?”

Kirk was obviously startled.

So Sheldon talked about the ins and outs again.

“Know a little bit, but it’s not that I underestimated your Cooper Family and that Palmer Family, including you, have temporarily dismissed this idea!”


Sheldon asked.

“Now the less you know, the better, grandson, the five tricks I taught you are also breathing methods. Are you practicing?”

Uncle Qin looked at Sheldon and smiled.

“You have practice!”

Uncle Qin nodded, “Then what are your plans in the future?”

Sheldon sighed and said, “I am penniless now, and I am being searched everywhere by Palmer. I can’t go anywhere, I can only come to you!”

“Hey, then you are right, grandson, to be honest, even if you don’t come to me, one day I will find you sooner or later. This is our fate, so you will stay with me in the future. Well, soon, Grandpa will let you understand why the Palmer Family is a second force family!”

Tyrone patted Sheldon on the head.

“By the way, Uncle Qin, I have one more question!”

“Just ask!”

“Why did you find me in the first place, wouldn’t it be for no reason?”

In fact, Sheldon has always had questions in this regard.

“That said, don’t ask this kind of question for now. When the time comes, I will tell you! Next, you can stay with me at ease and learn from me!”

“Study? What to learn?” Sheldon asked.

“Learning skills! My silly grandson! I haven’t figured out why I ended up here. If you have the skills, would you let that Palmer chase you around the world like a dog? When I left, I reminded you of this!”

Tyrone was speechless.

Yes, when Uncle Qin left that day, he told himself that it is not enough to have money, he must know other things.

But when I didn’t have time to learn, I didn’t feel the need to learn.

It wasn’t until Palmer chased him and fled in embarrassment that Sheldon realized that he had almost nothing but money before…

Chapter 452:


“Uncle Qin, what do you need to learn?”

Sheldon asked.

“I will. You have to learn. Take your time, Sheldon, your physique is not bad. For these seven days, I will specially pick herbs for you to take a bath to strengthen your physique, plus I will give you Don’t worry about acupuncture and moxibustion, I will soon train you to become a master!”

“In the past seven days, have you specially picked medicinal herbs for me?”

Sheldon was really moved when he heard this sentence.

Yao thinks that when I first met with Uncle Qin, his attitude, and how much Kirk was by his side, did not know how much he helped him.

Now, I think about myself everywhere.

Not his own grandfather, but Sheldon felt that he was more intimate than his own grandfather.

At the moment, in order to live up to Kirk’s hope, Sheldon nodded heavily.

So far, Sheldon stayed in the village and followed Kirk.

In a blink of an eye, half a year passed…

At this moment, the Negston Cooper Family is in the secret room.

“How is it? Still no news from Sheldon?”

In the past six months, Donald seems to have grown a lot older.

The hair is also gray.

As for Yang Yuping, she washes her face with tears almost every day.

“Master, I escorted Sheldon all the way to the southwest, but I was tracked by some forces in the southwest. I stayed to cover Sheldon, only knowing that he had gone to a village to find an old man surnamed Qin. Ms. Qiangwei told me the address. But I went there a few times in secret, and it was emptied long ago, there is no one!”

Chapman has not been idle for the past six months, and has been secretly searching for Sheldon.

But unfortunately, for half a year, Sheldon disappeared like the world, and there was no news at all.

“I blame you, if you were tough, Alicia didn’t have to leave the family. Now, I don’t know whether it is alive or dead!”

Yang Yuping said anxiously.

Alicia also cried and comforted his mother.

“Sheldon didn’t have an ID card, and his bank cards were all lost, and he was looked for by the bastard Palmer. How did you hide him? Maybe, it was in Palmer’s hands long ago!”

Yang Yuping became more afraid as she talked.

“No, if Sheldon falls into Palmer’s hands, that old fellow Palmer will definitely threaten me for the first time. He has been making excuses for the past six months, but he hasn’t found any excuses, right? If Sheldon Falling into his hands, it must be his biggest bargaining chip, and at that time, he also knows that we will not compromise. Therefore, if found, he would have come to threaten him!”

Alicia said.

“Alexandrao is right, don’t worry, I believe our son, he will be fine, Qiangwei, help your aunt to go back to the room to rest!”

Donald said.

Su Qiangwei shed tears standing aside, nodded immediately: “It’s uncle!”

“Well, you all go down too, I want to be alone!”

Donald said again.

After everyone had stepped back, Donald carried his hands on his back with a melancholy expression on his face.

“Sheldon, where did your kid hide? I knew this a long time ago, and I would smash Ningken with Palmer’s chalcedony without letting you take such a big risk!”

Originally, Donald’s plan was.

Although Sheldon left.

But how can it be left alone.

The Cooper Family’s strongest strength will definitely be sent to secretly protect, in short, it is enough not to let Palmer find an excuse.

This is not difficult.

However, he looked far above the strength of the masters he had cultivated over the years, and greatly underestimated Palmer’s subordinates.

On the night half a year ago, Qingcheng, if it were not for his subordinates to end up desperately, Alicia would almost have failed to escape.

Donald clenched his fists.

Although he has money, he finally realized the powerlessness that money is not everything.

No way, no way!


At this time, the butler Ah Fu came in.

“What’s the matter?”

“The Mo Jian of the Palmer Family has taken a fancy to the Belraen Villa that the young master bought in Roston. I want to ask the lord how much money is he willing to sell?”

“That third son of Palmer, Mo Jian?”

Donald clenched his fists.

“it’s him!”

“Hehe, in the past six months, has he wanted anything to buy? Isn’t his meaning clear enough, tell him, don’t sell!”

Donald smashed the table heavily.

The Palmer Family assisted the Cooper Family in tracking the Sun Alliance incident. Although Palmer could not find an excuse to intervene, half a year ago, he let his third son come out for experience and let his third son join Mo Weiping’s team. .

But after this Mo Jian arrived, Donald was tolerant of him.

Right now, he shouted directly.

“But sir, after all, that Palmer has been staring at our Cooper Family for a long time now, and if that Mo Jian is not satisfied with making trouble, it will be troublesome again!”

The butler was also helpless.

“Well, give it to him, you go and do it!”

Donald waved his hand impatiently.

A thing of eight hundred million is not a thing in Donald’s eyes.

However, he was only indignant at Mo Jian’s actions.

But that said, now… there is no way!

“How? Donald agreed?”

Outside, a Kuo Shao was tilting Erlang’s legs, sipping tea lightly.

“Hello, Master Mo, the master said, since you like it, Genting Mountain Villa will be given to you, so why not buy it!”

The housekeeper said, but in his heart he wanted to eat this bastard alive.

“Okay, very good, count him Donald as familiar!”

“Brothers, let’s go, leave the boring place of Negston, and go to Roston for a few days!”

Mo Jian swaggered away with a few of his men.

at the same time.

In a restaurant in a small town in the southwest.

This is a restaurant similar to a farmhouse.

Because next to it is leaning on a vast mountain.

On the other side of the mountain, there is another big river passing by.

It can be described as beautiful.

Therefore, some so-called upper class people often come to travel and explore.

“You have to give me an explanation today, do you know how expensive my clothes are?”

“That is, find your boss, wipe it, and see if you are tired of your work!”

A woman in her thirties with heavy make-up was holding a young man’s collar and not letting go.

Also yelled.

The thing is like this, their group, men and women add up to seven or eight.

It doesn’t look like a good man.

When they came in to eat, a young waiter who was in charge of serving them accidentally splashed some vegetable soup on the woman.

Then there is the present scene.

Mainly, it’s also a bully looking at this restaurant.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I will wipe it for you!”

The young man apologized in a hurry and had to wipe it.


Unexpectedly, the woman went up and slapped the young man’s face with a slap in the face, “Damn, take your dirty hands away, see your virtue, and want to touch me, Mcdonald, look at their attitude!”

The woman is brutal.

At the same time, he looked at a big man with a dragon tattoo and an inch head.


The big man went up and kicked the young man’s stomach again, and the young man fell straight out and bumped into several tables and chairs one after another.

At this moment, many people in the room are eating, staring at the scene in front of them…

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