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Chapter 453


At this time, a girl with a ponytail came out of the kitchen with vegetables.

When I saw the youth was beaten.

Put down the dishes and ran over.

“Why are you hitting my brother?”

The girl leaped over and said with red eyes.

“Why hit him? Hmph, look, my clothes are dirty, and so are your restaurants. Find a waiter who doesn’t have a good head and doesn’t owe you a fight, damn it! What should I do? If I don’t pay for my clothes, I will smash your store!”

The woman said coldly.

“Don’t smash the shop, don’t smash the shop!”

The young man burst into tears and sat on the ground begging.

“Brother, don’t beg them!”

Girls are also anxious.

Girl, she seems to be in her early twenties.

But she was obviously a hard-working and sensible girl.

And the more I saw that this family was bullying, this group became more energetic.

The several men behind Mcdonald shook their heads, shook their hands and feet, and made a creaking sound.

The people around are also getting nervous, it seems that a beating is inevitable, and pity the brother and sister.

“What’s wrong? Why are you fighting again?”

at this time.

A young man wearing a peaked cap came back with a woman riding an electric three-wheeler, apparently going out to buy food.

The woman saw a fight inside, and hurriedly jumped out of the car and walked towards the house.

On the contrary, the young man wearing a peaked cap outside looked very calm. He just glanced at the room and then withdrew his eyes, with a cigarette in his mouth, unloading the goods outside.

“Mom, they beat my brother!”

The girl hurriedly said.

“Mom, they beat me!”

The young man also sat on the ground and cried.

“Don’t be afraid of tiger, mom is here!”

“Why do you beat people?”

The woman was in a hurry.

“Why, it’s your stupid son who soiled my clothes!”

The woman hugged her shoulders.

“Isn’t it just the clothes? I’ll pay you! Tell me how much. We’ll count on my son later. You don’t want to inquire about it. Although I am a widow, Amei is so special. It’s not annoying!”

The woman shouted.

“Okay, you are optimistic, I am a Urbane Hitch luxury product, and I bought it newly, I just put it on today, it costs more than 90,000!”

The woman said.

When Li Mei heard this, her arrogance went down for the most part.

“More… how much? More than 90,000? What clothes are so expensive?”

This farmhouse’s annual income is only 50,000 to 60,000 dollar. Now that it is sprinkled with a little vegetable soup, it will pay more than 90,000 dollar?

“Hehe, the country folks are so ignorant, has Urbane Hitch heard of it!”

The woman said proudly.

And Li Mei was also speechless at the moment.

Look at these people outside listening to Land Rover G500 and the like, it doesn’t seem like a good crop.

It’s really embarrassing now.

The spectators around also showed sympathy.

There is no way, I can only recognize bad luck.

And when the two sides confronted each other.

The young man in the peaked cap, who was unloading the cargo outside just now, didn’t know when he came in.

Came to the woman’s side, because she was wearing a long one-piece dress.

The young man grabbed the skirt from his thigh and touched the material of the skirt.


The woman screamed with fright.

“You…what are you doing?”

Mcdonald was also furious, and immediately shook his neck, making a clicking sound, obviously wanting to do it.


The young man in the peaked cap shook his head and said, “You have been pitted!”

At the same time, the young man in the peaked cap took off his hat and put it aside, and flicked his cigarette out.

And when they took off their hats, everyone in the room could see that this figure seemed a little thin, but it was a deterrent young man with a delicate face.

When the woman heard this, she became even more anxious.

“Blind your dog’s eyes, I’m real, you actually said it’s fake, don’t you just want to lose money? It seems that I won’t show you some color, you don’t know how good my old lady is!”

The woman winked and motioned to Mcdonald.

And Mcdonald and his party gathered around.

“Okay, I know you are great, but it’s true, I never lie!”

After speaking, the young man grabbed the woman’s skirt and tore it open.


The woman screamed again.

“If you don’t believe me, look at the authentic Urbane Hitch luxury goods. The raw materials are made with special care. But look at you, the materials inside are all cotton fiber. Are you buying parallel imports from other places? Two thousand dollars are dead!”

Said the youth.

And the woman wanted to scold again.

But when she heard this, she was stunned.

Mcdonald, who was about to do it, was also stunned.

The two looked at each other.

Because this young man was right, it was indeed a counterfeit product bought during a discount in 1999.

“So, at most two thousand with you!”

The young man smiled.

“Aunt Mei, come here with two thousand dollars!”

“Come on!”

Li Mei nodded.

The youth handed the money to Mcdonald.

As for Mcdonald, he was embarrassed by this young man in public, and the most important thing was that he actually ate his own horse’s tofu, and the skirt was torn apart when he said it was torn.

Also pointed out in public that women wear fakes.

If he left like this, then his Mcdonald would just go out and die!

“Okay boy, there are two things, even if it’s fake, but what’s the matter with you talking about my woman’s skirt? Just this one, I’ll let you go!”

Mcdonald was angry.

He slapped a punch directly at the young man’s face.


There was a sound.

Mcdonald’s fist was directly pinched by the youth.

Then the youth exerted a little force.

“Oh! It hurts! It hurts!!!”

Mcdonald shouted in pain.

At the same time, I was shocked.

This young man can carry him by himself, but his hand strength is so big! ! !

“Want to fight? Then I have to say something else!”

The young man smiled slightly.

When the wrist shook, I listened to Mcdonald’s arm clicking and bending upward at a very strange angle.

Then the young man raised his leg and Biao was directly kicked and turned on his back.

“Oh! My arm!”

Mcdonald shouted in pain.

And several of his men looked silly directly.

Just now, when the youth grabbed Mcdonald’s fist and squeezed Mcdonald creaking, all of them felt that the youth was amazing.

Looking at this skill now, it will inevitably be a fracture operation.

At the moment, none of them dared to move.

“It’s okay, it won’t hurt after a while!”

The youth squatted down.

And the screaming Mcdonald looked at his obviously deformed arm at this time, and then, it really didn’t hurt.

But the arm has been bent like this, and it looks scary.

At the same time, looking at the young man with a faint smile and looking at him, he felt how permeating the young man’s smile was.

Sweatly said, “You…what do you want?”

The young man smiled and patted Mcdonald on the shoulder and said, “Mcdonald, with so many guests, I can’t do anything to you. Don’t you want compensation? Come, let me talk!”

Chapter 454:

Are You A Devil?
Mcdonald swallowed.

As for the woman, she was also a little scared.

I was afraid that this young man would break his arm like this.

He followed the young man and walked towards the backyard.

In a room in the backyard.


The young man closed the door heavily.

The two of them shivered with fright.

There is no way not to come in, because my arm cannot always be like this.

“You’d better get my arm right, or I won’t let you go, and you don’t want to ask…”

Mcdonald didn’t want his aura to disappear, he said with cold eyes.

“It’s alright, I just said that, I know you are great, so let’s talk!”

The youth interrupted.

“Hehe, heal my man’s arm, we can have no other compensation!”

The woman said.


And the young man suddenly slapped it out.

Pull the woman directly to the ground.

The woman was beaten up and lost her head.

Immediately afterwards, the young man broke Mcdonald’s other arm again.

In the end, Biao’s arm deformed and lay directly on the ground and yelled.

Fear was all over his face.

“How do you want to talk?”

A coldness flashed in the youth’s eyes.

“No…no more talk, you let us go, we stop talking!”

Mcdonald was afraid.

“What about the two thousand dollar compensation?”

The young man asked.

“Give it back to you, I… we don’t want it!”

In the hands of this young man, there is no way to resist.

Mcdonald is not the first time he has come out to trespass, knowing that he is causing trouble.

“That’s good, you volunteered, I didn’t force you!”

Said the young man.

“Voluntary, voluntary!”

At the moment, the youth took out the two thousand dollar from Mcdonald’s pocket.

“Also, you beat the tiger outside just now. Why did you have to pay two thousand dollar for medical expenses? Go to the hospital for filming or something, you have also seen it, our small town, the health center does not have this condition, so It’s expensive to go to the county hospital to film!”

Youth Road.

“Compensation, two thousand dollar, we pledge!”

“and also……”

The young man said again.

“and also?”

Mcdonald was so painful that he couldn’t breathe, said immediately.


The youth goes up with a mouth, “When I speak, I dare to ask?”

“Yes, yes, you say!”

“Also, when you hit the tiger just now, you broke our tables, chairs and benches, and pots and pans. This money must be five hundred dollar, so you can just round it up to a whole thousand dollar. pay!”

“We will pay, we will pay, brother, you can save me, I can’t stand it, my arm is like countless insects biting me!”

Mcdonald lay pale and rolled on the ground.

“That’s okay, you have such an attitude, we don’t have to take off our pants and fart, and don’t think it is great if you have money!”

Said the young man.

Hold Biao brother and break.

Miraculously, Mcdonald felt that not only did his arm recover, but it also didn’t hurt.

“I remember it, brother, I remember it!”

Mcdonald said in a cold sweat.

“Let’s go out and make up the money now! A lot of money!”

Mcdonald pulled the sober woman to stand up and hurried out.

“Mcdonald, just left? I’m not reconciled!”

The woman cried.

The grudge on his face.

As for Mcdonald, he pulled the woman’s arm and told her not to speak.

Then he secretly said:

“Just left? Haha, don’t ask, who is Mcdonald, who is so special? When I go back, I will bring some people, take advantage of the night, and shake this place, and then catch this kid. Picking out his hands and feet, he can solve his own hatred. This is called a small intolerance and a big plan. Now I can’t fight this kid hard, after all, there are few hands!”

“Mcdonald, wait a minute!”

At this time, the young man walked out of the small room again.

Beckon to Mcdonald.

“Huh? Brother, what’s wrong?”

Mcdonald said.

“You come back, I forgot something!”

Youth Road.

Mcdonald walked back again.

“I forgot just now, I just left, I’m not so relieved!”

“Brother, what are you worried about? I’ve seen your methods too, I don’t dare to mess with you!”

Mcdonald said.

Although the youth seemed to be 22 years old, Mcdonald had to call Mcdonald.

“You don’t dare to mess with me now, but if you go back and call more people, what should you do if you smash our store while the night is dark? Besides, you can spare me then? You can’t take my hands and feet. Have all the tendons been picked? Then I will be useless for the rest of my life!”

Youth Road.

But Mcdonald opened his eyes wide at the moment, blinded to look at the youth.

fu*k, this person can’t read mind?

How do you say the same as you thought in your heart just now?

Mcdonald became more and more frightened, looking at the youth, as if looking at a devil!

“Brother, how come? How dare I!”

Mcdonald said nervously.

“Just in case, get insurance!”

After speaking, the young man pinched the chins of Mcdonald and the woman with both hands, and opened their mouths.

The index finger points to one of the two populations.

“This…what is this? What did you feed us?”

Both of them were terrified.

“This is Gu worm! Now you feel it, is there a slight pain in your stomach?”


Both their faces turned green.

Shen Shen felt that, as a result, he covered his abdomen, and really felt a slight pain.

“Brother, spare your life, spare your life!”

At this time, Mcdonald and the woman panicked.

“It’s okay, it won’t kill you for the time being, on the contrary, this thing enters your body, and it has great benefits for your body. For example, you, your kidney deficiency, will return to normal in less than a month!”

The young man patted Mcdonald on the shoulder, “Do you feel a warm feeling in your kidney now?”

Mcdonald felt for a while and nodded fiercely: “There are, there are, really!”

“That’s fine, but I’m saying that water can carry and overturn the boat. If you really want to retaliate in the future, then this thing will kill you at any time and gnaw all your internal organs. , And medical skills can’t save you at all!”

The youth’s face tightened.

Both of them were so scared that their legs trembled.

“Brother, I understand, I understand!”

The two nodded at the same time.

“Okay, let’s go!”

This is the youth.

The two came to the front desk in panic, threw down five thousand dollar, and ran away with their men.

“Don’t go, isn’t it straight?”

Li Mei stood at the door pinching her waist and cursed.

While counting the money, he was very happy.

“Sheldon, thanks to you, hahaha, I made another 5,000 dollar! For such people, you have to clean them up!”

Aunt Mei looked at the youth and smiled.

“Brother Sheldon, please tell me, how did you scare this Biao brother this time?”

Yes, this young man is not someone else, but the SheldonShao… Sheldon!

At the moment, Sheldon showed his original simple smile and told the story.

“Puff, won’t you really feed them Gu?” the girl asked.

“Why, I just pressed a few of their acupuncture points, and then bluffed them!”

Sheldon lowered his voice and said with a smile.

“Hey, there is no way to deal with this kind of person, you have to treat it like this, or you will retaliate endlessly afterwards!”

Sheldon shook his head with a wry smile, and something sounded like: “By the way, I forgot something, I have to go to something like that and come back soon!”

After speaking, Sheldon ran out, got on the electric three-wheeler and slipped away…

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