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Chapter 455

Looking at the back of Sheldon’s departure, the girl’s eyes had a different look.

“Er, what are you looking at?”

Aunt Mei couldn’t help but said when she saw her daughter was distracted.

“Huh? I didn’t see anything?”

Er Ya pouted, shook her head and said.

And when Aunt Mei was young, she was a master of love in ten miles and eight villages, so how could she not know her daughter’s psychology.

Yeah, Sheldon is handsome and doesn’t say it.

Great ability and good to people.

Indeed, few girls can resist such a boy.

Ripples in the heart are inevitable.

However, Aunt Mei sighed and said:

“Er, my mom advises you, you and your brother Sheldon can’t be together.”

Erya wanted to say how could mother think.

But seeing his mother’s resolute attitude, he immediately said, “Why? Brother Sheldon has no girlfriend!”

“Why not? It’s just that something happened to your brother Sheldon’s girlfriend. I don’t know what happened. Anyway, your brother Sheldon used to be a very powerful man, and he also loved his girlfriend very much, mom. I didn’t want to see you hurt to say so!”

Aunt Mei said.

When Er Ya heard the words, a look of loneliness flashed across her face, without saying anything, she turned around and went back.

Let’s talk about Sheldon, Sheldon is going to get something on this trip.

For six months, Sheldon has been with Kirk.

Soak medicinal materials all day long to experience physical fitness, and conduct various studies and trainings.

In addition, Sheldon was sent out by Kirk to perform some tasks.

Therefore, although only half a year, Sheldon’s changes are still tremendous.

As for the relocation.

It was Kirk who moved to the small town to facilitate Sheldon’s training in the mountains.

Aunt Mei, who has no relatives in the village, took the pension that Sheldon had previously given to Kirk and opened a farmhouse.

Aunt Mei usually takes care of it.

In the past six months, as his skills have improved, Sheldon has thought of going back to see his parents, sisters and friends countless times.

However, although it is no easy task for Palmer to kill Sheldon now, it is even said to be as difficult as heaven.

But Sheldon is now, after all, weak and lonely, and it is still slightly insufficient against the huge system of the Palmer Family.

Therefore, Sheldon always endured.

At present, improving one’s own strength is the most important.

As for Uncle Qin, apart from giving detailed instructions to Sheldon in the first three months, he would often go out later and Sheldon was practicing himself.

And three days ago, because Kirk received a token, he left without leaving any words.

Sheldon is also used to this.

From the depths of Kirk, I learned that Kirk is indeed mysterious, and it is so mysterious, because some of his relationships are really too strong!


A violent brake sound rang.

Sheldon rode an electric three-wheeler and stopped in front of a young man.

“Fatty, where are things?”

Sheldon asked.

“Don’t worry, Brother Sheldon, Roberson works steadily. It’s in the bag!”

The fat man is Roberson.

Sheldon saw him later and was being bullied, so Sheldon saved him.

It happened that sometimes when I went out to perform tasks, I would fish some external oil and water, and Roberson specially helped Sheldon deal with this oil and water.

At the moment, Roberson jumped onto the tricycle while patted his bag.

“You have to do it as soon as possible!”

Sheldon said.

Then he went straight to the antique street.

Inside the bag is an overseas antique that Sheldon directly grabbed from a wealthy overseas businessman.

Of course, this wealthy overseas businessman is certainly not a good thing.

In the later period of Sheldon’s exercise, he played this kind of black and black.

No way, the Cooper Family can’t contact Sheldon now. In the case of lack of money, it can only do so.

When two people approached an antique shop.

There was a tall girl with long hair standing in front of the counter.

“Look, how much is this jade bracelet worth?”

The girl asked.

As soon as Sheldonard this voice, his eyebrows raised slightly.

But is it impossible to think about it?

Plus the girl is now facing the two of them.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, and simply went to the waiting area to sit on the side.

The shopkeeper in the palm of his hand is a fat middle-aged man in his fifties, with a small beard and looks a little wretched.

Watching for a while holding the jade bracelet.

He immediately shook his head and said, “Jade is good, but this kind of jade is a bit common, and the circulation rate on the market is relatively low. If you really want to sell it, then I can spend up to three thousand dollar.”

Said the boss.

“What, it’s only three thousand? But… But I have consulted on the Internet, this kind of jade can be sold for more than 300 thousand! This is our family’s ancestors!”

The girl anxiously.

“Puff? What are you talking about? More than three hundred thousand? I said, Miss, I think you are quite safe, and there is no basis for how to say it. In my case, it is three thousand heavens, and you still believe what you say online!”

“Also, look at your jade bracelet. There are polished spots. Now, I feel that 3,000 dollar is not worth it. Don’t believe it. My store happens to have the same material as yours. This is my jade bracelet! Look, I sell it for 10,000 dollar now, but this one is better than you!”

The girl took it over and looked at it, and it was exactly the same.

I was anxious at the moment: “But boss, I am anxious to spend money, my mother is seriously ill, and is in urgent need of money now! Can you charge me this for eight thousand dollars?”

“Listening to your accent, it seems that we are not from the southwest. You are from the south? Why, are you here to beg Mr. Zuo to see a doctor?”

The girl nodded heavily.

“Oh, you are pitiful too, but if you collect 8,000, I will pay a big loss. Let me add 2,000, 5,000, otherwise, I can’t help you!”

Said the boss.

The girl thought for a while, and finally gritted her teeth: “Okay, five thousand is five thousand!”


At this time, the girl who was confused and slapped her shoulders suddenly.

Subconsciously turned his head.

When I saw the boy standing behind me.

The girl’s beautiful eyes jumped fiercely.

Surprised and delighted.


“It’s really you… Sheldon!”

The girl jumped up excitedly.

“Kristine, I almost didn’t recognize you!”

And Sheldon touched Kristine’s head.

This girl is not someone else, but Kristine.

It’s just that Kristine’s hair at the moment is obviously much longer than before.

It seems to have grown a bit taller.

I felt familiar with the sound just now.

But Sheldon didn’t dare to recognize it.

Speaking of it, since I left Roston, I haven’t seen Kristine again.

It’s been half a year in the blink of an eye.

Kristine was her best friend when she was in school before.

Including now too.

“long time no see!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Yeah, Sheldon, I heard Marcella say that you had an accident and your whereabouts are unknown, but I didn’t expect to see you in the southwest now!”

Kristine said with red eyes.

When he came up, he hugged Sheldon.

Sheldon patted Kristine on the shoulder: “I’m fine, isn’t that great? By the way, didn’t you start a company with Elsa? Why now…?”

Sheldon asked curiously.

Kristine wiped her tears.

Then he choked: “Sheldon, you don’t know, Marcella… Marcella has something wrong!”

Chapter 456

Sheldon’s Anger

“Elsa has an accident? What’s the matter?”

Looking at Kristine’s expression, Sheldon asked hurriedly.

Kristine covered her mouth, crying while telling an incident that happened six months ago, shortly after Sheldon’s accident.


Sheldon’s departure from the family was immediately blocked by the Cooper Family.

The so-called paper package cannot hold fire.

Although the real situation was blocked.

But it can’t stand to spread the falsehood.

Some people say that Sheldon has been killed, others say that Sheldon was kidnapped and disappeared.

In short, it slowly reached the ears of Elsa, who had a direct relationship with Sheldon.

You think, Elsa was held by Sheldon and naturally belongs to Sheldon’s faction.

Elsa at that time had already liked Sheldon in her heart.

I heard that, and Kristine was particularly anxious.

Well, how could this happen to Sheldon!

Both of them were panicked.

But in the end Elsa decided to go to Negston with Kristine.

Then the trustee inquires about the specific situation.

Because since Sheldon’s accident, Chapman, President Chapman has also returned to Negston.

After arriving in Negston.

The two girls Elsa and Kristine found Chapman’s company.

I learned that Chapman, President Chapman, was already on a business trip.

No way, Elsa tried his best, and wanted to take care of other relationships.

But on that day, Elsa and Kristine were waiting for an executive of Chapman’s company.

I ran into a young man in the lobby on the first floor.

As soon as the young man saw that Marcella was beautiful, he tried to get it wrong.

Then you can imagine.

The young man asked Elsa to come out with Kristine under the pretext.

Then they sent someone to drag Marcella and Kristine to the hotel forcibly.

Want to Qiang*Fair and Kristine.

But the two were unwilling to kill.

In desperation, Elsa bit the young man’s arm viciously, and the bite was bloody.

And the young man was in a hurry.

Throw Marcella downstairs.

This incident caused a lot of trouble at the time and it disturbed your Cooper Family.

Even President Chapman and Li came back.

However, the young man was too powerful, and he didn’t get any punishment. He was just poor Elsa. He was rescued after several nights of rescues, but he became a vegetative and spent his entire life lying in bed.

As for Marcella’s company, it disbanded…

“Who is that person?”

Sheldon raised his head and asked coldly.

Because of this, Sheldon had a deep sense of self-blame in his heart.

Since doing Sheldon.

It can be said that I have failed too many people and ignored too many people.

Elsa is one of them.

Unexpectedly, after their accident, Kristine and Elsa both remembered themselves so much.

And Elsa, in order to find out about her own news, encountered such bad luck.

Kristine wiped her tears and said, “That person, I heard someone call him Master Mo Jian. However, I asked President Chapman why this Master Mo Jian would not be responsible, but President Chapman told me anything and let me hurry. Back to Roston!”

“Mo Jian?”

Sheldon’s eyelids twitched fiercely.

He had inquired before that Palmer had three sons.

One of them seems to be called Mo Jian.

“It’s from the Palmer Palmer Family again!”

Sheldon clenched his fists tightly.

If it weren’t for being forced by Palmer to have a home, how could Elsa become like this!

A touch of hatred flooded Sheldon’s heart.

But looking at Kristine who was sad and lonely, Sheldon was also distressed, and suppressed this hatred.

“What about you Kristine, what’s the matter with you? What’s wrong with your mother?”

Sheldon asked.

“Later, I was protected by President Chapman and returned to Roston, but my mother was diagnosed with a strange disease soon afterwards. We all took her to seek medical treatment and spent all the money. A month ago, there was no way, so I came here. In the southwest, I have taken refuge in a cousin. I heard that there is a famous doctor in the southwest of Master Zuo, but we are out of money and we can’t even enter the threshold of Master Zuo!”

Could it be that Kristine.

“Oh, if you pull the whole body together, if something happens to yourself, it will hurt the people who followed you before!”

Sheldon blamed himself.

He said at the moment: “It’s okay, this jade bracelet doesn’t need to be used anymore. Anyway, this guy is also lying to you. Your jade bracelet is worth three hundred and fifty thousand less. I will help you with your mother’s affairs!”

Kristine didn’t know why Sheldon said that, but Kristine knew that Sheldon never lied to herself.

After Sheldon finished, the boss quit.

“fu*k brother, did you know that you broke the rules and smashed my stall?”

The boss angered.

As for Roberson, he snorted and whispered something in the ear of the boss.

I saw the boss in awe.

Hastily shut up.

Sheldon handed over the matters here to Roberson, and he took Kristine’s hand and walked out.

“Where is your mother?”

Sheldon asked.

“In the north of the county town, in the hotel below Mengshan! Sheldon, do you know Master Zuo?” Kristine asked.

“Um…you know me!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled wryly.

“And Sheldon, half a year ago, what happened to you? What’s going on? Do you know, I’ve always worried about you!”

Kristine asked.

“Come on, get in the car first, let’s find your mother first, and I will talk to you slowly on the way!”

Sheldon has no taboo against Kristine.

Tell her something, it doesn’t matter.

After going out, Sheldon rode three rounds.

And Kristine sat directly on the other side of Sheldon.

The two rushed to Mengshan.

The relationship between himself and Kristine is unusual. She has something to do, and Sheldon cannot let it go.

“Yeah, isn’t this Kristine, how can you sit on this trip?”

When Sheldon took Kristine to the door of the hotel.

I was seeing several young men and women coming out of the hotel, preparing to open the door of the Audi A6 and leave.

Seeing Sheldon and Kristine, several people couldn’t help covering their mouths and laughing.

“Sheldon, they belong to my cousin.”

Kristine whispered.


Sheldon nodded lightly.

“Why are you here?”

Kristine and Sheldon got out of the car and asked.

“Why are you here? We are here to check out, and we are going to call you. My dad said, you can’t make up the money to find Master Zuo for your mother. Why should you let the hotel see you? For the face of our Liu family, how about giving it back to your family? Don’t get to the end, you can’t even pay for the accommodation, and even our Liu family’s face is lost!”

A gorgeously dressed girl sneered.

“That’s, I said Kristine, if it doesn’t work, you just take your mother back. Look at the people who come to ask Master Zuo. They are all well-known figures from all over the country. With you, that little money is not enough to walk halfway up the mountain! “

A boy is also contemptuous.

The Liu family is now the home of Kristine’s cousin. In the past, Kristine’s family in Roston was also considered rich, and he had frequent contacts with the Liu family in the southwest.

But later, that’s it.

You come here to ask others to go there a day or two. After a long time, it will inevitably be exposed.

Until now, Liu Jiasheng was afraid that Kristine would rely on their Liu family, so this scene happened.

“That’s right, my dad kindly found you a husband here before, and he wasn’t happy. Isn’t it because the man is mentally retarded? What’s the matter? At least people are rich!”

The girl said contemptuously.

“Yeah, I have to agree. It turns out that there is a boyfriend who, tusk tusk, rides three-wheeled electric bikes. It’s the first time I’ve grown up so big!”

The other girl was speechless.

As for Sheldon, listening to their ridicule, if it were before, he would have slapped his face, but now he just shook his head and smiled bitterly.

It’s not okay to have common knowledge with them…

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