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Chapter 457

“Tuan Tuan, silently, you are still here, your grandma is ready to go up the mountain, come and help!”

At this moment, a middle-aged couple came.

At this moment, the woman said.

“Okay mom, let’s go there!”

Tuantuan said the two girls silently.

“Uncle and auntie!”

As soon as Kristine saw the two, he cried respectfully at this moment.

“Huh, you are here too!”

The woman held her shoulders and said with a look of disgust.

Kristine nodded: “Auntie Biao, is grandma going up the mountain to see Master Zuo for treatment? Grandma’s illness, is it all right?”

“Oh, what are you doing?”

When Aunt Biao heard this, she was shocked.

“Is there any serious problems? I can tell you Kristine, Master Zuo only pays for a consultation for one patient. Don’t make this idea!”

To put it bluntly, I was afraid that Kristine said to bring her mother along.

And Kristine really has no meaning at this level.

“Also, if you really can’t cure it, then just take your mother back. The hotel accommodation fee, the big deal, we will pay you out!”

The woman hugged her shoulders.

“Okay, okay, don’t talk about it, Kristine, you should go up and take care of your mother!”

The cousin said lightly at the moment.

Then, he turned around and left with his children.

“Hello, gentleman, this is Mengshan, where is Master Zuo?”

And at this moment.

A dignified and courteous middle-aged man walked down from an extended luxury car.

Look at Liu Jiale and ask.

And Liu Jiale is a furniture factory in the southwest.

Is a boss.

Naturally, I have seen some big scenes.

At first glance, this middle-aged man is an extraordinary person.

Now respectfully said: “That’s it!”

“Okay, thanks!”

The middle-aged man nodded slightly.

“Dub, how is it? This is it? Why are there no parking spaces?”

At this time, a young man and a woman walked out of the car.

The man was wearing a small suit, came over at this moment and asked lightly.

And it was this handsome boy who made all the girls feel short of breath.

Because this boy is so handsome.

The girl on the side is tall, with a touch of heroism between her brows.

Even though it was stunningly beautiful, the faint indifference on his face made the air seem a bit cold.

“Yes, the location is here!”

Dubbo nodded.

When Liu Jiale looked at the youth, he nodded and smiled.

Tuan Tuan and Silent behind him also secretly sent Qiubo, but unfortunately, the young man did not take a look.

“Which one’s three wheels, push it aside, let’s park the car here!”

The young man loosened his tie, looked around, and pointed to Sheldon’s electric three wheels and said.

The security guard at the hotel’s entrance looked at it, and quickly ran over and pushed the car aside.

The last three rounds hit a rock before stopping.

In this scene, let Tuantuan silently laughed at them.

“you guys!”

Kristine is anxious, what does this mean.

And Sheldon pulled La Kristine’s arm and shook his head at her.

“Dub, let’s help Grandpa up first!”

At this time, the cold girl spoke up.

They saw the two approaching the car and supporting a sallow-faced old man up the mountain.

“Go, let’s go there too!”

Liu Jiale said.

“Sorry Sheldon, you are embarrassed to follow me too!”

Kristine said with shame.

“What are you talking about, let’s go, let’s go up and take your mother down!”

Cooper Family.


“What are you doing?”

“Let Zuo Zhongtao see a doctor for your mother!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

I didn’t get some medicinal materials. Besides, the environment for seeing a doctor in a hotel is not good. It would be better to settle down at Zuo Zhongtao’s place.

Otherwise, Sheldon would watch it himself.

“You mean, look for Master Zuo? But Alicia, didn’t you just tell me that you are not Sheldon anymore?”

Kristine didn’t mean anything else, just curiosity.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon really has a relationship here.

“Hehe, what? It’s not the second generation of rich Sheldon, I don’t even have anything to do with him?”

Sheldon smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go!”

When Sheldon and Kristine helped Kristine’s mother come to the mountain.

The mountains are already crowded.

After all, this master Zuo is very famous. It is said that a large family once wanted to poach Master Zuo and gave him a sky-high price, but Master Zuo directly refused.

“Oh, how long do I have to wait in line? I have already spent half a million queuing!”

A wealthy businessman said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, if you come here to see a doctor, the registration fee alone will cost more than 100,000 dollar, wait slowly!”


This is a medical museum built on a mountain, similar to the ancient one.

The lobby is also an ancient construction style.

The staff inside are even more dressed in Tang suits from the Republic of America period.

There was an extraordinary breath.

“Dad, it took 300,000, and we are ranked 45th!”

At this moment, Liu Mo came over with the registration slip.

“Three hundred thousand is three hundred thousand, alas!”

Liu Jiale smiled bitterly.

Three hundred thousand, just register a number. After the diagnosis is over, there must be a higher diagnosis fee.

“Why? Do I need to use money to line up? How come there is still a grade of one hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand?”

At this moment, the cold girl who had come up with Liu Jiale before asked.

“Yes, this is a bit similar to bidding. Whoever pays the high registration fee can get the diagnosis first!”

“Oh, what’s the highest one?”

The cold girl asked.

“Hey, beauties, look at the top three displayed over there. Behind them is their registration fee. Now I will help you see the highest one. I went, and it actually reached 1.5 million!”

One of Kristine’s cousin offered his polite words.

“Thank you, Qing Shu, take five million to register!”

The beauty nodded faintly, then looked at the handsome young man and said something.

“five million?”

And this is exactly this faint sentence that makes the entire lobby explode.

After a moment of silence, they all looked at the woman in astonishment.

And the young man named Qing Shu paid five million directly and took the ticket.

Naturally it became number one.

“So rich!”

Everyone exclaimed.

In addition to exclaiming, Liu Mo looked around.


“Mom, look, they really followed us up!”

Liu Mo pointed to the three Sheldon who came in, surprised.

“Oh my God, Kristine, you are not finished, right? Do you know where this is? Actually follow us up!”

Aunt Biao was immediately anxious.

How do you feel that Kristine’s family, like dog skin plasters, are sticking to themselves?

Just when Cousin was about to say something more serious to mock Kristine.

A staff member walked out: “I’m so sorry, everyone. My teacher can only diagnose two more patients today, and we will close the clinic afterwards. Except for the first two, please go back and wait until tomorrow!”

“What what? Come tomorrow?”

And Liu Jiale was taken aback.

The others were also taken aback.

“No, we won’t leave!”

The wealthy businessmen said, “We are here waiting for Master Zuo to open a consultation!”

“Please understand, you don’t have to drive you away, mainly because you have too many people, some are too noisy, and the backyard is full of quiet patients!”

“Then we don’t have to make a noise, besides, we paid so much for the registration fee!”

The wealthy businessmen gathered around to complain.

The staff couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Yeah, brother, we all paid to line up. In other words, we are also VIP customers, so let’s just blast out those who haven’t paid the registration fee! Let’s work with you and just stop talking!”

At this time, Kristine’s cousin said.

Chapter 458

After Biao’s aunt finished speaking, she glanced at Kristine and the others, giving a hint.

The staff immediately understood: “How many people, please show me your registration form?”

“Sorry, we don’t have a registered order!”

Kristine shook his head with embarrassment.

“Then come here to pay!”

The staff’s eyes were cold.

“We have no money either!”

Kristine bit her lip and said.

“What what? Feelings are mixed in?”

“Hey, don’t look at what this place is, I actually want to get in, why come here without money!”

“That’s it, such a beautiful girl, why is this!”

Some wealthy businessmen suddenly shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

“Sheldon, Kristine, or let’s go!”

Kristine’s mother also knew it was really embarrassing for her daughter and Sheldon, and hurriedly pulled her daughter’s arm.

“Auntie, just leave it to me!”

Sheldon said.

Then he turned around and looked at the staff member coldly.

“It looks like you are new here, right? Let Zuo Zhongtao come out! Just say that a young man named Chen is looking for him!”

“What? Do you…you dare to call the master’s name directly? What surname is Chen dog, you, you, you…too weak!”

The staff was shocked.

The wealthy businessmen present all looked at Sheldon in amazement.

“Let me go, look at this guy, once Master Zuo is offended because of his rudeness, then no one of us can look at it today!”

Liu Mo said with the mentality that watching the excitement is not too big a problem.

“That’s right, the kid from nowhere is so rude!”

A group of wealthy businessmen instantly angry.

Even the cold woman and the sick old man glanced at Sheldon.

“Really looking for death!”

The young man named Qing Shu snorted and walked forward directly.

He knew he was going to find the young man to be unlucky, but neither the old man nor the cold beauty did not stop him.

Perhaps it is time to teach this fearless youth a proper lesson.

“Hey hey hey, three-wheeled stinky boy, get out if you have no money, don’t delay the big guy’s treatment?

The youth sneered.

At the same time, he slapped Sheldon’s shoulder, his palms pressed slightly.

And Sheldon glanced at the back of the young man’s hand on his shoulder.

“You’d better take it away, or you will regret it later!”

Sheldon’s original quiet and simple look disappeared instantly, and replaced by a touch of coldness.

“Regret? Haha, you don’t know what I do, right?”

The youth snorted coldly.

I have to work hard again.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon only shook his shoulders slightly.

With a bang.

There seems to be a crisp sound of something broken.

Just heard the young man scream.

Then he held his palm back one after another.

“Ah! My hand!”

The young man was in painful cold sweat, and when he looked at the back of his hand, the red veins on it were raised, like a strip of earthworms lying on it.

“I’ve totally abolished you!”

The young man’s face was swept, and with a roar, he was about to rush towards Sheldon.

“Qing Shu, stop it!”

He was stopped by the sick old man.

But he didn’t notice that the old man at the moment, after looking at the back of his hand, his eyelids throbbed fiercely.

A look of fear.

Yes, Qing Shu’s strength is not bad.

It can be said that in terms of the ability to fight alone, the three special* besieged together, it is absolutely impossible to win the prize.

However, just a slight shoulder-shake action shook Qing Shu like this, you can imagine the strength of the youth in front of you!

“Get out!”

The old man said again.

The cold beauty also looked at Sheldon, frowning slightly.

“This little friend, I’m sorry, my grandson is rude, I just offended a lot! Cough cough cough…”

The old man said a word, then coughed violently.


Qing Shu and the cold beauty suddenly said nervously.

“It doesn’t matter, little friend, if I can, I am willing to give you the first position and let Master Zuo see your doctor first!”

What is even more unexpected is that the old man actually said such a sentence.

“Grandpa, why let him, how old is he!”

Qing Shu said angrily.

“Alright, you are already dying, even if you look at Zuo Zhongtao, it’s useless! He can’t save you!”

Sheldon said something, but he was not polite.


Qing Shu and the beautiful women are both angry.

Even the old man looked a little embarrassed at the moment.

“The little friend is very strong, but you also need to pay attention to your speech and behavior. I, an old guy, doesn’t matter. If you tell others about this, I am afraid it will easily cause trouble!”

The old man expressed his dissatisfaction in a disguised form. After all, being cursed like this, no one can bear it.

There was a bit of arrogance on both sides.

As soon as the staff saw the situation, they hurried to the backyard.

“Little Sheldon, don’t read it, let’s go, we can’t offend them!”

But Kristine’s mother was scared and hurriedly said.

at the same time.

The inner court.

In a room with an incense burner.

After sending away a guest.

A middle-aged man over 50 years old is wiping his hands with a towel.

“Master, master, it’s not good, I want to fight outside!”

“Huh? What’s the situation? If you dare to make trouble here, just blast me away!”

The middle-aged man said indifferently.

“No, because of one of them, I paid special attention to it. Their surname is Wei, and they are more generous in their shots. The registration fee is 5 million!”

“Last name Wei?”

The middle-aged man is Zuo Zhongtao.

At this moment, he heard that he was generous and his surname was Wei.

It is already a bit clear.

At the moment, his face showed some caution.

“Hehe, I’m going out now, then who is so indifferent and provokes them the Wei family?”

Wiping his face, Zuo Zhongtao said.

“I don’t know him, he’s a stinky poor boy. He didn’t pay a penny for the registration fee. He still couldn’t leave, and he told you to meet him without any embarrassment, as if he was named Chen!”

“What? The last name is Chen!!! But a young man?”

With a snap.

Zuo Zhongtao threw away the towel and asked.

There was an unspeakable emotion on his face.

“Yes indeed!”

The staff was taken aback.

“Could it be him?”

Zuo Zhongtao’s expression tightened.

Then he ran out excitedly.

“He’s finished, he’s finished, he’s completely finished playing, this time not only offended Master Zuo, but also offended a rich man of this level, huh, let’s see how he died!”

Liu Mo sneered.

“That’s right, I’m afraid we will never see Kristine again in the southwest!”

dollardollar also sneered.

“Master Zuo!”

“Master Zuo!”

At this time, the rich people in the lobby shouted loudly.

It turned out that it was Zuo Zhongtao who came out.

In addition, Zuo Zhongtao kept his eyes fixed, and walked quickly toward the young man named Qing Shu, his expression excited.

“Let me go, what kind of family are they? How could Master Zuo be like this?”

“Yeah? That’s weird!”

Everyone was surprised.

It’s just that what makes everyone even more strange is that Master Zuo directly passed the Qingshu Youth and the three of them, but came to the poor boy.

In the next scene, everyone was shocked, and eggs could be put in their mouths.

I saw Master Zuo bowed deeply to the poor boy:

“Zhong Tao met Big Brother!”

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