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Chapter 459


When everyone present heard this, their mouths were all open.

The dignified master Zuo Zhongtao actually called this young man a big brother?

The Liu family was even more astonished on the spot.

Even Kristine was a little surprised.

“Yeah, come here today, there is no other meaning, just borrow your place to use it!”

Sheldon did not agree, nor did he not agree, he said with a little helplessness at the moment.

“Yes, yes, please!”

Zuo Zhongtao said respectfully.

The Wei family on the side looked at each other in amazement.

This young man is really not easy.

After half an hour.

Outside the door of a guest room.

Kristine was pacing outside anxiously.

Sweat dripped on his head.

And the four people from the Wei family who have been waiting with Kristine.

“Hmph, I just don’t believe in evil, that little boy can actually heal?”

Wei Qingshu wrapped his arm and said at the moment.

Yes, they are all of the same age. First, they were humiliated by Sheldon. Now, Sheldon has other talents.

It humiliated Wei Qingshu, and seriously hurt Wei Qingshu’s pride.

“To shut up!”

Wei’s old lady said coldly at the moment.

The young man said that his illness could not be cured by Master Zuo. Originally, Wei Fu, the old grandfather of the Wei family, did not believe it, and thought Sheldon was rude.

However, even Master Zuo called Sheldon a big brother, which really frightened Wei Fu.

At the moment, it is also respectfully waiting at the door.

Just then, the door of the room opened.

“Sheldon, how is my mother?”

As soon as Sheldon came out, Kristine hurried to ask nervously.

“It’s almost there. After taking the herbal medicine for three months, you can fully heal.”

Sheldon smiled.

“Ah! Sheldon, when did you learn to see a doctor?”

Kristine was surprised and delighted when she heard it.

At the same time, I feel that Sheldon is really strange.

“It’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you slowly when I have a chance. You can go first and see Auntie!”

Sheldon said.

At this moment, Zuo Zhongtao took the needle bag and followed Sheldon out.

Obviously, this treatment was mainly done by Sheldon, and Zuo Zhongtao was assisting him.

“Master, please!”

Zuo Zhongtao respectfully said.

Sheldon glanced at him, really helpless.

Speaking of it, I didn’t know Zuo Zhongtao before.

That was five months ago.

I learned art from Kirk and taught Sheldon all his medical skills and martial arts.

He also gave Sheldon a book for Sheldon to memorize.

Sheldon himself is excellent in learning, so it is not difficult to master a book in a short time.

But only a month, although Sheldon memorized the contents of the medical classics, but the basic skills are very poor.

It was also at that time that Zuo Zhongtao came to ask Kirk.

It seems that Uncle Qin had some connections with Zuo Zhongtao before and taught him some medical skills.

This time, Zuo Zhongtao obviously wanted to come to further his studies.

She also really had perseverance, kneeling at the door of Kirk’s house all day and night.

Afterwards, Uncle Qin couldn’t bear it anymore and asked Sheldon to teach him some of the contents of the medical classics.

At the same time, it was also for Sheldon to be more proficient in some basic skills so as to fully master the medical classics.

Therefore, I stayed with Zuo Zhongtao for nearly a month.

Kirk did not accept Zuo Zhongtao as his disciple.

But Zuo Zhongtao has always called Sheldon a big brother.

So Sheldon was helpless.

“Mr. Sheldon, Master Zuo, you have worked hard!”

Wei Fu said in a salute at this moment.

“Hehe, Mr. Wei, you have already understood what you said just now. I have also shown you your illness. I am really helpless!”

Zuo Zhongtao said ashamed.

“Yes, yes, I understand, but since Mr. Sheldon can see the aging disease at a glance, I think Mr. Sheldon must have a way!”

Wei Fu smiled slightly.

“I’m not a doctor, how can I treat people indiscriminately!”

Sheldon is not completely exposed to external dangers, so he doesn’t want to be too high-profile.

Unexpectedly, Wei Fu has been chasing himself here.

“Hey, hey, I called you to give you face, Mr. Sheldon, when did my grandfather beg someone, what kind of virtue do you think you are, take a piss and take a picture of yourself!”

Wei Qingshu shouted coldly.

Sheldon frowned and glanced at him.

“Qingshu, don’t be rude!”

Wei Fu reprimanded.

“Mr. Sheldon, I am really sorry, if my grandson offends you too rudely today, I am willing to apologize to you!”

Wei Fu said, he was about to bend down.

The Gao Leng beauty and Wei Qingshu never thought that grandpa would be like this.

However, it was stopped by Sheldon.

“Forget it, Mr. Wei, since acquaintance is a fate, I can try your illness!”

Sheldon said.

It is not convenient for me to find the Cooper Family now.

But in the future, if I want to develop further, I cannot do without these big families.

You might as well take this opportunity to make friends with some valuables.

Reserve some strength to fight against the Palmer Family in the future.

“Mr. Sheldon! Thank you so much!”

Wei Fu said happily.

“However, I have two conditions!”

Sheldon said.

“Mr. Sheldon, it doesn’t matter, I will do it one by one!”

Wei Fu resolutely said.

“It’s not too difficult. First, it’s my identity. It’s not convenient to disclose it to the public. You have to help me keep a secret!”


“As for the second one, in a few days, I am going to Roston, looking for a shrewd and capable person to be by my side at my request.”

Cooper Family.

“Huh, don’t you just want to find a dog to serve you? Our Wei family still lacks this… As long as you can help my grandfather take care of the illness, I will give you a mansion, and then give you fifty servants to call you! “

Wei Qingshu sneered.

“I don’t want a mansion, and I don’t want dozens of people. I think this old man is very good and shrewd. I just don’t know if Wei Fu can agree?”

Sheldon glanced at Wei Qingshu and smiled faintly.

“What? You want me to serve you? Are you sick? Who am I, I am the eldest son of the Wei family!”

Wei Qingshu looked at Sheldon ridiculously.

“That couldn’t be better. Although my grandson is reckless, he really needs to be shrewd. I have the same meaning!”

Wei Fu laughed.

“What? Grandpa? Sister!”

Wei Qingshu suddenly wilted.

“Qing Shu, from then on, you will stay with Mr. Sheldon. Mr. Sheldon tells you to go east. You can’t go west. Whatever you ask you to do, do what you do! Even if you are a cow!”

Wei Fudao.


“What? Do you even dare not listen to Grandpa’s words?”

Wei Fu was angry.

Wei Qingshu gritted his teeth: “Okay, I just listen to Grandpa!”

After speaking, Sheldon nodded, and then led Wei Fu to another room.

“Master Zuo, can this young man really heal my grandfather?”

The cold girl asked at the moment.

I always feel that this person is too young.

“Hehe, Miss Myla is worried. My senior brother said that he can cure, and he can definitely cure him. I don’t even look at what kind of person our master is. To be honest, I was a local ruffian at the beginning. With just over a month, the teacher was completely reborn, and eventually learned a medical skill. This is just some outside medical skills taught by the master and his elders!”

“And what the big brother learned is all the essence of the master, the inner door of the inner door, and the big brother has followed the master for more than half a year! It is taught by the master himself every day!”

Zuo Zhongtao sighed, and his eyes showed deep envy.

“Then who is your master?”

Wei Qingyin came to his mind.

“No comment!”

Zuo Zhongtao shook his head and said.

And after waiting for another two hours.

The door of the room opened…

Chapter 460:

Returning to Roston


Wei Qingyin hurried over.

“Mr. Sheldon please!”

Wei Fu came out with Sheldon with a smile on his face.

In just an hour, Wei Qingyin also discovered that grandpa’s complexion had changed too much.

“Don’t worry about the voiceless sound, Mr. Sheldon is sure to cure his grandfather’s illness. After a while, according to the husband’s words, grandpa has hope of a complete recovery!”

Wei Fu became more respectful.

“Then congratulations to Mr. Wei in advance, but if my senior brother can help Mr. Wei, I don’t know if Mr. Wei can also do him a favor?”

Zuo Zhongtao said.

“Oh? Mr. Sheldon, what can I still use Wei Fu?”

“It’s like this. It is rumored that a king of ginseng has grown on the southern border of the Wei family. This thing is rare in a century. My elder brother has searched for this thing for a long time. If Mr. Wei is willing to help find it, it would be best. !”

Zuo Zhongtao said.

Sheldon’s eyes also raised slightly.

To be honest, after making friends with the Wei family in the southwest, Sheldon did plan to let the Wei family help find the King of Shen after he planned to heal Wei Fu.

After all, I went to the southwest border for a period of time.

That’s why I have this mind.

As for the king of ginseng, I heard from Uncle Qin that once he had the opportunity to take it, it would greatly nourish his blood. At that time, the Palmer Family was not only in the eyes of Uncle Qin, but also nothing in his own eyes.

Sheldon didn’t have to look forward and backward like this, worrying that the Palmer Family would be detrimental to the Negston Cooper Family, and he was frightened.

After all, with the current strength, self-preservation is fine, but if the Cooper Family is burdened, then he is somewhat inadequate.

Zuo Zhongtao was also there when Kirk said at the time.

What moved Sheldon a little was that he still remembered this to himself now.

“It turns out that Mr. Sheldon is also looking for the ginseng king. I was seriously ill before, and I tried to get the idea of ​​this ginseng king, but I have been searching for it for a long time, and some people say that if ordinary people take it, it is easy to break the blood. Two years ago, I gave up the idea of ​​searching!”

Wei Fudao.

“But since your husband needs it, it’s not a help to my Wei family. After I go back, I will immediately prepare a man for my husband and look for it!”

“Thank you Wei Lao!”

Sheldon said gratefully.

“Well, if that’s the case, then I took the prescription and rushed back to the southwest border! Prepare for this matter for your husband. From then on, Qingshu will stay with him for the time being!”

“Sheldon, shall we return to Roston together?”

Afterwards, Kristine was holding the luggage and was about to check out at the hotel.

Because Sheldon also said that he had to go back to solve the problem, so Kristine asked.

“Yes, let’s go back together!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

Not only Roston, Negston Sheldon also plans to go back and see.

Because he inquired about something, that Mo Jian, the Third Young Master of the Palmer Family who had harmed Marcella, had recently appeared in Roston.

Elsa got this field for herself.

Sheldon couldn’t sleep all night without letting out this bad breath.

“Okay, then there will be a caregiver!”

Kristine said happily.

“By the way, don’t take these luggages, let Wei Qingshu carry them!”

Sheldon pointed to Wei Qingshu with his hands in his pockets.

“You let me take it?”

Wei Qingshu was not convinced.

“Why? Not obedient?”

Sheldon’s eyes condensed.

But Wei Qingshu took a deep breath.

“Take it, what’s so great!”

Wei Qingshu angrily went down with his luggage.

Wei Qingshu’s car stayed here.

He was naturally the driver for Sheldon.

After a few people got in the car.

“Wait a minute!”

“what happened again?”

Wei Qingshu said impatiently.

Sheldon looked around.

Just below Mengshan.

A convoy came, and from the convoy, two women walked down.

Sheldon couldn’t help but startled.

“Hehe, Mr. Sheldon, you are such an adult, you haven’t even seen a beautiful woman? But I have to say that these two women are really beautiful!”

Wei Qingshu said with relish while touching his chin.

“To shut up!”

Sheldon’s eyes narrowed.

These two beauties are naturally old friends with Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t expect to encounter them both in this county.

And the two of them are not others, they are Fang Nuan and Fang Yi.

Since the last time I fought in the Southwest, I said I haven’t seen each other for half a year.

And my father told myself later about the beauty of Jimmy.

It turned out that she was the baby kiss that grandfather ordered for himself.

In short, this really made Sheldonlpless.

But at the time, wasn’t it all popular?

Of course, Sheldon asked Wei Qingshu to stop the car, not to see the girl, or to say hello to Fang Nuan.

It was Jimmy and Fang Yi, who seemed to have been followed.

Sheldon saw that, not far away, there were two figures staring at them sneakily.

This is what makes Sheldon suspicious.

“Have you seen enough? Mr. Sheldon, everyone has gone up the mountain!”

Wei Qing calligraphy.

“Just wait for them to go up the mountain, well, you will wait for me here for a while!”

Sheldon watched Fang Nunan go up the mountain with Fang Yi.

Then he opened the car door and walked towards the sneaky two.

“Damn, is he going to chase two beauties to strike up a conversation?”

Wei Qingshu felt a sense of crisis.

“Wait first! I see what he does!”

Wei Qingshu also followed Sheldon out.

As soon as Sheldon saw Wei Qingshu coming.

Just beckoned to him: “You just came here. Seeing that those two people weren’t there, it was Lianjiazi. You went to find their fault, and then lead them to the alley over there!”

“What are you doing?”


Sheldon pushed Wei Qingshu.

Wei Qingshu passed by cursingly.

With Johan Adamnan and Fang Yi, it can be considered a friendship.

However, Sheldon is not the kind of person who loves to take care of things when he sees things, and it’s not that Sheldon intervened because of a baby relationship with Fang Nuan.

Mainly his second aunt, Qiangwei, and their Fang family are after all a family.

The Fang family is now a relative of the Cooper Family.

Therefore, Sheldon wondered if it was the former rival Situ’s family who was making trouble again.

And Wei Qingshu is also a good at finding things.

Before long, the two of them were teased by Wei Qingshu and chased him in the small alley.

“Wait a minute, carefully adjust the tiger away from the mountain!”

When they reached the entrance of the hutong, the two people also noticed something was wrong.

We must quit.

Just turned around.

I saw a black shadow flashing in front of me.

Not waiting for a response.

The chest is painful.

The two screamed and threw them into the alley together!

“You… who are you? Do you know who we are?”

The two of them were holding their chests, they couldn’t get up, and they warned.

“I don’t know who you are, but I know that if you don’t answer me honestly, you will become a dead person later!”

Sheldon squatted down with one hand in his pocket and said coldly to the two.

Let the two of them have an inexplicable coldness at the same time…

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