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Chapter 461

And Sheldon raised both hands, not giving them nonsense, and stuffed them in their mouths.

“What are you feeding us?”

The two were shocked.

But then, an unspeakable pain appeared on their faces, and they covered their abdomens and rolled on the ground in pain.

Wei Qingshu on the side was a little frightened.

“Gu worm, now this gu worm is devouring your internal organs. In no time, your death will be miserable!”

Sheldon sneered.


The two hurried to kneel to beg for mercy.

“After answering my question, I can spare you not to die!”

“I ask you, why are you following the Fang family sisters? From which force are you?”

Originally, the two would not talk about this issue if they were killed.

Would rather die than say.

But the feeling now is that I can’t survive, or die.

“Yes… We were sent by the Delia Family. We are from Young Master Chris! Forgive… forgive me!”

The two lay on the ground.

“I guess it’s really good. It’s the Delia Family. Then I ask you, what conspiracy is the Delia Family doing?”

Sheldon asked.

“No… I don’t know!”

“Well, Qing Shu, let’s go!”

“Say! Let’s say it all!”

The two panicked: “We definitely don’t know the internal affairs of the Delia Family, but we just heard that the Delia Family recently made a big move, plotting to rebel against the Fang family, and wanting to take the Fang family as their own!”

“Just relying on the Delia Family and those vassal families, I’m afraid they don’t have that ability, right?”

Sheldon frowned.

“Yes, yes, yes, this matter was helped by the Yanjinglong family, and there were people from the Palmer Family who participated, especially the Palmer Family. A few people came and they were really amazing! The Fang family will definitely be turned over this time. On the ground!”

Both of them said everything they knew.

This is no wonder!

Sheldon thought.

“What is the big move of the Delia Family?”

“Now the old lady of the Fang family is seriously ill, and her life is dying, so the Delia Family wants to be three days later…”

Ten minutes later.

“Mr. Sheldon, I have processed all the corpses, what should I do next?”

Wei Qingshu sent his hand to come out.

He saw the death of the two corpses just now, it was a miserable one.

At the same time, it also gave Wei Qingshu a sense of fear.

To be honest, although Sheldon has some abilities, when he looks at him, he feels honest.

Therefore, Wei Qingshu’s words are very presumptuous.

But just now, he finally understood why Grandpa treated Sheldon so politely.

Sheldon truly gave Wei Qingshu a sense of fear.

The methods are too cruel!

“The Fang family has something to do with our family. Since this incident happened to me, I can’t leave it alone. Let’s stay here for three days. You are responsible for taking care of Kristine’s mother and daughter! I have to sneak into the Fang’s family to see what is going on. what’s the situation!”

The Long family is the running dog of the Palmer Family, and now the Delia Family is obviously also the running dog of the Palmer Family.

As for the three great gods, if the Fang family was annexed again this time, then the Palmer Family would have annexed two.

Needless to think about it, the next thing will be the assets of the Cooper Family in America.

Mo’s circuitous cannibalization method is really clever.

Therefore, Sheldon couldn’t just let it go.

It is not yet the time to directly declare the identity and break in.

Looking at Mengshan, Sheldon thought of Zuo Zhongtao, and a thought came up in Sheldon’s heart!

The second day.

The door of the southwest home.

“Fang’s family is different. With the Fang family members, welcome Master Zuo!”

Fang stood weakly at the door, leaning on crutches, with the Fang family.

Seeing Zuo Zhongtao who got out of the car, he said respectfully.

Zuo Zhongtao and the Fang family actually had a relationship for a long time, and a few years ago, the Fang family also spent a lot of money to hire Zuo Zhongtao as a full-time doctor of the Fang family, but Zuo Zhongtao refused.

“Master Fang is polite!”

Zuo Zhongtao smiled slightly.

But Fang was different. At this moment, he looked behind Zuo Zhongtao, a young man carrying the medicine box, but strangely, the young man was wearing a mask on the upper half of his face and stood honestly behind Zuo Zhongtao.

“Who is this?”

Fang could not help but smile.


The young man in the mask pointed to his mouth, waved his hand, pointed to Zuo Zhongtao, and put his hand on his heart.

“Hey, grandpa, Asan, he is Master Zuo’s disciple, he is a dumb man, he can’t speak!”

And Fang Yi, who came with Zuo Zhongtao, introduced very enthusiastically at this moment.

“Fang Yi, how do you talk!”

Fang Yunan looked helplessly at Fang Yi, who was going straight, and couldn’t help but say.

“It’s okay. Today on Mengshan, I and Asan knew each other. The two of us hit it off right away. Although Asan didn’t speak, we talked a lot! Are you right?”

Fang Yi smiled and said, as if she were friends with Asan.


Asan nodded hurriedly.

“Hehe, Master Zuo laughed. Although Xiaoyi in my family is a bit reckless, she has been caring and kind-hearted since childhood!” Fang said differently.

“It can be seen that my disciple burned his face when I was a child, so I have worn a mask since I was a child, but after working hard over the years, I have learned some true skills from me. I will take him when I go out now!”

“Famous teachers make great students!”

Fang said differently, and took Master Zuo’s hand and walked towards the Fang’s inner courtyard.

“Hmph, did you hear me? Grandpa also praises my kind heart!”

Fang Yi pouted.


Fang Nun shook his head and smiled bitterly.

But the young man named Ah San gave Fang Yi a secret glance.

Good-hearted ass! This is why you have never seen anyone who speaks by sign language, because you are so curious and want to learn sign language.

Yes, San, isn’t it Sheldon?

In order to act cheaply, Sheldon had to take this bad strategy.

“San, I’ll help you get the medicine box!”

Johan Adam nodded slightly to Asan.


Sheldon hurriedly waved.

In comparison, Fang Nuan was more gentle and considerate, and Sheldon couldn’t help but glance at her more.

As for Father Fang’s illness, in fact, Sheldon had already noticed something when he squinted.

With a few sets of medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion for a few days, it can be cured, but it is not troublesome.

And what Sheldon meant to Zuo Zhongtao was that it was best to stay in Fang’s house for a few days.

When Fang didn’t listen to this, it was too much.

And Sheldon also took this opportunity to observe the movements of the Fang family and even the Delia Family.

It just made Sheldon speechless.

The girl Fang Yi seemed to be ill. It was irritating to Sheldon that she was always looking for herself.

“San, what are you doing?”

At night, Sheldon was standing in the backyard, thinking of the so-called big move by Situ’s family.

And on the Palmer Family’s side, how many people were sent to help the Delia Family this time?

At this moment, Fang Yi caught a glimpse of Sheldon and walked towards Sheldon with his hands behind his back.

Sheldon was speechless for a while.


Sheldon pointed around the garden.

“Oao, it turns out that you want to see the scenery, hehe, stay on Mengshan all day long to learn medical skills, I think you must have never seen such a good garden?”


Sheldon nodded.

“Well, you are fine anyway, just talk with me here, right?”

With that, Fang Yi directly stopped Sheldon’s hand.

Sheldon couldn’t help feeling startled…

Chapter 462

Fang Yi’s small hands are very slippery and warm.

Sheldon felt a little strange for no reason.

Fang Yi took him and sat down on the small stone bench in the flower bed.

“Asan, I’m thinking, why did the two of us see each other right away? Maybe I think we two have similar pasts? Don’t think I am a young lady, I have been a beautiful girl since I was young, how about you, listen to your master, you have been since young We endured hardships and encountered such disasters, but our two pasts are very similar, because since we were young, we have neither friends nor our own circle!”

Fang Yidao.

Sheldon nodded.

“You know, I hate it since I was a kid, because I was banned from a family back then. Alas, in fact, I am a person who can’t stay idle. You can see that since I was young, I I haven’t even talked about love, and in a blink of an eye, I’m almost 23 years old, and I don’t know what the so-called love on soap operas is like!”

Fang Yi helped with her cheek.


Sheldon pointed to Fang Yi and made a gesture.

“Hahaha, you said I’m pretty, if I find a boyfriend easy, right?”

Fang Yi said with a smile.

Sheldon nodded.

“Oh, let’s be honest, after this period of time I have not been banned, I did want to try love. I have seen a lot of son brothers, but do you know this kind of thing, I have no feeling for them at all!”

Sheldon nodded.

“However, it’s not completely absent. I had a friend before. I have feelings for him!”

Fang Yi said.

“His name is Sheldon. Although I only get along with me for a short time, other people are very nice. I think he is cute from the first time I see him! Other people are nice, in short, I feel a little bit!”

Sheldon raised his eyebrows.

He made a gesture right now.

“O’ao, you ask me why I haven’t revealed it to him?”

Sheldon nodded.

“Hmph, this is a long story, because based on my observations of him, he seems to be a bit scumbag!”


Sheldon said in surprise.

“Do you know Asan, my friend, although he is nice and kind to people, the most annoying thing is that he is very good to everyone, especially girls! You say, this can Isn’t that a scumbag? So my feeling for him disappeared!”

Fang Yi said.

Sheldon made another cheering gesture to her.

“Don’t worry, I will find the love I want!”

Fang Yi looked at Sheldon and smiled.

“By the way, San, do you really care about how others look at you?”

Fang Yi asked.

Sheldon nodded.

Can only helplessly continue.

Pointing to his face, he made a terrifying expression.

“You mean, your appearance will scare others, and then scare them away, no one will be friends with you, right?”

Sheldon nodded.

“I’m not afraid, and I won’t despise you, San, can you take off the mask?”

Fang Yi said.

Sheldon shook his head suddenly.

“Well, if you don’t want me, I won’t force you, but we are good friends, no matter what you look like, I will not despise you!”

Fang Yi said firmly.

Sheldon did not expect Fang Yi to say this.

Nodded immediately.

“Mr. Asan, you are here!”

At this moment, a servant came over.


Sheldon stood up.

“This is Mr. Asan. Missy, her left shoulder has started to ache again recently, so I want to ask Mr. Asan to come over and take a look!”

Said the maid.

Ah San nodded.

“Asan, you should go to the doctor first, she has been training a lot recently, and it must be an old problem again! Waiting for tomorrow night, I’ll be here for you tomorrow night, let’s talk again!”

Fang Yi said.

Sheldon nodded again.

Then under the guidance of the maid, Sheldon took the medicine box.

He came directly to Fang’s room again.

At this moment, Johan Adam was wearing a suspender nightdress.

Long hair shawl.

The beautiful temperament also made Sheldon startled slightly.

“Mr. Asan, you follow Master Zuo during the day, and I’m not bothered to trouble you. I can only ask you to help me see this old problem at night!”

Fang Nien smiled slightly.


Sheldon waved his hand quickly, indicating that it was not troublesome.

“My shoulder has been suffering from a dull pain since I was injured that time, especially after I increased the amount of training during this period of time, sometimes it hurts badly!”

Johan Adam sat down.


Sheldon gestured and asked how she hurt.

“It was a friend of mine who accidentally injured me. At a taekwondo contest, I didn’t think he was good at first. I was thrown out by him carelessly and injured my left shoulder. Since then, there has been this hidden danger. Up!”

Sheldon was kneading her left shoulder, and his body was shocked.

If you remember well, you just hurt her yourself, right?

Unexpectedly, it left her with hidden dangers.

Now I am looking for treatment by myself, and I don’t know if it is God’s will.

Sheldon waved his hand and told her that it was not in the way, and after a few times of acupuncture and moxibustion, she would be cured!

“Really? Thank you Mr. San. By the way, can I not call you Mr. San, I always feel awkward. Can I call you San?”

Fang Nien smiled slightly.

Sheldon nodded.

“Asan, will you be very depressed every day by Master Zuo? On the mountain this morning, I also saw that you don’t have many friends. Few people talk to you like this? Except for the lively Fang Yi?”

Fang Nun asked.

I don’t know why, as soon as I saw Ah San, it made a girl like Fang Nain feel sympathy.

Moreover, Ah San gave Fang Nuan the feeling that it was particularly practical.

It is in stark contrast with other boys.

Although Fang Nuan entered the world late, she thought she was quite accurate.

From Ah San’s eyes, she couldn’t see the slightest look of Brother Pig that the boys showed when they saw herself.

It makes people feel particularly comfortable.

Therefore, Fang Naun also sincerely wanted to chat with Asanduo.

Especially, Ah San couldn’t speak, unlike Fang Yi, who had a big tongue, would say everything in his heart.

Sheldon nodded immediately.

“Asan, you have been living in the outside world until you grow up. Do you understand the feeling of love? I have no other meaning, just want to ask…”

What happened to the sisters tonight? Why do you talk to yourself about this?

Sheldon shook his head.

“Oh, San, you haven’t been in love, nor have I, but I’m not sure if I like someone or not. I don’t even know, when did I like him…”

Johan Adam said softly.

Sheldon just listened.

“I was thinking, could it be the moment he broke me? Or the moment he saved me? I started to feel about him in my heart?”


The sudden pain in the shoulder caused Johan Adam to let out a small cry.

Sheldon hurriedly waved his hand to apologize.

“I’m fine, Asan, go ahead!”

Johan Adam said with a smile.

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