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Chapter 463

Sheldon was indeed slightly startled after listening to Fang Nai’s words.

Unexpectedly, I only had a short-term contact with Fang Naun, and to be honest, I also used Fang Naun in certain things.

I didn’t expect that she would treat herself…

“But later, when our Fang family went to Chen’s house, we learned that he was missing! I sent many people to look for him for half a year, and there was no news. Maybe, he is gone!”

Fang Nunan looked sad.

“All right?”

At this time, Fang Naun turned her head to look at Ah San.

Ah San nodded.

He made a gesture to let Fang Naun rest well.

Then he had to leave with his medicine box.

Then, Sheldon glanced at Fang Nuan’s room, where a long incense and a blessing incense basket were placed.

The brow was frowned immediately.

Pointing to Xianglan and said, “Huh?”

Does that mean you have something tomorrow?

Jimmy smiled and nodded: “Isn’t it a temple fair tomorrow? Fang Yi, my second uncle and aunts and three uncles and aunts will go to the temple to pray together. At this time of year, we all go secretly. Haha, you don’t know. In the past, Fang Yi and I could not go out casually, but now it’s fine, we can go to the lively temple fair!”


However, Sheldon’s expression didn’t have much joy.

“Are you going to San? It looks like you haven’t been to a temple fair before?”

Johan Adam asked suddenly.


Sheldon made a gesture.

“Okay, it’s settled, if you are not busy tomorrow, you will go with us!”

Fang Nien smiled slightly.

I don’t know why, from the first sight, Ah San is very kind.

It was mainly Ah San’s gaze, which looked particularly comfortable.

Plus, he can’t speak, so he is naturally accustomed to listening.

Therefore, Fang Nai-nan is also willing to be friends with Asan.

Of course, that’s all.

at the same time.

The secret room of Situ’s villa.

This night, Situ’s house seemed very lively.

A whole table of people are enjoying their drinks.

“Father, the situation may have changed. The old thief Fang invited Zuo Zhongtao to treat him. Our people said that after some treatment, the old thief Fang looks a lot better.”

At the banquet, Chris couldn’t help but worry.

“Young Master, you may be worrying too much. The Delia Family of the Long Family today is no longer what it used to be. Now that the Situ Long Family has joined forces and the great help of several masters of the Palmer Family, are you afraid that one side is different?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man sneered.

And he is called Long Biao, the youngest son of the Long Family.

The sons of Mrs. Long have their own characteristics.

Especially this Long Biao, as his name suggests, is very tough.

Command the underground forces under the Long Family.

Once participated in the planning of the encirclement of the young master of the Cooper Family, he gained a lot in Qingcheng and almost captured Sheldon alive. Therefore, in terms of ability, he won the trust of the Palmer Family.

“Uncle Biao said that!”

Chris said.

“Hehe, Xiao Yang, you still have to learn more from your elders in the future. Your talents are not enough. By the way, the first step plan is about to begin tomorrow. How are you preparing?”

Delia asked.

“Don’t worry, everything is ready, and the Mo Qing Motian brothers of the Palmer Family are helping each other. They must be foolproof!”

Chris said.

At the same time he looked at the two brothers who looked the same.

“Okay, then I’m completely relieved, Mo Qing Motian is the first cousin of Master Mo Jian, and not much lower than Mo Jian’s master!”

Delia complimented.

“The two are talking and laughing, we are far behind our cousin!”

The two brothers shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

“Okay, to win our first plan tomorrow, cheers!”


The next day, a temple fair in a county seat in the southwest.

The scene is very grand and can be described as a sea of ​​people.

“It’s really lively!”

Fang Yi stood in the crowd, looking at so many people, she couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Fang Yi, can you be more reserved!”

Fang Nuan was speechless.

“What, I’m really excited, don’t you feel it? There are so many people, how fun!”

Fang Yi said.

Johan Adam shook his head silently.

“Okay, okay, let’s go around first, and then go to the temple to pray!”

The second aunt said at the moment.

After speaking, he looked at the young man who followed them silently.

Smiled and said, “Mr. Asan, I made you laugh!”

Sheldon shook his head.

In fact, even if Sheldon is not allowed to come, Sheldon will follow.

After all, the Delia Family had always looked at these two sisters.

“Hey, look at me soon, isn’t that our classmate?”

At this moment, Fang Yi suddenly pointed to a prescription and said.

And those classmates, men and women, add up to five or six.

They were shopping, obviously, they also saw Fang Yi and Fang Nain now.

Originally, Fang Yi and Fang Nunan were very mysterious and cold in the eyes of the classmates.

No one dared to greet them actively.

But now, Fang Yi smiled and waved at them.

A few of them naturally walked over.

After all, I have been a classmate for several years!

“It’s you!”

A girl led by came over and smiled.

“Yes, it’s a coincidence. I just happened to come out to play with Naun. Just now I was thinking, would I meet my classmates? I didn’t expect to meet them! How long have you been playing?”

Fang Yi said with a smile.

“Also just here!”

Several girls said.

“Well, let’s go together. We have been classmates for so many years. Except for Laura, everyone hasn’t had a good conversation yet, are you right?”

Fang Yidao.

Johan Adam nodded with a smile.

The two of them had a brief contact with Laura. Six months ago, Laura and Sheldon had helped themselves with her.

“But although I haven’t said anything, I know you all.”

Fang Yi said again: “This is Xu Yangyang, the monitor of our next class. As for this big beauty, Murphy, you and this handsome guy Shen Junwen are new transfers to our school, right?”

And Murphy smiled at Fang Yi: “Yes! It’s been half a year! I just met Yang Yang and the others, so we are together!”

“Okay, Fang Yi, since you are all young people, let’s play together? I’ll go somewhere else with your third aunt!”

Second aunt said.

After speaking, the two also went shopping.

As for Sheldon, he was embarrassed.

I thought I would never see them again, but I didn’t expect to meet again after half a year.

It’s just not seen for half a year, Xu Yangyang, it’s less impulsive.

Laura, with short haircut, is still pretty and s*xy.

As for Murphy, there is a touch of mature charm, more beautiful than before!

“Asan, these are our classmates, let’s play together? Anyway, everyone is young!”

Sheldon nodded, but did not refuse.

On the other hand, Laura, Murphy and Xu Yangyang, saw Ah San wearing a mask, and he could not speak. Through the mask, he could see the scars on his face.

It feels a bit awkward to walk with such a person.

But Fang Yi and Johan Adam brought him, and everyone couldn’t say anything, so they nodded.

But Murphy still deliberately kept a distance from Sheldon…

Chapter 464

The reason for keeping the distance is because Murphy is still a proud little princess in his bones, and naturally likes to stay with high-level social figures such as Shen Junwen and Johan Adam and Fang Yi.

This is understandable.

Sheldon didn’t pay attention to the disgusting gazes of Murphy and Xu Yangyang. At this moment, his eyes were full of attention.

“Nin, look, I really like the little sugar people that kids are holding, but I don’t know where they can be sold!”

With a few people sitting by the window, Fang Yi pointed to a few children passing by.

“You still like these. I know where they can be sold. It’s 500 meters north. If you like it, I will lead you there!”

Murphy said at the moment.


Fang Yi stood up excitedly.

Then he looked back at Xiang Sheldon.

“San, you go with me, anyway, you are fine if you are idle!”

Fang Yi said with a smile.

“He doesn’t need it, let’s go there!”

Murphy said.

There was a bit of disgust in his tone.

As for Sheldon, he also glanced at Murphy at this moment.

“Let’s go!”

Fang Yi took Sheldon’s arm.

“Asan, you can go with Fang Yi! I don’t worry if you happen to be with her!”

Johan Adam also smiled at the moment.

Sheldon nodded helplessly.

So he accompanied Fang Yi and went with Murphy.

I thought that Fang Yi would go back after buying Sugar Man, but I didn’t expect that this girl had so many fun things that she hadn’t seen before, so she had to buy everything and she had to look at it.

The more shopping, the longer the time.


Sheldon patted Fang Yi on the shoulder, indicating whether it was time to go back.

“Don’t worry, look again!”

Fang Yi smiled.

“Since Mr. Asan wants to go back, let him go back first!”

Murphy said.

“No, how boring to go back!”

Fang Yi shook her head.


At this moment, Sheldon, who was about to persuade Fang Yi to go back again, suddenly moved his ears.

Then his gaze condensed and looked away.

I saw at least a dozen figures walking towards them.

And Murphy and Fang Yi still don’t know.

Sheldon reminded Yi again.

Suddenly, a dozen people suddenly speeded up.

Ran towards Fang Yi.

And grabbed Fang Yi’s arm at once.

More than a dozen people gathered in an instant.

Sheldon’s shoulder was also held down, and at the same time, he put a stick on Sheldon’s waist.

“Don’t move, brat! I’ll kill you if I dare to move!”

The man said viciously.

Actually, it is easy for Sheldon to resist, but now, this group of people is obviously planned and well planned.

It’s easy to fight directly on the spot.

But I am afraid that this group of people will not have long eyes and hurt others.

Also, now I don’t know what happened to Fang Nunan and the others.

So Sheldon chose not to act rashly.

“Who… who are you? What do you want to do?”

And Fang Yi was also hijacked.

A little scared at the moment.

“Those who want to kidnap!”

And Murphy obviously experienced some occasions, frowning at this moment.

“Hmph, you, a beautiful girl, are calm, but I’m afraid you won’t be calm in a while, hahaha!”

One of the men in the peaked cap sneered.

“You are so bold, do you know whose site this is, who am I, dare to hit my attention, my sister is drinking coffee next to me!”

Fang Yi warned in fear.

“Huh, why don’t you know, Fang Yi, the second lady of the Fang family? You are right. Your sister Fang Nuan is indeed drinking coffee, but she has been invited to drink coffee by our people! You are the only one, let me go!”

The leading man was used to Fang Yi fiercely.

At this time, an extended version of the van rushed through the crowd and hurried towards this side.


After speaking, he escorted the three people into the car directly.

And Sheldon is still thinking about whether to do it on the road or what.

These people, don’t look at them, but Sheldon really doesn’t care about it.

“Are you done?”

At this moment, a voice rang from the intercom.

“It’s done, it’s easy!”

The leader said.

Then, from the walkie-talkie side, I heard Fang Nuan’s voice.

“I was really caught by them!”

Sheldon thought.

At the moment, I took the car safely, and waited until I saw Jimmy and the others.

“Give me all in!”

Sheldon and the three of them were hooded and pushed into a basement.

Only a few men opened the trio’s headgear.

At this time, Fang Yi saw that in the room, Fang Yunan, Xu Yangyang, Laura, and Shen Junwen were all tied up!

“Fang Yi, San, are you all right?”

Fang Nun was tied to a stool, and asked worriedly at this moment.

“囝囡, I’m fine, who are they… why are they so bold?”

Fang Yi asked hurriedly.

“Who? Hehe, who else? They are the dogs of the Delia Family, ungrateful dogs!”

Fang Nuan cursed angrily.

“Stay well, you guys! Someone will come to accompany you later!”

One said.

Then the group went out.

“Unexpectedly, there is actually such a secret room built by the family!”

Murphy said at the moment.

“Yeah, it’s no wonder that this group of people still have guys in their hands! It’s the latest model in the Central * region, and it’s very powerful!”

At this moment, Shen Junwen frowned and said.

When Sheldon listened, he also remembered that Shen Junwen and Murphy seemed to have gone to the school undercover to investigate the case.

Unexpectedly, this bedroom is six months.

At first, I was curious about what case the two were investigating.

“I’m sorry Victor Yangyang and Huimin, we are the one who caused you trouble, but you can rest assured that I will not let the Delia Family hurt you!”

Johan Adam’s apologized.

“Miss Fang, the most important thing now is to find a way to escape!”

Shen Junwen calmly said, also showing his tolerance.

“Hey, if Sheldon were there, he is the best. If he knows we have something to do, he will definitely not stand by!”

Laura cried.

It was the first time Laura and Xu Yangyang encountered such a thing since he was a child, and of course he was scared.

When mentioning Sheldon, the girls were slightly startled.

Especially Jimmy couldn’t help but look sour.

“It’s useless, even if Sheldon knows it, it’s useless, because something happened to him!”

Fang Nai said.

“Huh? Something happened?”

Laura, Xu Yangyang, and Murphy looked at Fang Nuan together.

“Yes, for half a year, life and death are still uncertain!”

Johan Adam said.

“how come……”

Laura has difficulty setting up a channel.

“What I said, why did Roberson’s company suddenly close down? It turned out that Sheldon had an accident!”

Xu Yangyang also said sadly.

“Huh, deserve it!”

Suddenly, Murphy’s voice rang.

“Who made him so high-profile at the beginning, so like to show off, thinking that he can do whatever he wants with money, but a person who is not blessed is a person who is not blessed!”

Murphy thought of some past events and couldn’t help but exclaimed angrily.

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