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Chapter 465

Sheldon couldn’t help but glanced at Murphy.

I thought that she helped her last time, but her view of herself has changed.

I couldn’t help but smile helplessly at the moment.

“Don’t mention the useless ones. Now, everyone is still thinking of a way. It is true to escape!”

Shen Junwen said.

“Go in, let me in!”

At this moment, another voice rang.

Then the iron door opened.

There were more than 30 people, including men, women and children, wearing hoods and being pushed in.

When the headgear is opened.

Johan Adam could not help but startled.

“Why are you? You were also arrested?”

Fang Nun was shocked.

“Miss, is it you? It turns out that these dog thieves from the Delia Family caught you too!”

One of the old men couldn’t help but say.

Obviously this group of people are very familiar with Fang Nain.

Because they are not bystanders, they are the key figures in the Fang family’s vassal family. There are more than a dozen vassal families in the Fang family, and now, half of them have been arrested!

Because of them, they are the most loyal of their own family.

“Miss, please come up with an idea. The Delia Family may be disadvantaged by the other family. They want to rebel!”

An old man said.

“But now, what else can I do! Unexpectedly, they have painstakingly prepared for so many years!”

Johan Adam said sadly.

at the same time.

Fang’s inner courtyard.

“It turned out to be Mr. Situ, you guys, sorry, the master just took the medicine and rested!”

Delia came to the door with several colluded vassal families.

“This matter is an important matter. I have to report it to the housekeeper. We are waiting here!”

Delia said.

But the housekeeper frowned slightly, obviously, Delia’s move was very rude.

But there is no other choice but to report.

Soon, the old lady of the Fang family met them in the study.

“Ahong, what’s the matter?”

Fang asked differently.

“That’s it, Mr. Fang, one of our Delia Family works at the headquarters. He was hospitalized because of a work-related injury, but the medical expenses that the headquarters should make up were not in place!”


“Huh? You are looking for me for this?”

Fang frowned differently.

“Yes, it is precisely because the medical expenses are not in time that this employee of our Delia Family has passed away!”

Delia said coldly.

But Fang did not notice some flavor.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“Simple, punish the person responsible this time! Otherwise, my Delia Family will not be convinced!”

“Then who is responsible?”

“Fang Nun Nun!”


Fang didn’t slap the table abruptly, “Ahong, you are bold! What do you want to do? Don’t you want to rebel with these goods?”

“Hehe, the master is serious. My Delia Family has been loyal to the other family for so many years. At this moment, I just want a statement! So, you only need to sign this agreement. I don’t need to pursue this matter!”

Delia handed over an agreement.

When Fang looked differently, his face changed instantly.

“Delia, you are so crazy about dreams, you are looking for death!”

Fang was furious with red eyes.

“Come on!”

Fang shouted differently.

“Hehe, sir, don’t shout, your four ghosts who guard your safety have long been abandoned by our people. Now, almost no one of you can use them. For you, for your two granddaughters, two For the safety of my son, I hope you can sign and announce this in public!”

Delia sneered.

And Fang is different and naturally knows what is happening now.

But never expected, when will the Delia Family have such energy?

“You arrested Fang Yi and the others?”

“Hehe, father, I will give you five minutes to think about it. As for the board of directors, I believe it will not be long before those old guys who follow you will also sign and pass!”


“Don’t waste your energy!”

“Okay, let me sign it, but there is one thing I want to understand. Delia, did you become the running dog of the Palmer Family?”

“The running dog is too ugly! I just choose a smart person to follow! In fact, you have harmed yourself to this day!”

“The Palmer Family intends to cooperate with you to help the Palmer Family search for that Sheldon in the southwest, but you actually refused. There is no way. I have to use the Fang family’s power in the southwest to find that Sheldon. As for the benefits, it is the Fang family. From then on, the surname is Situ! Master, don’t blame me!”

Delia said.

“Come on, take the old man back to his room to rest, so he can take care of him. Don’t delay the meeting tomorrow!”

After Delia finished speaking, he took people out directly.

At this moment, Situ’s secret room.

More and more people were arrested.

Most of them are the backbone of the Fang family.

“No, grandpa may have something wrong, we must find a way to get out quickly!”

Fang Nai said.

“The most urgent task is to join forces with a few good players. Let’s break out!”

Shen Junwendao.

“Miss Nun Nun, you have the best skills here. You can see that you will use *. Why, let’s try it out and add Huimin! Just three people less!”

Shen Junwendao.

“I know how to fist, so count me!”

“Count me too!”

After a while, a dozen people stood up.

No one wants to obey the old dog Delia.

Right now is filled with indignation.

“But going out will be very dangerous. This young man, I also know that you want to escape, but you are not from the Fang family. Don’t worry, they won’t be too difficult for you. Besides, they will all be arrested. Here, why are you fighting Delia!”

Someone asked worriedly.

And Sheldon also made a gesture to tell him not to be impulsive, and then wait and see!

“Hmph, you cowards, let’s talk less!”

Shen Junwen looked at them speechless.

“Now I am more inclined to Junwen’s opinion. I think I can try it out! It’s better than just waiting to die!”

Fang Nuan nodded silently after thinking for a long time.

After all, as long as you can rush out, you can report a letter and invite an assistant to deal with Situ’s family.

“Well, I observed just now that their inner courtyard is very defensive, and the outside is very strict. Miss Fang, I wonder if you are familiar with the outside terrain?”

Johan Adam nodded: “I’m familiar with it! Later, you will follow me behind, and I will take you to try to break out.”


At this time, Sheldon spoke.

That means, take him and go out.

“Asan, I know you are scared, but if we rush out this time, we may not succeed, and there will be danger!”

Johan Adam said with concern.

Murphy rolled his eyes and said nothing.

“Now that the family is like this, I can’t stay here either, 囝囡, let me run out with you!”

Fang Yi gritted his teeth and said.

Looking at the rest of the tribe, most of them were frightened by the Delia Family.

He also looked at Fang Yi and nodded at the moment.

“No, I don’t agree, Miss Fang Yi, and this Asan. It’s really dangerous for us to go out. If you have to follow, it will inevitably cause trouble!”

Murphy said.

“Stop arguing about this issue. When it gets dark, let’s check it out!”

Fang Nuan said in time.

And at this time, Sheldon walked to the corner and took out a piece of jade pendant without a trace, but this was not a jade pendant, because there was an instrument button on it. At the moment, Sheldon pressed it…

Chapter 466

Soon, it was late at night.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise, which exploded in a warehouse of Situ’s house.

The flames soared to the sky, it seemed that the entire Delia Family was shaking.

“what happened?”

In the conference hall of Situ’s house, Delia, Long Biao and others trembled physically and mentally.

“It’s not good master, it’s not good master, it’s our warehouse, it was bombed!”

A housekeeper hurried in and said.

“what did you say?”

The corners of Delia’s mouth twitched.

The warehouse of the Delia Family is not as simple as storing things. In these past few years, some materials and texts of the Delia Family are all in it.

“Who dares to be so bold? Move my Delia Family?”

Delia said angrily.

“Now I have sent someone to investigate!”

The housekeeper said hurriedly.

“Check, we must catch people!”

As Delia said, he also rushed out with a group of people.

Outside Situ’s house, in a forest deep in the mountains.

Several tents are being set up.

More than a dozen people walked through the jungle before finally arriving in front of the tent.

“Shao Wei, everything is done!”

Several people said.

“Very well, then our task is completed, and the rest is up to Mr. Sheldon!”

Wei Qingshu opened the tent and walked out, nodded and said, “Okay, now send the second team over to take care of Mr. Sheldon and their evacuation at any time!”

Since the last time Wei Qingshu saw Sheldon’s methods with his own eyes.

There is no disrespect to Sheldon anymore.

On the contrary, Sheldon asked him to do a lot of things this time, and Wei Qingshu loved it.

After learning some of the tactics of the Delia Family from those two men.

It is to let Wei Qingshu be responsible for responding at any time.

The Wei family was a huge family on the southwest border. Sheldon knew the topography of the Delia Family from the mouths of two of his men. Naturally, it was not too much of a problem for Wei Qingshu to sneak in.

“囝囡, what sound, how does it feel that the mountain is shaking, and it’s so messy outside! Now it’s black and light, and you can’t see anything!”

Fang Yi asked now.

“I don’t know what happened, it seems to be an explosion, but taking advantage of the chaos, this is a great opportunity for us to escape! Maybe, grandpa deliberately arranged it, let’s go!”

At the moment, Fang Nuan rushed out with Shen Junwen and the others according to the original plan.

Even though there were a few subordinates in the tunnel, Fang Nuan dealt with it, and naturally there was no big problem.

Coupled with the power outage, the basement is even darker.

It’s chaotic outside.

Almost effortlessly, they rushed outside.

“It seems okay!”

The people in the room are watching.

Fang Yi didn’t follow either.

“Asan, Katsuo, what shall we do now? It seems chaotic outside, can we escape?”

Fang Yi said anxiously.

At this moment, Fang Yi’s hand was caught.

At first glance, it was Asan.

“San, didn’t you just rush out with them?”

Fang Yi felt at ease.

Sheldon shook his head and motioned to Fang Yi to take everyone away now!

“Can we go? Naun and they still don’t know where they are going?”

Fang Yi asked.

Sheldon motioned to her again, don’t worry, everything is mine!

“Then let’s rush out together and run out of the back door of Situ’s house!”

Fang Yi shouted.

“Well, well, just take advantage of it now, the black light is blind, and you can’t hit it even if you turn on*!”

Obviously now, everyone agrees.

More than 30 people, following Sheldon, began to run out.

“Damn, where do you want to go?”

With a snap.

A bright flashlight suddenly illuminated at the exit of the basement.

I saw five or six bodyguards, holding the guy in his hand, blocking the door.

Staring at everyone fiercely.


Some women screamed in fright.

“Asan, what should I do? They have * in their hands.”

As for Fang Yi, she took Sheldon’s arm in fear at this moment and hid behind him.

“If you don’t want to die, just get me back!”

Four or five people approached everyone.


Sheldon’s figure moved.

the speed is very fast.

And the fingers directly poke the vitals of several people.

In an instant, all five fell to the ground, bleeding from Qiqiao.

“Ah! San, so… so you are so good?”

Fang Yi’s eyes widened, staring at the scene in disbelief.

Even Laura and Xu Yangyang have been in contact with many boys who practice taekwondo.

But compared with this dumb Asan, the difference is simply too far.

This ugly monster is really amazing!

The people behind him were also amazed.

Then I finally had the backbone in my heart.

Sheldon immediately waved his hand and rushed out with everyone.

Has rushed to the backyard here.

At this moment, I have seen the warehouse of Situ’s house, the fire is blazing into the sky, and the other buildings are lit up.

Situ’s house was in chaos.

But Sheldon shot very quickly, and now, the main bodyguard of the Delia Family is obviously not here, and it seems to be chasing Jimmy and the others.

This is just for Sheldon and the others.

Even if there are a few guards at the door, they are not Sheldon’s rivals at all.

Soon, everyone was taken out of the courtyard by Sheldon.

Ran five or six hundred meters to the north.

When passing a forest.

I saw many cars waiting.

Sheldon motioned Fang Yi and the others to get in the car and leave.

And Fang Yi finally fell to the ground.

“No, where’s Laura?”

“Yangyang, didn’t Laura ran with you just now? Why didn’t you see her?”

Just as he was about to get on the bus, Fang Yi asked suddenly.

And Sheldon also discovered that Laura seemed to be lost.

what’s the situation?

Sheldon let Fang Yi get in the car, and then ran back to look for it.

Until the door of the basement, I found traces of Laura.

This girl was shrinking in the corner, crying all the time.

Seeing Ah San is back.

She was overjoyed: “Third Brother, I… I tripped a while ago and my knee fell!”

“Come on, I’ll carry you!”

Sheldon suddenly spoke.

Then he carried Laura on his back.

As for Laura, he was shocked: “San Brother, how can you speak? You are not dumb?”

“Nonsense, what? You can’t even hear my voice?”

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

Laura’s eyes widened, “You… are you Sheldon?”

“Yes, you are really Sheldon. Since I saw you in the morning, I felt that your eyes are so familiar, and your figure is so familiar!”

“But Sheldon, you… didn’t you have an accident?”

Laura was full of doubts.

“This is a long story, let’s talk about it when I save you guys out first! By the way, my identity will be kept secret for me for the time being! I don’t want people to know, I have appeared in the Southwest!”

Sheldon also told Laura.

Laura nodded heavily.

Time passed by, two hours later.

Johan Adam’s over there.

The situation is not optimistic.

When a group of people rushed out of the chaos, they happened to run into Chris and chase them.

At the moment, he can only run towards a mountainous area to the south.

And Chris led people to chase all the way.

Fang Nunan and Murphy didn’t know how many mountain roads they ran.

Finally, I found a highway under the hillside.

But now, it has long been lost.

“Hey, where is this? Why don’t you even have a village, so it’s hard to make a phone call!”

Murphy asked.

“After running for so long, I don’t know where this is! Anyway, we can’t walk along the road!”

Fang Nai said.

A crowd is preparing to run down the road.

Boom boom boom!

Suddenly, there was a sound of motors around.

Immediately afterwards, the lights were turned on.

Just saw the front, more than fifty cars appeared.

The road ahead is blocked.

And beside the car, there were groups of people in black standing.

“It’s over!”

Fang Nun’s and Murphy’s hearts suddenly chilled.

“In front, but Miss Fang Nuan?”

At this moment, the head of the group of people came over and asked with a smile.

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