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Chapter 467

“Who are you? Chris sent you here?”

Johan Adam could not help but wonder.

Although it was night, Fang Nuan could see clearly.

This group of people is extraordinary and standing solemnly.

Obviously a family bodyguard with strict training.

And there are only a few big families that can reach this point.

It’s so late, such a big battle, who is not Chris’s person?

At the moment, a crowd of people also stood together nervously.

“Haha, Chris? What is it?”

Unexpectedly, the leader of the youth smiled disdainfully:

“Miss Fang, I have been entrusted by my husband to take you out of danger. Without further ado, let us go!”

Said the leader of the youth.

“Your husband? Who is he?”

Fang Naun couldn’t help asking.

The young man did not speak, but got into the car on his own.

Two bodyguards came:

“Miss Fang, please get in the car, and we will take you to a safe place!”

Johan Adam’s several people looked at each other.

If the other party had malicious intentions, they would have done it a long time ago, and Fang Nuan couldn’t cope with them too.

Now she chooses to believe.

After nodding, a crowd of people got into the car.

The car galloped all the way.

It stopped in a large warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

“It’s safe here, Chris’s people, can’t find this place!”

Take them in, they have already prepared food, and the young man lit a cigarette and said.

“Thank you for saving us. I don’t know how this young man is called?”

Murphy’s heart was moved by the youth’s unruly aura.

Asked gratefully now.

“Hehe, you’re polite, don’t thank me, I just follow our husband’s instructions to do things, you have something to eat, take a break, tomorrow, I will send you back to Fang’s house!”

“This young man…”

Johan Adamnan just wanted to ask something.

The young man threw the cigarette butt on the ground and pinched it out, then turned and walked out directly.

Only a dozen of them were left in the warehouse.

“Nin, do you know who saved us? Your family is so powerful, are you friends of your grandparents?”

At this moment, Murphy asked.

Johan Adam shook his head: “No, let’s not say that our Fang family’s vassals have been arrested by Delia. Family, what else!”

Johan Adam frowned.

“But now it seems that they are not malicious to us, they are here to help us!”

Murphy said.

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, Fang Yunan looked at Murphy and Shen Junwen:

“Huimin Junwen, I think your skills are also professionally trained. You shouldn’t be transfer students, right?”

Fang Nun asked.

Murphy smiled and said, “Yes, we are not transfer students, but 囝囡, our true identity needs to be kept secret, I hope you can understand!”

“Go home early, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up early tomorrow morning, everything will be over!”

Sheldon put Laura in the car, asked the driver to take Laura home, and said to Laura who was still in shock.

“Sheldon, it’s too dangerous, otherwise you can go with me and stay at my house for one night! They are terrible!”

Laura worried.

“No, I still have something to do tonight!”

“But, it’s thundering, and it’s about to rain heavily. We are all saved. Where else are you going?”

Laura is still uneasy.

“Don’t forget our agreement, just don’t tell the public about what you saw me!”

He patted Laura on the shoulder.

Sheldon winked at the driver, and the driver immediately drove away.

Laura turned around from the car and looked at Sheldon, who was still standing in place, through the rear window.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed, and in an instant, it illuminated Sheldon’s face.

Looking from a distance, Laura saw Sheldon’s face, and there was a coldness on his back for no reason.

At this moment, it seems that Sheldon is no longer the one he knew!

very scary!


With bursts of earth-shaking thunder, dark clouds completely enveloped the entire land.

“Wow!” The rain and the wind swept through.

This night, heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

And Sheldon’s figure disappeared…

Situ’s house.

“Why? All ran away? The person who bombed the warehouse was not caught, and all our hostages were lost?”

Delia angered Chris.

At this moment, representatives of the Longmo two families are also there.

“Originally, I was about to catch Jimmy and them, but I don’t know what happened, they just disappeared like the world, but my father can rest assured that I will catch them sooner or later!”

Chris wiped the rain off his body and said.

“Hmph, ducks that reach the mouth can fly, Ayang, how can you let me rest assured of entrusting such a big industry to you in the future?”

Delia was dying.

Lived for most of my life, for the first time I made people puck their mouths on their mouths.

The face is lost.

“Mr. Situ, don’t blame Yang for missing. This time, it’s obvious that someone is secretly helVeilBoyg’s family to come together inside and outside. However, it’s useless to save Fang Nuan, because now, we have controlled Fang’s difference. Manpower, no matter how capable these people are, there will never be any trouble!”

People from Longmo’s family stood up and said at this moment.

Delia nodded: “Several people are justified. Alas, in this matter, the WanglongPalmer Family should help a lot. Forget it, after all, it didn’t cause any fundamental loss, but it didn’t even cost a few people. Drink happily, come here, I re-prepare wine and vegetables, let’s drink and talk!”

At this time, one of the servants accidentally knocked over a wine glass because of his confusion.


Delia went up with a mouth, “Damn, don’t you want to live?”

“Sorry lord, sorry lord!”

“I’m so angry! By the way, how about Madam? Wasn’t she still there just now? The guests are all here today, go call Madam, come over to toast!”

Delia shook his head angrily.

The family ran out immediately, covering his face.

Walked out of the secret room.


Jia Ding spit at the door of the secret room: “Old things, sooner or later, you won’t die!”

“Ahong, go and invite madam!”

He called a maid, A Hong, angrily.

After shouting a few times, no one answered him.

His response was a thunderbolt that tore through the sky.

He was so scared that he almost sat on the ground.

“What’s the matter? People? Why is there no one in the living room?”

Jia Ding was surprised.

Look around, there is no.

Outside in the yard, I don’t know when the lights were turned off. The yard was pitch black.

“I wipe it, the bodyguard eats shit, right? It was struck by lightning?”

Jia Ding walked to the door of the villa in confusion.


A flash of lightning flashed across.

The whole yard was illuminated in an instant.

Jia Ding also saw the situation in the yard clearly.


Jia Ding let out a terrified scream…

Chapter 468


The whole yard is full of human body.

It was raining heavily, as if the entire ground was red, bright red everywhere.

These people are male and female!

And it was through this lightning that Jiading also saw a tall figure standing in the rainstorm.

He is holding the umbrella with one hand and pockets with the other, and is slowly walking towards the villa.

In Jiading’s heart, it was like a demon walking towards him.

He wanted to run and shout, but at this moment, he couldn’t do a single move.

I can’t move my legs.

Finally, he saw the person’s face clearly, it seemed to be a handsome face.

But those eyes are as if condensed from blood.

There was a sense of killing.

And it was this killing air that made Jia Ding’s breath freeze instantly.

Walked into the villa.

The young man slowly put the umbrella down and shook it, not knowing whether it was a stain of rain or blood.

“Everyone is inside, right?”

The youth asked kindly.


Jia Ding nodded.

“Hold it for me!”

The youth handed the umbrella to Jia Ding.

“good good good good!”

Jia Ding’s whole body is shaking…

“Come on, cheers, from now on, the three families of Longmustu have one mind. There is no rival in the world. Hahaha, celebrate and celebrate. By the way, I have to discuss tonight and the next step to follow the matter of Sheldon!”

Delia said with a big smile.

“Actually, the two brothers of Mo Qing and Motian, ever since the Long family asked the Delia Family to help find the whereabouts of Sheldon, my father had never been careless. If it weren’t for someone desperately protecting him, I believe Sheldon would have fallen there half a year ago. My father has it! Uncle Biao knows this too!”

Chris said at this moment.

Long Biao nodded heavily.

“Yes, two people, Ayang is right. The people I chased after Sheldon were all from the Delia Family!”

“We know this, this credit has already been reported to cousin Mo Jian, cousin Mo Jian, but I am thinking of everyone!”

Mo Qing Motian brothers said.

“That’s good, I still look forward to the two in the future, in front of Young Master Mo Jian, there are many beautiful words! Come on, cheers!”

Delia stood up to toast.

At this moment, from the secret room, I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor outside the secret room.

Very empty, from far to near.

“Could it be that the lady is here?”

A guest laughed.

“It doesn’t sound like!”

Delia smiled bitterly.


Later, I saw the door of the secret room, which was slowly pushed open.

Then a figure appeared in front of everyone.

“you are……?”

Delia frowned slightly.

Then reacted.

His face was even more excited with joy.

“You you you… are you?”

“Haha, father, he is Sheldon!”

Chris also stood up excitedly.

“What? Sheldon?”

The two brothers Mo Qing Mo Tian were taken aback.

“Yes, I recognize him. Both of my nephews fell into his hands. I also know him when he turned to ashes. I didn’t expect that he would dare to deliver him by himself?”

Long Biao stood up angrily.

“Find death, catch him for me!”

And Mo Qing Motian ordered the other two Palmer Family children at this moment.

The two rushed over immediately.

But as soon as he arrived, Sheldon made a round kick of the dragon’s tail, which directly exploded their heads.

The eyes burst out all at once!

He hit the corner so hard that he couldn’t get up again!

And they are the children of the Palmer Family.


Both Mo Qing Motian’s eyes widened.

The children of the Palmer Family would be defeated by an outsider in one move, and this is the rich second generation Sheldon?

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it.

And this bloody scene made Situ and Long Biao both eyelids fiercely.

Sheldon… actually so powerful?

“The Palmer Family coming this time, are you four? You four, you should go together!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

“Come on! Come on!!!”

And Delia, seeing Sheldon so vigorous, with cold sweat on his forehead, shouting to his subordinates to come.

But after shouting for a long time, no one answered.

And at the corner of Sheldon’s mouth, he saw the joking smile.

Delia felt cold for the most part.

“Sheldon, do you know that what you just ** is the Palmer Family! You Cooper Family, don’t you want to live anymore, my uncle will wipe out your Cooper Family!

Mo Qing Motian was also a little worried.

After all, apart from uncle’s level, who can have such strength?

Now, move out of Palmer.

“Indeed, I am still a little afraid that Palmer is not good for our Cooper Family, but he won’t know that this time I killed some of his nephews!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Asshole, you’d better catch it with your hands, otherwise, I will report to my uncle, you Cooper Family, prepare to bear the great anger of the Palmer Family!”

Mo Qing said angrily.

Sheldon shook his head: “You are wrong. Of those of you here today, don’t even want to go out alive!

Long Biao and others are splitting their hearts.

And Mo Qingmo Tianyi gritted his teeth.

“Asshole, my Palmer Family is a hermit, and the power of blood in my body is comparable to that of a layman like you. This time, my two brothers will take your corpse back!”

The two brothers rushed towards Sheldon directly.

The strength of Mo Qing and Mo Tian is naturally not comparable to the two Palmer Family children just now.

It is considered to have inherited the excellent blood of the Palmer Family.

But Sheldon is Sheldon of the day.

For half a year, Sheldon was bathed by Kirk’s very special medicine all day long.

In the first three months, I just felt my strength soared.

In the next three months, Sheldon felt as if he was reborn. Six months ago, the first time he used his power, Sheldon himself was frightened by his own power.

It was precisely by this that Sheldon had long been fearless towards Palmer Family, because it was not so easy for Palmer to kill himself.

If it weren’t for worrying that the current self would not be able to completely save the Cooper Family, and the Cooper Family would be encumbered, Sheldon would have looked for Palmer for a long time.

However, in the past six months, there was one thing that made Sheldon very surprised.

That is Uncle Qin.

Because Kirk competes with Sheldon every half month.

In every rally, Sheldon almost always beat Kirk by one stroke.

I thought that with my own efforts, I worked hard in the mountains.

You can win Uncle Qin even with one move, or even a half move.

However, half a year has passed, and Kirk will increase by one point if he increases by one point. The result is that every time he compares, he is a little worse!

Later Sheldon also understood that Kirk’s strength was not something he could wait and see.

At the moment, Mo Qing Mo Tian and the two brothers have joined forces.

But how could it be Sheldon’s opponent?

Several rounds down.


There was a crisp sound of a twisted neck.

The eyes of the two brothers Mo Qing Motian were wide open.

After that, blood spurted out of the two people and knelt directly on the ground…

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