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Chapter 469

Delia Family Destruction
Ding Ding Ding Ding…

The wine table was shaking, and the shaking glasses and saucers bumped back and forth.

That was the trembling of the Delia Family father and son and Long Biao.

Just now, it was lively and joyous.

And now, horror is coming!

All three of the Palmer Family’s super strength have seen it.

However, it is not Sheldon’s opponent at all!

And Sheldon walked towards the wine table.


Long Biao knelt in fright.

“Sheldon, spare my life… spare my life!”

A strong man weighing one hundred and eighty catties was so scared that his nose was running into his mouth.

“Half a year ago, I fled to the southwest. It was you who led people to chase and kill me. All of my 30 brothers were abandoned by you. They were all my friends in Roston!”

Sheldon patted Long Biao’s head and said.

“I was wrong… Sheldon! I… I was wrong!”


As for Sheldon, it seemed that he hadn’t heard it at all.

Take a hard shot.

There was a muffled noise.

Immediately afterwards, Long Biao’s eyes bleed, and he quickly lay on the ground.


And the father and son of the Delia Family, their faces were as pale as paper.

Shocked to the corner.

I feel that the person standing in front of me is not Sheldon, but the devil!

Sheldon glanced at the frightened father and son.

Then he cast his eyes on the wine table.

Sit down, poured a glass of red wine, grabbed an abalone and gnawed.

“I heard that you father and son have been looking for me in the southwest for the past six months, and you have also spent a lot of money and manpower. Now that I am here, what are you looking for?”

Sheldon looked at them and asked.

“No… it’s okay, Chen… Sheldon, it’s okay!”

Delia tremblingly said.

“It’s okay. What are you doing so hard to find me for? I thought you father and son have something important, otherwise I won’t keep you two until now!”

Sheldon sneered.

Nibbled an abalone and drank the red wine in the glass.

Sheldon walked towards the father and son…


The thunder outside is getting louder and louder.

However, after a short burst of heavy rain, it stopped again.

But Situ’s house suddenly burst into flames.

The entire area where Situ’s house was located was illuminated like daylight by the skyrocketing fire.

And a figure, wearing a hat, carrying a bag of things, slowly left Situ’s house, and finally disappeared into the vast night…

The next day, early in the morning, there was heavy rain last night, and the air was particularly fresh.

Suburban warehouse.

There are more than a dozen floor shops.

It was Jimmy and them who were still asleep.

Fang Nun’s eyelids moved slightly.

She seemed to wake up after hearing the sound of footsteps outside.

Sit up vigilantly now.

Seeing Murphy and the others are still resting.

The outside of the warehouse was already bright, and what made Fang Nain even more surprised was that there was no one outside.


“Wake up, everyone will wake up!”

Johan Adam shouted.

Everyone woke up now.

“What’s the matter? So sleepy! I didn’t expect to fall asleep!”

Murphy yawned.

“Look, there is no one in the warehouse!”

Fang Nai said.

Everyone realized then.

“Yeah, where’s the people? They were all there last night. It doesn’t make sense that they left. We can’t hear any movement?”

Shen Junwen stood up at once.

And Johan Adam frowned, only to see at this moment, around the warehouse, I don’t know when the burnt incense sticks.

“It’s this kind of incense, it makes us all dizzy!”

Johan Adam said.

“Who are they? Saved us without telling us who they are!”

Murphy said.

Later, someone shouted, “Look, there is a cardboard box here! There seems to be something inside!”

Everyone immediately gathered around.

“Murphy privately!”

There is a seal on the box.

“Miss Hu, it seems that this is specially reserved for you!”

One said.

For no reason, Murphy was a little excited.

There was a lot of thoughts in his head.

When Shen Junwen saw it, he felt nervous.

“Huh, what can I have, open it and see!”

Shen Junwen said puffedly.

“What are you doing? This is for me, it can’t be opened!”

Murphy said angrily.

“Who knows what’s inside?”

When Shen Junwen saw Murphy’s appearance, he wanted to argue with her.

After all, if Murphy liked others, he would also be extremely worried.

At this moment, Fang Nai shouted:

“Stop talking, someone is coming towards us!”

Afterwards, he ran towards the warehouse door.

Everyone was also nervous.

“囝囡, Huimin, are you in there?”

Just when several people thought it was Chris who came after him.

A sweet female voice instantly dispelled everyone’s worries.

“Fang Yi?”

Fang Nun’s heard it immediately.

Come out now.

Really, Fang Yi was walking over with the Fang family’s Ding Bodyguard.

“We are here!”

Johan Adam waved her hand happily.

“Ah! Nah, it’s great to see you all right!”

After one night last night, it can be said that everyone has experienced the scariest thing in their lives.

The joy of rebirth and reunion after the catastrophe is beyond words.

“Miss, it’s great for you to be fine, the old lady is so worried!”

The senior family also laughed.

“I’m okay, it’s okay, by the way, Fang Yi, didn’t you guys run out at the time? How come?”

Johan Adam said in surprise.

“We were saved later, it was San, San, he saved us all!”

Fang Yi cried while talking.


Fang Yunan was startled first, then she saw Fang Yi crying sadly: “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“Asan, he seems to be in an accident. After he saved us, he went back to save Victory. However, there was a big fire at Situ’s house and there was nothing left. Asan was gone!”

Fang Nuan’s expression was also sad.

“Fang Yi, don’t worry, Ah San is very lucky, and he must be fine. Besides, we haven’t started looking for Ah San yet!”

Fang Nuan persuaded.

“Yeah, you are right. Although Ah San had a hard life since he was a child, he has a big life, and he will definitely be fine. I will definitely find him!”

Fang Yi nodded heavily.

But at this moment, the careful Fang Naun saw something different in the careless Fang Yi’s eyes.

But at the moment, he was full of doubts, and Fang Nuan didn’t say much.

I am still worried about Grandpa’s safety at the moment: “Then grandpa is okay now? The Delia Family is not unfavorable to Grandpa, right? Also, how do you know we are here?”

“Situ’s house? Haha, miss you, don’t mention it. It’s too miserable. The Situ’s family doesn’t know which god has offended. There was a big fire last night and nothing was left. Situ’s house is gone!” The senior said.

“What? Situ’s house is gone?”

“Yeah, everything is gone. The fire burned all night and couldn’t even find a body!”

Fang Yi wiped her tears and said.

“Miss, let’s go back first, the old lady is holding a family meeting and there are important things to announce!”

Chapter 470:

A San Where Are You
The Fang family really turned the crisis into peace this time.

Because of Fang’s different negligence, he was almost wiped out by the vassal family.

The Fang family no longer exists.

Different parties naturally have the most important responsibility.

And after this catastrophe, Fang also found out that he was really old, and he was no longer the patriarch that everyone used to rely on.

At the critical moment, not to mention protection, and almost ruined everyone in the family.

Therefore, this Fangjia Conference looks very different from the past.

All the clansmen bowed their heads.


Fang different coughed, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Next, I want to announce one thing, and it is my last decision as the head of the Fang family!”

Fang is different.

Everyone raised their heads.

“That is, the next Patriarch of the Fang family will be held by the 囝囡! I am old and useless. Although the second and third are mature and stable, it is a pity that they are self-proclaimed and can be used as auxiliary talents. It is difficult to be a major task. After careful consideration, the future The most suitable person to lead the Fang family’s further development of recovery is 囝囡!”

Fang said differently.

The entire venue exploded, and everyone was talking.

And Johan Adam did not expect that today’s meeting would be like this.

I stood up and said, “Grandpa, I can’t. I’m still young. There is still a lot to learn. I can’t do this at all. Moreover, the Fang family has never had the tradition of letting a female stream be the owner!”

Fang Naun really didn’t dare to take over the responsibility of Patriarch.

Fang raised his hand differently, motioning everyone to shut up.

“Don’t discuss it. I have already decided on this matter. I know your concerns. Don’t worry, you can still marry and have your own marriage. Besides, the third generation of your second uncle and third uncle, The fourth generation still has materials that can be made. From now on, you have to step up the training of the other family for three or four generations! Grandpa, you are not just letting you be the head of the family!”

Fang is different.

And it was precisely these words that also dispelled the worries of many people.

Yes, Fang Nuan will marry sooner or later. Once he leaves, the Fang family can change their surname in the future. This is what everyone is worried about.

As for the old man’s words, everyone was relieved.

“Miss is the head of the family, I am the first to support!”

Some people are humane.

“Yes, I support it too!”

Subsequently, the high-level vassal family also echoed loudly.

“Everyone hopes!”

Fangdi smiled slightly: “You have seen this too, so don’t reject it anymore. You must be the candidate!”

The side is different.

It was back to the room with the help of the butler.

A group of people also came to congratulate Johan Adam.

After Fang Nuan bite the bullet and responded.

Then I remembered.

Fang Yi didn’t seem to be seen in the entire family meeting.

In the past, family meetings, this girl liked to join in the fun.

“Have you seen Fang Yi?”

After the meeting, Fang Nun asked the housekeeper.

She remembered that Fang Yi came back with herself.

“O’ao, Miss Fang Yi drove out before the meeting and said she was going to find someone!”

Butler said.

“Find someone?”

Johan Adam was startled.

Later, he realized that he secretly said, “Fang Yi, this girl, isn’t she going back to find Ah San?”

Ah San is gone, and Fang Nunan is also very sad, especially since he has saved many people in his family.

Fang Nuan also regarded Asan as a good friend.

However, she could also see that Fang Yi, the girl, seemed to have more than friendship with Ah San.

After shook his head, “Prepare the car, it’s too dangerous outside, I have to get her back!”

She said.

“Yes, President Fang!”

At the same time, the surrounding area of ​​Situ’s house has already pulled up a high warning line.

“This friend, have you ever seen a young man who is not tall, still wears a mask, and has severe burns on his face?”

A girl asked a passerby.

“not at all……”

“How come, he said, he will come to us when he goes. Now, Mengshan has not returned, nor has he returned here. Where can he go? I called Laura, and he can’t find him. , They seem to have moved and are no longer in the southwest, so who can tell me where he went?”

Fang Yi asked the passerby.

Passers-by were startled.

Looked at Fang Yi for a while.

I wondered how such a beautiful girl is like crazy.

He shook his head immediately, and dodged with fear.

“Where can Ah San go? He said he will come back! He promised me that he will never break his promise!”

Fang Yi muttered to herself.

“Asan, you are my only friend and my best friend. You must not have an accident. We have agreed that we will chat in the park at home every night. Where have you been?”

Fang Yi said.

While talking, Fang Yi’s mind was thinking of this simple Asan. He was gentle and treated people well.

Every time he chatted with him, he listened carefully, and encouraged himself.

Indeed, I first found Asan because he was bullying and wanted to learn sign language from him.

But later, this feeling gradually changed.

After only a few days, a kind of dependence has gradually formed.

Especially last night Asan gave up his life to save.

It made Fang Yi never forget this young man.

“San, where are you?”

Fang Yi couldn’t wait no matter what, so she simply sat down from where she was.

When she came back today, she first went to Mengshan to find Master Zuo, and then went to find Laura.

Master Zuo said that Asan did not come back.

And Laura’s family moved away.

Whether Laura was saved or not, Asan didn’t know what happened.

“San, you can’t have an accident!”

Fang Yi muttered to herself.

After waiting for a while.

Fang Yi’s soul did not leave her house, and the car left without driving.

She is going to look for it elsewhere.

Look for this young man, Asan, who has given Fang Yi a direction in life for more than 20 years.

She lost too much in her childhood. She had no friends, no friendship, and no love.

But since she met Ah San, she felt that everything was back.

She did not dislike Ah San as ugly, nor did she dislike Ah San as dumb.

These are not important.

The important thing is that every time I am unhappy, Asan can be by my side. Seeing him, I will feel better and feel at ease.

Fang Yi came to the road while thinking.


Suddenly, a violent motor sound rang.

Then Fang Yi withdrew her mind.

Turning to see, a fast-moving truck was coming at a swift speed.

The driver was taking a nap, and when he saw someone, he braked sharply.

But it was too late.

“Boom!” There was a loud sound.

Fang Yi flew out in an instant and hit the ground heavily.

The mobile phone flew more than ten meters away, and the screen shattered.

And there is a small pendant hanging on the phone.

The small pendant is very cute. On it, there is a little man wearing a mask, which looks like San..

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