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Chapter 471

The sound of the ambulance was getting closer and closer, and Fang Yi felt that her consciousness was getting blurred.


“what happened?”

On a general express train.

Seeing a young man by the window, he suddenly covered his chest and shivered.

The girl asked with concern now.

“It’s okay, it’s just that I had some palpitations just now, which is strange!”

The youth smiled bitterly.

Then he turned his head and looked at the girl: “By the way, you take this, go back to Roston, you settle down, find a job first, and the money in the card will naturally be enough for a lifetime!”

The young man handed the girl a bank card.

“Sheldon, I can’t ask for this. You are short of money now. I find a job and life will be good!”

And the girl, not someone else, is naturally Kristine.

At the moment, Kristine quickly gave the card to Sheldon.

“For Sheldon, you need money more than we do. You saved my life. If you want to give it, we give you money!”

Kristine’s mother also said.

“Heh, it’s okay, I won’t have much money to use from now on, and I have done so many things…hehe!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“What’s the matter with Sheldon? Also, you haven’t told me why you have nothing to do with the Cooper Family anymore?”

Kristine said worriedly.

“It’s okay, you still don’t know about this Kristine!”

Sheldon patted Kristine on the head.

When returning to Roston this time, Sheldon not only wanted to see his old ancestors, but also wanted to do one more thing…

But money is a burden to myself.

Think about it, life is so wonderful.

In the past, I also took a green leather car to Roston, thinking that when I arrived in Roston, I could treat the new university life with another attitude.

No longer need to live in low self-esteem with no money like in junior high and high school.

But when I arrived at the university, I discovered that wherever I didn’t have money, I was the same.

At that time, I was eager to have money, and when I had money, I had to live my own personality. I was flattered wherever I went.

But then, suddenly I became rich, but Sheldon found that he couldn’t show off his wealth like that.

Because that desire is gone, he still wants to live a plain life, get along with Lilla, then get married and have two children, preferably a boy and a girl. Live a carefree life.

Now that Lilla has left, the life of the rich second generation is gone like a dream.

But what is strange is that now Sheldon does not have that desire for money.

“Sheldon, you have changed!”

Kristine said suddenly.

“Huh? I changed?”

Sheldon retracted his thoughts.

“Well, when I saw you, I found that you are so different from before! But one thing you haven’t changed is that your friendship with me hasn’t changed, and you are still good to me!”

Kristine said.

“Of course, you are my good friend, both!”

“Then Sheldon, if you treat me as a friend, can you tell me if you have encountered something? You have too many thoughts! I know, you are no longer the rich second generation of the old scenery, and you return to Roston , Your feelings will be different, but whether you are a rich second-generation or not, I will treat you as my best friend. If you don’t tell me, I don’t ask, but we are good friends, both!”

Kristine smiled.

“So, I can’t ask for this money, you can take it, you can make a comeback in Roston Dongshan! I’ll be your assistant!”

Kristine took the card into Sheldon again.

“I really don’t need this money, and I don’t know if I can come back in the future!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“What do you mean? What are your plans for the future?”

Kristine said in despair.

“It’s okay, I said you are afraid, don’t ask!”

But Kristine wanted to say something but stopped, after all, he didn’t say anything.

Soon, Roston Station arrived.

Sheldon stopped a taxi and asked Kristine to get on it. As for the bank card, Sheldon had already slipped it into Kristine’s pocket without a trace. Kristine also knew the password, and she knew her bank card password at the university. It’s my birthday.

“Sheldon, are you not with us?”

Kristine rolled down the window and shouted at Sheldon.

“No, goodbye Kristine!”

Sheldon waved his hand.

The car started.

And Kristine stretched out her head and shouted:

“Sheldon, shall we be together? It doesn’t matter whether we have money or not, we get married and can work and live in Roston!!!”

“If you don’t like Roston, we can go to the country! Find a small place, settle down, and live a normal life. Did you hear that?”

“What did you say?” Sheldon shouted, “Slow down, live a good life!”

Sheldon waved.

“I said, let’s be together? Is it okay? I don’t picture anything!”

“Driver, stop!”

Kristine yelled to the driver anxiously.

But the driver didn’t listen. He covered the money Sheldon had given him in his pocket, and slammed on the accelerator and drove far.

Sheldon waved his hand.

Listen, naturally I heard it.

But Sheldon knew that he would never be able to live an ordinary life.

Lilla couldn’t find it for a day, and he absolutely didn’t have the intention to start another life.

And this difference, why is Sheldon so reluctant.

Because of this difference, many old people may never see each other again…

Sheldon was wearing a black sweater, and now put on his hat and mask again.

Stopped a taxi.

“where to?”

“Go to the hospital first!”

Arrived at the hospital soon.

Through the glass of the ward door, Sheldon saw Elsa, who was still lying on the hospital bed, wearing a ventilator and looking pale.

Think about how lively this girl Elsa was back then.

If she hadn’t met herself, she might be living well. Maybe, with her beautiful face, she could become an internet celebrity by herself now.

It’s great to have a happy life every day!

But she was caught by someone and threw it downstairs to find out her whereabouts.

Sheldon imagined that Elsa was looking for her own scene that day, and the two of them were downstairs with Kristine, looking worried.

I thought I saw hope, but it turned out to be the beginning of bad luck.

How ruthless is Mo Jian this person.

Standing at the door, Sheldon couldn’t help but press the door of the ward tightly.

Five fingerprints were deeply imprinted on it at this moment.

“Hey hey hey, you, who are stuck at the door, are you going to enter or not?”

The little nurse held the tray and asked angrily.

This man really, standing at the door shed tears, just didn’t go in.

And the young man turned around now.

The tears of tears swept away in an instant.

He is wearing a mask.

But those eyes seemed to speak, with a breathtaking spirit.

It actually made the little nurse tremble.

The tray almost missed it.

“This is for you. There is a specific acupuncture route and a herbal formula. Whether it is you or the doctor, after you understand it, save her!”

After the young man finished speaking, he threw the secret recipe onto the little nurse’s tray.

Then he left with his hands in his pockets…

Chapter 472

Sheldon came all the way to the hospital lobby.


At this moment, the girl who hurried over from the side suddenly got a kick.

He was about to fall.

Sheldon’s eyes were quick, and he held her back.

“Oh my god, it’s so risky, thank you, handsome guy!”

After the girl stood still, she straightened her messy hair and hurriedly thanked her.

At the same time, the girl felt that the boy felt strange to her.

Wearing a mask and a hat, he looks mysterious.

And that pair of gazes seemed familiar, and felt particularly strange.


The youth did not answer, but just nodded.

Of course, his eyes couldn’t help but stay on the girl for a few seconds.

Because of this girl, Sheldon knows.

“Do we know each other?”

The girl also asked with a smile.

Sheldon shook his head.

“Well, thank you anyway!”

The girl had to laugh.

“Of course, how is it?”

At this moment, a handsome boy in a suit came over.

“I have finished the physical examination, I was going to see you, and I almost fell!”

The girl took the young man’s arm gracefully.

“Yeah, if Jiang Ranran falls, then I can’t explain to Uncle Jiang!”

The boy smiled.

Yes, the girl is naturally Jiang Ranran.

“This handsome guy saved me!”

Jiang Ranran looked at Sheldon and smiled.

“Thank you, brother, I am the doctor in charge of this hospital. I don’t know what can help you?”

Jiang Ranran’s boyfriend said with a smile.

Sheldon shook his head, and then left.

Haha, I remember that when I was a child, I still liked Jiang Ranran for a long time.

I think she looks so beautiful and beautiful.

As for the later, although there is an ambiguous relationship with Jiang Ranran.

But now that half a year has passed, Jiang Ranran has a life of his own, which is pretty good.

“This brother is so strange!”

Looking at Sheldon’s back, the young man couldn’t help but murmured.

“Not only is it weird, I also think he is familiar with him, as if I have seen him somewhere!”

Jiang Ranran frowned.

“Of course, what are you doing?”

“Zyra, why did you come out?”

Jiang Ranran looked at a more fashionable girl.

“Don’t mention it, I checked a few more items. Isn’t this going to get married next month? Hey!”

Zyra said happily.

She also noticed Sheldon who had already gone out.

“Huh? He…”

Zyra’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but flow slightly.

“What’s the matter, Zyra? You don’t think he is familiar, too? Or if you think someone has a good figure, you should look for a handsome guy. Since I met you in Roston, I know you very well, and I see a handsome guy who can’t pull his legs. That kind!”

Jiang Ranran said with a smile.

“No, I really think he is so familiar, especially his back, where I have seen it!”

Zyra said.

“Oh, forget it, let’s go, when my husband gets off work, shall we go to dinner together? Then go shopping!”

Zyra said again.


Everyone joked and left.

Sheldon didn’t expect to meet Jiang Ranran at all, and Sheldon didn’t recognize her in order to be extravagant.

“Boss, give me something to eat!?”

“Googling, you need food at a young age, and you won’t feed the dog. Go far away!”

A shaggy young man leaning on a wooden stick and missing a leg, took a broken bowl and walked to a small stall on the side of the road.

In the end, he was driven away by the boss like a fly.

The pedestrians on the road are all pointing to the beggar youth.

And Sheldon happened to pass by and saw this scene, he couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly, and then left.

But after two steps, Sheldon stopped abruptly.

Turning around, looked at the young man.


Sheldon looked at the young beggar.

“Uncle, give me some money and buy some food? Okay?”

But the young beggar trembles with fear, and dare not raise his head, crying and talking.


Sheldon shouted softly.

And the young beggar shook his whole body.

He raised his head suddenly.

When you see the eyes of the person in front of you.

Shannon’s lips were shaking.

“You… are you? Brother Sheldon?”

Shannon shed tears.

Sheldon took off his mask and looked incredible, “I am, Shannon!”

Sheldon grabbed his shoulder.

“Brother! So you are not dead, you are still alive!”

Shannon dropped the crutches.

“No, Shannon, how did you become like this?”

Sheldon was surprised.

Think about how Shannon’s scenery was boundless at the beginning, but now how can Sheldon not feel distressed by the dismal end.

“Eat slowly!”

At a small stall on the side of the road, Sheldon ordered Shannon a lot of food.

The two sat opposite each other.

Sheldon poured a glass of water for Shannon and patted him on the back.

Shannon nodded, still stuffing his mouth to eat.

“Unexpectedly, in the past six months, so many things have happened. It’s me who is not good, and I am tired of you!”

Sheldon blamed himself.

According to what Shannon just said, in the past six months, it can be described as right and wrong.

After his accident, Mo Jian came to Roston. Shannon heard that his death was related to him and once took someone to avenge Mo Jian.

But how could it be Mo Jian’s opponent.

Therefore, Mo Jian made all his former friends and former forces suffer.

The worst was Shannon, who had his leg broken and asked him to survive in Roston.

Uncle Huang’s family was also murdered by Mo Jian.

And these, sister Alicia also dare not speak.

So there is this scene.

As for Bren, he was also trying to escape. The family moved, and Bren went to join the army.

As for the girl in Lin Ran, after the family was forced to go bankrupt by Mo Jian’s subordinates, she seemed to have gone to work as a nurse, and she didn’t know where she was going now.

Changed, everything changed.

And the source of everything is because of himself, the murderer, still this Palmer Family.

“Palmer Family! Mo Jian!”

In Sheldon’s eyes, a strong killing intent flashed through.

“Brother, I’m ashamed of you, I am a useless person now, haha!”

Shannon smiled bitterly.

“What a waste, don’t worry, your injury, I will heal you, and the Ivan family’s experience, I will also give Uncle Huang and them fairness!”

Sheldon said coldly.

And Shannon shook his head abruptly.

“Don’t, brother, let’s leave Roston tonight. Roston has changed the sky a long time ago. That Mo Jian is not Long Shaoyun, nor is he an ordinary man. He is very powerful. His identity background can’t match him at all!”

“I see, don’t worry, don’t worry about me.”

“Brother, you have been evading the Palmer Family’s pursuit, what are your plans in the future?”

“Hehe, I don’t have any plans yet, let’s take a step and take a step!”

“Brother, or else I’ll follow you. Let’s go together. Even if we die, it’s worth it. Anyway, I don’t want to live like this anymore. I’m better off with death!”

Sheldonsitated for a while.

Yes, now Shannon’s house is gone, and no one is tortured by Mo Jian.

Sheldon couldn’t bear to abandon him in this way.

“Well, that’s the case, you go to a place to heal your wounds first, from now on, you will follow me, our brothers will live and die together!”

Sheldon said.

“Hmm, live and die together!”

Shannon moved.

Then, Sheldon recommended Shannon an address and asked him to go to the southwest border and seek refuge in the Wei family first. Zuo Zhongtao had been sent by himself, and Shannon’s leg injury was naturally not a problem.

“What about you, brother?”

Shannon asked.

“Me? Haha, wait until I finish this matter…”

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