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Chapter 477

Leng Rushuang slapped Sheldon angrily.

From childhood to adulthood, the environmental reasons she came into contact with made her particularly sensitive to matters of men and women.

We can’t just say sensitive, it should be extreme disgust.

Those things about men and women made her feel sick and disgusting.

And seeing boys makes Leng Rushuang feel sick.

So just now, she said that everyone would die together.

And Sheldon did not expect that this cold girl would be so big anyway.

“I am saving your beauty. Your injury will not heal. When we escape later, it must be a burden. Once caught by them, what will happen to you, don’t I need to say?”

Cooper Family.


Leng Rushuang was startled.

Both hands clenched tightly.

Obviously, I struggled fiercely inside.

“Okay, but you have to close your eyes, otherwise, I will kill you!”

Road cold as frost.

“It’s as if I seldom look at you!”

“Then turn around first! Close your eyes!”

Cold as frost said again.

Sheldon shook his head and just turned around.

Behind him, there was also a sound of rustling undressing soon.

Although Sheldon is on his back.

But this girl, although cold, her appearance is indeed amazing.

If there is no reaction at all, then Sheldon is definitely not a normal person.

But Sheldon had no other ideas besides this.

“All right!”

Afterwards, Leng Rushuang said softly.

“Don’t move, I know the place, I press your head…”

Five minutes later.

“Brother, the water is coming!”

“I wipe it, what’s the situation, why is your face so red, a vicious beauty?”

Xiaopang asked.

And at first glance, the vicious beauty is disheveled.

Xiaopang was even more surprised: “You…you didn’t?”

“Asshole, talk more, I cut your tongue!”

Leng Rushuang pulled out the blade.

The chubby was so scared that he immediately covered his mouth.

The night passed quickly…

“Hey hey hey, wake up, wake up, we should go now!”

Sheldon patted Leng Rushuang and Xiaopang’s faces.

The two woke up.

“Brother, it’s still dark. It’s probably early in the morning. Those people outside set up tents outside last night. Where are we going?”

Chubby rubbed his eyes and asked.

“But I just went out and watched it. The outside was empty and there was no one. It is estimated that they have already left, or maybe they were bitten to death by poisonous mosquitoes! Let’s take the opportunity and leave!”

Cooper Family.

“Huh? No one?”

Xiaopang asked in surprise.

Leng Rushuang also stood up a little surprised.

“Sure, let’s go, if we don’t go, it will be too late!”

Sheldon slung his backpack.

Obviously, whether it is chubby or arrogant Leng Rushuang, Sheldon is the core at this moment.

Right now, I also left quickly.

After waiting out of the valley, Leng Rushuang found out in surprise.

Sure enough, there was no one around, and the tent was empty.

As for Li Hu’s subordinates, it seemed that the mystery had evaporated overnight.

“It makes no sense? If there has been a fierce fight, I will definitely hear it!”

Leng Rushuang thought to himself.

At the same time, he looked at Sheldon in surprise.

At this time, Sheldon had already gotten into an off-road vehicle, and he said, “Two people, I’m going to part with each other. I still have something to do! There are a few cars next to you. You can use them for transportation!”

“You…Where are you going?”

Leng Rushuang tangled for a while and asked.

“I don’t know, anyway, keep going southwest, until you reach the end of the sea!”

Sheldon smiled.

Naturally, these people like Li Hu were killed by Sheldon when they came out at night. They couldn’t stay in this place for a long time, so naturally they couldn’t be too delayed.

With that, Sheldon started the car.

“By the way, I don’t know what your name is? My name is Leng Rushuang!”

Leng Rushuang’s pretty face blushed.

After all, it was the first time a boy had been in close contact with him when he grew up.

Moreover, he is different from other boys. Although he said it, he didn’t have too many dirty thoughts in his eyes. Leng Rushuang could see this.

“Um… my name is San!”

Cooper Family.

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Leng Rushuang to speak again, he waved his hand, stepped on the accelerator, and the car left directly.

“Asan? How can anyone call such a name?”

Cold as frost airway.

I want to ask again, but that person is long gone…

Sheldon galloped all the way through the southwest and reached the southwest border area.

According to Wei Qingshu’s previous introduction.

The southwest border, for many years, has always belonged to a triangle between several * homes.

That is where no one is in charge.

In this area, there are many cities, villages and towns with aliases, also known as the Tiancheng triangle.

Because it does not belong to any country, it is as free as a heavenly city.

The lack of control also leads to the domineering nature and lawlessness of life here, so it is the source of the major underground forces.

There are many forces.

But the Wei family was nothing more than a wealthy businessman here.

And Sheldon wanted to come here, besides looking for the King of Ginseng.

There is another important reason.

That is, Figora Nor cannot go back temporarily.

On the other hand, here is a mixture of fish and dragons, it is difficult for the people of the Palmer Family to entangle, so it is both a refuge and a foothold.

And with the Wei family and Sheldon planning, it would never be such an open relationship.

Because the Wei family is now their only bargaining chip after all.

Not a long-term bargaining chip.

There are many mountains here.

After driving for a while, it can no longer be used.

Sheldon had to lose his car and walk through the mountains.

If you are thirsty, drink the spring, get hungry, get a pheasant and hare to roast and eat.

In addition, Sheldon had nowhere to go, so he just found a cave nearby and moved some tents in as a short-term residence. When the mountain road was easier to walk, Sheldon had nowhere to go.

That evening, Sheldon stood in front of the stream outside the cave and washed his face. .

Suddenly, I heard a violent sound.

It came not far away, obviously two forces were fighting.

“It really is the triangle of the Sky City, you have to be careful wherever you go!”

Sheldon washed his face and shook his head with a wry smile.


The sound of walking on the grass came one after another.

Followed by the sound of shuttle footsteps.

Someone is rushing toward Sheldon.

Sheldon glanced at it. It was a group of five people, dressed in camouflage and fully equipped.

Fleeing in embarrassment.

“Big Brother!”

Suddenly, a man fell to the ground with injuries, looking extremely weak.

The other four people stopped to surround themselves.

“I can’t do it, leave me alone, run away, run away!”

“No! Brother, let’s not go, we brothers, we will die together if we die, the big deal is to fight with them!”

One humane.

“Asshole, promise me, you guys live well, I stay and block them for you, you go!”

The man headed one of the crying people’s mouth.

“You kill me, big brother, kill me and I won’t leave!”

“Yes, we are not leaving!”

The others cried, wiping their tears.

Chapter 478

“Brother, there is a cave over there. Let’s go in and hide in there. Anyway, we won’t leave you alone?”

The younger brothers said in unison.

After finishing speaking, carrying the wounded soldier, he ran directly into the cave.

“Huh? Why does this place seem to be inhabited?”

After a few people came in, they couldn’t help being surprised.

“Yeah, but don’t worry about it, just stay here and bandage the wound for Big Brother.”

One said.

“In this case, it is good to keep more blood. Once the bandage is applied, you will die faster.”

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang at the entrance of the cave.

Started everyone.

They raised their guns and aimed at a young man in front of them.

However, Sheldon only looked up at the muzzles of these black holes.

He also carried a freshly cooked hare in his hand.

Just sat lightly on the side.

And the eldest brother in this group of people, at this moment, looked at the young man coldly.

I think this person is extraordinary.

After all, although he was seriously injured now, he was much more vigilant than ordinary people.

It didn’t make sense that a young man was nearby, and he couldn’t notice it.

And more importantly, just now the brothers pointed at him with *, but he didn’t even raise his eyelids.

Which qualities should ordinary young people have?

What’s more, roasting a hare in the mountains is not a common man.

“lay down*!”

The leader waved his hand, then smiled and asked:

“Brother, this should be your place, sorry, we took the liberty to break in!”

“You live in a cave? I’m just here to take shelter from the rain. You can stay as long as you like.”

Sheldon sneered.

“Brother Huh, ask him what he is doing. It seems that he is just a donkey! And kid, it’s best not to talk too much, otherwise don’t blame the guy in our hands for not having eyes!”

One person angered.

Then he hurriedly bandaged the wound for the boss.

He took out a short blade and cut off a piece of gauze.

When Sheldon saw this short blade, he immediately concluded.

This group should be with that Leng RusIvan Group, right?

It can be confirmed from their similar short blades.

Yes, Leng Rushuang once said that her friends were scammed by Li Hu, and now it’s unclear whether she is alive or dead. She wants Li Hu to avenge her.

Now that this group of people are so embarrassed, it should be them.

Sure enough, one person said angrily at this moment:

“Damn Li Hu, if we go out alive this time, we will definitely not let them go. We want to use someone else’s hand to get rid of us. It’s not that easy, this thing is endless!”

“Now, I don’t know how the Sixth Sister is going, I’m afraid she was caught in Li Hu’s tricks!”

The boss coughed.

Sheldon said in his heart, it was not that he was almost killed by others’ tricks.

“Then big brother, what do we do next? Li Hu designed it to make us like bereaved dogs. We have no other place to go!”

Someone asked.

“Now, I can only go one step at a time, big deal, go wandering around! Anyway, you can run away, don’t die here for me, it’s too useless to die like this!”

Next, nothing more than the boss persuading the remaining brothers to leave as soon as possible, the brothers must not leave.

And at this time, a rush of footsteps chased him.

There are more than a dozen people.

“Hurry up!”

“Fight with them!”

Everyone gritted their teeth and prepared to work hard.

“lay down*!”

“Let it all down*!”

The gang rushed to them and pointed their * at the people in the cave.

“Hmph, I can really run, and we have been chasing the mountain road for so long! Shen Wanshan, you really can!”

At this moment, a person in the same camouflage came in and sneered.

“Black Panther, kill if you want to kill, scrape if you want, don’t talk nonsense!”

Shen Wanshan shouted.

“Have a backbone, really have a backbone!”

The Panther sneered.

“Brother Leopard, there is another one here!”

There are subordinates at this moment.

“Huh? Damn, it’s just a donkey, brat, if you know you just get out of here, otherwise, I’ll let you die here!”

The Panther raised his hand* and pointed it at Sheldon’s head.

Sheldon turned his head and glanced at him.

“Boy, what are you looking at?”

The panther shouted.

“I went out and wandered for a while, but no one has ever dared to point my head with this thing!”

Sheldon smiled.

“court death!”

When Panther speaks, he must pull the trigger.


Just heard a crisp sound.

The next moment, everyone was stunned.

And the Panther, his head is covered in cold sweat.

The atmosphere dare not breathe.

Shen Wanshan and the others, with their mouths wide open, looked at the scene in disbelief.

Because just now, a ray of light flashed quickly.

A branch, at a very fast speed, passed directly through the panther’s hand*, and quickly inserted it into the rock wall of the cave on the side, sinking a full inch deep.

And the black panther’s cheek was marked with a faint blood mark.


What strength and speed is this?

If you hit your own throat or chest with this one, you will be killed immediately!

Everyone was shocked.

And the man who said that Sheldon was a donkey friend just now swallowed hard, “That’s amazing!”

“I have to stay here for one night today. Either you go out and fight, or you just stop here!”

Cooper Family.

He tore off the rabbit meat and put it in his mouth.

The Panther’s eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes full of horror.

“We withdraw!”

Panther said.

“Brother Leopard!”


The Panther waved his hand and directly led people to evacuate.

“Brother Leopard, we have a dozen of us, why are we withdrawing?”

After stepping out, his subordinates questioned.

“Hehe, more than a dozen people? I have received the exact news. A few days ago, Li Hu sent out with dozens of people and horses. All of them were killed overnight, and there was nothing left to live in the wilderness!”

Panther said.

“What? All killed?”

“Well, and the methods of death are all the same. They are all killed in one shot, and before they die, they all do the action of pulling the trigger. As for the weapon to kill them, it is… the branch! This incident is the closest in the triangle. It’s going to go viral!”

The panther was in cold sweat.

Hastened the pace.

All of the subordinates understood what these words meant.

Li Hu is also considered a big man, and he was killed by someone.

And everyone has seen the skill of that young man just now.

Could it be that he was the murderer who swept all Li Hu?


Just now, it was really risky!

Let’s talk about the hole.

Shen Wanshan got up with difficulty: “Unexpectedly, there is really a hidden power in this world. I am sinking Wanshan, thanks to Mr. Xie for saving his life!”

Shen Wanshan was full of respect.

“Mr. Xie’s life-saving grace!”

The other five people also said one after another.

“You are polite, I have no intention of saving you either. Just now, it was self-defense at best.”

Sheldon shook his head.

“By the way, sir, you just said that my wound cannot be bandaged. I don’t know why?”

Shen Wanshan asked.

Sheldon glanced at him.

The reason why I rescued them secretly just now was because of these brothers, which is very affectionate.

If only the two forces were fighting each other, Sheldon would not bother to take care of such nosy.

At the moment it was said: “You lie down on your side, I will take out the son* for you first…”

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